Netanyahu Reveals Tons Of Evidence That Iran Lied About Its Nuclear Weapons Program

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech this afternoon from Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv and in it he revealed that Israeli intelligence had acquired tens of thousands of files, which, he said, proved that Iran had lied about its nuclear weapons program. Of course, Iran immediately trolled Israel calling Netanyahu the little boy who cried wolf and accused him of lying, but we all know who the liar is here and it’s not Netanyahu.

The Knesset — the Israeli Parliament — voted after Netanyahu’s speech on Monday in favor of a bill that would allow the prime minister to declare war with only the defense minister’s approval, in extreme situations. A declaration of war had only previously been done by the security cabinet.

The files are said to reportedly prove that Iran has been secretly continuing its program under the nose of international inspectors. Would any sane person out there doubt this for even a second? Netanyahu said that “100,000 files right here prove that they lied” and that “the nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal.” It is believed that President Trump will pull us out of the Iranian nuclear deal and soon… this should give it a nice push. In fact, President Trump stated after Netanyahu’s press conference that he was right about Iran.

Netanyahu said the files that Israeli intelligence had obtained came from a storage facility for the files on the nuclear weapons program in the Shorabad district in southern Tehran. The Israelis managed to get 55,000 pages of documents and another 55,000 files on 183 CDs. The originals are now in a “very safe place,” Netanyahu assured anyone watching. I have no doubt of that and kudos to the IDF and Mossad for doing excellent work once again.

These files, he said, were full of “incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos, and more.” He covered a sampling of these files, pointing out pictures and blueprints showing plans for the development of nuclear weapons. Netanyahu also pointed to Project Amad, a weapons program that Iran reportedly shelved in 2003, but which he said he now has proof that it has continued with the same personnel and research under the name SPND.

Netanyahu stated, “We’ve known for years that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called Project Amad. We can now prove that Project Amad was a comprehensive program to design, build, and test nuclear weapons. We can also prove that Iran is secretly storing Project Amad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons.” He presented Iranian documents in Farsi that describe plans for Project Amad to build five nuclear weapons with a yield of 10 kilotons each. “That’s like 5 Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles,” he explained.

Netanyahu says the files prove four verifiable things:

  • Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program.
  • Even after the deal, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons for future use.
  • Iran lied again in 2015 when it didn’t come clean to the IAEA as required by the nuclear deal.
  • The nuclear deal is based on lies.

All of which is true and brutally obvious. This speech came just a day after Netanyahu met with newly sworn-in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. After the meeting, Pompeo said that he was concerned by Iran’s “destabilizing and malign activities.” I’m sure he is, I know I am. Pompeo also said that the United States remains “deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous escalation of threats towards Israel and the region. Iran has only behaved worse since the deal was approved.”

The timing of the speech is very interesting as well:

The Syrian army confirmed that Sunday that several military bases in northern Syria were struck in an attack blamed on Israel by the Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper Al Akhbar…

The explosions following the strike registered as a 2.6 magnitude earthquake by the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, but the weapons used did not cause the quake. Over 18 people were killed and another 60 were wounded, Sky News Arabia reported citing regime media…

According to some reports the target in Hama, an army base known as Brigade 47, was an underground missile production facility and depot for surface-to-surface missiles funded by Iran and built with the help of North Korea.

Hot Air continued:

That’s an awfully big boom, suggesting that the strike did indeed hit a weapons depot of some sort. Israel reportedly informed the U.S. and Russia after the attack that if Iran uses Syria to stage attacks on Israel, the IDF and IAF will hit back at Iran itself. What’s the connection, if any, between the missiles targeted last night and the nuclear news Netanyahu is set to reveal today? Does he think those missiles were meant to carry nuclear payloads, giving Iran the ability to launch a nuclear attack on Israel from two fronts?

And what does this mean for U.S. negotiations with North Korea? Bad enough that Pyongyang had a hand in helping Iran build the missiles that were targeted, but the White House tearing up a nuclear treaty it had agreed to with a foreign power just a few years ago and taking a newly hostile stance isn’t going to give Kim Jong Un confidence that any deal he reaches with the U.S. will be solemnly followed by Washington. Stay tuned.

This deal has been a massive mistake from the beginning and everyone knows it. Obama gave Iran everything they wanted and more, including billions of dollars for nothing in return. It was beyond a ‘mistake’. It was treasonous. It paved the way for Iran to have nuclear weapons and to fund terrorists across the globe. President Trump has until May 12th to get us out of this disastrous deal and start dealing with Iran as the enemy they are. War drums are getting louder and we are close to all out war with the mullahs at this point.

I heard this afternoon that Iran is in fact about to pull out of the deal themselves. “The Iran nuclear deal is no longer sustainable for Iran in its present form, without regard to a US exit,” Araghchi stated Monday, according to the Iranian Students News Agency.

In a phone call Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told French President Emmanuel Macron that Trump had already “violated” the nuclear deal by “criticizing” it. Rouhani claimed that the criticism created “fear and ambiguity” and hurt Iran’s economy. That’s insane and a monstrous lie. Trump has repeatedly criticized the deal and with good reason. Trump has said that the deal was “insane. Ridiculous. It should have never been made.” That’s exactly right.

