NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 12/04/18

Will Be Gone For A Couple Of Days…

Trump Navigates The New World Order

ICYMI: Detroit Just Declared War On Gun Rights With So-Called ‘Bullet Bill’

A Tiny Minority of Half a Million Jihadists

George W. Bush to eulogize late father, Trump to meet privately with Bush family

Trump Pays Tribute to George H.W. Bush at the U.S. Capitol

President Trump, first lady visit George H.W. Bush’s casket at US Capitol after emotional ceremony

Watch: Cannons fire 21-gun salute for George H.W. Bush

French police call for army to help quell riots amid warnings of ‘pre-revolutionary’ unrest

Ukraine sends troops to Russian border amid fears of an ‘invasion’

Iran’s Rouhani threatens to cut off Gulf oil

France suspends fuel tax after weeks of unrest

U.S. Confirms: Iran Successfully Fired Nuclear Capable Missiles

FRANCE at WAR: Unbelievable videos of the violent ‘State of Insurrection’

Fears mount: Putin’s Russia poised to seize more of Ukraine?

Caravan migrants begin to breach border as frustration with slow asylum process grows

Feel Good Story of the Day: Jihadist Beheader In Oklahoma Cleared For Execution

Exclusive: Emails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack

National Republican Congressional Committee suffered ‘cyber intrusion,’ spokesman says

John Dingell calls for Senate to be abolished


Trump Navigates the New World Order

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump accuses his enemies of McCarthyism. But anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy had many of the same enemies Trump has.  And McCarthy’s fate may teach Trump a lesson.

Not one to embrace the “New World Order” of the late former President George H.W. Bush, Donald J. Trump has disavowed many of the elements of world government put in place by Republican and Democratic presidents. That has made him an enemy of the globalists. Trump withdrew the U.S. from Barack Hussein Obama’s Paris climate agreement, a wise decision considering that the COP24 climate change conference, which is now underway, is set to consider “a global tax on CO2,” as if a life-giving gas is somehow a pollutant. This is to be expected from a global United Nations bureaucracy that treats life-killing abortion as a basic human right.

“We are committed and active in bringing about a revolution in thinking, policies, and lifestyles, to address these new challenges,” says the Socialist International in its “global call for a sustainable world society – before it’s too late.”

But facing enemies within, the Trump Administration recently released an alarmist climate change report that President Trump said he rejects. The report was written in part by an Obama holdover in the federal bureaucracy and used material funded by one of Trump’s political enemies, billionaire Tom Steyer. Trump’s enemies will use the report against the Administration’s America-first economic policies at the COP24 conference now underway.

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