Threats To Homeland Security Employees Include Burned Animal Carcass Dumped On Staffer’s Porch

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Here comes more violence. Evidently, the violent threats against Department of Homeland Security and ICE employees is off the charts. DHS had already determined there was a heightened threat to their people in response to recent government actions surrounding immigration, according to a letter sent to employees over the weekend. “This assessment is based on specific and credible threats that have been levied against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees,” Claire Grady, acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, wrote to employees on Saturday.

All of this follows on the heels of the implementation of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The left is claiming it is separating children from their parents… no, it is separating children from those breaking the law. But even that is not accurate as the children who have parents have been reunited with them over the weekend. The media is claiming it is 2,300… I understand it is closer to 550 children.

After Maxine Waters came out over the weekend and called for Trump administration officials to be harassed and attacked wherever they are found, employees were told to up their situational awareness and watch their backs. They were not to advertise in any way that they worked for DHS or ICE to avoid confrontations. Approximately two dozen threat reports have been issued in the past few days. These threats were made primarily against Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. Each of these reports is generally related to a specific online threat. All employees are personally contacted by DHS security if they are the target of a violent threat, an official said.

In one memorable example, a senior DHS official living in the Washington. D.C. area found a burnt and decapitated animal on his front porch, according to an official with knowledge of the incident. In addition to the protests, thousands of employees have had personal data leaked on social media, the letter to employees said. On Thursday, WikiLeaks published information on more than 9,000 supposed current and former ICE employees, saying it is important for “increasing accountability,” according to The Washington Post.

The uptick in threats comes amid multiple protests directed at ICE and Customs and Border Protection officers, as well as the DHS secretary. It’s unclear exactly how much the threats have increased. But I would bet it’s a lot. Actor Peter Fonda called for millions of Americans to surround ICE agents’ homes and terrorize their families. This is only the beginning of this nightmare.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters calling themselves Occupy ICE PDX camped out in front of an ICE field office for days, The Oregonian reported. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said he supported the protesters, tweeting on Wednesday that he did not want the Portland Police Department “to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.” He said this was the fed’s mess. He added that the demonstration “seemed to be very peaceful.”

Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed and accosted while eating at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C., by a group calling itself the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America. One of the thugs attacking her was a paralegal employed by the Department of Justice. “You’re eating a Mexican dinner as you’re deporting tens of thousands of people separated from their parents,” chanted the protesters. She fled the restaurant before the confrontation escalated. Protesters showed up at her home the next morning and surrounded it. Secret Service had to slip Nielsen out the back way for her safety. Demonstrators played a ProPublica audio of crying children outside her Virginia home while chanting “shame!”

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was attacked at a screening of a documentary and fled the confrontation. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with seven members of her family was kicked out of a Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA. And now this. “People can disagree on policy,” ICE spokeswoman Liz Johnson said in a statement to ABC News, “but it is unconscionable to target our employees and advocate violence against federal law enforcement officers.”

I fear this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. As James Woods said in response to Maxine Waters fomenting violence: “Now that a United States Congresswoman has called for harassment against Republicans and the inevitable violence that will come of it, I urge all of you to a) get armed, and b) vote. Your life literally depends on it.”


Military Bases are Destination for Migrant Insurgency

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The United Sates is not dealing with this issue and frankly is not even managing it. When a Mexican presidential candidate calls for a mass exodus TO the United States, we know the mission to flood the United States is a well known doctrine in Mexico.

Oh, and by the way, in case you missed former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, make sure you tell the pro-immigrant activists that Johnson admitted the Obama administration also detained children without parents or guardians, citing it was necessary at the time. He further admitted he expanded it even though it was controversial.

So, let’s dump on the military bases to deal with the volume shall we? Sigh. Does that mean that all weapons and or live fire training and exercises will have to stop to keep from making the migrants fearful?

San Diego County could become a destination for tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants to be housed indefinitely by the U.S. Government, under the zero-tolerance policy implemented by President Donald Trump.

