Time to Set the Record Straight on Slavery

By: James Simpson | American Thinker

Antifa is the most public, in-your-face element of the communist Left’s decades-long effort to vilify America as a bastion of racism and “white supremacy.”  Normal people know that this characterization of the United States is simply not true.  We have been world leaders in promoting racial harmony and reconciliation and have bent over backwards to aid in the advancement of minorities.  Today, for example, blacks, Hispanics, and women have the lowest unemployment rates in U.S. history.  Furthermore, certain minority groups are eligible for racial preferences and set-asides unavailable to whites and even those minorities — for example, Asians — who excel.

The poorest people in America are better off than people in most other nations.  A recent study found that when you include the myriad welfare programs available to Americans, the bottom 20 percent of income-earners in the U.S. are better off materially than everyone in most of the nations of Europe.  Another study found that the bottom 10 percent in the U.S. do better than the top 10 percent in Russia and that our nation’s poor do better than virtually everyone in India and better than 85 percent of those living in China.

The Left media ignore all this.  They would have you believe we are constantly on the cusp of reverting to the days of Jim Crow.  Slavery in America ended with the Civil War, which cost more American lives than any other war in U.S. history.  With the complete dismantling of postwar discriminatory practices by 1964, and continual efforts to boost the affluence of minorities, talk of slavery and reparations should be a thing of the distant past, but a race-hustling industry has kept it alive by misinforming successive generations of students and indoctrinating minorities to hate everything American, while (mostly white) leftists constantly agitate to sow and inflame racial division.

A look into the past is instructive.  According to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, 12.5 million African slaves were shipped to the New World between 1525 and 1866, and 10.7 million (about 86 percent) survived the trip.  Of these, only 450,000 (about 4 percent of the total) were sent to America.  The rest were shipped to South America and the Caribbean.  Brazil alone received 4.9 million.  Why are there no calls for reparations in Brazil?  And the black slave trade to the West pales in comparison to the white and black slave trade conducted by Muslim nations of Africa and the Middle East in its barbarity and numbers.

The much larger and infinitely more barbaric Muslim slave trade began in about 711, capturing both whites and blacks in numbers much higher than those taken by the West, and Muslim slave-traders provided over 80 percent of those black slaves sold to the West.  Of the slaves captured by Muslims for their own use, 80 to 90 percent died on the way to market.  Of those shipped to North Africa for sale to Western slavers, about 30–50 percent died en route.  Males slated for Muslim markets were castrated.  Only 25 percent survived the operation.  Their descendants in those nations are much smaller in number because most male African slaves were used as eunuchs and worked to death.  Estimates of total black enslavement in Muslim nations range from 11 million to 32 million.  Given the high mortality rate of capture and transport, the impact on black African tribes must have been genocidal.

The Muslim Ottomans, the Barbary pirates, Crimean Tatars, and Turks enslaved European, Russian, Mediterranean, and Caucasus whites between the 15th and 19th centuries.  According to The Islamic Trade in European Slaves by Emmet Scott, the most conservative estimate is 15 million white slaves.  Women and boys were preferred.  Most of the women were sold into sex slavery, while boys were castrated and used as eunuchs.  Crimean Tatars, who enslaved about 3 million, gave older men of little value to Tatar youths, who killed them for sport.

Why do we not hear a peep from any of these self-righteous social justice warriors about this travesty?  Where is talk of reparations for whites or the many blacks enslaved by Muslim nations?

Slavery has been with man in one form or another since the dawn of time.  It took Western nations to bring it to an end.  Contrary to what the Left will tell you, this goal was enshrined in our nation’s founding documents.  This was the consequence of our great Judeo-Christian heritage, which also gave rise to our unprecedented affluence and stability.

Scott writes:

The great humanitarian impulse to end slavery, from the late eighteenth century onwards, came entirely from the Christian West, and by the mid-nineteenth century it was stamped out completely in most Christian lands.

In the Middle East, it was officially ended only due to pressure from the West:

That slavery no longer exists (officially at least) in the majority of Muslim territories is due entirely to the efforts of Westerners, and in fact Muslim societies vigorously resisted all attempts by Europeans to stamp out the slave trade in Africa during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.  It was not in until the second half of the twentieth century that slavery was finally abolished in the Gulf States and the Arabian Peninsula — after intense Western pressure.  Is it not about time that some of this information got through to students in our schools and colleges?

