Trump’s Visit to London Predicts Confrontations

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

U.S. Embassy Alert

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has a Brexit government that is slowly imploding.

Theresa May insisted Tuesday that her plan to retain close ties with the European Union “absolutely keeps faith” with voters’ decision to leave the bloc, as she tried to restore government unity after the resignations of two top ministers over Brexit.

May has spent the past few days fighting for her political life as first Brexit Secretary David Davis and then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quit, saying May’s plans for future relations with the European Union did not live up to their idea of Brexit. On Tuesday, two more lawmakers followed them out the door. More here.

President Trump is about to visit a real hornet’s nest.

Demonstration Alert – U. S. Embassy United Kingdom – July 10, 2018

Location: London

Event: Numerous demonstrations are being planned for July 12 to 14, 2018, surrounding the visit of the President of the United States to the United Kingdom. The majority of the demonstrations will be focused in central London on July 13, with other events planned for July 12 and 14. Several of the events are expected to attract large crowds and there will be road closures in connection with those events.

Actions to Take:

• Be aware of your surroundings.
• Exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent.
• Keep a low profile.
• Monitor local media for updates.
• View updates from UK police at met.police.uk and follow @MetPoliceEvents and @MetPoliceUK for guidance.


• U.S. Embassy London, United Kingdom
+(44) (0) 207-499-9000
 [email protected]
• State Department – Consular Affairs
888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, also tweeted that his city is a city of openness, tolerance, diversity and English breakfasts aren’t bad either. We ask our American friends what living in London was like for them.

UPI: A large blimp portraying U.S. President Donald Trump as a baby will fly over London during his upcoming visit to Britain.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Greater London Authority approved a request for the blimp’s flight after thousands signed a petition and a crowdfunding campaign raised more than $20,000 to fly the balloon, Britain’s Sky News reported.

The nearly 20-foot tall inflatable blimp depicts an orange baby, meant to represent Trump, with “a malevolent face and tiny hands,” Trump Baby U.K. said on its crowdfunding page.

“Trump Baby can become a permanent feature of this dreadful Presidency, a constant, unmissable reminder of the contempt with which this embarrassment of a man is held by everyone outside of his deranged, bigoted base,” the group said.

Khan’s office indicated the group would ground its balloon in Parliament Square Garden, near Big Ben and Westminster Palace.

“The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms,” Khan’s office said in a statement.

Trump Baby U.K. said it wanted to make sure the blimp would look down on Trump while he visits Britain later this month.

The blimp will fly on July 13 between 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. local time amid a “Stop Trump” march in London, the Evening Standard reported.

Trump is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II during his visit.

Perhaps we can begin to blame the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. He approved a ‘Trump baby protest blimp’. There is even a Twitter account for the blimp.


Indivisible vs. Trump, Immigration and Kavanaugh

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Ever wonder where all these protests come from and how they are coordinated? Check this out.

Directly after President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court nominee, there were protests on 1st Street in front of the Supreme Court.

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The organization issues call scripts for each issue, including Obamacare, immigration, civil rights, education, EPA and how to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Grassroots at its best, designed by Obama and his sidekick, Valerie Jarrett.

This operation is located in Washington, DC, with chapters in major cities and closely partnered with Act Blue.

This is not a new thing by the way, as it seems media did some reporting on it in 2017. In fact, you can click here and scroll down to see some interesting names that are part of this movement. Don’t forget those like Jennifer Palmeri as she is in this too. Soros money? Oh yes of course, all part of the resist and rebuild agenda.

Pushing the influence for many years, check out the background, the people, the money.

Meanwhile, the foot soldiers get training, perhaps as much as 6 weeks.  There have been summits like this one in 2017. The leadership of this operation includes:

lndivar Dutta-Gupta

Leah Greenberg

Ezra Levin

David Slifka

Meighan Stone, is Director of the Malala Fund. She served previously as Vice President of Communications and Special Projects at World Food Program USA and as president of the Developing Group, supporting the Global Partnership for Education’s 2011 $1.5 billion Replenishment Conference. Meighan has lead special projects in conjunction with the Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, 2010 FIFA World Cup and at UN and G8 summits globally. At Bono’s ONE Campaign, she was communications director and then director of Special Projects, part of the team that helped build the organization in its early years. Meighan has also served as a Congressional Fellow, media consultant for the World Economic Forum and worked on HIV/AIDS projects in the office of President Clinton. A former campaign press secretary, Meighan has also worked on the Democratic National Convention and Inauguration of President Obama. She is a member of the Board for both Pencils of Promise and Good Labs.

