Why Folks Who Love America Must Rally to Elect Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania

By: Lloyd Marcus

It is a huge mistake to think special elections do not concern you or are unimportant. Every race Republicans lose emboldens Leftists obsessed with stopping Trump from making America great again.

Please contact friends and family in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district and tell them all patriots must get out the vote for Rick Saccone, conservative/Republican on Tuesday, March 13th. This is serious business folks. If Leftists can flip this seat in Trump country, they will be energized to spread their bogus narrative that Americans regret voting for Trump. This strengthens Democrats’ chances of winning other congressional seats; making evil Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

If Democrats win back the House, first order of business will be to impeach Trump. Therefore, you see why Saccone winning in Pennsylvania is crucially important; a powerful left-hook to the jaw of the Democrats’ treasonous anti-Trump and anti-America movement.

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I am tired of witnessing Leftists purposely orchestrating the moral, cultural and economic decline of our once great country. Before Trump, our elected officials have been pretty impotent in halting Leftists’ march to undermine America’s greatness.

In only one year, Trump has given us renewed hope for America; implementing 64% of his campaign promises. http://washex.am/2FbTG5g Trump has our economy booming. Tyrannical government regulations which strangled businesses and family lives have been slashed by Trump. Illegal immigration has plummeted. ISIS is on the run!

Trump’s success has sent Leftists’ panic and efforts to stop him to unprecedented levels. Incredibly, practically every fake news story, tragic incident, TV sitcom, Hollywood movie, the Olympics, the Oscars and countless other unrelated events find their way to become attacks on Trump and his Administration. Outrageously, no matter what time you turn on CNN and MSNBC, 24/7, they are trashing Trump. Leftists are laser-focused on removing Trump from office and blocking him from making great deals and implementing commonsense good policies for Americans.

After driving from West Virginia to Pennsylvania for Rick Saccone, Mary and I hopped on an airplane to the west coast to join the Conservative Campaign Committee in their Western Election Central War Room. We’ll oversee the biggest election battles; good vs evil. Folks we have 100s of battleground elections for House and Senate. https://secure.donationsafe.com/defeatlamb/lm

On the airplane flying to the west coast, two millennial men were talking across the isle. They freely used F and MF bombs without the slightest regard for families with children. No one, including flight attendants, asked the young men to respect fellow passengers — just another sign of our declining culture normalized by Leftists.

I am happy to report a light shining in the cultural darkness. Tina Griffin is famed as the Counter Culture Mom. Active in Hollywood for decades, Ms Griffin exposes how Hollywood exploits our kids for profit while shielding their kids from the garbage they produce and market to the masses.

Founder of MTV, Bob Pittman boasted, “We’re dealing with a culture of teenage babies, they can watch TV, do their homework, and listen to music all at the same time. The strongest appeal you can make is emotional. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic…you’ve got them. At MTV, we don’t shoot for the 14 year olds — WE OWN THEM.”

Ms Griffin travels lecturing to students and parents. She sounds the alarm about video games for 10 and 11 year olds which feature oral sex, graphic threesomes and more. Ms Griffin leads parents where to find positive entertainment choices. counterculturemom.com

A buddy gave me a heads up about the NBA playing the Negro National Anthem. http://bit.ly/2CRyLiy

I thought he was joking. Leftists praised the NBA playing the Negro National Anthem at basketball games as a wonderful thing. These same Leftists seek to ban our National Anthem and made heroes of ungrateful, mega-rich black pro athletes for giving our nation’s National Anthem their middle finger. As an American who happens to be black, this highly offends me.

This is the kind of Leftist inspired absurd craziness we endured when Leftists controlled the White House and congress.

Trump has emboldened everyday Americans to push back against Leftists’ bullying; dissing our country, our military, our police, Christians and principles and values which have made America great. Trump must remain free to continue moving the ball forward on behalf of We the People.

This is why the Tuesday, March 13th race in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district is extremely important for America. https://secure.donationsafe.com/defeatlamb/lm

Please volunteer to make phone calls from home. To volunteer send an email to: [email protected]

Call your uncle Harry and cousin Al in Pennsylvania and tell them to get their butts to the polls. Tell them to also inspire others to vote for Rick Saccone http://bit.ly/2FpUunb, a good, decent man endorsed by Trump and the NRA.

I love the NRA! God bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


UK: Nerve Agent Used in Assassination Attempt of Russian Spy

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Former foreign office minister Chris Bryant, who now chairs the all-party parliamentary group on Russia, said: “I don’t think the Government will have any choice but to send a significant number of ‘so-called Russian diplomats’ back to Moscow if there is any evidence that the trail from Salisbury goes straight back to the Kremlin.” The Russian embassy in London has dismissed claims that the poisoning was an operation by Russian special services as “completely untrue” and said the allegations were “vilification” attempts on Russia. Theories over who was responsible grew today with one former KGB agent even claiming that the poisoning of Skripal was an operation by Western secret services to harm Vladimir Putin as he seeks re-election this month. More here.

Russian spy: Nerve agent ‘used to try to kill’ Sergei Skripal

A nerve agent was used to try to murder a former Russian spy and his daughter, police have said.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found unconscious in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon and remain critically ill.

A police officer who was the first to attend the scene is now in a serious condition in hospital, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, head of Counter Terrorism Policing, said.

Mr Rowley would not confirm the exact substance identified.

He said: “Having established that a nerve agent is the cause of the symptoms leading us to treat this as attempted murder, I can also confirm that we believe that the two people who became unwell were targeted specifically.”

