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Exclusive: Facebook to ban misinformation on voting in upcoming U.S. elections

“People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”

1968 violence elected Nixon

The purge: Triple-amputee vet goes to war with Facebook

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line Radio

Democrat Electoral Strategy: Political Terrorism

5G Coming With Major Risks From China

Facebook Fascism – Meddling In The Elections

Afghanistan Then And Now

DHS Concerns On Election Related Incidents, Facebook Doesn’t Care

Fusion GPS co-founder pleads the Fifth following House GOP subpoena

Undercover Video: McCaskill Staff Members Admits She Hides Agenda to Get Elected

A step towards biological warfare with insects?

Sen. Lindsey Graham Announces He Is Taking a DNA Test to ‘Beat Elizabeth Warren’ in Native American Heritage



DHS Concerns on Election Related Incidents, Facebook Doesn’t Care

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The Department of Homeland Security noticed an increase of election-related incidents but thinks midterm voting will go off relatively unproblematically. Anomali reports a surge in black-market trafficking of voter records.

But you won’t find out from Facebook if there are any issues… Facebook is going to block all posts regarding voting issues.

What could be the issues?

Anomali Labs researchers in close partnership with Intel 471, a leading cybercrime intelligence provider, have uncovered a widespread unauthorized information disclosure of US voter registration databases. To be clear, this voter information is made generally available to the public for legitimate uses. Anomali and Intel 471 researchers discovered dark web communications offering a large quantity of voter databases for sale. The databases include valuable personally identifiable information and voting history. The disclosure reportedly affects 19 states and includes 23 million records for just three of the 19 states. No record counts were provided for the remaining 16 states, but do include prices for each state. We estimate that the entire contents of the disclosure could exceed 35 million records. Researchers have reviewed a sample of the database records and determined the data to be valid with a high degree of confidence.

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Afghanistan Then and Now

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Primer: In September of 1963, the King and Queen of Afghanistan visited Washington, DC as guests of President Kennedy.

55 years later, this month, the United States and allies have entered the 17th year of military conflict in Afghanistan. The target is the Taliban. Under the Obama regime. Several attempts were made to normalize the relationship with the Taliban leadership including swapping one treasonous soldier for 5 senior Taliban leaders from Guantanamo. At the same time, the United States coordinated with Qatar to pay for a Taliban consulate operation in Qatar. It remains today.

Under the Trump administration, the same kind of talks are taking place with Zalmay Khalilzad, leading the U.S. envoy.

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Facebook Fascism – Meddling in the Elections

By: Faye Higbee | Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

Facebook Fascism went too far when they deleted 800 pages and accounts. But the carnage continues, and on October 16, they banned the admins of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for 30 days, and took down their new page, which had just begun to grow. But their plan, their purpose is to manipulate the midterm elections by silencing voices with which they do not agree.

Both Rick Ferran, the page owner, and myself were banned for posting our own logo, which they said “violated” their arbitrary community standards. Only I have NEVER posted our logo. Ever. Not even once. And I’ve been with Uncle Sam’s since 2013.

Oh, and if you try to appeal the decision to ban, it comes up with “We’re sorry we can’t process your request right now.” So I clicked on “This is a mistake” and just like the “appeal” button, it said, “we’ll take a look at your activity. Thanks for letting us know.”

“Thanks.” That’s a load of donkey dung. In other words, ‘stuff it right winger, we’ve got you cold.’

THIRTY days from now will put us PAST the midterm elections. Let me say that again: the ban they have placed on us will put us PAST the midterm elections. 

They are SILENCING our voices. They are MANIPULATING the Elections. To hell with Russia and China, FACEBOOK is the one doing the meddling.

These take downs not only silence our voices, but delete our income. For page owners like ours, a Marine veteran, it destroys his ability to sell products which are his only income. He is not alone in that, every page owner that was taken down is in the same “boat.”

When Congress hears testimony from liberals like Zuckerberg, they need to ask better and more pointed questions…and not listen to the lies that are fed back to them. Facebook is not a “good censor.” It is an evil one.

We must get past the lame stream media and get to the people who count and can do something. We also have our own networks of patriots, and perhaps this will cause us to stand together and fight instead of the usual backstabbing and name calling.

This is war. This is a battleground for the minds and hearts of Americans. Facebook is fighting with censorship. They can take down our pages. They can ban our accounts. But we can still write. We still have an audience. We absolutely must fight this continuing egregious attack on the First Amendment.


5G Coming with Major Risks from China

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code


Stuart Madnick, who’s been a professor of information technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1972, tells Inverse that the FCC and ISPs are casting a double-edged sword in their rush to implement 5G.

“It’s like going from fireworks to dynamite sticks,” Madnick says. “5G encourages further evolution and expansion of Internet of Things related networks. All of the good news and bad news that comes along with this technology gets magnified.”

He’s especially concerned about the risk of denial of service attacks — or DDoS for short — becoming more powerful than ever before. One of the advertised benefits of 5G is that it will allow even more IoT devices, like refrigerators or light bulbs, to come online. This would allow users to remotely check the contents of their fridge or dim their bedroom lights using their phones, but these devices can also be harnessed for nefarious purposes.

One of the most notorious DDoS incidents in history — the 2016 Dyn cyberattack — was facilitated by unsecured IoT devices, like security cameras, printers, and baby monitors. Hacker groups Anonymous and New World Hackers allegedly took control of thousands of electronics that still had their default passwords to amass an army of zombie devices, known as a botnet.

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Democrat Electoral Strategy: Political Terrorism

By James Simpson | Daily Headlines

Democrats are 21st Century Bolsheviks. That is what they are, nothing more, nothing less. Their electoral strategy, indeed their entire philosophy rests on a bed of hate-fueled lies intended to strike fear into the hearts of voters. What do those lies say? Republican policies will kill millions. They will strip the elderly of Medicare, throwing grandma off a cliff; they will fuel global warming, incite WW III, and on and on. They will literally threaten the world. Democrats are engaged in political terrorism.

Consider: Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate Bob Casey launched a campaign ad showing twin children with cancer, claiming his GOP opponent, Rep. Lou Baretta, would cause the death of such children by denying insurance for preexisting conditions. If that were true, wouldn’t you want to see Rep. Barletta behind bars? It puts him on par with pedophiles — or worse.

Baretta responded to Casey’s ad with an emotional video on Twitter, noting that his own toddler grandson, a twin, was suffering with cancer. “Bob Casey knew my 18-month-old grandson, who is a twin, has cancer. I told him and his wife a month ago… to say that I would deny my own grandson healthcare might be the lowest thing I have ever experienced in my political career…”

At first, Casey refused to take down the ad.

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Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line Radio

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Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line – Leo Hohmann – Creeping Sharia Indicators

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