As my friend Denise Simon said this afternoon, “Now we understand the visits to the Trump White House from foreign leaders. The timing of the Netanyahu speech, hours after a suspected Israeli strike that likely used bunker-busters capable of hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities, after Secretary Mike Pompeo’s visit and days before Trump’s May deadline is certainly interesting.”

“When Secretary Mattis spoke to Congress last week regarding Iran, the wars drums are beating due to Iran, Hezbollah and Israel. Newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just left Israel and has departed Jordan, his last stop bound for home to his office to which he has not yet visited since his confirmation as Secretary of State. The discussions were the presentation Prime Minister Netanyahu was about to deliver to the world about Iran and the nuclear program shrouded in lies.”

Pompeo on Sunday ratcheted up the Trump administration’s rhetoric against Iran and offered warm support to Israel, and Saudi Arabia, in the standoff with Tehran. “The United States is with Israel in this fight,” Pompeo said. Let’s hope President Trump does the right thing here and scraps the Iranian nuke deal.


Michigan: Gubernatorial candidate slammed by both parties by pointing out reality of “civilization jihad”

By: Robert Spencer | Jihad Watch

“State Sen. Patrick Colbeck in a Thursday speech defended unsubstantiated claims of the Muslim Brotherhood installing ‘civilization jihad’ in the U.S.”

Unsubstantiated? Really? A captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document states: “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

This document was “entered into court evidence by Justice Department prosecutors in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, and later cited affirmatively by the federal judge in the case and cleared by the federal appeals court.” Also:

…the Justice Department states that:

1) Two Islamic organizations – the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) – were created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (based on other trial evidence as well as the Explanatory Memorandum);

2) The Explanatory Memorandum was authored by U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council member Mohamed Akram Adlouni;

3) That the memo describes the Brotherhood’s strategic goal as “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within.”


The article below also states: “On the Senate floor, Colbeck also alluded back to unfounded claims that Abdul El-Sayed, a Democratic candidate for governor and Muslim-American doctor, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He argued that the organization has support from the Muslim Student Association, which El-Sayed participated in while attending the University of Michigan. The Muslim Student Association is a network of college students at campuses nationwide who meet to celebrate Islamic culture.”

The MSA is indeed a Muslim Brotherhood organization. It is listed in that Muslim Brotherhood document as one of its allied organizations. And here is how it “celebrates Islamic culture” on American campuses. From Discover the Networks:

  • On October 22, 2000, Ahmed Shama, then-president of the UCLA Muslim Students Association, led a crowd of demonstrators at the Israeli consulate in chants of “Death to Israel!” and “Death to the Jews!” One guest speaker at the event was Hussam Ayloush, a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which co-sponsored the rally. In his speech, Ayloush solicited contributions for the Holy Land Foundation, which was a supporter and fundraiser for Hamas.
  • MSA members at UCLA have raised money for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists at their annual “Anti-Zionist Week.”
  • In March 2003, guest speaker Muhammad Faheed told an MSA meeting at Queensborough Community College in New York, “The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!”
  • At its Annual Conference in 2003, the Iowa MSA invited, as a guest speaker, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, who had previously, proudly identified himself as “a supporter of the Hamas movement.”
  • The University of Southern California MSA invited Taliban ambassador Sayyid Hashimi to speak on campus six months before 9/11.
  • The MSA chapter at California State University-Northridge held a fundraiser for Islamic Relief Worldwide, an organization that received a $50,000 contribution from a pro-Osama bin Laden front group based in Canada.
  • In 2002, James Madison University”s MSA sponsored a “Jihad” panel that included Dr. Abdulrahman Hijazi, who had previously extolled an Islamic suicide bomber as a “martyr” whose actions were animated by hopes of securing “the mercy of Allah” by way of “one of the greatest good deeds, which is jihad.”
  • In 2003, University of Idaho MSA president Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, who had sought access to a chemical lab containing nuclear material, was ordered deported because he worked for the al Qaeda-tied Islamic Assembly of North America.
  • At the 7th annual MSA West Conference held at the University of Southern California in January 2005, former MSA UCLA member Ahmed Shama said: “We want to restore Islam to the leadership of society.”¦ The goal “¦ is the reestablishment of the Islamic form of government.” Shama praised Hamas and Hezbollah for being “uncompromising” on their principles, and for refusing to “shake hands with the other side.” He lauded the terrorist leader Muqtada al-Sadr for “legitimately fighting against [U.S.] occupation” in Iraq. He identified Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as part of the “mainstream Islamic movement.” And he praised Hamas” resolve that “the only solution to the current [Israeli] occupation is military resistance.”
  • At the February 2006 MSA West Conference at Sacramento State University, guest speaker Abdel Malik-Ali praised the late Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin and rejoiced at Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s failing health. He also said, “Last week, we were all feeling so good — we were all feeling so good — because of what happened with Hamas” — a reference to the fact that the terrorist group had just won a large percentage of seats in the Palestinian Authority (PA) elections.
  • At MSA’s West Zone Conference on the UC-Berkeley campus in April 2007, MSA West president Amir Mertaban delivered a speech in which he emphasized the importance of unwavering loyalty to all fellow Muslims, regardless of what transgressions they may have committed: “Don’t ever compromise on Islam! And don’t ever compromise on your Muslim brothers and sisters in which you have no evidence. Osama bin Laden – I don’t know this guy. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know what he said. I don’t know what happened. But we defend Muslim brothers and we defend our Muslim sisters to the end…. In every aspect of Islam you are confident. Four wives? Yes men are allowed to have four wives within this context. Jihad? Yes Jihad! Jihad is the tightest thing in Islam. Don’t compromise on these little things. Be proud of it. Why? Because Islam is a perfect religion.–
  • Each year since 2005, MSA and many of its campus chapters have participated in “Israeli Apartheid Week,” a series of events designed “to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns” against the Jewish state.

