The Strzok Hearing Shows How Deeply Corrupt DC Has Become – Defiance And Chaos Rule The Floor

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I watched parts of the Strzok hearing today and it ticked me off. I was so angry, I couldn’t even write on it. I’ve calmed down a bit now and I wanted to give you an update on today’s treasonous activities. The Democrats actually applauded Strzok’s obstruction today.

The first thing I saw this morning after Denise Simon kindly pointed it out, was Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) highlighting the number of guilty pleas and indictments secured by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. As he spoke, Democratic staffers then held up five large posters showing the three Trump campaign officials – including Michael Flynn and Rick Gates – and two campaign associates who have pleaded guilty to charges in the special counsel’s probe. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) interrupted Cummings and questioned if the posters were appropriate. But unfortunately, the Republicans could not cite a rule disallowing the disgraceful display, so it was allowed.

Many Democrats like House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) went on rants against President Trump. They wanted their fifteen minutes of infamy. It was pathetic. So much for decorum on the floor. There was none of that today and frankly, it should have been stopped by Goodlatte.

Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert was the first to really tear into Strzok and he did so over his affair with FBI counsel Lisa Page. Gohmert said he believed Strzok was a liar, which I consider an astute observation, because he is. “I watched you in the private testimony you gave and I told some of the other guys, ‘he is really good, he’s lying, he know, we know he’s lying and he can probably pass the polygraph.’” Strzok has failed a polygraph before as I understand it and it did not cost him his position at the FBI. He also got to decide which emails and texts he would turn over for this investigation and that should never have been allowed.

Gohmert got into a shouting match with Democrats and he let it be known he was having none of it. Good for him. “The disgrace is what this man has done to our justice system!” Gohmert stated. “It won’t be recaptured any time soon because of the damages that you have done to the justices and I have talked to FBI around the country, you have embarrassed them, you have embarrassed yourself and I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes and lie to her about Lisa Page?” Democrats erupted in the chamber shouting “shame” and “harassment.” One female Democratic member on the judiciary committee yelled into her microphone at Gohmert during the rant: “You need your medication.” Exactly why did Goodlatte let that go by? Someone should ask the FBI if they condone affairs among agents.

As for Strzok, I have never seen a more arrogant, condescending, lying bastard. He admitted to Congress today that he “detested” Donald Trump and was rooting for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. Well, duh. “You were both rooting for Hillary Clinton to win and you both detested Donald Trump, were you not?” Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot asked Strzok during the joint congressional hearing. “I think that’s fair to say,” said Strzok. He’s not afraid to admit his bias because he doesn’t think he will face any consequences over all of this. And it wasn’t mentioned that he was actually plotting a coup against President Trump.

Rep. Trey Gowdy gets the prize though for actually having a spine on the floor and slapping Strzok over his actions. I thoroughly enjoyed Gohmert, Gowdy and Jordan nailing the asshat. Gowdy told Strzok that he doesn’t “give a damn” what Strzok appreciated or wanted. Good for him and the rest of us don’t either.

Here’s the full context of one of the most heated exchanges between Gowdy and Strzok:

Gowdy questioned Strzok on why specifically he was let go from the Mueller investigation.

“How long did you talk to him when he let you go?” Gowdy asked.

“My recollection it was a short meeting, somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes, probably around 15 minutes,” Strzok said.

“And your testimony is: Bob Mueller did not kick you off because of the content of your texts; he kicked out you off because of some appearance he was worried about,” Gowdy said.

“My testimony — what you asked and what I responded to — is that he kicked me off because of my bias,” Strzok responded. “I’m stating to you it is not my understanding that he kicked me off because of any bias — that it was done based on the appearance. If you want to represent what you said accurately I’m happy to answer that question, but I don’t appreciate what was originally said being changed.”

“I don’t give a damn what you appreciate Agent Strzok,” Gowdy shot back.

“I don’t appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations during 2016.”

Strzok answered some questions using the FBI as a defense. He said he was not allowed to answer them which is bull crap and everyone knows it. He did testify that former FBI Director James Comey directed him to focus his time and resources on the Russian election interference investigation over Hillary Clinton’s use of classified information.

Strzok did get into it with Goodlatte when he would not answer questions and at one point it looked like he might be held in contempt. Too bad that did not happen. The Daily Caller did tremendous reporting on this today… here is some of that exchange:

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte threatened Strzok with criminal liability if he refused to answer a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy, as Strzok insisted that FBI lawyers counseled him not to answer any questions about ongoing investigations.

“Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question,” Goodlatte asserted.

Ranking Member Nadler interrupted Goodlatte with a point of order and defended Strzok from having to answer the committee’s questions, but Goodlatte shot back, “the point of order is not well taken.”

“Mr. Strzok, you have not stated a valid legal basis for not responding to a question directed to you by the United States House of Representatives,” Goodlatte said. “Either comply with the committee’s directive or refuse to do so, the latter of which will place you at risk of a contempt citation and potential criminal liability.”

