Was Nuclear Energy Sabotaged?

By: Joe Archer

The deep state is actively peddling the climate change narrative. But to say they are peddling is to ‘misrepresent’ the facts. The fact is they are enforcing the climate change narrative. And anytime someone enforces a narrative, it is appropriate to ask why. The end result of the climate narrative is greatly increased electricity costs, AKA Germany. With this said, I direct the reader’s attention to the topic of nuclear energy.

A conventional nuclear reactor (CNR) can only utilize 1% of the uranium mined to fuel it. Think about that for a second; 1%!!! This begs the question, was nuclear energy sabotaged, perhaps to protect the market value of fossil fuel resources? Who in their right mind would even consider building something so ridiculous, much less build an entire industry around it? It can be shown in simple terms that CNRs are one of if not the most dangerous and most expensive reactor design ever conceived and are the only reason the cost of nuclear-generated electricity is not 10 times cheaper. Currently, the world spends $4 trillion/yr on electricity. Extrapolated back to the dawn of the nuclear age, the case can be made that the sabotaging of nuclear reactor design has resulted in overcharging the public in excess of $100 trillion in today’s dollars.

To understand how this is, one need only look at what a reactor is, what the operational characteristics are for a CNR and what the characteristics of an Idealized Nuclear Reactor (INR) could be. A reactor is a volume of space where the loss of neutrons due to leakage or parasitic absorption in non-fuel atoms equals the excess production of neutrons due to the absorption of a neutron in a nuclear fuel atom. Aside from maintaining a reaction, a power reactor must also remove the heat generated in the reaction.

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