But AP doesn’t tell you any of this, and paints Colbeck as a crank dealing in conspiracy theories. This is the number that the establishment media has done on the American people for well over a decade now: all those who call attention to the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat are universally portrayed as racist nutters, not to be taken seriously by decent, thinking people. Meanwhile, the jihad advances.

“Michigan candidate criticized over anti-Muslim remarks,” by Alice Yin, Associated Press, April 26, 2018:

LANSING, Mich. — A Republican gubernatorial candidate was rebuked by colleagues Thursday for peddling “conspiracy theories” about Muslims on the floor of the Michigan Senate.

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck in a Thursday speech defended unsubstantiated claims of the Muslim Brotherhood installing “civilization jihad” in the U.S. The comments came two days after Buzzfeed News reported he made similar statements in a private meeting this month.

Democrats swiftly panned Colbeck’s remarks. Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich said the message continues “to prove that he’s an ass,” while Sen. David Knezek termed Colbeck’s behavior as “a cheap rip-off of Joseph McCarthy.”

“I hope you’re looking at me, senator, as I call you a coward,” said Knezek, a Democrat from Dearborn Heights. “These comments are nothing more than that of a bully.”

On the Senate floor, Colbeck also alluded back to unfounded claims that Abdul El-Sayed, a Democratic candidate for governor and Muslim-American doctor, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He argued that the organization has support from the Muslim Student Association, which El-Sayed participated in while attending the University of Michigan.

The Muslim Student Association is a network of college students at campuses nationwide who meet to celebrate Islamic culture.

Michigan’s Republican Party distanced itself from Colbeck’s “conspiracy theories” in a statement by spokeswoman Sarah Anderson, but GOP politicians vying to replace Gov. Rick Snyder are largely sidestepping the controversy.

Republican front-runner Bill Schuette, Michigan’s attorney general, believes “all people must be treated with dignity and respect,” spokesman John Sellek said.

Schuette’s rival, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, did not respond to a request for comment, while the fourth candidate, Dr. Jim Hines from Saginaw, said Colbeck should understand his constitutional pledge to not discriminate based on faith. Republican leadership in both chambers declined to comment.

Polls have shown Colbeck in the single digits.

Democratic Rep. Abdullah Hammoud of Dearborn, one of the nation’s biggest Arab communities, said Colbeck should resign immediately for remarks that “reek of desperation and echo the sounds of a political career coming to its rightful end.”

Republican political consultant Dennis Darnoi said he doesn’t believe Colbeck’s sentiments will have much sway on Michigan’s GOP base this year. Colbeck’s speech was a “self-serving” stunt, he said….


Secret Missile Strike in Syria, Bibi’s Message to Iran?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Now we understand the visits to the Trump White House from foreign leaders. The timing of the Netanyahu speech, hours after a suspected Israeli strike that likely used bunker-busters capable of hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities, after Secretary Mike Pompeo’s visit and days before Trump’s May deadline is certainly interesting.

When Secretary Mattis spoke to Congress last week regarding Iran, the wars drums are beating due to Iran, Hezbollah and Israel. Newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just left Israel and has departed Jordan, his last stop bound for home to his office to  which he has not yet visited since his confirmation as Secretary of State. The discussions were the presentation Prime Minister Netanyahu was about to deliver to the world about Iran and the nuclear program shrouded in lies.

Project Amad and 5 warheads, 10 kilotons…. all led by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi.

In 2013, the man whom Western intelligence agencies say may very well be the head of Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program was present as an observer last week when North Korea carried out a critical nuclear test, The British Sunday Times reported.

According to the report Sunday, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi very rarely leaves Iranian soil due to fear that Israel’s Mossad will make an attempt on his life, following an alleged pattern of previous assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.


The Obama administration negotiated the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 along with China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K. The accord lifted a series of sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran accepting limits on its nuclear program and allowing international investigators access to its facilities.

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the signatories to the agreement have repeatedly confirmed that Iran is complying with the deal as it is written.

“We’ve known for years that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called Project Amad,” he continued. We can now prove that Project Amad was a comprehensive program to design, build, and test nuclear weapons. We can also prove that Iran is secretly storing Project Amad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons.”

