Commie Van Jones: To Young People, ‘The NRA Is Like the KKK’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida high school massacre, it was only a matter of time and opportunity before the left was going to bring race into the issue. It’s one of the standard weapons used by Marxists. Lo and behold, enter commie Van Jones on CNN. He’s the perfect guy to do this. And bonus, he ties it to the National Rifle Association.

After the shooting, President Trump stated that his administration was seriously considering training and arming teachers to protect students. This caused the left to lose their ever-loving minds. The most outlandish of which was Van Jones stating that we can’t arm teachers… because they are inherently racist. Yesterday, Van Jones got together with Don Lemon and contributor Ken Cuccinelli to debate gun control and the prospect of arming willing educators in classrooms to defend America’s schoolchildren.

“No, you’ve spoken a long time.” Lemon said dismissively. “The SRO had a gun and didn’t use it. To add more guns to an environment — we keep saying the problem is mental issues, the problem is this, the problem is that. In every study, the only reason this happens is because we have so many guns in this country, too much access to guns.” Bull crap. That’s not the issue at all. If someone wants to kill, they are going to find a way. The solution is to have armed security guards and teachers in these schools. In essence, the answer is more guns, not less, to harden soft targets like schools. See Israel.

“Every single country, other than the United States, does not have this problem,” Lemon stated. That’s an absolute lie. He went on to say, “and the only reason, and we should be honest about it, is that we have too much access to guns. Not that guns need to be confiscated or we need to get rid of them, but it’s too much access to guns. If this person did not have an access to a gun, this would not have happened, bottom line.” Yes, it would have. He would have used bombs, knives or something else to kill with. And it doesn’t matter if he has access to guns or not… if he really wants one, he’ll get one.

“In Washington, D.C. you have some of the most restrictive gun laws in America,” Cuccinelli responded, attempting to inject reason into the conversation, “and it’s certainly a land of peace and harmony. All the people doing the killing are illegally obtaining the guns. The notion that’s going to happen isn’t the solution and you brush aside the idea that other responsible people who have shown a commitment to these children might be willing to undertake that responsibility.” Exactly. He also brushes aside constitutional rights and freedoms because it serves a political agenda. A communist one, I might add.

“Most of the people who have guns are responsible and use them responsibly,” Lemon said. “That is not the issue and you’re conflating two different issues. That’s not the issue. But, do you need a military grade weapon on the streets of the United States [note: an AR-15 is not], anyone who is not a police officer or who is trained or licensed to use it? No, we don’t need that. Why do we need to have that silly argument and pretend that it’s anything other than our access to guns?” Yes, and who defines ‘military grade’? They use hand guns in the military too. What Lemon and leftists want is all guns banned, period.

“If it’s a silly argument, then it’s not an argument at all,” Cuccinelli added. “Ken makes a good point in talking about, let’s have an open mind and let’s have a full conversation,” Van said. Which is not what he meant at all. “An open mind, though, Van, doesn’t mean being stupid. Let’s be honest,” Lemon added. “I’m trying to go somewhere with that,” Van Jones said. “Let me try to lay out what I think the concern is with the idea that we would be adding guns to that environment. Ken, you’re pointing out the positives. The positives are maybe someone would use that gun to stop an intruder.”

“There are some real negatives as well,” Jones went on. “African-American and Latino kids already get treated fairly badly in schools as it is. They’re more likely to see as a threat, more likely to be suspended for the exact same behavior. Videotape. Exact same thing. This kid is a threat, this kid is a class clown if he’s white. Now you have African-Americans coming out saying, ‘if you just start passing out guns in schools as they are given some of the bias that’s there, you might end up having those guns used against students in ways that are not good’,” Jones argued. In other words, the teachers are racists and would use the guns against their students of color. Just wow.

