For the Soul of America, “Shifty” Schiff Must Go

By: Lloyd Marcus

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I am extremely annoyed. I grew up believing in Superman’s America which stood for truth, justice and the American way. But when I see blatantly corrupt politician Adam Schiff in charge of a bogus investigation to impeach our obviously innocent president, something has gone terribly wrong in our country. My heart is heavy for my beloved country and the rule of law.

Allow me to recap for soccer moms and dads who are busy earning a living. Fake news media and Democrats have launched another lie-filled, treasonous silent coup to remove Trump from office.

On TV, Adam Schiff lied to the world, claiming that during a phone call Trump threatened the president of Ukraine. Schiff said that Trump told the Ukraine president that if he did not dig up dirt on Joe Biden, he would hold back funds from Ukraine.

To the horror of Schiff, Democrats and fake news media, Trump made the unprecedented decision to publicly release the transcript of the phone call between himself and the Ukraine president. The transcript proved that everything Schiff reported Trump said was a lie.

In an America in which truth and justice rule, Schiff would be politically tarred and feathered and run out of Washington D.C. on a rail.

Incredibly, Schiff is celebrated by fake news media and Democrats. Ignoring the truth in the transcript, Democrats are still leaving Schiff in charge of their investigation to impeach Trump which is based solely on Schiff’s fabricated version of Trump’s phone call. Not only is this insane, it is infuriating.

This is not our America, folks. We cannot and must not allow Shifty Schiff to arrogantly go unpunished and wreck havoc on Trump’s presidency. At the very least, Schiff must be fired from leading his bogus impeachment investigation.

News coverage of fake news media and Democrats’ insane campaign to impeach Trump is like watching the Emperor’s New Clothes. Knowing that the Emperor was naked, all his subjects pretended to love his new outfit. A confused little boy spoke the truth, yelling, “The Emperor is naked!”

Washington D.C. knows Schiff’s impeachment investigation is based on lies. And yet, fake news media, Democrats, #NeverTrump Republicans and conservatives are behaving as if Schiff has evidence to impeach Trump. Where are the Republicans with the courage to stand up for truth and justice? In essence, yelling, “Schiff is naked!”

Despite Trump’s actual words during the phone call published for the world to see, fake news media and Democrats are behaving as if  the transcript does not exist. Atrociously, they are promoting Schiff’s made-up version of what Trump said, hoping to deceive voters.

Fake news media and the Democrats are attempting to establish a new precedent. I realize fake news media and Democrats have always spun the words of Republicans. But Schiff writing his own version of what Trump said during the phone call and boldly presenting it as the president’s actual words is a whole new level of arrogant, evil deception on the American people.

Be of good cheer, folks. God promises evildoers will get their just rewards. Shifty Schiff and his treasonous homeys will fail again in their never-ending campaign to destroy our president.

Trump will be reelected in 2020. However, we must remain engaged, each of us doing our part to ensure victory in 2020. It can be as simple as sharing with your neighbor a few of the long list of great things Trump has achieved for America. It is crucial that we counter fake news media and Democrats’ lies and non-reporting of Trump’s unprecedented achievements.

Trump has our economy booming. The Labor Department reported that unemployment is 3.5%, a 50-year low. Wages are skyrocketing. Hispanic unemployment continues to plummet to historic lows. Black unemployment is at its lowest ever.

Your fellow patriots joined me, lending their singing voices to enthusiastically sound the rallying cry for our president. The Trump Train 2020 Song website is LIVE! Enjoy the song.  Here is the link to the Facebook page. Please like and share.

So, I jumped into my car to run to the post office. Over the radio, ABC News reported that Trump said the call for impeachment is a sham. The reporter continued saying, “But the allegations are backed up in the record of the phone call.” That is a blatant lie. The transcript exonerates Trump. Do you see the massive coordinated campaign of deception and lies against our president?

The battle for 2020 is on! Let us, “Trust in God and keep your powder dry,” Oliver Cromwell.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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The Purge of Conservatism from America

By: Lloyd Marcus

At the hospital for my annual physical exam, Adam Schiff was on TV in the waiting room. Schiff presented himself as alerting the American people to the “mafia boss” outrageous impeachable demands Trump made during his phone call with the president of Ukraine. Oozing with obnoxious superiority and arrogance, Schiff insidiously deceived viewers to assume he was reciting Trump’s actual words from the phone call. Schiff was lying. Not a single word of what Schiff told the American people that Trump said was in the transcript.

