At Least 17 Democratic Socialists Of America Are Running For Office In Texas In 2018

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Texas is in real trouble politically. The giant red state has been targeted by the left and they are dumping millions into the state to turn it blue forever. There are at least 17 Democratic Socialists of America candidates running for office in the state now. They look like just ordinary people… but these are socialists. They are communist-lite. They are Marxists and they are a stone cold threat to our way of life and our freedoms in this nation.

As the Texas Observer put it, the revolution will be down-ballot. First up is Franklin Bynum’s campaign for Harris County misdemeanor court judge. He’s a 35 year-old former public defender and says he’s seen Houston’s criminal courts routinely railroad the poor into convictions that drive them further into poverty. Now, after nearly 10 years subject to the whims of conservative judges, he’s aiming to take the gavel for himself. I guarantee you that he will do what all liberal activist judges do… he’ll set criminals free to go back to what they were doing before. This has nothing to do with the poor. One of the primary goals of communists such as Van Jones is to empty our prisons regardless of the consequences.

“Who are these courts being operated for? Right now, it’s the police, the bondsmen and the prosecutors, and people are just the raw material to be chewed up,” said Bynum, who’s running as a Democrat for Harris County Criminal Court. Bynum’s platform includes expanding the use of personal recognizance bonds, waiving certain fees for the poor and reducing mandatory appearances, which he said are used only to “coerce” guilty pleas from defendants out on bail. “A democratic socialist judge would make the courts work for the people,” he said. No, what it would do is obstruct the police from doing their jobs and let criminals walk free.

Bynum is just one of the 17 DSA members mentioned previously. These candidates include U.S. House and offices ranging from governor to county treasurer. Democratic Socialists of America now claims to have more than 30,000 members nationwide, but personally, I believe it is a lot more than that. Their recruitment has exploded since President Trump took office. The DSA is on a mission to turn America into a Marxist conclave once and for all. They have over ten active chapters in Texas now and that ought to scare the living daylights out of Texans. They are funded by leftists such as George Soros and they are organized. These candidates are to the left of the Democratic Party and are going after issues such as single-payer healthcare and a $15 minimum wage.

Some of the candidates are laughable, such as the gubernatorial hopeful Tom Wakely. He calls himself the “Berniecrat with a Panama hat.” He previously lost a 2014 congressional bid by 20 points. Others are definitely more of a threat such as congressional hopefuls Derrick Crowe, in District 21, and Rick Treviño, in the always-competitive District 23. Trevor Loudon just wrote a great and really solid piece on Trevino. These two are definitely viable primary challengers and Texans need to ensure they are not elected. “With Treviño and Crowe, it’s sort of the mirror image of what we saw with the Tea Party,” Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said. “The advantage the establishment candidates have is money, but the Tea Party’s shown us that sometimes money can lose to these grassroots activist campaigns.”

Trevino is a U.S. history and geography teacher at Sam Houston High School. District 23 is currently represented by moderate Republican Will Hurd. This is a district that has gone with Hillary Clinton before in 2016, so it is by no means solidly conservative. “[District] 23 is always described as a conservative district where ideas like Medicare for All or a living wage will turn off voters; that is absolutely false,” Trevino wrote in a Facebook message to the Observer. “Across the district, these ideas are resonating, especially Medicare for All.” Hear that? He says socialism is resonating with Texans. God, I hope not for all our sakes. As goes Texas, so goes the nation and Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA both know it. As Trevor put it, “Rick Trevino is a crypto-communist running as a Democrat. His campaign is deceptive in nature and needs to be exposed. Please help spread this information throughout Texas District 23 and beyond.”

Bynum and other candidates on the DSA list have no primary challenger or are guaranteed a shot come November. What that means is that if the prophesied “blue wave” ever materializes, it could carry them to victory along with mainstream Democrats. If I were in Texas, I’d be working very hard to make sure that wave falls flat. Bynum has worked in the trenches as a criminal defense attorney for the last ten years or so. That included a stint with the Harris County Public Defender’s Office, but in most midterms he’d be a long shot. Unfortunately, 2016 was a really good year for Harris County Dems. They think an anti-Trump wave could sweep the elections this year. I doubt it, but I wouldn’t chance it. DSA members have been winning seats across the country and Texas can’t afford to have socialists elected there.

