Andrew Gillum’s ‘Maoist’ Support Network

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

Andrew Gillum the Democratic candidate for Florida Governor, speaks during a campaign rally at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades on August 31, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s political career has been nurtured by one of the country’s most powerful socialists: San Francisco attorney Steve Phillips, a self-identified student of “Marx, Mao, and Lenin” who has worked closely with student radicals supportive of the Communist Party of China.

In fact, a group who has become a major force in Gillum’s campaign is also supportive of the communist leadership in China. In this same vein, Gillum also spent much of 2012 studying with a communist-led activist training school based in California.

Gillum, who is currently polling six points ahead of his conservative Republican opponent Ron DeSantis, could become Florida’s next governor.

Phillips is the power behind Gillum. Author of “Brown Is the New White,” Phillips has made it his mission to support progressive candidates of color for high office. This strategy, according to Phillips, will energize minority voters to vote, pushing hard-left candidates into positions of power.

Phillips has provided vast sums of money to Gillum, who shares his hard-left ideological perspective.

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The Maoist Ties of Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

Boston City Council member Ayanna Pressley (R) gestures at a rally attended by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez on Sept. 9, 2018, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Boston City Council member and activist Ayanna Pressley created nationwide shockwaves when she defeated long-time incumbent Mike Capuano by a convincing 17 points in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional District.

At least part of Pressley’s success can be traced to her long-time association with the Boston chapter of the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA-Boston), which is aligned with the Communist Party of China (CCP). The CPA-Boston endorsed and campaigned for Pressley.

The CPA-Boston—a major player in Boston politics—bills itself as part social services agency and part political advocacy organization. With a significant budget, a paid staff, and hundreds of volunteers, CPA-Boston can and does, significantly influence elections across the city.

Like its San Francisco counterpart, CPA-Boston originated in the Maoist movement that swept Chinese-American student and youth groups in the late 1960s and early 1970s. CPA-Boston founders were mainly members of I Wor Kuen (IWK), a pro-Chinese regime group centered in the Chinatowns of San Francisco and New York.

In 1978, IWK merged into the League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS), a multi-racial Marxist-Leninist organization. The LRS peaked at 3,000 members centered in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Mexico, Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Hawaii.

In 1990, the LRS split into two factions: the smaller Socialist Organization Network, which adhered to traditional Maoism, and the majority Unity Organizing Committee (UOC) group, which headed into the Democratic Party, taking most of their Asian comrades with it.

Later, members of both groups re-coalesced into the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), which is now the United States’ leading Maoist-leaning communist grouping.

CPA-Boston is effectively now an FRSO front organization.

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The Return of the Rockefeller Republicans

By: Cliff Kincaid

One of the last remaining representatives of the old Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, liberal Never-Trump Republican Senator Susan Collins, made history by casting the deciding vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh after getting assurances that he would vote to preserve the pro-abortion ruling Roe v. Wade. The recipient of a Planned Parenthood award, Collins gave Kavanaugh his crucial 50th vote, confirming him as a Justice on the Supreme Court, after calling him a “centrist,” not a conservative.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, who ended up opposing Kavanaugh, nevertheless declared, “I do not think that Judge Kavanaugh will be a vote to overturn Roe V. Wade.”

But wait: haven’t we been told, over and over again, that Kavanaugh’s ascension to the court means there is now a conservative majority? Hasn’t Fox News told us repeatedly that he is a “conservative” or “very conservative” judge? Didn’t President Trump promise justices to overturn Roe?

Welcome to one of the biggest con jobs in history.

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A Short, Communist History of ‘McCarthyism’

By: Diana West | The Epoch Times

American politician Joseph McCarthy, Republican senator from Wisconsin, testifies against the US Army during the Army-McCarthy hearings, Washington, DC, June 9, 1954. (Getty Images)

An open letter to Brent Bozell, Tucker Carlson, Sen. John Cornyn, Jerome Corsi, Joseph diGenova, Hugh Hewitt, Sen. Mh itcMcConnell, Bill O’Reilly, President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and all other conservatives who still decry “McCarthyism”:

How about reconsidering the origins of “McCarthyism” and understanding them for what they are—the very seeds of our Marxian destruction and collective shambles?

To set the scene, imagine that post-World War II period, when Americans were still trying to assess the depths and toxicity of the original “swamp,” which started to come into public view after nearly two decades of unchecked communist infiltration during most of the 1930s and ’40s. Presently, along came Sen. Joseph McCarthy, age 41, with that explosive list of federal security cases, which he presented on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Feb. 20, 1950.

No one realized it right away, but the so-called McCarthy Era had dawned. Good news for anti-communists but catastrophic news for communists engaged in treason, particularly inside the federal bureaucracy.

In 2014, M. Stanton Evans, the pre-eminent McCarthy scholar, set out to tabulate a list of McCarthy suspects—heralded as innocent martyrs in the 1950s—who since have been verified as communists and Soviet agents. He stopped at 50. He also tallied Fifth Amendment pleaders—witnesses who plead the Fifth against self-incrimination rather than answer questions about their communist or Soviet espionage activities—well in excess of 100 cases.

Communists and Soviet agents were correct to fear McCarthy.

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