Nadler tried to appeal Goodlatte’s ruling that Strzok has to answer the committee’s questions, and eventually Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and David Cicilline interrupted the hearing as well.

“Mr. Chairman is it not appropriate to also interject the attorney client privilege which cannot be overridden?” Jackson Lee declared, citing the FBI counseling Strzok not to answer questions.

“The gentleman will suspend!” Goodlatte responded angrily.

“Point of parliamentary inquiry!” Cicilline shouted out as Goodlatte finally tried to allow Gowdy to finish his questioning.

The hearing continued in chaos as Democrats continued to ask for points of order and Goodlatte struggled to retain order.

Strzok refused to answer House Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan regarding which individuals gave the FBI three copies of the Trump dossier, claiming the FBI will not allow him to divulge his sources. Jordan was tireless in going after him. Again, the Daily Caller laid out the exchange and you can find that here.

I was disgusted by this spectacle today. It left me wondering if we are indeed headed for a civil war. The Democrats don’t want justice. They hate Trump and want him gone so they can be in power. That’s the attitude of dictators, fascists, Marxists, communists and totalitarians throughout history. Every Democrat that applauded Strzok, held up signs, interrupted the proceedings or was out of order should have been booted from that hearing. Strzok should have been held in contempt. Now that Lisa Page has heard his testimony, she will testify tomorrow in private. This is not justice… this is theater and it looks like it may turn violent. If we don’t stand up for our rights and to communists like this during hearings, we could lose all the freedoms we have fought for and fast. Today was a lesson in how not to battle your enemy on the floor.


Conservative Campaign Committee Launches Operation Montana

By: Lloyd Marcus

If I sound a bit punchy, it is because my wife Mary and I got to the hotel late after flying into Montana. We’re here to work with the Conservative Campaign Committee team to help Republican Matt Rosendale defeat the Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat.

I awoke early this morning because my body is still on east coast time. A CCC team member texted to inform me that the hotel’s breakfast buffet has gluten free bread. I’ve had issues with blood sugar. I’ve stopped eating bread because someone turned me on to a great bread substitute made with Almond flour; Keto bread – 90 seconds in the microwave.

But I digress. I turned on the TV in my hotel room and stomached watching CNN. It was truly amazing folks. Those people at CNN are pit-bull-grip committed to furthering the American left’s open-borders agenda and portraying Trump as a buffoon while questioning his sanity. CNN talking heads are boldly saying things about Trump that would be career-ending had they been said about Obama. The same way Black Lives Matter has declared it “open season” https://bit.ly/2Ic0bCx on killing white people and cops, the American left and fake news media have declared it open season on ending Trump’s presidency by whatever means necessary. This is pretty scary and evil folks.

Astonishingly, every report on CNN was either furthering the lie that Trump schemed with Putin to steal the election from Hillary; Trump should be indicted after he leaves office or denying illegals the same rights as U.S. citizens is racist. Will or has CNN reached its jump-the-shark-moment regarding its deranged and hateful relentless misreporting about Trump? Interestingly, a black relative of mine who does not follow politics told me. “I don’t know the details, but I know the media is lying about this separating children from parents stuff.” That statement was encouraging. Perhaps people are beginning to realize the 24/7 anti-Trump reporting is untrue.

Americans are optimistic and pretty content with Trump and his remarkably swift steps towards making America great again. He has the second highest approval rating in his party since WWII. https://bit.ly/2uphWJ Due to Trump’s economy, 3.7 million jobs have been created. Americans are back to work; 601,000 more Americans entered the labor force. The June jobs report was better than forecasted, adding 213,000 jobs. https://bit.ly/2LaQ6bo Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all time low. https://washex.am/2rkgpDW

CNN talking-head leftist operatives are relentlessly repeating and selling the absurd narrative that denying illegals the same rights as U.S. citizens is racist and a human rights issue. Are these people crazy? Imagine someone invading your home and demanding the same rights as your children.

Here is what I mean when I say Mary and I are working with the Conservative Campaign Committee in Montana to help Republican Matt Rosendale win the Senate seat. In essence, CCC rides into town on white horses to work independently supporting our candidates. While using all the modern techniques, producing signs and bumper stickers, social media and so on, our team still employees old-school, boots-on-the-ground, leave-no-vote-left-behind campaigning. We run as many radio and TV ads as funding permits.

Our Miss Lulu heads our Phone-from-Home initiative to get out the vote. To volunteer, email Miss Lulu: [email protected]

I do radio and TV interviews in support of our candidate. We send teams to various high-traffic street corners to wave signs for our candidates. Do not think live people standing on streets corners enthusiastically waving signs does not make a difference. It does. It could mean the deciding vote for our candidate. I heard about a candidate in Maryland winning by 9 votes.

We must keep the GOP in control of congress to stop CNN, the American left and the deep state from preventing Trump continuing to make America great again.

