Cover-Ups and Corruption: The Record of Robert Mueller

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Trump gave a good State of the Union speech but can he survive Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller’s out-of-control investigation? This new book looks at the extraordinary record and background of Robert Mueller, the “errand boy for the New World Order,” in the words of author and Louisiana state Senator John Milkovich. From 9/11 to organized crime figure Whitey Bulger to the crooked bank BCCI, Milkovich examines Mueller’s involvement in a series of cover-ups, terrorist incidents, and scandals. How was Mueller appointed? And what about Trump’s new Attorney General, William Barr, who raised money for the FBI sniper in the Ruby Ridge case?


Why Many Americans are Praying for Trump

By: Lloyd Marcus

Extremely respectful and supportive of Islam, Obama was more hostile to Christianity than any other U.S. president. 

With the election of president Trump, prayer has made a striking comeback in the political arena.  Everywhere I turn, I hear people asking fellow Americans to pray for our president.  During a conference call, V.P. Mike Pence asked religious leaders to pray for president Trump.  President Trump humbly asked for our prayers.  “Trump Prayer Warriors” is one of several Facebook groups advocating praying for our president.  Christian leaders contributed prayers to a book titled Prayers for the President.  Why are so many Americans feeling an urgent need to pray for our president and country?

Mainstream media seek to convince us that a majority of Americans embrace their anti-Christian anything-goes-sexually agenda.  The truth is, millions of Americans are disturbed by our nation’s cultural and moral decline.  A growing number of TV commercials selling everything from milk to phone services interject homosexuality.  I told my wife, “Next they will have men kissing.”  Thirty minutes later, a Diet Coke TV commercial featured two men kissing in a cab.

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Senator Sasse vs. Congressman Schiff?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Quid pro quo…

As Congressman Adam Schiff has announced a restart to all investigations into Trump’s business empire, Senator Sasse launched his own.

So, what is Senator Sasse doing?

Senate Judiciary Cmte. member Sasse says the US Justice Dept. has opened an investigation into allegations that dept. attorneys “may have committed professional misconduct in the manner in which the [Jeffrey] Epstein criminal matter was resolved.”

It seems as the Mueller team investigation is in the last lap, Adam Schiff has postured to own a political tribunal where the Mueller operation did not go.

Could it be that the interim AG at the Justice Department has laid the groundwork for the soon to be confirmed AG, Bob Barr to begin to right some previous wrongs and Jeffrey Epstein is the first of many?

The Office of Professional Responsibility has launched a probe into how Jeffrey Epstein got his plea deal. It is all going to get nasty.

As a primer:

On a muggy October morning in 2007, Miami’s top federal prosecutor, Alexander Acosta, had a breakfast appointment with a former colleague, Washington, D.C., attorney Jay Lefkowitz.

It was an unusual meeting for the then-38-year-old prosecutor, a rising Republican star who had served in several White House posts before being named U.S. attorney in Miami by President George W. Bush.

Instead of meeting at the prosecutor’s Miami headquarters, the two men — both with professional roots in the prestigious Washington law firm of Kirkland & Ellis — convened at the Marriott in West Palm Beach, about 70 miles away. For Lefkowitz, 44, a U.S. special envoy to North Korea and corporate lawyer, the meeting was critical.

His client, Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, 54, was accused of assembling a large, cult-like network of underage girls — with the help of young female recruiters — to coerce into having sex acts behind the walls of his opulent waterfront mansion as often as three times a day, the Town of Palm Beach police found. Go here for the full story published by the Miami Herald last November.

Political warfare is here and will remain until 2020. This is how things go inside the Beltway….sigh.


Thoughts About Tax Cuts, The Federal Deficit, Virginia’s Politics, And Social Media

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Perhaps one of the biggest elephants in the room that is not discussed is the federal deficit. In my view, the issue at hand is spending not revenues.  Generally speaking, spending is increasing at a rate two times greater than revenues. Tax revenues are at an all-time record and are expected to continue to increase. All must remember in government speak; a spending cut is a reduction in the rate of growth not an outright cut in spending.

Many are proclaiming the 2017 tax cuts as the reason for the incessant rise in the deficit to over $22 trillion. Last week the CBO suggested otherwise.

The CBO released a 10-year forecast — the first to assess the effects of tax reform after one year of hard results. Compared with its pre-reform projection, the CBO now expects annual GDP growth to be almost $750 billion higher by 2027, stating a strong case that the reason for this rise is tax reform.

The CBO further states the cuts will add $1.9 trillion of additional debt in the coming years and the government will pay about $60 billion more in interest each year as a result.

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