Netanyahu revealed that the purpose of Project Amad was to design, produce, and test five nuclear warheads, each with an explosive yield of 10 kilotons of TNT, for integration with ballistic missiles. “That’s like 5 Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles.”

He further revealed that Project Amad had all five elements of a nuclear weapons program, designing nuclear weapons, developing nuclear cores, building nuclear implosion systems, preparing nuclear tests, and integrating nuclear weapons with missiles.

According to Netanyahu, Iran shelved Project Amad under international pressure in 2003. “But it didn’t shelve its nuclear ambitions.”

“Iran devised a plan to do two things, first to preserve the nuclear know-how from Project Amad, and second, to further develop its nuclear weapons related capabilities.”

Many of the same personnel continued to work on Iran’s nuclear program even following the shelving of Project Amad.

Netanyahu accused Iran of continuing to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency about its nuclear activities and their military applications.

“The Iran [nuclear] deal is based on lies. It is based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception,” he said.

Netanyahu stated that “the nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal.”

He addressed US President Donald Trump’s upcoming decision on whether to remain in the Iran nuclear deal or not and said that he believed that Trump would withdraw from the deal.

“I am sure he will do the right thing, the right thing for the United States, the right thing for Israel, and the right thing for the peace of the world.” More here.

Senior Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) scientist and former head of Iran’s Physics Research Center (PHRC); on July 8, 2008, added to the Specially Designated National (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), freezing his assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibiting transactions with U.S. parties, pursuant to Executive Order 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems.

Listed in an annex to U.N. Security Council resolution 1747 of March 24, 2007, as a person involved in Iran’s nuclear or ballistic missile activities; with some exceptions, the designation requires states to freeze the financial assets on their territories which are owned or controlled by the entity, by its agents, or by entities it controls; the designation also requires states to ensure that funds, financial assets or economic resources are prevented from being made available by their nationals or by any persons or entities within their territories, to or for the benefit of the entity; the resolution calls on states to “exercise vigilance” in allowing the designated person to enter or to transit through their territories, and requires states to notify the Security Council if the person does so.

Listed by the European Union on April 21, 2007, pursuant to U.N. Security Council resolution 1747, as an entity whose funds and economic resources, and those it owns, holds or controls, must be frozen by E.U. member states, with some exceptions, and within their jurisdiction; E.U. member states must also ensure that funds or economic resources are not made available to or for the benefit of the listed entity; with some exceptions, European Union member states must prevent the person’s entry into or transit through their territories.

Works closely with Fereidoun Abbasi-Davani, who is also listed in an annex to U.N. Security Council resolution 1747; the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has sought access to Mr. Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi to interview him about the activities of the PHRC during his leadership, but Iran has refused; reportedly believed by U.S. intelligence to be the director of “Project 111,” a nuclear research effort that includes work on missile development; reportedly has been a member of the Scientific Board of the physics college at Imam Hossein University since 1991; reportedly directs the nuclear program at Iran’s Center for Readiness and New Defense Technology; passport numbers 0009228 and 4229533.


Trapper’s Quote of the Week

By: Trapper Pettit

Bad choices parallel horrific results. The decision to impede the cancer known as ‘Creeping Sharia’ before it metastasizes is the right choice for America. The quintessential action required is not Islamophobia, it’s patriotism.


Sen. Patrick Colbeck Denounces Muslim Brotherhood in Michigan Senate Speech

The United West

Listen to Senator Colbeck’s speech on the Michigan Senate floor.

Sitting State Senator, Patrick Colbeck, and 2018 Republican candidate for Governor is recognizing the threat to Michigan and the entire nation.  The threat from the Muslim Brotherhood is real, it has a stated goal. Senator Colbeck is willing to stand against that threat as your Senator, then as Governor and not retreat from his duty to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic!  No other candidate in this race is willing to even acknowledge what is happening to Michigan!  Senator Colbeck and hopeful next Governor should be THANKED by every citizen of Michigan.  And actually from every citizen of the U.S. as this is NOT just a Michigan issue!

Yet… the MI GOP is distancing themselves from him and in some cases threatening his ability to run as a candidate!

Why is telling the truth “racist” or “bigotted” or “Islamaphobe”?  Because name calling is easier than disputing the facts!   If that’s all they’ve got, then hopefully Michigan voters will see through that thin veil of lies!  Know your candidates!  Here are a few facts you may not know about the Democrat candidate for Governor, Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed,  that supports what Senator Colbeck is speaking about.

The local Michigan media is attacking Senator Colbeck!  And, many liberal lefty individuals are on the attack as well.

Useful idiots in the press (below) cite the Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, a leading Muslim Brotherhood influence operation, to condemn Colbeck:

The memo [Explanatory Memorandum] is a 1991 document recovered by the FBI in the course of a money-laundering trial, according to The Bridge Initiative, a project of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.  The Bridge Initiative noted there is no evidence it was adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood, describing it as a single author’s “utopian vision.” The Bridge Initiative and others have described “civilization jihad” as a conspiracy theory.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed is an outspoken proponent of the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission to reestablish the worldwide Caliphate. He gave Georgetown $20,000,000 to establish their Islamic propaganda department. Georgetown has a campus in Doha, Qatar whose complete operation is funded by leaders of Qatar, which, along with Turkey, is the headquarters for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The outcome of the Michigan election has become a national security issue.

