Cher-Backed Idaho Berniecrat Aims At Becoming Nation’s First Native American Governor

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Well, isn’t that just peachy. Idaho is having a female Native American Democrat run for the governor’s office. Democrats in the state haven’t had one of their own in that office since 1990. The reason she is running now is that Gov. Butch Otter (R) has decided not to run for re-election. That’s bad news for Idaho. It gives progressive socialist Democrats in the state a fighting chance at the governorship. I certainly didn’t always agree with Otter, but he was far preferable to this option. Meet progressive Democrat Paulette Jordan. She’s actually more of a Berniecrat and is a crypto-communist. This woman is dangerous.

Cher endorses Jordan… that pretty much tells you all you need to know right there. She’s also endorsed and backed by People for Bernie. She is 37 years-old and a state representative. She is the only Democrat from Northern Idaho and she has her sights set on becoming the nation’s first Native American governor. Jordan was born and raised in Northern Idaho and owns timberland and farmland there. Her ancestors come from several local tribes and also a line of tribal chiefs going back to her great-grandfather. She is an enrolled citizen of the federally recognized Coeur d’Alene tribe, which is based on the reservation of the same name. She also has Sinkiuse (known as the Moses–Columbia Band of the Colville Confederacy), Nez Perce and Yakama–Palus ancestry. If you didn’t look at what she really stands for — unfettered socialism — you might be tempted to vote for her. Don’t do it.

37-year-old Paulette Jordan, who is currently an Idaho state representative and member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, is reportedly running for governor as a progressive Democrat.

Posted by U.S. Democratic Socialists on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jordan was also the youngest member of the Couer d’Alene tribal council. There are evidently more socialists in Idaho than I ever knew. They are lining up and fawning over this young Democrat. She describes herself as VERY progressive. Jordan announced her campaign back on Dec. 7th and spoke of “service” to the state of Idaho. Her campaign website lists a livable wage, education, affordable healthcare and Medicaid expansion as her top priorities. She’s also for raising taxes. It’s the typical progressive laundry list and it’s honeyed political death for Idaho.

Jordan also describes herself as the anti-Trump candidate in the race. Idaho went for Trump, I think she’s going to have an issue there. “The truth is, in fact, that we’ve created hundreds of thousands more jobs through clean energy developments than we have through fossil fuel developments,” Jordan said. “The President is choosing to lie to the general public for these reasons, for his own sake to take from the public. Take from the people. And that is wrong.” Spoken like a true socialist and she’s lying through her teeth. That just isn’t true.

She also went off on the fact that Trump decided to reduce the size of two of Idaho’s federally protected national monuments, which by the way, was the right thing to do. “We have this President who decides to open up [monument sites] for oil and gas extractions to basically to ravage the land in every way possible for the benefit of the corporations,” she said. “Now that, to me, is not only unlawful but goes back to being a detriment to the people.” Wow, she’s really a Marxist moonbat. She wants to keep Idaho’s land under federal control.

According to Vice, Jordan says that it is essential to have a Native American in the Idaho governor’s office. “I see myself helping to contribute to the balance of representation and to ultimately inspire others who may not think this position is attainable,” said Jordan. “There are people who think entering office is only for older, white, wealthy men. We’re now here to break boundaries and people’s perception.” So, she’s also the anti-white man candidate. Good to know. And of course, she’s into wealth redistribution. Doing communists proud.

Jordan will be battling against moderate Democrat A.J. Balukoff, a Boise businessman, in the Idaho Democratic Party’s gubernatorial primary. He’s 71, but he has a lot of funding. Idaho Ed News reported Balukoff raised $181,271 and spent $143,699 in the last half of 2017 — $175,000 coming out of his own bank account. He’s never been shy about self-funding. Balukoff spent nearly $3.6 million of his own cash the last time he ran for governor in 2014. One can only hope he prevails and that a really good Republican runs in Idaho this time around.

