NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 10/26/18

It Doesn’t Matter If You Love The Constitution If Your Neighbors Don’t Know What It Says

Over Half Of America Gets More In Welfare Than It Pays In Taxes

Media Is Ignoring The Escalating Militarization Of The Arctic

Suspicious package addressed to James Clapper, Sen. Cory Booker recovered in New York, Florida


U.N. Puts Boots on the Ground in Mexico to Help Migrants, ‘Lone Children’

1984: Twitter Removing Accounts That Tweet Infowars Material

A never-before-seen Russian missile is identified as an anti-satellite weapon and will be ready for warfare by 2022

On the border in El Paso, the migrants arrive so regularly there’s a housing crunch

White House weighs executive actions to block migrant caravan at the border

Asymmetrical Warfare And 4GW: How Militia Groups Are America’s Domestic Viet Cong

Suspect arrested in Florida in connection with suspicious packages sent to Democrats

The Deep Stater Undermining Trump in Central America

U.N. envoy accused in hack of Trump fundraiser

Pope Francis compares “Populists” to Hitler, calls for open doors to all migrants

Developing: Florida Man In Custody In Pipe-Bomb Manhunt; Update: Will Be Charged; Update: DNA Evidence? Update: “Ties To New York”; Update: Suspect Identified

Police Chief: Turkey Fueling Islamic State Pipeline to Iraq

PART TWO: Trevor Loudon Releases Mini-Doc On Florida’s Andrew Gillum #EnemiesWithin

Sessions: Suspect Arrested for Allegedly Sending Suspicious Packages Faces Up to 58 Years in Prison

GOP Patsy Arrested For Democrat-Staged Fake Bombs

Christians, Trump Supporters Depicted as ‘Trash’ in Fake NYC Sanitation Ads

NBC News raises eyebrows by sitting on info that contradicted Michael Avenatti client’s gang rape claim

GROWING SCANDAL: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser, Report Says


GOP Patsy Arrested For Democrat-Staged Fake Bombs

By: James Simpson | Daily Headlines

We were wondering what the October Surprise would be. This is it.

Authorities have made an arrest in Florida regarding the string of mail bombs targeting Democrats that have been discovered over the last few days. The suspect has been identified as Cesar Sayoc, a man with an extensive record, including a bomb threat and a bankruptcy filing, who registered Republican in 2016. Early reports showed a van plastered with pro-Trump political stickers and slogans being towed away by authorities. I guarantee you however, that this was a setup hatched by Democrats to shore up their flagging support as we head to the elections now less than two weeks away.

The entire operation is just too obvious. Twelve bombs were sent to some of the most prominent Democrats in the news today, timed to arrive within days of one another, at the height of election season where the story would dominate the news cycle. The sender made little effort to hide the suspicious nature of the packages. In fact, they screamed, “examine me, I’m suspicious.” They were also made to appear crude and stupid. Many words were misspelled, but how does such a person then manage to coordinate the timing so well that multiple packages would show up within days of each other in New York, Florida, and California?

It was a foregone conclusion early on that whoever did this would be caught. He left just too much evidence. And his van literally screams “I am a rightwing nutjob.” It is brand spanking new. How could a poor, bankrupt guy allegedly living in his mother’s basement afford such a vehicle?  The pro-Trump stickers are not stickers at all, but professionally-created, poster-sized collages designed to perfectly fit in each one of the van’s windows. And all the van’s windows are covered in them except the front driver’s side window and the windshield.

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PART TWO: Trevor Loudon Releases Mini-Doc on Florida’s Andrew Gillum #EnemiesWithin

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Andrew Gillum campaigning in Florida

This week, Trevor Loudon presents Part Two (See Part One) of a series exposing the radical ties of Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Gillum, the current mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, has a long history with hard-core socialist activists.

Andrew Gillum is a threat to national security.


In 2016, New Zealand author and film-maker Trevor Loudon released his full-length documentary The Enemies Within, which exposed a shocking number of United States Senators and members of Congress who pose a security risk to America. These elected officials were all tied to hostile foreign powers, anti-American Marxist groups or fronts for the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

The radical group “Dream Defenders” endorses Andrew Gillum (Screenshot of tweet)

Please embed these videos on your blog, tweet them to your followers, post them to Facebook, or personally email them to friends, relatives and colleagues. Every American voter needs to see these videos. If more Americans understand how badly they are being betrayed by their own elected representatives, they can help “drain the swamp” themselves, directly through the ballot box.

Part Two:

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Please help Trevor continue his valuable research!


Asymmetrical Warfare and 4GW: How Militia Groups are America’s Domestic Viet Cong

By: Sam Jacobs | Ammo.com

Asymmetrical Warfare and 4GW: America's Domestic Viet Cong“It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerrillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”

Col. Jeff Cooper

When one discusses the real reason for the Second Amendment – the right of citizens to defend themselves against a potentially tyrannical government – inevitably someone points out the stark difference in firepower between a guerrilla uprising in the United States and the United States government itself.

This is not a trivial observation. The U.S. government spends more on the military than the governments of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan combined. Plus, the potential of a tyrannical government is arguably upon us – with the federal government spying on its own citizensmilitarizing local police departments with equipment and tactics from the War on Terror, and repeatedly searching Americans, which desensitizes them to this invasive process.

There is much historical precedent, however, for guerrilla uprisings defeating more powerful enemies. For instance, the Cold War saw both superpowers brought to their knees by rural farmers – for the Soviets, their adventure in Afghanistan against the Mujahideen, and for the United States, the Vietnam War against the Viet Cong.

In both cases, nuclear weapons could have been used against the guerrilla uprising, but were not. Even assuming the use of nuclear weapons from the position of total desperation, it’s hard to imagine they would have made much of a difference in the final outcome of either conflict. Unlike the invading armies, the local resistance enjoyed both broad-based support as well as knowledge of the local terrain.

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