Angel Padilla is the policy director for The Indivisible Project. He has also served as the Health Policy Analyst for the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), an immigration policy consultant at National Council of La Raza and a legislative assistant for Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), advising on issues related to healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, among others. Mr. Padilla also has interned with the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council and the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s degree from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Maria Urbina, is the VP of Politics and National Campaigns at Voto Latino where she is charged with developing a voter engagement strategy, running multiple national campaigns and heading up the political and communications department of Voto Latino. Before joining Voto Latino, Maria served as the senior advisor for Hispanic and Asian Affairs in the office of Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). In this role, Maria advised Senator Reid on policy, political strategy and outreach affecting Latino and Asian American communities in Nevada and across the country. Maria also worked with influential Latino and Asian American groups to elevate their advocacy within the Democratic Caucus of the U.S. Senate. Prior to joining Senator Reid’s senior staff, Maria served as his legislative correspondence manager and immigration legislative aide. In addition to her Senate work, Maria has worked on Latino political outreach in several key campaigns, including for Senator Reid in 2010, President Obama in 2012 and Senator Mark Udall in 2014. Maria was raised in Carson City, Nevada and is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where she majored in political science and journalism. Maria is a proud alumnus of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Fellowship program and American University’s Women & Politics Institute Leadership Training Program for young women in politics.


Here’s the quick-and-dirty summary of this document. While this page summarizes top-level takeaways, the full document describes how to actually carry out these activities.

Chapter One

Grassroots Advocacy

How grassroots advocacy worked to stop President Obama. We examine lessons from the Tea Party’s rise and recommend two key strategic components:

  1. A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress (MoCs).
  2. A defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

Chapter Two

Your Member of Congress

How your MoC thinks — reelection, reelection, reelection — and how to use that to save democracy. MoCs want their constituents to think well of them, and they want good, local press. They hate surprises, wasted time, and most of all, bad press that makes them look weak, unlikable, and vulnerable. You will use these interests to make them listen and act.

Chapter Three

Organize Locally

Identify or organize your local group. Is there an existing local group or network you can join? Or do you need to start your own? We suggest steps to help mobilize your fellow constituents locally and start organizing for action.

Chapter four

Advocacy Tactics

Four local advocacy tactics that actually work. Most of you have three MoCs — two Senators and one Representative. Whether you like it or not, they are your voices in Washington. Your job is to make sure they are, in fact, speaking for you. We’ve identified four key opportunity areas that just a handful of local constituents can use to great effect. Always record encounters on video, prepare questions ahead of time, coordinate with your group, and report back to local media:

  • Town halls. MoCs regularly hold public in-district events to show that they are listening to constituents. Make them listen to you, and report out when they don’t.
  • Other local public events. MoCs love cutting ribbons and kissing babies back home. Don’t let them get photo-ops without questions about racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.
  • District office visits. Every MoC has one or several district offices. Go there. Demand a meeting with the MoC. Report to the world if they refuse to listen.
  • Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.


‘I Felt Threatened’: Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Flees Supreme Court As Leftist Mob Grew ‘Volatile’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream was all set last night to go live from the steps of the Supreme Court as President Trump nominated Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the replacement for Justice Kennedy, who is retiring from SCOTUS. However, things took a threatening turn as she was in front of the iconic building. Hundreds of liberals protesting the nomination were looking to get their violence on and Bream had enough sense to get out of there. “Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile,” Bream wrote on Twitter just minutes after Trump’s announcement in the White House. “Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.”

Bream followed that with a second Tweet that left no doubt about the precarious nature of her safety, “Literally had to bail on our live show from #SCOTUS. Moving the show back to the safety of the studio. See y’all at 11p.” The left has been harassing and threatening everyone on the right. Some are serious death threats and it doesn’t take much to make a mob turn violent. We’ve seen White House officials harassed in restaurants and senators and Trump supporters have been hassled and threatened as well, both verbally and physically. Leaders of “The Resistance” movement, like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), have called for more harassment of anyone who supports Trump.

Bream spoke of the scene at the Supreme Court on her broadcast last night, “Last year, there were certainly protesters out there and there was definitely opposition to justice [Neil] Gorsuch upon his name being announced that night. Tonight, we saw something different. We did have a plan to have our show out their live. It got so volatile at points that we — we ultimately didn’t feel like it would be safe to do an hour of live television out there,” she said. And that is the state of America currently.

In Bream’s interview with Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse in the A-Block, Sasse said that the interview was supposed to have taken place at the Court, but “it was a little loud out there” and Bream added that “it got a little too rowdy out there at the Court tonight.” Buckle up kiddos… this is just the beginning. The left is going to go full-blown moonbat crazy on this one.