Jordan participated in both Women’s Marches, replete with her pink p*ssy hat. Make no mistake, this woman is one of the rising stars of the new leftist Democratic Party. Idaho is only one of her stops on the way up. Idahoans need to vet their candidates carefully and not elect a crypto-communist like Jordan.


Weekly Featured Profile – David Plylar


David Plylar

David Plylar is a San Antonio Texas Air Force veteran and gay and Democratic party activist.

The Communist Party USA newspaper People’s World, June 12, 1971, covered the “1,500 in San Antonio at Free Angela meeting,” Communist Party member Angela Davis was on trial for alleged complicity in the murder of Marin County California judge Harold Haley.

San Antonio, Texas — The first mass rally and dance for Angela Davis in the Southwest was a smashing success here May 23 as some 1,500 persons attended.

First speaker for the evening, Communist Party ally Rev. Claude Black, pastor of the Mt. Zion First Baptist Church, was followed by Franklin Garcia, international representative of the communist-controlled Amalgamated Meatcutters and Butcher Workmen’s Union.

Seated on the platform were Carlos Richardson, Texas co-ordinator of Student Nonviolent Co-ordinating Committee and chairman of the San Antonio Committee to Free Angela Davis, well known activist Rosie Castro, Communist Party ally G.J. Sutton, San Antonio Communist Party leaders John Inman and John Stanford, convicted heroin dealer and revolutionary activist Mario Cantu, Communist Party supporter Manuela Sager and David Plylar.

David Plylar knew San Antonio Communist Party leader John Stanford well.

John was one of the most steadfast, dedicated people I ever knew. We met in the late 60’s when he helped organize the San Antonio Committee to Stop the War in Vietnam. My favorite story, which I have told many times, is this: Thein Wah (Communist Party supporter) and I were sitting in Don Norton‘s living room one afternoon trying to decide who among us was the FBI informant. Thein accused me. He said I fit the profile–recently out of the military, crew cut hair, etc. We finally decided that the informant had to be John because he had the perfect cover. He was a high official in the state Communist Party at that time!

In 2009, the Communist Party USA newspaper People’s World sent Mother’s Day Greetings and Love to John Stanford‘s wife and comrade Joanna Stanford “whose life has combined love of family with distribution of the People’s Weekly World and predecessor papers, and with the struggle for a world of peace, justice, freedom, art, dance, dolls and handicrafts.”

Signatories included David Plylar.

In 2011, David Plylar served on the board of the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio, the gay wing of the Democratic Party.

David Plylar also worked closely with former San Antonio City Councillor and Communist Party affiliate Patti Radle, to help elect the son of his old comrade Rosie Castro – Julian Castro, to the San Antonio Mayoralty.

Tommy Calvert, Jr., General Manager KROV, said of Patti Radle, “All I know is that when it comes to District 5 politics, I would never bet against Saint Patti.”

“In 2005, when I was Mayor Julian Castro’s deputy campaign manager, she and David Plylar achieved a 90 percent share of the vote for Castro.”

In 2009, over 100 Texan activists wrote a Letter from San Antonio Activists Supporting the Cuban 5(convicted Cuban spies) to former President Jimmy Carter:

We are sending a copy of this letter to President Barack Obama, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the five Cuban anti-terrorists who are in U.S. prisons, to the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, and to the U.S. office of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5. Signers included David Plylar .

At a Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio June 2012 meeting of the membership, David Plylar moved to endorse Communist Party supported Ciro Rodriguez for United States Congressional District 23.

(David Plylar|more…)


Trapper’s Quote Of The Week: For Adam Schiff

By: Trapper Pettit

Today’s perverse Democratic Party could turn a beautiful sunrise into something racist, homophobic or bigoted. If the intent doesn’t resonate, it’s a surefire bet that Russia participated. Communists never have a message, just lies, identity politics and diversions. Evil is as Evil does.