Trump/Pompeo Mission Against Iran Regime Working

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Iran’s currency hit a new record low on Sunday, dropping past 100,000 rials to the U.S. dollar as Iranians brace for Aug. 7 when Washington is due to reimpose a first lot of economic sanctions.

The rial has lost about half of its value since April because of a weak economy, financial difficulties at local banks and heavy demand for dollars among Iranians who fear the effects of sanctions.

The central bank blamed “enemies” for the fall of the currency and a rapid rise in the prices of gold coins and the judiciary said 29 people had been arrested on charges that carry the death penalty.

On Aug. 7, Washington will reimpose sanctions on Iran’s purchase of U.S. dollars, its trade in gold and precious metals and its dealings with metals, coal and industrial-related software.

Sanctions also will be reapplied to U.S. imports of Iranian carpets and foodstuffs and on certain related financial transactions.

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Asia Pivot/Latin America Failure, China Owns L.A.

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Remember just a few weeks ago when President Trump announced a new ‘space command‘?

The House Armed Services Committee has a fiscal item in the 2018 NDAA for something called ‘Management and Organization of Space Programs’. The Air Force is not too happy. Redundancy maybe or no?

Air Force Space Command, activated Sept. 1, 1982, is a major command with headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. AFSPC provides military focused space capabilities with a global perspective to the joint warfighting team.


AFSPC’s mission is to provide resilient, defendable and affordable space capabilities for the Air Force, Joint Force and the Nation.

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Here’s What It’s Like For A Trump Supporter To Be A ‘Commie Camp’ Counselor

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

When I was a kid, it was cool to go to a summer camp and fun. You went to be with your friends, to swim, hike, fish, canoe and roast marshmallows. Politics never entered into it… we didn’t even know what that was. The counselors tended to be teenagers looking for extra money and a fun time. My, how things have changed it would seem and not for the better. This is the sort of thing you expect from the Nazi Party, but you don’t expect it in America.

Gabriella Mamet is a 20 year-old Trump supporter from Tolland, Massachusetts. She wound up quitting her gig as a counselor at a summer camp known as “Commie Camp,” she told The Daily Caller News Foundation. She resigned after suffering through nearly a month of Trump-bashing, Black Lives Matter chants and hostility from campers. Progressive film director Katie Halper nicknamed Camp Kinderland ‘Commie Camp’ in a 2013 documentary.

“They didn’t really mention how political of a camp it was in the phone interview or anything,” Mamet told TheDCNF. “I went on their website and I thought it was pretty much a normal camp and when I got there during orientation it was kind of surprising at how political it was.” She worked at ‘Commie Camp’ from the June 28th orientation until she quit on July 22nd. Gabriella was assigned 14 and 15 year-old campers. She was bombarded with questions on her political stances on issues, but did not feel comfortable or safe sharing them with the kids. Let me ask you something… when you were 14 or 15, did you ever even consider politics? I sure as heck didn’t. That’s how politicized our culture has become in America and it is sick and destructive, not to mention dangerous.

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On Immigration: A Simple Question That Stops The Conversation

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Future Democrats riding on “La Bestia”

The practice of “catch and release” amounts to “open borders.” According the White House, “only 3.5 percent of UACs [unauthorized alien children] who are apprehended are eventually removed from the U.S.” For leftists, there is evidently no longer a difference between “legal” and “illegal” immigration. That is why the simple question is impossible for so-called immigration activists to answer honestly without betraying their open borders ideal: “Do you distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?”

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Andrew Hoberek  and Jeffrey Insko are both university professors that will not answer the simple question: “Do you distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?” Not to pick on these particular leftist academics, as one will find that anyone who bashes America’s immigration policy quite literally will refuse to answer this question.

The question leaves them in quite a conundrum. If they say that there IS a difference, then they are obliged to agree with America’s immigration policies, which they have been deriding as racist, xenophobic, etc. But if they say that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration, they are exposed for being for completely open borders. Even if they are not for completely open borders, they would be vulnerable to attack by fellow open borders leftists and could even be called *gasp* racist or xenophobic by their associates.

In academia and in the mainstream media, the fall from grace is far and swift. The left is bound by their own impossible rules.

Try asking this question to “immigration” activists on Twitter. The answer is always (always!) either A.) Silence or B.) Obfuscation. Case in point. Jeffrey Insko is an “Associate Professor & Coordinator of American Studies” according to his biography at Michigan’s Oakland University. The good professor evidently agrees with fellow comrade and (of course) English Professor Andrew Hoberek of the University of Missouri that America’s current immigration policy includes “concentration camps where children are sexually abused.”

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‘Ultimate Form Of Civilization Jihad’ Planned For This Michigan City

By: by Leo Hohmann | The United West

Iraqi Christian refugees on edge following earlier mosque battle that divided community.

Former Lutheran church and pastor’s residence slated for conversion to mosque, causing a stir among Chaldean Christians in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

With wounds still fresh from a divisive plan to build a massive mosque in a residential area of Sterling Heights, Michigan, a group of Pakistanis are moving forward with plans for another project, and this one involves the conversion of a church into a house of Islamic worship.

The group held an “open house” last weekend at the former St. Mark Lutheran Church on 16 ½ Mile Road in Sterling Heights. But a group of Christians who attended said it was unlike any open house they’d experienced.

A Realtor was present, along with several Pakistani men dressed in traditional Islamic robes.

“They used the term ‘open house’ because they probably didn’t know what else to call it,” said a local woman who dropped in on the event Sunday. “But in retrospect I think they were looking for money. That was their plan, to show the property, explain what they were going to do with it and see if people would donate.”

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she lives just two miles from the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit in nearby Rochester Hills. Mosques in Oakland and Macomb counties tend to start out small and become very large, she said.

Sterling Heights is unique in that it is home to not only a growing Muslim community but one of the largest concentrations of Chaldean Catholic Christians in the U.S. These Christians fled persecution in Iraq. Word of the open house spread quickly among Chaldeans and other Christians when a flyer showing the targeted church started circulating in the area last week.

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REVEALED: Endless Examples of Twitter Bias

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Twitter’s bias reveals itself daily in a multitude of ways.

Despite denials from the New York Times, conservatives can see what is happening on social media with their own two eyes. Twitter is “shadow banning” credible and thoughtful conservatives who have taken to placing an “X” on their names to illustrate that they have been shadow-banned in some form or another. While at the same time, Twitter is propping up oftentimes obscure Socialists by verifying them.

Many conservatives have found – through an online tool called shadowban.eu – that they have what is referred to as a “Quality Filter Discrimination,” or “QFD” Ban. Respected intellectuals such as J. Michael Waller and Christopher C. Hull – both from the Center for Security Policy, a target of the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center – have been the target of the “QFD Ban.” This type of ban is reportedly a part of Twitter’s so-called healthy conversation project.

New York Times denies Twitter shadow banning “Republicans” (Screenshot)

The Twitter Bias is well known. A sure-fire indicator is what Twitter deems to be “trend-worthy.” Whenever something remotely political is trending, one can be sure that there will be a blatant narrative pushed. There are rarely any exceptions to this rule. If a conservative is trending, it can’t be good. Over time, this author has taken several screenshots documenting Twitter’s blatant bias.

Twitter Bias Exhibit A: When searching for “Trump” on Twitter, Vladimir Putin’s unverified Twitter account appears: Continue reading