But slavery has not been abolished.  Mauritania, the last nation to publicly condone slavery, officially outlawed it finally in 2007.  However, the truth is that slavery in Mauritania is alive and well, with as much as 10–20 percent of the population (340,000 to 680,000) in bondage.  Algeria (106,000), Sudan (35,000 or more), Libya (48,000), and certain other nations still practice slavery.

Famous black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan excoriates America for our history of slavery, but despite repeated calls to take action against Muslim nations that continue to enslave both black and white, Farrakhan has remained totally silent, as have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton — despite Sharpton witnessing slavery in Sudan firsthand.  Former President Obama, seen in a recently discovered 2005 photo with Louis Farrakhan, hasn’t made a peep.  Why not?

Where are the complaints over Middle East and African slave trading that continued legally until 2007, and still continues illegally in that part of the world?  Where are the hooded Antifa goons, smashing windows and heads and firebombing autos and buildings in protest of “Islamic supremacy” and “Muslim nationalism”?

Just as the Left demands that America pony up trillions of dollars for the bogus “global warming” agenda, while it ignores the much larger pollution quotient produced by China and Russia, it now demands trillions in “reparations” for slavery from the nation that imported the fewest slaves of any and, along with other Western nations, brought about, for the first time in world history, a complete end to legal slavery throughout the world.  It’s time to set the record straight and end the Left’s constant agitation and provocation that deliberately, and fraudulently, fan the flames of division in our great nation.


Russia Collusion 2.0

By: James Simpson | CDJ News

The most ironic aspect of this entire Trump-Russia collusion charade is that Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluded with Russians to essentially manufacture the entire thing. Now, following President Trump’s congratulatory call to newly-elected (May 20, 2019) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Democrats have once again resurrected a phony Trump-Russia collusion campaign, only this time, it’s Trump-Ukraine. However, the ones who colluded with Ukraine were the Democrats, and this fact is well-established.

Since Donald Trump’s election we have witnessed, over and over again, Democrats accusing the President of doing exactly what they have been doing and are still doing. This is an eye-popping case in point. Without the wholesale complicity of the national news media, they couldn’t pull this off for more than a day. However, by refusing to publish, or even examine the clear evidence, the media is treating the American public to an entirely contrived, fraudulent effort to once again drag the President through the mud to cripple him in advance of the 2020 election.

We all could avoid another torturous, drawn out, phony investigation if only the media would do its job. A few years ago, one outlet did. I’m sure they are regretting it today.

According to a a very revealing January 2017 article in the left-wing journal Politico, Democrats engaged in a wholesale effort to dig up dirt on candidate Trump using Ukrainian sources. DNC operative, former Clinton staffer and Hillary supporter, Alexandra Chalupa, had begun investigating Paul Manafort in 2014. Chalupa admits that “when Trump’s unlikely presidential campaign began surging in late 2015, she began focusing more on the research, and expanded it to include Trump’s ties to Russia, as well.” Chalupa claimed the Ukrainian embassy “worked directly with reporters” in an effort coordinated with the DNC and other political allies against Trump.

Chalupa worked with Oksana Shulyar, a top aide to Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly. Shulyar denied they worked on anything related to Trump, however,  according to Politico, “Andrii Telizhenko, who worked as a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy under Shulyar, said she instructed him to help Chalupa research connections between Trump, Manafort and Russia. ‘Oksana said that if I had any information, or knew other people who did, then I should contact Chalupa,’  recalled Telizhenko, who is now a political consultant in Kiev.  ‘They were coordinating an investigation with the Hillary team on Paul Manafort with Alexandra Chalupa,’ he said, adding ‘Oksana was keeping it all quiet,’ but ‘the embassy worked very closely with’ Chalupa.”

Here’s a timeline of events:

  • April 6. Chalupa meets with staff of Mary Kaptur (D-Ohio), co-chair of Congressional Ukrainian Caucus. Later, Kaptur’s office announces she intends to propose creating an independent commission to investigate “possible outside interference in our elections.”
  • April 12. Ukrainian Parliamentarian Olga Bielkova meets with David Kramer, adviser to Sen. John McCain. Sought meetings with many other Congress members and reporters.
  • April 28. Chalupa discusses research about Paul Manafort with 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine at Library of Congress. Chalupa invites investigative reporter Michael Isikoff and begins working with him. Isikoff writes Yahoo article on Manafort. NOTE: Isikoff later meets Dossier author Christopher Steele in a meeting organized by the State Department. His subsequent article was used to verify the Steele Dossier but was actually based on information provided by Steele. So the entire thing was a fraud. Isikoff was in on this entire agenda from early on.
  • May 3. Chalupa email promises DNC “a big Trump component… that will hit in next few weeks and something I’m working on you should be aware of.”
  • May 19. Manafort becomes Trump campaign chairman.
  • June 30. Newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) signs MOU with FBI for “joint work on crimes related to international money laundering, international asset recovery, and Ukrainian high-level officials’ bribery and corruption.”
  • Sometime in 2016 Manafort FISA surveillance restarted. Continues into 2017.
  • July Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian minister of internal affairs, calls Trump a “clown” and “an even bigger danger to the US than terrorism.”
  • August 14. NABU accuses Manafort of $12.7 million in undisclosed Yanukovych payments.
  • August 19. Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign. Ukrainian Parliamentarian holds press conference on Paul Manafort’s ties to former Ukrainian President Yanukovych.
  • September 23. Michael Isikoff publishes Yahoo article on Trump campaign advisor and Russia hand, Carter Page based on Steele Dossier. Page helped FBI in a 2013 case against Evgeny Buryakov.but that apparently does not help him at all.
  • October 21. FBI obtains FISA warrant on Page, based on Dossier and Yahoo report.

Can we say Ukrainian collusion?

Meanwhile, in March 2016, then VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor investigating Biden’s son Hunter’s lucrative deal with the Ukrainian government through the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma Holdings. The prosecutor was fired. This looks a lot like extortion, a federal crime. Incredible, because Biden has bragged about getting the prosecutor fired in a widely distributed video.

Biden had already funneled $1.8 billion to Ukraine while Hunter received more than $166,000 per month for over a year, an amount totaling $3.1 million during that period. That looks a lot like bribery, designed to give the Ukrainians access and influence within the Obama administration – another federal crime. Hillary similarly received millions from foreign governments by offering her influence as Secretary of State at a price. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

But its even worse than that. Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media reports:

The Biden family’s dealings with this Ukrainian company involved getting one of the country’s most notorious mob bankers, Ihor Kolomoisky, off the U.S. government visa ban list. Under Biden’s leadership, $3 billion in aid went to Ukraine, and his son’s company was implicated in the disappearance of $1.8 billion of that money.

Hunter Biden got a seat on the board of Burisma Holdings through Devon Archer, a top fundraiser for former senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid. Archer in turn was Kerry stepson Chris Heinz’s roommate at college, and Heinz had joined with Hunter Biden to partner with the Communist Chinese in a deal that netted them $1.5 billion. Meanwhile, in what certainly looks like a quid pro quo, then VP Joe Biden essentially gave away the South China Sea to the Communists. This is not merely corruption, it is a betrayal of our nation that threatens national security. Archer, by the way, was convicted in 2018, along with two others, of defrauding a native American tribe to the tune of over $60 million.

President Trump’s discussion with Zelensky focused on Ukraine’s role in the 2016 DNC effort, which was clearly an attempt to influence the election using foreign (Russia and Ukraine) sources. The Democrats accuse Trump of trying to rig the 2020 election by digging up dirt on Biden, when in reality they are simply trying to deflect attention from themselves.

The behavior of Biden, as well as the entire Democrat caucus, is clearly unethical. It can best be described as a mob operation. Biden extorted concessions from Ukraine while aiding and abetting some of its most notorious criminals. Paul Manafort sits in prison today for trivial crimes that pale in comparison to what Joe Biden has done.

Running for office does not insulate Biden from criminal investigation. It is the president’s duty to enforce the law, and he would be abdicating his authority by ignoring that responsibility in the face of Biden’s glaring criminality. Trump is engaged in routing out the rampant corruption Democrats have brought to the political process. Doing so is his responsibility. If the Democrats’ many crimes go unanswered, the rule of law will no longer hold sway in America. Our nation will be as good as lost.

The press and Democrat Party meanwhile continue to hype the fraudulent Trump/Russia collusion narrative, even getting support from certain Republicans who should know better.

President Trump is an existential threat to the Deep State, the Establishment, or whatever you choose to name it. As he promised in 2016, he is working for the American people, a fact the DC Cabal does not want and cannot accept, because it directly threatens the gravy train they have been fattening themselves on for decades to the detriment of our nation’s very survival.