Below is the attack without merit from a local media source.  Consider the source of this news feed and it’s sources, then get informed of the truth!

Muslim groups plotting to ‘destroy our nation,’ says Michigan governor candidate

Updated ; Posted 
By Emily Lawler

[email protected]

LANSING, MI – One day after gubernatorial candidate Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, was the center of a national media story and accused of peddling conspiracy theories, he expanded on his comments in a Senate floor speech.

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed News reported on Colbeck’s comments. In a video of what appears to be Colbeck’s voice over a presentation, Colbeck alleges without substantiating it that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group considered to be a terrorist organization by some foreign governments.

The presentation slide talks about “civilization jihad,” and suggests placing Muslims in powerful positions is part of that plan. El-Sayed’s photo appears on the next slide, titled “positions of influence.”

Republican governor candidate swipes at Muslim rival with ‘conspiracy theory’

Patrick Colbeck tied Abdul El-Sayed to a conspiracy theory, according to a report.

On Thursday, Colbeck brought the controversy to the Senate Floor during floor statements, a period of time senators sometimes use to talk about issues that are important to them or recognize people from their districts or charitable causes.

He talked about a document called the “Explanatory Memorandum,” something he said outlined the intent of the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups affiliated with it to implement Islamic law in America. The plan that included an anti-American agenda known as “civilization jihad” to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within, Colbeck said.

“All of this information is a matter of evidentiary fact. It is not conjecture. It is not a conspiracy theory, as some have asserted,” Colbeck said.

The memo is a 1991 document recovered by the FBI in the course of a money-laundering trial, according to The Bridge Initiative, a project of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.  The Bridge Initiative noted there is no evidence it was adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood, describing it as a single author’s “utopian vision.” The Bridge Initiative and others have described “civilization jihad” as a conspiracy theory.

Colbeck said those calling him a racist or xenophobe were trying to silence the truth, and he would continue to speak it regardless of any name-calling.

“We cannot afford to be silent on this issue, my colleagues. The organizations which share the professed mission of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy our nation from within are real, not theoretical. They are active right here in the state of Michigan,” Colbeck said.

Sen. David Knezek, D-Dearborn Heights, also spoke on the Senate floor. He called Colbeck’s comments “ignorant and close-minded.”

Knezek said his comments did not extend to the chamber’s other Republicans, many of whom have expressed support for his Muslim friends and constituents.

“We do have a lot of good people here in this chamber. Good people who are embarrassed by this type of behavior and rhetoric,” Knezek said.

Michigan Republican Party spokeswoman Sarah Anderson said in a statement Wednesday the party “isn’t interested in peddling any conspiracy theories.”

Knezek closed his comments on the Senate floor by inviting Colbeck to his district, which has a large Muslim population.

“For maybe the fourth or fifth time now, I’d like to invite the senator from the seventh district to join me in my district to meet with some American Muslims. Because I believe you will find that same patriotism and love of country in their hearts as he claims to have in his,” Knezek said.

In a statement Wednesday, El-Sayed said he knew “in choosing to run for Governor as an unapologetic, proud Muslim and American, I was going to contend with the ugly face of white supremacy that Donald Trump and his friends have sanctioned.” Thursday, he tweeted a response as well.

After Senate session on Thursday a spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, declined to comment on what had transpired.

“Senator Meekhof has absolutely no comments on Senator Colbeck,” Amber McCann said.

Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, kept his comments short.

“I think he’s continuing to prove that he’s an ass, and that’s all I’m going to say about that,” Ananich said.




“Sex Ed Sit Out” Parents’ Protest is a Great Start

By: Lloyd Marcus

My wife Mary and I were extremely busy in Arizona campaigning to help propel Republican Debbie Lesko to victory in the congressional special election. Praise God, we won!

Before flying home to West Virginia, I checked news coverage of the April 23rd national parent’s protest, “Sex Ed Sit Out”. https://bit.ly/2Hq9TWc None of the major television networks covered this important global event with participants in Australia, Canada and the UK. https://bit.ly/2Hq9TWc Are you kidding me?

Finally, parents have begun to say enough with the arrogant leftist craziness going on in public schools; parents’ values circumvented, school boards and administrators overruling parents’ God given right to decide how their children should be raised.

Using “inclusion” and “anti-bullying” as Trojan Horses, LGBTQ activists have infiltrated the gates of public education with pornography, promiscuity and dangerous sexual practices. Unbelievably, the LGBTQ curriculum teaches kids oral sex, BDSM, asphyxiation, gender-bending, anal sex and rimming. https://bit.ly/2uOQloy Students are taught to question their gender. Insidiously, teachers even include going into gay bars in math lessons.

