Go See Evan Sayet: September 2 Ventura Harbor Comedy Club

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

If you want some belly laughs, go check out my buddy Evan Sayet at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, this Sunday, September 2.

Evan’s a reformed liberal turned sane person, so he knows how the left thinks. You don’t have to be political to enjoy Evan’s show but it does help. Evan has been a comedy professional for most of his life – SNL etc. He wrote President Trump’s speech for the Al Smith dinner where candidate Trump roasted Hillary Clinton.

Hillary bumps into Trump in a stairwell.

“Pardon me,” says Hillary.

“I might,” says Trump.

Wow, he’s lost some weight. About time too!


People Hear What They Want To Hear And Disregard The Rest… People Talking Without Speaking… People Hearing Without Listening

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Who is the biggest disruptor? Is it the social media companies whose slogan is to “move fast and break things” or is it President Trump who is upsetting the world order? As noted many times, the electorate of western democracies is demanding a change from the status quo. Is President Trump just an extension of the social media mandate of breaking things and “doing no harm?”

Some might argue the president is doing harm but as already noted, the electorate feels as though they have already been harmed and want change.

Speaking of change, 30 years ago, the mantra in the investment business community was to find a company whose fundamentals are improving and whose ownership is lacking. Lessor owned value companies had greater odds of outsized gains.

Thirty years later, the mega-sized technology companies whose ownership and capitalization defies expectations and whose motto is about breaking things and doing no harm, are the ones most believed to be the pathways to riches. [Note: The ‘do no harm’ thing is suspect given the gazillion of businesses that failed because of an unleveled playing field, the result of regulatory fiat, an environment that is perhaps changing today.]

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