He said there was no evidence of a widespread health risk to the public.

Guardian: The biggest question about Sergei Skripal’s suspected poisoning is the timing. Skripal had spent several years in a Russian jail after being convicted of espionage and had presumably been thoroughly debriefed by his former spy bosses. If the Russian security services had wanted him to have an “accident” during those years it would have been very easy to organise.

Sunday’s assassination attempt in Salisbury, if that is what it was, therefore appears to have a demonstrative nature. Suggestions that this could be some kind of vote-winning ploy, coming two weeks before presidential elections Vladimir Putin is certain to win, seem unconvincing. Many Russians are patriotic and have bought into the Kremlin’s aggressive new foreign policy, but it is unlikely that the assassination of a former spy of whom few had heard would do much to whip up popular passions.

More likely, the move is a deterrent, aimed at reminding other Russian operatives of the potential risks of working with foreign intelligence agencies. Every year Russia’s top security officials speak of active attempts by the CIA and other western agencies to recruit Russians. Part of this is propaganda for domestic consumption, but there is no doubt that western spy agencies are active in Russia.

Last January, two of Russia’s top cybersecurity officials were arrested and accused of aiding the CIA, in a case some have linked to US election hacking claims. The British, too, have been active in Russia, most memorably revealed by the “spy rock” scandal, in which a fake rock was used to pass messages back to British intelligence.

While there are fewer ideological reasons than during the Soviet period for Russian spies to become traitors, western agencies can provide financial incentives. Russian prosecutors suggested, during Skripal’s court case, that he was recruited with cash – according to Russian media. Many agents, working in structures in which their superiors are demonstratively corrupt, might be tempted into colluding with friendly foreigners offering cash for secrets.

As such, the demonstrative killing of a traitor could be a warning to junior officers not to follow the same path. Russian officials have often made it clear that traitors will meet a sticky end one way or another. Public threats were made against the officer in the SVR foreign intelligence service who betrayed the Russian sleeper agents swapped for Skripal and others, back in 2010.

“We know who he is and where he is,” a high-ranking Kremlin source told Kommersant newspaper at the time. “You can have no doubt – a Mercader has already been sent after him.” Ramón Mercader was the assassin tasked by the KBG to kill Leon Trotsky in Mexico in 1940.

It is unusual, however, to target spies after they have been swapped. One possible reason is that Skripal was being punished for a continuing relationship with British intelligence, or the suspicion of one.

“My presumption is that if the Russians were behind this, and it does look plausible, then it is because they assumed Skripal was still working for British or other western intelligence and not simply retired,” said Mark Galeotti, a Russia watcher and security analyst. “That is likely what tipped the balance with Litvinenko.”

Many hits on Russians abroad arise from financial warfare and do not necessarily come from the Kremlin – such as the shooting of the banker German Gorbuntsov in London, 2012, and the assassination of the Russian MP Denis Voronenkov in Kiev last year.

Yet the attack on Skripal looks more likely to belong to the category of hits organised and approved by the Russian state. And given the long political fallout of the Alexander Litvinenko murder, it is unlikely that intelligence agencies would risk such a gambit without a signoff at the highest level.


The New Versus The Old Normal

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Friday, the all-inclusive BLS employment report is issued. January’s data was the primary catalyst for February’s equity and Treasury swoon as wages unexpectedly accelerated.

Many times I have commented about the gargantuan change from “QE” to “QT.” How will such impact markets? A central bank has never attempted such a feat. It is not a question that if mistakes are to be made, but rather how significant these mistakes will be.

We are about six months into the Fed’s balance sheet normalization and its impact is now showing up in the data. The Fed allowed $10-$15 billion of assets to mature in both January and February. The previous three months, a total of $7 billion matured. Generally speaking, the Fed has reduced its holdings by approximately $30-$32 billion during the past five months, an amount that is expected to increase considerably over the coming quarters.

Yields across the Treasury spectrum have increased considerably over the past five months. Is the rise in yields the result of “QT” or from greater than expected economic activity? To write the obvious, dichotomies rarely occur. I think the rise in yields is the result of a number of factors with the greatest weighting on stronger than expected economic and wage growth.

What happens if costs push or wage inflation continues to accelerate above 3% as many of the PMI surveys suggest? Will the Treasury market begin to fear the unanchoring of “inflationary expectations,” amplified by the normalization of the Fed’s balance sheet via asset sales and maturities?

As discussed at length, the last 10 years was unprecedented with some stating that we have entered into the New Normal. For a myriad of reasons, I think the economy is now gravitating back to the Old Normal, a transition that will contain an infinite number of surprises.

The Old Normal is defined as more normalized balance sheet and growth closer to the 75-year average. As stated above, the equity and bond markets believe the New Normal will last into infinity. Yesterday, I referenced a Bloomberg article stating that bonds and equities are the most negatively correlation in 250 years, “an environment that is unlikely to persist.”

Commenting about yesterday’s market activity, equities were mixed as signs mounted the President could be dissuaded from enacting tariffs. Treasuries were flat.

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was up 0.05%, Paris was down 0.10% and Frankfurt was up 0.40%. China was down 0.55%, Japan was down 0.77% and Hang Sang was down 1.03%.

The Dow should open moderately lower on the prospect of escalating protectionism. What I find interesting is that the economy that is most dependent upon trade — China — has said little. The greatest outcries are from our closest allies where the imbalances are not as great as with other countries. The 10-year is up 10/32 to yield 2.86%.