In Texas, pre-k teachers are told to explain homosexuality to 4 year olds and teach them that “gay love is beautiful.” https://bit.ly/2HYfWyp

At the “Sex Ed Sit Out” rally in Vancouver, Canada, Karen Chan exposed SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) laws. If SOGI is implemented in public schools, LGBTQ indoctrination will be included in all subjects and all grades. Parents will not be permitted to opt out their children.

All school administrators, teachers, support staff, students and even parents are ordered to use gender neutral language. They are also required to reprimand anyone caught breaking this policy. Anyone questioning SOGI will be investigated and suffer consequences. SOGI big-brother operatives will be in schools monitoring what you say, how you behave, your emotions, your expressions and your attitude.

Students suffering with gender confusion will be affirmed, barred from receiving therapy. Students will be allowed to use dressing rooms and rest rooms of their opposite biological sex simply by saying they “self-identify”. SOGI teaches gender fluid ideology. So a boy can use the girl’s rest room today and the boy’s tomorrow – depending on which gender he identifies with that day. Boys are permitted to share overnight accommodations with girls. Parents fearful of SOGI’s tyranny are branded hateful and homophobic. https://bit.ly/2JrconI

In the few years since SCOTUS twisted the Constitution https://bit.ly/1LtXVVs to declare same sex marriage the law of the land, LGBTQ activists are behaving like tyrannical dictators; terrorizing Americans into submission. SOGI laws threaten our freedom. https://bit.ly/2to4pEN

A homosexual lawyer in Delaware is pushing legislation to allow students in schools to identify with whatever race or gender they choose without parental notification. If passed, schools will help students change their sex without parental knowledge. https://bit.ly/2Fhwyya

In Ohio, Judge Sylvia Hendon ordered a child removed from her parents’ home because the parents disapproved of their daughter taking non-FDA approved drugs for a sex change. https://bit.ly/2Fhwyya

For decades, leftists have been obsessed with sexualizing kids. In the 1950s, leftist psychologist John Money used junk-science to support transgender medicine. Money’s “Psychohormonal Group” at Johns Hopkins taught precocious (early) puberty boys how to masturbate. When Money’s researchers asked a 6 year old boy how often he masturbated, the boy did not know what they were talking about. Using a pencil, researchers instructed the boy. On his next visit, the 6 year old boy said he masturbated six times a day. https://bit.ly/2qYXZZf

Not only does the SOGI curriculum teach students that changing their gender is heroic and good, students are taught that anyone opposing their sex change is mean and bigoted. https://bit.ly/2FepJgR Folks, this is nuts!

But how did we get here so quickly after SCOTUS redefined marriage? In the early 1990s, LGBT activists and experts on public persuasion Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen published their book, “After the Ball”. Kirk and Madsen’s book served as the marketing manifesto to normalize LGBTQ lifestyles and demonize all opposition. https://bit.ly/2Hsq1Xc

In 2015, former Republican Congressman Tom Delay discovered a secret memo revealing a dozen perversions Obama’s DOJ wanted to legalize including bestiality and pedophilia. https://nws.mx/2DUKbGS Why are leftists so obsessed and determined to normalize every sexual perversion? Please explain the positive benefit of little Johnny’s school instructing him about rimming?

The “Sex Ed Sit Out” national parent’s protest is a wonderful start. I am elated that parents are finally waking up and smelling LGBTQ activists’ iron-fist dictatorial behavior.

A great general fighting on the front line for our kids is The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston. Elizabeth has been sounding the alarm, “They are coming for our children!” Elizabeth boldly tells “mama bears” to rise up and take their kids back from social Markists and transgender activists’ subversive agenda.

You can help by liking Elizabeth’s facebook page, be her friend and share her video https://bit.ly/2Fhwyya with hashtag #HandsOffOurKids

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement

By: Lloyd Marcus

For crying out loud Lloyd, another article about how the LGBTQ movement seeks to ban Christianity? Folks, I keep talking about this because too many fellow Christians still don’t get it.

California pro-LGBTQ Assembly Bill 2943 threatens free speech and freedom of religion for Christians. It uses the state’s consumer fraud statute to make it illegal to “distribute resources, sell books, offer counseling services, or direct someone to a biblically based model for getting help with gender confusion and homosexuality.” https://bit.ly/2HjbMnH

Meanwhile, Christians believe the LGBTQ movement’s lie that they only seek Christian love and acceptance. The truth is the LGBTQ movement seeks to bury Christianity; bullying us into silence and extinction. Christians have told me to stop posting my articles about LGBTQ aggression on their facebook pages. A Christian told me not to post articles on their facebook page about Planned Parenthood illegally trafficking aborted baby body parts. https://bit.ly/2HhRPxn

Some Christians want to remain neutral on political/cultural issues for business and various other reasons. Folks, I would never arrogantly tell adults how to run their lives or facebook pages. What concerns me is Christians who still do not understand what we are up against and Christians who have embraced leftists’ agendas believing it’s what Jesus would do.

It bothers me that Christians allow themselves to be bullied into not speaking biblical truths and commonsense in America today. Growing up in the mean tough projects in Baltimore, I learned early that you never surrender ground to bullies.

