NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 11/20/18

Palm Beach Went for Coloring Books, iPads Over Vote-Machine Upgrades

Germany to make Turkish migrant Vice President of Intelligence Service

Judge bars US from enforcing Trump administration’s asylum ban

The Truth About The Invasion Force Heading Toward Our Southern Border

Police: Chicago Hospital Mass Murderer Identified as 32-Year-Old Juan Lopez — 3 Killed, Including Police Officer

Can We Expect A Major Rebound In Oil Prices?

Dow tumbles 551 points, 2018 stock gains gone

FDA warns against eating romaine lettuce due to E. coli multistate outbreak

Report: Mexico Files Human Rights Complaint Against US over Change in Asylum Policy

If we can’t stop this invasion, we no longer have a sovereign nation

Trump to grant troops authority to protect border personnel from violence: report

Troops land at border, lay razor wire, ready tent cities, anger narco gangs

Russia FLEXES MILITARY MUSCLES with World War 3 training in Mediterranean off Syrian Coast

Immigration Jihad: Six Bangladeshis Apprehended in 12 Hours at Texas Border

Trump submits written answers to special counsel’s questions in Russia probe


Trump fires back at federal judge’s ruling on immigration in scathing statement

SHOCK: Sharia-Compliant Judge Rules Country’s Law Against Female Genital Mutilation is Somehow ‘Unconstitutional,’ Letting Muslim Michigan Doctors Walk Free

Democrat Skid Row Voter Fraud: Prosecutors Say Homeless Offered Cash, Cigarettes in Exchange for Hundreds of Signatures

Communist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio [Warren Wilhelm Jr.] Not Even Hiding His Marxist Ideology, Issues Full Statement Against Private Property Rights: ‘I Think There’s a Socialist Impulse’


Can We Expect A Major Rebound In Oil Prices?

By: Nick Cunningham | Oilprice.com

After declining by more than 20 percent from the October peak, oil prices are showing some signs that they have now bottomed out.

WTI hit a low point at $56 per barrel on Wednesday and Brent hit a low just below $65 per barrel. Both crude benchmarks regained some ground at the end of the week, despite the huge increase in U.S. crude oil inventories. In fact, rising prices in the face of the 10-million-barrel increase in crude stocks suggests that oil may have already hit a bottom. “[Y]esterday’s price reaction to the US inventory data shows that negative news is now largely priced in,” Commerzbank said in a note. “This is the only way to explain why an increase in US crude oil stocks of a good 10 million barrels failed to put further pressure on prices.”

At the same time, crude stocks have now climbed for eight consecutive weeks, surely a sign that the market is decidedly back in a surplus situation. That is bearish, to be sure, and helps explain the collapse in oil prices over the past month.

But it also significantly increases the odds of a response from the OPEC+ coalition in early December. “[W]e believe oil is oversold and will likely bounce up from the current levels, as OPEC+ dials back production in December,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch said in a note on Wednesday. The bank said that it no longer sees Brent rising to $95 per barrel next year, as it previously thought, noting that “oil bulls have capitulated and so have we.”

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