Medium: The New Mouthpiece of the Hyper-Leftist

By: Frank Salvato

Not too long ago, a new “media” platform emerged on the Internet. Medium promised to be something of an equalizer for new media writers. Someone who took the art of communication seriously (but lacked the indoctrination certificate of the ideologically-bent journalism schools) would have the chance, if diligent, to make a reasonable amount of profit for their knowledge and efforts. But just like anything that shows even a modicum of promise where the information sphere is concerned, Medium has fallen to Progressives and Leftists.

A list of recent article titles says it all:

  • If You Think Socialism’s Unaffordable, You Don’t Understand Capitalism
  • The Quislings of the American Collapse
  • As QAnon Goes Mainstream, Trump’s Rallies Are Turning Darker
  • Fearing a Trump Return to Torture, Phycologists Keep Ban at Guantanamo
  • If You Want More Capitalism You Should Want More Socialism
  • Evangelicals, Catholics Attack LGBTQ Children
  • Selling the Idea of Empire to Americans
  • Can White Liberalism Save America
  • Protests Are Not Enough. The Trump Resistance Needs Money.
  • The Ethical Collapse at the End of Capitalism

It goes on and on for as far back as you care to stomach it.

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Conservative Artist Strikes Back… Multiplies President Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Fake Trump Walk of Fame stars pop up on Aug. 9 after the president’s real star was destroyed again.

I freaking love this! When my hubby showed this to me last night, I was thrilled to pieces over it. I immediately thought of Sabo and let’s just say he’s ‘involved’. As you know, President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been destroyed multiple times by unhinged, leftist moonbats. In fact, the city council there voted unanimously to remove Trump’s star, but the mayor says it will stay. Since he’s a Marxist Democrat, I’m not taking him at his word on that and evidently, I’m not alone.

One night this week, Trump’s star mysteriously multiplied all over the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thursday morning there were several dozen Trump stars. It appears that a team of rogue conservative artists laminated vinyl stars and placed them in blank squares on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Genius! That will drive the leftist Trump-haters nuts!!

Dressed in neon orange construction vests and hard-hat helmets, they placed vinyl stickers replicating Trump’s star around actual stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including the likes of late night host Jimmy Kimmel and actor/director Rob Reiner. LOL.

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