Bynum says he isn’t depending solely on anti-Trump sentiment to drive turnout. He’s running a campaign that he calls more active and issues-based than those of his Democratic peers. He criticizes Harris County misdemeanor court judges for resisting a federal order to stop incarcerating those too poor to make bail; he’s campaigned outside the county jail with voter registration forms; he plans to hold clinics to help people with expired or suspended driver’s licenses; and he uses members of the Houston DSA chapter as his volunteer base.

“It’s about showing we have a vision of a better future, in a time when there’s an overwhelming sense of despondency and most Democrats are doing nothing to dissuade us of that,” he said. “A democratic socialist campaign says, ‘let’s talk about what our aspirations are, how we want to live with each other — and let’s build a movement.’” Yeah, they want to spread Marxism. No thanks.

15 DSA members won elections in 11 states around the country last year. That included Lee Carter, who defeated the GOP’s majority whip in Virginia’s lower house — bringing the total number of DSA members in elected office nationwide to around 35, according to a DSA press release. At the time, then-deputy director David Duhalde predicted the victories would be “the beginning of a new wave of socialist political leaders.”

Bynum is working on a blueprint on how to run a well-organized socialist campaign. “We want to build a whole lot more competence on the left to do these things,” he said. “Right now the competence and money is with the reactionaries; we want to build more by including as many people in our campaign as possible.”

The 17 Democratic Socialists seeking office (list consists of DSA members seeking office in Texas in 2018; not all are endorsed by DSA):

The threat is real and Texans need to be aware that there is a socialist movement to take over their state. I suggest they vet their candidates carefully and vote accordingly.

Watch and circulate Trevor Loudon’s shocking documentary The Enemies Within as widely as you can before November 2018. It is a vote-changing experience.



Black Christian Voters: Will Racial Loyalty Once Again Overrule Character, Ideology and Intentions in 2020?

By: Lloyd Marcus

The American Left is giddy about Oprah running for president in 2020. White America naively thought electing a black president would end them being called racist. Obama and his minions used his skin-color as a bludgeon to beat into submission and silence anyone who opposed him behaving as our king; ignoring laws and the Constitution. Republicans sheepishly complied.

President Oprah would have two bludgeons to beat the American people into submission; her race and gender. Anyone who opposes Queen Oprah implementing her far left racial socialist/progressive agenda will be high-tech flogged and lynched.

Hopefully, voters will say to Leftists, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We fell for your Trojan Horse, Obama. We will not fall for another leftist fanatic, Oprah.”

Will black Christians betray Christ to support Oprah the way they did for Obama? Black preachers who preached against homosexuality and abortion for decades reversed their opinions to support Obama.

Under Obama, my brother said his black church hired attorneys to fight government attacking their religious liberty. His congregation loves Democrats and hate Republicans. My brother is fearless regarding speaking his mind. He told church board members their behavior was insane. He said voting for Democrats is like giving your enemies hammers to hit you in the head and then purchasing helmets to protect yourself from them. Board members think he’s weird.

Black Christians are unaware or refuse to accept that Obama was America’s most biblically hostile U. S. president. http://bit.ly/2plTsy0 A black minister buddy of 30 years defended Obama claiming we’re not a Christian nation. Clearly, black Christians chose racial loyalty over Christ.

Will black Christian voters ignore presidential candidate Oprah saying Jesus is not the only way to heaven? http://bit.ly/2E7jM9A Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.” Oprah said Jesus claiming his exclusive divinity “would make Jesus the biggest egoist that ever lived.” Sadly, black megachurch pastors will ignore Oprah’s blasphemy, urging their congregations to vote for the first black woman president.

Oprah promoted the outrageous lie that homosexuality is a gift from God. http://bit.ly/2BZoekY Oprah is a Leftist zealot fighting for an anti-biblical sexual revolution. http://bit.ly/2FSE0AH

Leftists’ believe childbirth destroys the planet. http://bit.ly/2Fs0sQI Leftists’ shroud their war on the unborn with pretty words like “defending reproductive freedom” and “open and equal access to family planning.” http://bit.ly/2E9oa3R In plain language, leftist like Oprah, the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus passionately support killing babies to save the planet. Planned Parenthood illegally chops up babies for profit. “Inact” baby heads sell at premium prices. http://bit.ly/2xQaAlA

Planned Parenthood was founded by racist Margaret Sander to exterminate blacks because she thought them inferior and a menace to society. http://bit.ly/2EJxSew

Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s niece, Dr Alveda King and other black Christians are exposing Planned Parenthood’s war of black babies. Why are 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics located in minority communities? Black abortions are disproportionately high. Blacks are only 13% of the population. And yet, 30% of aborted babies are black.