Proving his innocence, Trump released the transcript of the phone call. And yet, fake news media is elated that Democrats are outrageously moving forward with impeaching Trump based solely on Schiff’s lies about what Trump said. It was beyond infuriating watching Schiff boldly smear the president, carried live on all three major networks and cable outlets. Consequently, soccer moms and dads who are busy earning a living will erroneously conclude Trump did something wrong.

I wholeheartedly support Trump’s demand that Schiff should be forced to resign. It is high time that we punish Schiff and his fellow traitorous scumbags. Why aren’t Republicans helping Trump fight the deep-state’s relentless silent coup to reverse the 2016 presidential election?

Trump is the head and we are the body of his unprecedented restore America’s greatness movement. Progressives believe if they can cut on off the head (Trump), they will render us powerless, fearfully scattering and running to the tall grass for cover. Impeaching Trump would be a major victory in progressives’ quest to criminalize and purge conservative thinking from America.

Disturbingly, progressives have concluded that they simply will not tolerate Christianity, patriotism, or pushback against their transformation of America. Progressives’ behavior tells us that if it takes violence to purge conservatives from America, so be it.

A 60-something-year-old friend said a large young man ripped his red MAGA cap from his head at the beach. The deranged bully ripped up the cap and said he was taking it home to burn it. My friend said he replaced his MAGA cap with a variety of Trump caps which read “Trump 2020,” “Keep America Great,” “MAGA” and so on. Undeterred, he wears his Trump caps everywhere.

Progressives demand that we ignore thousands of years of wisdom, common sense, and scientific truths to surrender to their perverted definitions of male and female, while redefining right and wrong.

For example: I caught a glimpse of Bruce Jenner on TV dressed as a woman. I felt sorry for the guy. Clearly, he has mental issues. And yet, anyone daring to state this obvious truth risks totally financial and social destruction. Using public shaming and tyrannical new laws, progressives are purging those who speak truth; bullying us into embracing biological lies and mental illness. We must refuse to allow them to do this to us.

Everywhere you turn, progressives are aggressively demanding the purge of truth and reality. A commercial for “House Hunters” on HGTV featured a lesbian couple. Recent stats say over decades, Americans who identify as LGBT has grown to 5%. If HGTV’s goal was to truly reflect statistical diversity, it would have been more honest to feature a dwarf couple. Because progressives have strategically and relentlessly lied about the percentage of the population that is homosexual, many millennials absurdly believe at least 23% of the population is homosexual.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, entertainment media, major corporations, public education, fake news media, and the Democratic party have partnered to purge conservatism from America.

The purge of conservatism has infected families. I cannot stomach watching children in TV sitcoms and movies treating their parents like peers without authority; children speaking disrespectfully to parents. Fathers are routinely portrayed as idiots. This is a stealth tactic of progressives to instill their lie that government and progressive schoolteachers are superior providers of guidance rather than parents.

Progressive educators have usurped your God-ordained parental authority to raise your children. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Every attack on Trump is really an attack on us, the American people. This is why it is crucially important that we stand firm in our support of Trump against progressives’ no-holds-barred lie-filled campaign to impeach him.

A while ago, I wrote an article noting that Trump is only human. I questioned how much of the American left and deep state pounding away at his character 24/7 can one man take? I called upon Christians to please keep our president in their prayers and affirming their support of his America-first agenda. Rush Limbaugh recently expressed a similar concern. Rush said he believes progressives hope to make Trump physically ill. We must not allow that to happen, folks.

My fellow Americans, president Trump needs your prayers and support more than ever. Please let Trump know that We the People remain rock-solidly entrenched in his corner. I would love to see y’all at the March for Trump rally October 17th. We will not be purged from our country.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood: Killing America With Kindness – hoax 50

By: Linda Goudsmit | Pundicity

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The humanitarian hoax of eternal childhood is a deliberate political strategy to destroy America from within by regressing its chronological adults to emotional children unable to think and behave as rational adults. It is a sinister psychological operation (PSYOPS) designed to invert the growth process and deny Americans the emotional maturity required to support ordered liberty and a free society.

The United States of America is the greatest experiment in individual freedom the world has ever known. Our Founding Fathers drafted a Constitution that rejected monarchy, oligarchy, theocracy, and any form of statism that deprived individual citizens of their individual rights. The United States of America celebrates individualism in a socioeconomic structure that demands the adult attitudes of self-sufficiency, autonomy, and willingness to compete in a system of free market capitalism.

