Twelve Questions for Fauxcahontas and Her Progressive Tribe – Part I of III

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal


Government agencies, workplaces and the media today are awash in “Diversity & Inclusion” (“D&I”).

Yet few have stopped to ask how we got to this state, why we’re here and, most importantly, where it is directing us.  Dear Reader, in this series was ask those questions, and more.

After reading this series you will experience a “paradigm shift” and will never look at D&I the same way again.

Why “twelve questions?”

By asking pertinent questions – even while knowing that fundamentally they will probably remain unanswered, by being ignored entirely, deflected by changing the subject, or spun with non-responsive answers – the “asking” often reveals more than would any “answers” received.  How can this be?

Because it tells us that the individual(s) avoiding direct responses have calculated that the negative implications of not responding  such as appearing to be evasive – are still preferable to giving forthright responses.  Which means that for them, the truth must be really, really bad.

This series, point blank, debunks the D&I agenda. By the time we’re done, its mask will be ripped off.

As we will see, it’s all a fraud that aims not only to increase discrimination, but also to make it a permanent fixture of our society … and more … and even worse.

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Weekly Featured Profile – Lydia Lowe


Lydia Lowe

Lydia Lowe is a Boston-based activist who works as co-director of the Chinese Progressive Association (Boston).

In the early 1980s, Lydia Lowe was a student at UMass Boston and active in the East Coast Asian Student Union/New England.

Lowe is a former member of two pro-Beijing Marxist-Leninist groups I Wor Kuen and the League of Revolutionary Struggle. When the League dissolved in 1990, Lowe joined its successor the Unity Organizing Committee, which largely worked inside the Democratic Party.

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