The Kavanaugh Kalculation

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

From the movie Animal House. Recall a time, before Progressivism and its political correctness, when we were permitted to account for things such as context (youth), common sense, and humor. There is some irony in the fact that this movie was released just a few years before the alleged incident.

Once upon a time, in a more rational America, we could laugh at  <ahem> the “inappropriate behavior” of youth.  But now, we’re thoroughly “progressivised” and humor is politically incorrect (as, increasingly, is common sense).

Such partially explains why for the past two weeks the Brett Kavanaugh nomination has ground to a halt over an accusatory letter that was held secure by Dianne Feinstein from last July until after the confirmation hearings (unlike the case with her Chinese-spy driver, apparently Senator Feinstein can maintain operational security when it’s important to her).

That letter – the public portion of which so far is as redacted as the FISA applications targeting President Trump – we are supposed to take as a serious indictment of a serious crime, disqualifying one for a seat on the Supreme Court.

That would be, if it occurred at all, the clumsy groping by a seventeen-year-old at a party where heavy drinking was involved – which according to the accuser’s (now purged from the Internet) high school yearbook was an activity in which (she?) and her peers were boastful and serial participants (see here and  here).  A detailed indictment of a hazy recollection from 36 years ago, bereft of the kinds of facts that one would think would be seared into the memory of one so traumatized, such as “when” and “where.”

At most, Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of behaving like a 17-year-old Kennedy or Clinton!

Animal House … or Brett Kavanaugh and Professor Ford nee Christine Blasey? Either way, NO WONDER her recollection is so hazy!!!

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