Freedom is an adult enterprise. Individual rights that support freedom require the individual responsibility of rational adult maturity. A society of emotional children cannot sustain itself. This is the key to understanding the insidious scheme to destroy America from within. Does this surprise you? It surprised me.

The 50th and concluding article in the Humanitarian Hoax series brings me back to its beginnings.

In 2011 I published a philosophy book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? that presents a useful paradigm to help us all live our lives as more rational and responsible adults. I had written the manuscript in 1995 to help people understand why they behave the way they do. Unable to find an interested publisher, I put the manuscript away in a drawer.

Sixteen years later I decided to self-publish the manuscript, and my editor remarked that Dear America is very political. What? POLITICAL??

I was very surprised. I hadn’t written the book as political analysis, but rather as a self-help guide for individuals and families desiring to live more constructive lives. The paradigm helps people understand why they do what they do, and explains how it is possible to change behavior. My contention is that problems cannot be solved effectively without understanding the nature of the problem thoroughly – my goal has always been consciousness raising.

What I did not understand in 1995 or in 2011 is that the pervasive pressures for regression I was witnessing throughout society on individuals and families was deliberate. It is difficult for the civilized mind to process such intentional destruction. Of course Dear America is political! Regression has a political purpose. Let me explain.

The globalist elite have been trying to control America since Eisenhower warned the nation against the military/industrial complex. The Deep State is the intelligence arm of the globalist elite who are the industrial component of the military/industrial complex.

The globalist elite identified the essential difference between political ideologies: free market capitalism requires emotional growth and independence, collectivism requires eternal childhood and dependence. This was a political bonanza for the globalists and their tactical decision to collapse America from within using mass social engineering. The battle plan was to regress America’s chronological adults to eternal childhood where they could be easily manipulated and controlled – it is revolution without bullets.

Regressed Americans could be seduced to willingly surrender their individual freedoms for free stuff, and the United States would finally collapse under globalist control. The globalists and their conspirators took direct aim at the three supporting pillars of American greatness and our constitutional republic: faith, flag, and family.

It took 60 years to undermine our traditional American values and make collectivism/socialism/communism fashionable. The 2020 Democrat candidate parade demonstrates the success of the globalist effort. How did they do it?

The humanitarian hucksters promised the people the glories of eternal childhood dependence as liberation! They promised to “liberate” Americans from the burdensome adult responsibilities of freedom. The hoax weaponized narcissism and launched Civil War II: The War Between The Selves. WHAT??

Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? discusses the infantilizing of America. The book describes the universal psychological growth process and is a reminder that we are each individually the sum of our parts and that we are collectively a society that interacts with each of those parts. A state of mind is not fixed. It is constantly shifting along the growth continuum, anywhere from total, infantile narcissism to responsible adulthood.

“Civil War II is not a race war, an economic war, or a war between states. It is a psychological battle between states of mind that will determine who has the power in our society, who is in control. . . .We all begin as children: helpless, dependent, self-absorbed, and completely lacking boundaries. We exist in a state of fusion unable to distinguish self from other. The task of childhood is to emerge from this state of total narcissism. . . The child learns to identify ‘self’ by discovering the reality of ‘other.’

“Chronological age is an uncontested biological accomplishment. Psychological growth is another matter entirely. . . Psychological growth is the universal challenge of childhood. Every society in the world needs its children to grow into physical and psychological adulthood in order to continue the cycle of life. Theoretically, if a society were to remain a nation of children it would necessarily collapse and extinguish itself.” (Dear America p.13-15)

“Narcissism is the natural and appropriate attitude of infancy and early childhood, but it is inappropriate when one advances into adulthood. . . . The responsible adult works for what she wants. The narcissistic adult either snatches it, or demands that someone provide it, usually her family, or the government via social programs funded by the taxpaying, responsible adult. The narcissistic adult is as demanding as the infant.” (Dear America p. 26)

The globalist elite and the corrupt radical leftist Democrats have revived Soviet collectivism and made dependence fashionable. The Leftists are using educational indoctrination and media programming to infantilize America, shatter traditional American values, and sell collectivism to narcissistic adults.