Jones said the NRA’s role in the debate over gun policy has been destructive overall, arguing that lawmakers are afraid to take steps to solve gun violence because the group may criticize them. Jones admitted, however, that he does not know what steps the government could take to make any progress. “We haven’t had the kind of innovation, experimentation, trying of things—I don’t know of any of the things being proposed would make any difference at all yet,” Jones said. “But we should know more than we know right now. We should have been able to try things and we haven’t been able to.” Oh, yes you have… every progressive move has made it worse. We need common sense, not more liberal solutions.

“You have a whole generation of young people who essentially see the NRA as their enemy,” Jones said. “To them the NRA is like the KKK; it’s just some hostile force that is against them, that’s risking their lives. These kids, they’re not fighting for their future—they’re fighting for their right to survive, to have a future,” he said. “They do not see the NRA as a friend in that fight.” And they see the NRA that way because leftists have brainwashed them into seeing them as the enemy. That certainly includes Van Jones.


Florida School Shooting: Typical Leftist Exploitation

By: Lloyd Marcus

When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew the American Left (Democrats, fake news and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the victims the way they always do. The Leftists’ manual, “Rules for Radicals” says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” In other words, always exploit victim’s pain and suffering to further Leftists’ agenda. We’ve seen Leftists repeatedly use this insidious heartless tactic.

Every time a tragic incident happens, cold calculating Leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms pretending to have their best interest at heart; vowing to fix the problem. But rather than seeking real commonsense solutions, Leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate; Christians, gun owners, the NRA, Conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non victim-minded minorities and straight white men. The same way Muslim terrorists attack using women and children as shields, Leftists attack their enemies from behind victims. It is disgusting and evil.

Remember the crazy white guy who shot up the Charleston black church? Leftists worked Americans into a frenzy, using the black victims to ban Confederate flags, demand the removal of historic monuments, blame gun owners and white Americans. The shooter never referenced flags or monuments. It did not matter. Leftists exploited the victims to enact racial revenge against Southerners and bash America.

When the Islamic terrorist massacred homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub, Leftists worked Americans into a frenzy. Leftists used the dead homosexuals to attack Christians, anyone not in favor of same sex marriage, the NRA, Conservatives, Republicans and gun owners. None of whom had anything to do with the massacre. Leftists practically ignored the actual shooter.

Black repeat criminal Michael Brown assaulted the clerk while robbing a convenience store. Brown was shot resisting arrest, wrestling the police officer for his gun. Leftists promoted the lie that Brown was murdered by a cop while surrendering with his hands up. http://bit.ly/2Hzf6Yl Leftists’ “hands up, don’t shoot” lie led to cops being ambushed and assassinated http://fxn.ws/2EIhsX1 and Obama usurping control of police departments across America. See how Leftists exploit every incident? How does one cop defending himself lead to Obama taking control of police departments across America?

Meanwhile, blacks murdering each other in record numbers in cities controlled by Democrats gets a yawn from Leftists. http://bit.ly/2ogopV9 We the People don’t matter to Leftists; only furthering their agenda and punishing their enemies.

In the recent Florida shooting, we have a disturbed young man that the FBI knew about. The cops came to his home 36 times. http://nws.mx/2EE742q Like most youths, the shooter posted his craziness on line. And yet, nothing was done to stop him.

Leftists are hiding behind and exploiting the traumatized students. Leftists are lecturing everyone about not politicizing the shooting while they have the students parroting Democrat talking points.

Insidiously, Leftists shifted blame from the actual shooter to Republicans, Trump, the NRA and law abiding gun owners. We’ve seen this scene in western movies. Loudmouth Leftists stand on the jailhouse steps, working the town folks into an angry mob. Innocent Republicans, Trump, the NRA and gun owners who had nothing to do with the shooting are locked up inside the jailhouse. A Leftist community organizer screams, “Let’s drag those no count varmints into the public square and high-tech lynch ’em!”

Neither Republicans, Trump, the NRA nor gun owners had anything to do with the Florida school shooting. Therefore, getting rid of them will not prevent the next shooting. Leftists will accuse anyone stating this obvious truth of not caring about the students.

