NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 11/07/18

Oprah Not Enough to Help Stacey Abrams Defeat Brian Kemp

So Much for a ‘Blue Wave’—4 of the Biggest Midterm Takeaways

Lindsey Graham 2.0 Totally Just B*tch Slapped ‘Spartacus’

Gillum concedes hard-fought Florida governor’s race to DeSantis

Dems to flex muscle with new House majority: Subpoenas, investigations, even possible impeachment talks loom

FL-Sen: Rick Scott wins his election, flipping a US Senate seat for the GOP


Republican Hawley Wins Missouri Senate Seat; McCaskill Is Out

Venezuela-Style Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins Congressional Seat for NY

‘This won’t end well’: Far-left thugs taking to Portland streets to fight fascism ‘by any means necessary’

Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? “We got TONS of them” Says Election Official on Undercover Video

Bill O’Reilly: Cable news’ ‘total collapse’ will follow Trump’s White House exit

Ohio Electioneering: Election Off. Recommends Vote for Sherrod Brown “I’m a Democrat, I’ll admit it”

Here Come The Crazies! Nancy Pelosi As Speaker, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings In Leadership Roles

The Midterms Are Over… What’s Next?

Communist Radicals Take Control Of The House Of Representatives

The Obama/Soros Machine Beats Trump

WATCH: Trump Dresses Down CNN’s Jim Acosta To His Face And It’s BRUTAL!

China showed off its new stealth fighters at the country’s largest airshow, and the images are quite impressive

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns from Trump White House

While Americans Pretend To Be Oppressed, The Chinese Run Concentration Camps

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will take over supervising Mueller’s Russia probe.


The Obama/Soros Machine Beats Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid

The election results are hardly the “great victory” claimed by President Trump.

Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate, only because unpopular Democrats were up for re-election in conservative states, and lost the House. However, conservative Senator Ted Cruz barely survived in Texas, and the Republican gubernatorial candidate in conservative Georgia, Brian Kemp, only has a narrow lead. The conclusion is inescapable that the “Brown is the New White” rainbow strategy of Barack Hussein Obama is working, putting conservatives on the defensive all across the country.

While Obama’s candidates may not have won in several high-profile cases, the fact is that Texas and Georgia are now ripe for future liberal takeovers. That’s because of the strategy Obama has pursued, with the help of Brown is the New White author Steven Phillips, who is backed by the billionaire Sandler family. A year ago, at an America’s Survival, Inc. conference, analyst Trevor Loudon had warned of the left’s plan to take the concept of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and create a new American majority fusing communists, progressive whites, minorities, Islamists and immigrants.

Republicans had a great economy going for them. Still, in another shocker, Arizona Senate Republican candidate Martha McSally was maintaining a very small lead over self-proclaimed bisexual Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, a favorite of atheists and secularists. The Democratic Party constituency is now full of New Agers and others who “shun religious labels” like Sinema. New Age leader Oprah Winfrey campaigned for Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia, who received more than 48 percent of the vote.

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Communist Radicals Take Control Of The House Of Representatives

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I guess I’m overly optimistic. I figured the Republicans would get both the House and the Senate. They only retained the Senate ceding the House to the loony Democrats. It’s not great, but then again… the House and the Senate weren’t doing the heavy lifting, Trump was.

What this will do however is let the Democrats be even more obstructionist in trying to stop President Trump. But Trump is a fighter and they may find that if push comes to shove, Trump is going to throw them off a cliff. Losing the House in a way may also be a gift to Trump. Nancy Pelosi is the nutty gift that just keeps on giving.

It appears as though Pelosi will get her dearest wish and be reinstated as Speaker of the House once more. God help us. But having that moonbat lead the House does have certain benefits attached. She’s 78-years-old and something has been not right with Pelosi for a long time. She constantly slurs her words, forgets what she’s saying and has brain freezes. She’s a Christmas gift to Trump.

“I feel very confident in the support that I have in the House Democratic Caucus, and my focus is on winning this election because so much is at stake,” Pelosi told reporters in July. Recently, she told The Washington Post: “Nobody is indispensable. But I do think that I am best qualified to take us into the future, protect the Affordable Care Act, to do our infrastructure bill and the rest. Stepping down this path, I know the ropes.”

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The Midterms Are Over… What’s Next?

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

The midterms are over. There is an infinite number of opinions about the possible outcomes out there. Economics prevailed in the Senate as the Republicans increased their number of seats but lost in the House as power shifted for the first time in eight years.

In some regards, the outcome is as suggested, in other regards they are not. Personally, I thought the status quo would remain, the result of the strong precedent of voters voting their pocketbooks. In some regards, this view was correct and in other regards it was wrong. It was no “Blue Wave” but similarly the status quo was not maintained.

The immediate focus will now be the commencement of the two-day FOMC meeting and the upcoming G-20 meeting. Even though no action is expected regarding monetary policy, all Fed meetings are potentially significant. As stated, will the Fed begin telegraphing their intent to end forward-looking guidance sometime in 2019?

Regarding the G-20 meeting, at this juncture little is expected regarding trade issues between the US and China.

Equities are expected to open moderately higher as the election uncertainty is over and under the traditional belief a split Congress is bullish for equities.

The 10-year is up 8/32 to yield 3.20%.

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was up 1.15%, Paris was up 1.31% and Frankfurt was up 0.99%. China was down 0.68%, Japan was down 0.28% and Hang Sang was up 0.10%.