According to a report published Friday afternoon by Time magazine, military leaders are drawing up plans to create a tent city at Camp Pendleton to detain as many as 47,000 illegal immigrants from Central America and other locations over the coming months.

The facility at Camp Pendleton would be one of multiple temporary detention centers designated to house immigrants making their way into the United States.

According to an internal memo obtained by Time magazine, the U.S. Navy has been directed to establish “temporary and austere” encampments on military installations in Alabama, Arizona, and California that each could host tens of thousands of detainees.

The document, prepared by an assistant secretary for approval by Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, suggests construction could begin at one site within 60 days. The structures would be designed to last for six months to one year, Time magazine reported.

The memo has not yet been approved by Spencer or Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the report said.

The plans detailed in the internal document match the executive order Trump signed earlier this week in response to growing political pressure to halt the separation of parents and children crossing the southern border illegally.

The order does not end the Trump administration zero-tolerance program that aims to prosecute all illegal border crossings. Rather, it calls for families to be housed together in detention facilities instead of separated while parents go through both the criminal court system for illegal entry and then immigration proceedings after that.

The order says immigration courts should prioritize detained-family cases, but it will still likely take longer than the 20 days the government is currently allowed to hold children in detention, even if they are held with their families.

Officials at Camp Pendleton said they know nothing about a temporary immigrant-housing project.

“Camp Pendleton is unaware of any plan to house detainees on our base at this time,” Capt Luke Weaver said in a statement. “Contact DoD Office of the Secretary of Defense public affairs for information on this subject.”

The Time magazine report quoted a U.S. Navy spokesman saying it would be inappropriate to discuss internal deliberative planning documents.

The detainment plan estimates the Navy would spend more than $230 million to build and run a single facility serving 25,000 people for a six-month term.

According to a Government Accountability Office report published in April, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office requested $3.6 billion in 2018 funding to pay for immigrant housing — $1 billion more than the amount of funds requested the prior year.

The GAO report recommended several recommendations aimed at improving ICE’s cost estimates and making sure the budget documents are accurate.

The ICE budget for 2019 proposes a nearly 33 percent increase in the average daily count for unauthorized immigrants, from about 38,000 in 2017 to more than 51,000 this year.

Advocates who work with San Diego immigrant communities were stunned by the Time magazine report.

Pedro Rios, director of the American Friends Service Committee San Diego office, said he had been hearing rumblings about new detention centers but never expected Camp Pendleton to be selected.

“I think it’s a mistake to suggest that housing families in austere temporary Navy bases is a solution to the humanitarian needs of people seeking asylum,” he said Friday. “The possibility that families will be held indefinitely is a clear violation of human rights standards.”

Elizabeth Lopez, an immigration attorney with the Southern California Immigration Project, worried about what this might mean for court hearings and what services the detention facilities would have.

“First off, I doubt the government is going to transport them to court, so they will have to build video conference rooms to be able to have hearings,” she said. “Secondly, it is going to be a nightmare to allow the attorneys on to Pendleton to visit our clients.”

Lopez also said she was concerned about the level of medical care migrants would receive while being detained.

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs said, “I am also concerned about the extremely high expense of these camps. It looks like it would take approximately $500 million to house people at Camp Pendleton for only a six month time period. That is an enormous waste of government resources. It would be far less expensive to allow the asylum-seekers to live in their own communities with GPS monitor ankle bracelets on, so ICE can keep track of their whereabouts.”

Peter K. Nunez, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of California and board chair of a conservative think tank, said he favors erecting as many different detention spaces in as many different places as needed in order to enforce the law.

“There was a time back in the Clinton administration when they started using military facilities to detain people, so it’s not a new idea,” he said. “They have to be treated humanely, but that doesn’t mean they have to be put up in a five-star hotel.

“If they can create temporary detention facilities at Camp Pendleton or any other military base that are adequate to the housing needs, then certainly we can do that,” he said.