Leftists worldwide portray Israelis as villains, claiming Israel refuses to negotiate peace with the Palestinians. The goal of the Palestinians is to drive Israelis into the sea. So how do you find common ground to negotiate peace with people who want you dead? Christians are dealing with the same scenario with the LGBTQ movement. Using their bogus victim status, LGBTQ activists are using every weapon in their arsenal to punish, humiliate and destroy Christians; ultimately wiping Christianity off the planet.

A lesbian dressed like a clergy “man” attended my stepmother’s funeral. The lesbian was unknown to our family. Everyone was kind and polite to her. The loving Christian thing to do is to help this gender confused woman find peace in being the woman God made her to be. Outrageously, leftists have made it illegal in some states to compassionately share Christ’s love with this troubled woman. Incredible.

An extremely effective tactic of leftists to force their agendas down the throats of the masses is to portray themselves as victims. This has caused me to roll-my-eyes when duped Christians lecture me about being more understanding of Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ movement.

Black Lives Matter is an awful evil hate group funded by evil George Soros and groups that hate America. https://bit.ly/2HNUjTR These evil people promote the hate-generating and racial divisive lie that blacks are mistreated and are suffering in America. The truth is America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. End of subject. Now, can we please move on?

Deceived decent Americans think they are doing the right thing by not in anyway opposing Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ movement. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is aggressively engaged in punishing southerners, beating up Trump voters https://bit.ly/2doHQqm , dragging down historical monuments, assassinating police officers https://bit.ly/2HPaP5Z and teaching white kids to hate themselves for being born white. https://dailym.ai/29AwJVZ Folks, teaching innocent kids to hate who God made them to be is pure evil.

Equally aggressively tyrannical is the LGBTQ movement which is steamrolling across our country flattening anyone who has ever expressed anything other than enthusiastic approval of redefining marriage.

The Benham brothers who build homes for needy families were scheduled to launch a show on Home & Garden television. LGBTQ activists dug into the annals of the Benham brothers’ past to discover they once spoke out in favor of marriage. This caused HGTV to cancel the Benham brothers’ TV show. https://bit.ly/2Kah8PN

Notice how punishing the Benham brothers trumped providing homes for needy families. This is why it is repulsive hearing fake news media furthering the lie that leftists have superior compassion for minorities and the poor.

Most disturbing is how we have allowed LGBTQ activists to totally hijack public education, placing LGBTQ lessons above reading writing and arithmetic. https://bit.ly/2HnMHE1

LGBTQ activists forced Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich to resign upon discovering that Eich donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 which defined marriage as between one man and one woman; God’s definition of marriage. https://washex.am/2HOOzJk So much for leftists being tolerant of other points of view. Meanwhile, the masses who are minding their own business, living their lives, are relentlessly scolded by duped Americans and leftists for not being submissive enough to the LGBTQ movement.

Deception is a powerful tool to control people. Jews at Auschwitz passively marched into gas chambers to their deaths because the Nazis deceived them into believing they were being taken to take showers. https://bit.ly/2n3n8Rd Christians are passively allowing LGBTQ activists to steal the hearts and minds of their children https://bit.ly/2HR94oK , drive followers of Christ out-of-business https://bit.ly/2vDaYEA and threaten pastors with jail-time for quoting the Bible. https://fxn.ws/2daopOV Deceived by the LGBTQ movement, Christians are passively marching to the death of Christianity.

But wait: according to God’s Word, we win in the end!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Marxist Sexual Revolution

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Research professor and author Dr. Judith Reisman discusses the Marxist Sexual Revolution which now incorporates child sex rings for the pleasure of pedophiles in Hollywood and elsewhere and remains largely uninvestigated by the authorities: “These rings exist. It’s time to investigate this.” Dr. Reisman discusses the history of this movement, and how Alfred Kinsey, the father of human sexuality education, was a pervert who knowingly used data from a Nazi pedophile. Today, the Kinsey Institute, working with the United Nations, continues this assault on our Judeo-Christian heritage. But people are fighting back through such movements as the Sex Ed Sit Out, in order to stop the sexualization of children, and a group investigating You Tube for its violent and sexual content.


The Power of Narrative Politics

By: Peter Gunn | New Zeal

The other day I was speaking with a 19-year-old young lady who is a neo-gun control believer. As a High School Senior, she was naturally horrified by the events of Parkland high school and, and as one would expect, these events hit close to home for her. In this conversation, she invoked “Trayvon Martin” and “Michael Brown” and my heart just sank. I wanted to scream “They died in the commission of FELONIES! They are NOT VICTIMS!” Both of the investigations in those cases were heavily and unreasonably biased against the defenders from the get-go and STILL the evidence of self-defense was obvious and undeniable. Behold the power of The Narrative.

As folks on the opposite side from the Liberal/Progressive point of view, I think we absolutely fail to understand the true power of Narrative Politics. In order to influence a population using Narrative Politics, you must craft the story that will lead the audience to the conclusion you WANT them to draw, regardless of truth, by making them FEEL a certain way about the subject. Any information that does not agree with The Narrative must be squelched. This is a nearly daily occurrence in the American “Mainstream” Media.