Democrats have become so desperate about taking back congress to impeach Trump that they are actually calling for domestic terrorism. Crazy Maxine Waters is encouraging leftists to physically attack Republicans, Trump voters and anyone caught disagreeing with their open-borders agenda. https://bit.ly/2mbL6Iq

I would like to host a national bus tour to tout Trump’s incredible achievements for We the People and drive-home the importance of voting in the swiftly approaching midterm elections. Finding funding for such a tour has been challenging. I can be reached at: [email protected]

If you see me on a Montana street corner waving a “Vote Matt Rosendale” sign, please honk!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


Trade Induced Selloff

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Many times I have commented about the narrowness of the markets citing the WSJ, Barons, etc. All know the statistics. The entire 2018 gain in the S & P 500 is the result of 4 stocks, one of which is up about 48% YTD and is now the third largest company in the S & P 500, representing about 38% of index’s 2018 gain. Another is up about 112% and about 18% of the S & P 500 return.

Yesterday, PIMCO commented about this narrowness. Writing today that it is the most crowded trade in at least a generation, perhaps in history. PIMCO further writes the market is in a more difficult situation than most believe because of this narrowness and there is a distinct probability an event will shatter the illusion of liquidity (and safety) in the markets.

This narrowness is gaining momentum because of market mechanics that focus upon size, speed and cost of execution. It is a massive snowball gaining momentum, completely out of control, inferring perhaps nothing can stop it until it comes to a climatic end.

These remarks are similar to those that have been made by other bulge bracket firms, but what I found interesting is that PIMCO used NFLX as an example.

NFLX is up about 112% YTD, following a 55% gain in 2017 and is the twenty-fifth largest member of the S & P. It is one of the four companies that comprise the S & P’s 2018 YTD gains.

PIMCO writes NFLX is trading at 7x EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). It is $6 billion in debt, $5.5 billion of which was raised during the past five years, spending $4 billion of this amount. It is not expected to be “cash flow positive” for at least another five years.

Generically speaking, companies trading with such metrics are viewed as firms in “financial distress” and are possible candidates for restructuring if performas’ are not met.


Many times I have commented the markets are devoid of macroeconomic, geopolitical and security analysis. Approximately 90% of investing decisions are made by using momentum as the primary indicator, defined as algorithmic and passive/indexing strategies.

As PIMCO writes, there is a strong probability that today will end, but the question is when and how much carnage will ensue.

I find that poor performance of “quant funds,” or funds that slice and dice equities based on traits like profitability and price volatility as compared to the rest of the market, are thus experiencing their worst year in eight years. They are vastly underperforming in the markets posting near double digit losses. This trade is popular and is/was viewed as a conservative strategy. As inferred, it is a crowded trade and when trends change, buyers can be sparse.

Pivoting to inflation, the PPI rose by the greatest amount since November 2011, exceeding expectations. The data suggests that inflationary pressures are becoming more embedded at the producer level, but the question at hand is whether or not these increased costs can be passed onto the consumer. If they can’t, margins can suffer. If they can, monetary policy assumptions may be yet again questioned.

Today’s CPI data can offer some insight into this question.

Commenting about yesterday’s market activity, equities declined moderately amid renewed tensions over trade and geopolitics. Oil fell the most in two years even though inventories fell by the greatest amount since September 2016 and overall inventories are at levels last experienced in February 2015. Trade woes were blamed for the selloff in crude.

What will happen today?

Last night the foreign markets were up. London was up 0.79%, Paris was up 0.80% and Frankfurt was up 0.61%. China was up 2.16%, Japan was up 1.17% and Hang Sang was up 0.60%.

The Dow should open moderately higher on a subtle shift in Chinese trade attitude to one of possible compromise. Oil is rebounding as the IEA stated output in OPEC is stretched to the limit and may have difficulty in supplying losses elsewhere in the group. The 10-year is off 4/32 to yield 2.87%.


Fundraiser July 16th – Catherine Engelbrecht and Rick Green, Support Patrick Colbeck for Governor of Michigan

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Catherine Engelbrecht and Rick Green Join Patrick Colbeck

Catherine Engelbrecht is the Founder and President for the True the Vote, a conservative vote-monitoring organization based in Houston, Texas whose stated objective is stopping voter fraud.

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Philip Haney, an author, speaker, counter-terrorism specialist and founding member of the Department of Homeland Security.  Very important read from Philip: See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad

Trevor Loudon, an author, filmmaker and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. Very important read, one of many from Trevor: The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

Why Patrick Colbeck is Michigan’s greatest hope for sovereignty?

Because he is strong on Constitutional values, has the background needed to manage a state, and because he is NOT afraid to address the national security of his state!   He is a proven leader, no matter what names he is called!  Unafraid, strong in the face of adversity, and willing to take on very difficult issues!  Another good read from Patrick: Wrestling Gators: An Outsider’s Guide to Draining the Swamp

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