People are offering commonsense real solutions like hiring security or allowing teachers to carry. Leftists don’t care about real solutions to protect our kids. Leftists only care about using the students as pawns to attack their political enemies. I’m talkin’ pure evil folks.

Leftists always try to make us throw our brains out the window and submit to their emotion driven idiocy, always shrouded in bogus compassion. Ultimately, Leftists want government to confiscate all guns. If that happens, we would be at the mercy of armed bad guys. Why? Because criminals do not obey gun laws.

Why do Leftists reject evidence confirming that crime is lower and people are safer wherever citizens are armed? http://bit.ly/2CpVm5E Bad guys are typically cowards and opportunists.

Democrat politicians, fake news media and Hollywood elites are obsessed with government taking our guns while surrounding themselves with heavily armed security and even secretly caring guns. http://bit.ly/2sEFjkE Leftists lobby government to place rules on us which do not apply to them.

Our hearts and prayers go out to victims of the Florida shooting. It is truly shameful watching Leftists behaving like ambulance chasers; rushing to every incident to throw Americans’ pain, suffering and lives on the alter in worship to their false god of Liberalism.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


MYSTERIOUS: During the financial crisis, Nancy Pelosi somehow tripled her net worth to $100 million

By: Doug Ross @ Journal

If only our society had some people we used to call “investigative journalists”. They might be able to figure out how then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi mysteriously tripled her net worth during the height of the financial crisis.

I wonder if Jake Tapper will convene a town hall to discuss Washington’s unerring ability to rape the taxpayer while enriching themselves.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News


Who Should Get to Vote?

By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

As a matter of civic duty, the means by which a liberty loving people determine the course their government will take, it’s natural to have this discussion come up from time to time.  It’s to be expected after a horrific event such as claimed the lives of 17 young people when a crazed gunman mowed them down with a semi-automatic rifle, a rifle which uniformed (intentionally misinformed) individuals refer to as an Assault Rifle.

Matt Walsh shared his views regarding raising or lowering the age required to vote in a recent article, Should Raise It. Here’s Why .

“In recent days, the Left has renewed its push to lower the voting age to 16.  They claim that the “civic engagement” of the kids from Parkland, Florida proves that high school students should have the right to vote.”

Walsh went on to say, and this part struck me as more important…

“There is a general misconception common among Americans on both sides of the political aisle. We believe that voting is the divine destiny of all citizens and the fewest possible restrictions should be placed on the practice.”

Rather than being overly concerned with how old an individual might be in order to vote wouldn’t it be in our country’s best interest to use some other form of qualification, a means of establishing adulthood based on something other than age?

That brings up the topic of maturity, proving the ability to act and behave as an adult.  (that just about destroys it for anyone in elected office…)

Mature individuals as a rule have figured out how to manage a budget, live within their means, avoid criminal pursuits and in general are a positive addition to the society they associate with.  They don’t go about tearing their communities down; rather they figure out ways to make it better for themselves and their neighbors.

If you consider this as a measuring stick, a litmus test of maturity, then determining some basic requirements for eligible voters can be established without worrying about age, race, gender or religious leanings.  It would; however, eliminate about 20% of the population from voter eligibility, free loaders who’ve been dependent on redistributed wealth of from others.

Here’s the point, should folks running for elected office pander for votes from those expecting handouts or entitlements or would our communities be better served if those seeking office were held responsible to those actually supporting their communities?  That sure sounds cold; but mature individuals have to make these kinds of decisions.

If some teenaged kid creates a company that rivals that of any adult then he’s contributing to the community much more than some welfare queen with six children from six different baby daddies; or am I being too blunt?  Young men serving in the military are risking their lives in defense of our nation and yet some would deny them their 2nd Amendment rights upon returning home to civilian life without Due Process.

