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Border troops authorized to use force, detain illegal immigrants: Report

Migrant caravan members may be planning ‘human stampede’ at US border: aid group

Russian candidate for Interpol presidency defeated after intense lobbying from Western allies



Black Supremacists Terrorize New York Jews

Let’s Give Thanks For Leftists Being Themselves

Thanksgiving Proclamation 1789

Historical Accounts of Thanksgiving

Facebook Allowed Muslim’s to Auction Off 16-Year-Old Girl as Child Bride at Same Time They’re Conducting Jihad on Conservatives

Religion of Peace Update From the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Muslims Hunting House-to-House to Find and Kill Christian ‘Blasphemer’ Asia Bibi and Her Family

Jonestown And The Jane Fonda Crowd

Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown Pardons California Democrat Lawmaker Convicted of Felony Voter Fraud [But We’re Supposed to Believe There’s No Such Thing as Voter Fraud, Right?]

Fascistbook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Admits He Has ‘Tremendous Respect’ for America-Hating Globalist Nazi Collaborator George Soros

Clergy And The Caravan

Report: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Pushed A Top Executive To Publicly Disavow Support For Trump, Then Fired Him

Trump Issues Thanksgiving Threat to Close US-Mexico Border


Clergy and the Caravan

By: Tabitha Korol

I would like to believe that these left-leaning rabbis, ministers, and imams had good intentions, joining together to meet the caravan of migrants and provide them with food, clothing, and solace, but their logic is deeply flawed.  Whatever their intent, it is unconscionable and immoral for them to presume that they have the authority to offer the United States of America, home to more than 325.7 million American citizens, to any foreign hordes.  In breaking the law, they are setting themselves above the law, which is something expressly forbidden in Judaism and Christianity.

Some of the rabbis used the Holocaust as false justification for the men’s trek to the north (95% of the lot are men), but theirs is a misplaced spirit of humanitarianism.  They have drawn an unsuitable equivalence between the European Jews who were forced to flee their homes in fear for their lives with the Central Americans who were lured by the promise of welfare.   This sense of social justice is peculiarly selective, inasmuch as the rabbis were silent when “Palestinian” youths were propelling incendiary kites and balloons over Israel for more than a half year, burning thousands of acres of precious land and life; silent during these years of firing rockets and mortars into Israel, killing, crippling, and destroying; silent when Jews are attacked on the streets of Israel, France, Sweden, and Brooklyn; and silent when jihada and anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour, rants her hatred against Jews and President Trump.  Heck, they didn’t even show up to support the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, yet they managed to arise in support of an invasion into America by unknown, lawless thousands!

The leftist clerics are not entitled to overlook the possibilities that this migration is no different from the present-day Islamic migration (hijra) into Europe, creating havoc with their acts of rape, violence, and destruction, bent on conquest by population.  We know that Bartolo Fuentes, former Honduran congressman and one of the marches’ coordinators, established the caravan on March 12, 2017, and the small number grew to thousands as they passed through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.  We cannot wait for recognizable uniforms, tanks, bazookas, and cannons before calling it a threat.  The firing pin has been pulled, the gunpowder ignited, and these are the “bullets,” which, by their sheer number, are meant to be the overpowering human projectiles – and now guided by a misguided clergy.

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