Since 1973, over 60 million babies have been aborted; over one third of them are black — stealth black genocide. Oprah places her Leftist ideology above the best interest of black Americans. Oprah’s Democrats fight to keep congress giving Planned Parenthood $500 million a year to kill black babies. Pro-life advocates want that 500 mil given to women clinics that do not perform adoptions. Non-abortion clinics outnumber Planned Parenthood 20 to 1. http://bit.ly/2EJxSew More black babies will die if Oprah is elected.

Even black Leftist Tavis Smiley admitted that blacks moved backwards under Obama http://bit.ly/1VJG0jM. Under Trump, black unemployment dropped to an historical low. Oprah and fake news persist in insidiously attempting to brand Trump racist. Oprah’s presidency would harm blacks — killing jobs by reinstating Obama’s absurd environmental regulations http://fxn.ws/2eLkWII and punishing taxes.

I remember black Americans, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, shamefully celebrating OJ getting away with practically beheading the mother of his children. Despite Obama’s unprecedented attacks on religious liberty http://bit.ly/2plTsy0 and policies harmful to blacks http://bit.ly/2kJJ1FV, blacks still overwhelmingly worship Obama. Therefore, I doubt that Oprah undeifying Jesus, her Leftist policies sure to harm blacks economically nor her support for black genocide will impact black’s blind loyalty to her skin-color in 2020.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


MARXIST DEMOCRATS PART 2: Rick Trevino for U.S. Congress, Texas’ 23rd Congressional District

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Rick Trevino

Several hundred communists and socialists will run for public office on the Democratic Party ticket this year. One of them is San Antonio activist Rick Trevino, who is vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, from Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

In 2017, he ran a strong, but unsuccessful race for San Antonio City Council from District 6.

A U.S. history and geography teacher at Sam Houston High School since 2012, Trevino has “promoted a three-pronged platform to seek to raise salaries in the district to a ‘living wage’, empower neighborhoods and improve ethics at City Hall.”

Rick Trevino was a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders, representing Texas Senate District 26. Trevino is currently the Secretary of the Bexar County Democratic Party. He hosted the first house party in San Antonio in June 2015, founded San Antonio For Sanders in April 2015 and co-founded Laredo For Sanders shortly thereafter.

His work in San Antonio provided the Sanders Campaign with a strong infrastructure of volunteers and political support.

Despite running as a Democrat, Rick Trevino is a member of this country’s largest Marxist organization,  Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) – a fact not revealed on his campaign literature. The Texas branch of Our Revolution, a DSA-Front organization, has endorsed Rick along with the Austin branch of the DSA.

Rick Trevino has also been endorsed by Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, two hard-left organizations heavily associated with the DSA mobilizing for the 2018 elections.

District 23 is a sprawling district, stretching from San Antonio, south to the Mexican border and west almost to El Paso. It is currently represented by Republican Will Hurd and is regarded as a very possible Democratic pick-up in November.

Several people are running in the Democratic primary, with the favorite being Jay Hulings,  a Cuba visiting former Deputy Counsel to the House Intelligence Committee  and close ally of San Antonio’s far left Castro brothers, Congressman Joaquin Castro, and former HUD boss Julian Castro.

Rick Trevino should not be counted out however, because he has the backing of approximately 900 DSA members in the San Antonio/Austin area. He also has the endorsement and financial backing of the many 10s of thousands-strong DSA front Our Revolution and the nationwide DSA-controlled union National Nurses United.

He is also close to longtime DSA ally San Antonio/Austin area Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

Lloyd Doggett, Rick Trevino, 2017

Should Rick Trevino prove competitive against Jay Hulings and Will Hurd, DSA, Young Democratic Socialists of America and Our Revolution will “nationalize” the race, pouring money and phone bankers into the 23rd District from all over the United States.

Rick Trevino right, with Young DSA UT San Antonio

Rick Trevino is a crypto-communist running as a Democrat. His campaign is deceptive in nature and needs to be exposed. Please help spread this information throughout Texas District 23 and beyond.

Watch and circulate Trevor Loudon’s shocking documentary The Enemies Within as widely as you can before November 2018. It is a vote-changing experience.