I mentioned the intentional misrepresentation of certain weapons, those defined as “Assault Rifles/Assault Weapons” that somehow are supposed to be exactly the same as fully automatic machine guns and rifles issued by the military…gotta’ take a deep breath, in and out…that’s better…

The term Assault Rifle/Assault Weapon is a made-up term, a fabrication by anti-gun leftists created to scare low information individuals.  The New York Times admitted this after pushing the lie for over 30 years.  There’s no such thing as an Assault Rifle being sold to the general public; machine guns are illegal to purchase without spending a fortune for a special tax stamp that isn’t available without considerable effort.  In short, any responsible citizen, regardless of age, should be able to enjoy his/her 2nd Amendment right until such time as a court of law determines otherwise.

What are the qualifications we might discuss prior to letting one of our fellow citizens vote?  Voting isn’t a right; it’s earned upon becoming a mature contributor to society.  We have gone down the road to socialism by giving the vote, willy-nilly, to those who’ve been sucking our treasury dry and have given nothing in return.

How about we start with something simple, something easy to identify?  To be eligible to vote an individual must a U.S. citizen…and not be accepting Welfare, Food Stamps or in general be on the government dole.

Before anyone jumps on the “racism” horse, it might be an eye opener to find whose been accepting welfare.  Here’s an accounting taken from back in 2012; but it would be similar in most any year following.

“In 2009, 18.6% of the population was participating in at least one means-tested benefit program. That number was up to 21.3% in 2012.”  (which included those accepting SSI benefits from disability and individuals who couldn’t work.  It did not denote whether individuals who’d paid into the SSI program and become vested were considered recipients of welfare)

“Forty-three percent of people had been receiving benefits for 37 to 48 months”

“In 2012, an average of 41.6% of African Americans received means-tested benefits each month. About 18% of Asians or Pacific Islanders and 13% of whites received benefits each month. Thirty-six percent of Hispanics of any race received government assistance.”

Here’s my question, what difference in the mindset of those seeking election would be observed if they understood that only responsible voters would decide who got elected?  Wouldn’t we see a shift toward more responsible government?

Let’s set the bar; to be eligible to vote an individual can’t have been receiving welfare in the 2 years prior to election day.  Non-citizens have no say in how we run our government.

I’ll give folks on the left a chance to go by the garbage bin where they can obtain Free rotten produce, a chance to hurl their kind thoughts my way.  They certainly couldn’t be expected to pay, not for useless waste; that’s what conservatives are expected to pay for.


Perhaps The Most Concentrated Market Advance In History

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Many times I have commented about the massive market imbalances, defined as a narrow based advanced focused in a handful of stocks. Many times I have used the number 5 to define this narrowness utilizing industry reports and data to back my statements.

Yesterday the front page of the WSJ read “Index of 500 Stocks is Powered by Just Three.” The article asserts three technology titans have powered nearly half of the 2018 S & P 500 advance. One issue alone accounted for 27% of the rise. Another accounted for 13% and the last 8.3%. Overall, technology has accounted for 75% of the S & P 500 gains, according to the WSJ. In 2017, technology was about 60% of the S & P 500 advance.

I do think it is noteworthy that two mega-sized financials have contributed about 12% to 2018 gains.

Wow! Talk about a myopic market. I thought 2000 was narrow.

Yesterday, the Dow advanced, but the advance was led by the oils, the most beleaguered S & P sector. It is also the sector that is trading at the greatest discount to the price of oil and to the overall S & P in history. The catalyst for the advance was an expected drop in inventories, the largest draw in five weeks and surging exports. Moreover, the data indicated the first drop in production since early January versus a forecasted rise.

The NASDAQ and S & P were nominally lower, the inverse of the status quo.

What will happen today?

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was down 0.21%, Paris was down 0.12% and Frankfurt was up 0.13%. China was up 0.63%, Japan was up 0.72% and Hang Sang was up 0.97%.

The Dow should open nominally higher as Treasury prices have steadied. The 10-year is up 9/32 to yield 2.89%.