“Civil War II begins as a personal, internal war and eventually finds its way into external society. First, the child battles ‘self’ for control, and then she battles ‘other.’ The inner children of our minds are very egalitarian; they will struggle for control with any rational adult, our own or somebody else’s.” (Dear America p. 18)

The natural and normal inner struggle to grow up psychologically has been deliberately interrupted and politicized to subvert the growth process. The globalist elite need Hillary’s “unaware and compliant public” – a population of infantilized adults who think like children and can be easily controlled. The swagger and adult confidence of Americans in the 50s who made America great has been perversely subverted to achieve childish submission, fear, and fragility that even requires safe spaces from opposing ideas on college campuses.

Children who are indoctrinated toward collectivism/socialism are not allowed to compete (it might hurt someone’s feelings). They are pushed toward passivity and not allowed to strive for excellence. Participation rather than achievement is awarded – every child receives a trophy because awarding achievement might hurt someone else’s feelings. The meritocracy has been abandoned and replaced with a focus on feelings, participation, and group think. Individualism is deliberately rejected in the regressive leftist Democrat vision of America.

Thought precedes behavior. If an individual thinks like a child that individual will vote like a child. If the individual thinks like an adult, that individual will vote like an adult. The 2020 election is a referendum on American sovereignty, independence, and national identity. If our society has been infantilized to the point of collectivism, we will soon find our childish society run by the globalist elite who have been intentionally regressing Americans for six decades through educational indoctrination and mainstream media programming.

All of the 50 Humanitarian Hoax articles in the series are connected by the overarching globalist effort to destabilize America and reduce her people to eternal childhood. The sinister PSYOP (psychological operations) strategy has successfully divided America between rational adults demanding national sovereignty, and infantilized adults demanding socialism and eternal childhood.

Only infantilized adults could accept the weakening of the military, open borders, sanctuary cities, relativism, “convenient” Google Chromebook education, Pearson Education indoctrination, Black-Only College Graduations, the Equality Act, or any other subject covered in the Humanitarian Hoax series as being in the national interest.

Children believe what they are told. They do not require facts and they are easily exploited. A regressed population is as gullible as a child.

The Humanitarian Hoax series exposes Obama’s hope and change as an Orwellian attempt to turn America upside down and inside out. The humanitarian hoaxes are all deceitful political attempts to dupe America into accepting socialism and then, of course, the dystopian new world order of global citizenship promoted by the United Nations.

The November 2020 presidential election will determine the future of America. President Donald J. Trump represents adult independence, freedom, and national sovereignty. The Democrat candidates represent childish dependence and the globalists’ unceasing efforts to replace American democracy with socialism. Here is the dirty political secret of the globalist elite humanitarian hucksters.

Socialism is the prerequisite for the imposition of one world government. One world government is a return to feudalism where the few globalist elite rule the world under the auspices of the corrupt United Nations.

The future will shock the infantilized voters who naively believed their support for collectivism would be liberation, social justice, and income equality. Free stuff is never free – the price for eternal childhood is eternal servitude. The cost of “free” stuff is your freedom.

Civil War II has been waged by the globalist elite to bring socialism to America. The transformation of America was well underway after eight years of Obama’s deceit, and would have been complete if Hillary had been elected. When Donald Trump was elected President in 2016 the globalist elite and their Democrat/RINO conspirators went berserk. The inexorable Democrat march toward socialism was halted. What did they do?

The conspirators launched a coordinated campaign of character assassination against America-first President Donald Trump, and attempted coup d’etat.

Civil War II that began as a personal, internal war has found its way into society. We have arrived at the tipping point of the war between emotional adulthood and eternal childhood – between national sovereignty and globalism. The decisive battle will be fought at the ballot box on November 3, 2020.

President Donald Trump understands the political threat that eternal childhood poses to American productivity and American sovereignty. He understands that American greatness depends on an adult population who embrace the responsibilities and attitudes of adulthood.

President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is exposing the sinister globalist plan to collapse America. POTUS has boldly taken on the Deep State, the Democrats, the colluding RINOS, and the fake news media.

In 1775 when America was still fighting for its independence, Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. The colonists understood the attack on their freedom and the need to repel the British.

Today, 243 years later, America is fighting for its independence once again. President Trump is warning America of a far more insidious attack on its sovereignty that began decades ago with the humanitarian hoax of eternal childhood. This battle is fought without bullets. It is an internal psychological battle between states of mind that must be won psychologically to defeat the sinister globalist challenge to our freedom.

Dear America, we must grow up psychologically. We must be adult. We must defeat narcissism. We must reject socialism. We must reject globalism. We must reject the humanitarian hoax of eternal childhood to keep America great, sovereign, and free.