“Last year, there were certainly protesters out there and there was definitely opposition to justice Gorsuch upon his name being announced that night. Tonight, we saw something different. We did have a plan to have our show out their live. It got so volatile at points that we — we ultimately didn’t feel like it would be safe to do an hour of live television out there,” Bream explained. I don’t blame her for scuttling it. When things are going to skew bad, you can usually feel it. Bream told panelists at the end of one segment that “[t]here’s definitely no kumbaya happening out there on the steps, but there is here tonight” while stating in another to Tony Perkins that there were “folks out there on the steps of the Supreme Court” that aren’t fans of him.

There were no reports of arrests from the demonstrations Monday night. Protesters were seen carrying purple signs reading “Protect Roe,” a reference to the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling protecting a woman’s right to an abortion. Others shouted, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Kavanaugh has got to go.” But that doesn’t mean a whiff of violence wasn’t in the air. Ask those in communist or Middle Eastern countries… they can tell you that you can just feel it before things go sideways. Bream listened to her gut and given how things are out there these days, that could save your life.

Joining the hundreds of protesters on the steps of the Supreme Court were several senators, including Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ). You know, the usual Marxist troublemakers. “Are you ready for a fight? Are you ready to defend Roe vs. Wade?” Sanders said to the crowd. “This is a tough fight but it is a fight that we can win… We have the American people on our side, now we have to go state by state by state to make sure senators do what their constituents want.” Boleshevik Bernie is lying again. The American people are not on their side. Not even close.

“It’s very deadly serious that Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block,” said Sam Goldman, 31, a national organizer for Refuse Fascism, which coordinated a Philadelphia demonstration. That group is in itself fascist. Seven people were arrested in New York City following the president’s announcement after protesters blocked traffic outside of Trump Tower, according to the New York Post. Among those was City Councilman Jumaane Williams, a Democrat who is running for lieutenant governor.

Podcaster Lyndsey Fifield claimed on Twitter that “white men” were screaming at Bream, calling her a “blonde bimbo.” After Bream left the scene, the Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson reported seeing Fox News crew members being “verbally harassed” by protesters as they broke down their equipment.

All of this is spiraling out of control and someone is going to do something that really sets it all off on the left. When you mix politicians, radicals and communists, it’s only a matter of time before it explodes figuratively or literally.




By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

The Hammonds

President Trump pardoned ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, a father and son who were effectively political prisoners under the behemoth, politicized Bureau of Land Management.

A refresher:

There is an incredibly sick affront to justice happening right now, under all of our noses. A father and son, Dwight and Steven Hammond, continue to sit in prison as victims of a massive federal bureaucracy that has been hounding the family, as well as other ranching families, for decades. The Hammond family happens to own property desired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and have been pressured for decades to sell their land to the federal government following in the footsteps of their neighbors, who all eventually gave in.

After numerous legal battles ostensibly designed to beat the family into submission, the ranchers were charged with arson under the “Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996” years after setting two fires that spread to “public” lands in 2001 (spread onto 139 acres of vacant land – which ultimately improved the land) and 2006, an emergency backfire set in order to protect their property in 2006 during a lightening storm which spread and burned an acre of adjoining “public” land.

According to a website dedicated to preparedness:

Backfiring is a way of reducing the amount of flammable material by starting small fires along a manmade or natural firebreak in front of the main fire. These small fires are started on the side of the firebreak closest to the oncoming fire. These small fires are designed to ‘burn back towards the main fire front’ and are usually burning and traveling against ground level winds. This widens the firebreak and helps to suppress the main fire by removing the fuel.

With this in mind, consider recent news stories where controlled fires set by the government ended up spreading to other areas:

Press Release from Representative Greg Walden:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) today released the following statement applauding the pardon of Dwight and Steven Hammond:

“Today is a win for justice, and an acknowledgement of our unique way of life in the high desert, rural West. I applaud President Trump for thoroughly reviewing the facts of this case, rightly determining the Hammonds were treated unfairly, and taking action to correct this injustice.

“For far too long, Dwight and Steven Hammond have been serving a mandatory minimum sentence that was established for terrorists. This is something that would ‘shock the conscience,’ according to Federal Judge Michael Hogan, who presided over the case and used his discretion in sentencing which later was reversed. As ranchers across eastern Oregon frequently tell me, the Hammonds didn’t deserve a five year sentence for using fire as a management tool, something the federal government does all the time.

“Moving forward, I’m encouraging the House Judiciary Committee to act on my legislation to prevent this situation from happening to other ranchers. H.R. 983 would ensure farmers and ranchers are not prosecuted as terrorists for using fire for range-management purposes.

“For now, though, I am pleased that Dwight and Steven Hammond will return to their families and ranches in Harney County. I look forward to welcoming them back home to eastern Oregon.”