According to the Time report, a similar tent city would be established at the former Naval Weapons Station Concord, east of San Francisco. It too would be constructed to hold as many as 47,000 people.

Other facilities that are expected to house 25,000 immigrants would be established at abandoned airfields outside Mobile, Alabama. The memo also proposes studying the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. as a possible site for an additional immigrant detention center.

The arrival and housing of tens of thousands of immigrants at Camp Pendleton would not be a first for the military base that buffers between San Diego and the Greater Los Angeles area.

In April 1975, after the fall of Saigon, the first of 50,000 or more refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos began arriving at Camp Pendleton for processing before they were resettled to other parts of Southern California and beyond.

The temporary quarters closed by November of the same year.


Where is the Congressional Black Caucus on THIS Issue?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It is not really a new phenomenon, actually there is slavery going on too. Hello, Kamala Harris, you out there? Hey, Corey Booker? Wasn’t it Senator Booker that claimed we don’t love enough? Never mind, he was just referring to America. Anyone on the Senate side? What about that famous United Nations Human Rights Council?

We are in a full modern day humanitarian crisis and where is the United Nations? Ever notice that no other countries step up either when it comes to failed nations? The key is preventing failed nations, then there would be no migrant/illegal immigration insurgency.

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Algeria expels thousands of migrants in forced Sahara march

ASSAMAKA, Niger (AP) — From this isolated frontier post deep in the sands of the Sahara, the expelled migrants can be seen coming over the horizon by the hundreds. They look like specks in the distance, trudging miserably across some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain in the blistering sun.

They are the ones who made it out alive.

Here in the desert, Algeria has abandoned more than 13,000 people in the past 14 months, including pregnant women and children, stranding them without food or water and forcing them to walk, sometimes at gunpoint, under temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit).

In Niger, where the majority head, the lucky ones limp across a desolate 15-kilometer (9-mile) no-man’s-land to Assamaka, less a town than a collection of unsteady buildings sinking into drifts of sand. Others, disoriented and dehydrated, wander for days before a U.N. rescue squad can find them. Untold numbers perish along the way; nearly all the more than two dozen survivors interviewed by The Associated Press told of people in their groups who simply could not go on and vanished into the Sahara.

“Women were lying dead, men….. Other people got missing in the desert because they didn’t know the way,” said Janet Kamara, who was pregnant at the time. “Everybody was just on their own.”

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Occupy ICE In Portland Shuts Down ICE Office, Spreads To Other Cities

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Portland, OR looks like it’s turning into a smaller version of San Francisco these days. Keeping Portland weird are a bunch of aging hippies, radicals and leftists who are supporting Occupy ICE. They are protesting President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy and Occupy ICE is now spreading to other cities. This started in Portland Friday with about 40 tents and 100-150 people obstructing all entrances and exits. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has refused Portland police action against protesters and the ICE office closed temporarily. A team of Department of Homeland Security officers from the Federal Protective Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) entered the ICE federal building in Southwest Portland Monday morning to secure government property.

The occupiers say that they won’t leave until the Trump administration revokes its “zero tolerance” immigration policy. President Trump has reunited the few children on the border who actually have parents with them and he is not about to revoke his policy. In fact, Trump wants to forego the courts and adjudication altogether now and just immediately put these people on a bus or flight and send them back where they came from. I’m good with that. The left is howling over it.

Since Saturday, the number of protesters is growing substantially. They are blocking the entrance to the facility and shouting at drivers as they pass by, as well as blocking the road. And then there’s the moronic chanting and lame signs that go with all of this. They are heckling ICE employees and harassing them. These people are ill-informed and brainwashed by Marxists. Oh, and despite the press saying they are peaceful, they aren’t. Just ask the U.S. Border Patrol agent who reportedly broke his ankle on Saturday while trying to protect an older woman as protesters in McAllen, Texas attempted to stop a bus transporting illegal immigrants from one detainment center to another.

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