Trayvon Martin is a prime example of how Narrative Politics works; Instead of starting with a crime and following the evidence to lead to the truth, whatever it would be, The Left/Progressives started by publicly creating the Narrative of the case and working backwards. The Narrative was that Trayvon Martin was an innocent teenager, who went out to buy some Skittles and encountered hateful armed white Racist George Zimmerman a self-appointed vigilante who murdered the poor child in cold blood solely because Trayvon was black and wearing a hoodie. I crossed out “white” above because when The Narrative first aired, no one knew what George Zimmerman looked like. If we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that that his name sounds like an older white man which is what happened at the time. When it was revealed that Zimmerman was Hispanic, there was a pause for about a day and half while The Narrative people regrouped. This was not going to be a “White on Black” murder….it was “minority on minority” which doesn’t serve The Narrative. Some clever soul in the Left/Progressive camp saved the day by claiming Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic”. While the term did exist before this use, it very effectively got The Narrative back up and running! The Villain was a WHITE (Hispanic), the emphasis on the former over the latter when said out loud. It worked like a charm. How many celebrities did we see wearing Hoodies and holding up “Justice for Trayvon” signs?

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‘Operation GhostSecret’: North Korea Is Intensifying A Global Cyberattack

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The North Koreans were involved in a suspected widespread cyberattack last month that hit Turkish banks. The attack was much broader in scope than at first thought and the data theft has hit 17 countries, including the United States and Australia. Other countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China and Russia, among other countries. They stole information on critical infrastructure, telecommunications and entertainment organizations, researchers say.

“The campaign is extremely complicated, leveraging a number of implants to steal information from infected systems and is intricately designed to evade detection and deceive forensic investigators,” McAfee wrote in a report. The group uses hacking tools that are associated with the cyber espionage group Hidden Cobra — the name that the US government uses to describe North Korea’s state-sponsored hackers.

The campaign is called Operation GhostSecret by cyber researcher McAfee. North Korean hackers have evolved beyond their traditional focus on military secrets and cyber provocations. They have expanded their net to include sensitive information from a wide range of industries. That info includes critical infrastructure, telecommunications, healthcare, higher education and other data troves. McAfee, which released the report on Wednesday, didn’t name the affected organizations, but said most of the attacks were in the Asia-Pacific region. The hack occurred between March 14th through March 26th.

McAfee says that the attack is ongoing and active. It’s also very hard to tell exactly what was taken. Files could have been deleted, stolen or they could have studied various networks for future attacks. “They’re in your network. They’re learning about you, understanding how you operate,” said Raj Samani, McAfee’s chief scientist.

Employees watch electronic boards monitoring possible cyberattacks at the Korea Internet & Security Agency in Seoul, South Korea, in May last year. PHOTO: YUN DONG-JIN/YONHAP/ASSOCIATED PRESS

The harder that North Korea is hit with sanctions, the more dangerous their cyberwarriors get. They are definitely targeting infrastructure systems and stealing money, according to cybersecurity specialists who track the regime’s behavior. The more menacing tactics are amplified by Pyongyang’s improving coding skills and swift mobilization, these people say. Because North Korea is already isolated politically, they are unafraid of repercussions for their actions.

McAfee doesn’t officially identify nation-state cyber units as culprits. But in their report they say they have a “high confidence” that Operation GhostSecret is the work of a North Korea-linked hacking operative known as Lazarus, based on similarities in malware and infrastructure. Lazarus was to blame for last year’s WannaCry ransomware attack and the 2014 Sony Pictures hack. North Korea has denied involvement in those attacks, but the evidence of the source of the attack is solid.

In early March, McAfee identified cyberattacks on Turkish financial institutions and government groups that deployed a “Bankshot” implant that embedded malicious files in Microsoft Word documents sent to victims via an email attachment. Computers were infected if users downloaded the attachment. That was just the first stage of the attack however. The broader assault grew beyond the Bankshot implant and used other types of malware. McAfee researchers classified the various malware under a single operation because of similarities in coding and capability, as well as the attack’s timing.

One of the additional tactics was a variant of a wiper tool that had a more than 80% similarity to the one used in the Sony Pictures hack, said Christiaan Beek, McAfee’s senior principal engineer. The updated wiper tool, which can delete files on infected computers, wasn’t a direct copy of the prior version, but rather a new, hybrid variant, McAfee said. Another malware implant, observed broadly with Operation GhostSecret, helped cover the hackers’ digital footprints with encryptions, McAfee stated. They are saying that North Korea is carrying out attacks with impunity.

In January, researchers from the US cybersecurity firm Recorded Future said a hacking campaign targeting the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinlink employed the same malware used in the Sony and WannaCry attacks. The attack was attributed to the Lazarus group, which has been conducting operations since at least 2009, when it launched an attack on US and South Korean websites by infecting them with a virus known as MyDoom. For those out there that want to dig into the technical facts, here is a link to McAfee.

The truth of the matter is we have been involved in a world war on the cyber battlefield for some time now. North Korea is increasing their attacks and are not to be trusted in the least. But don’t forget the Chinese, Russians and Iranians are also all attacking the US and each other. Looks like a world war to me.