George Floyd, Riots, Soros, Ferguson 2.0, Here We Go Again

By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound

I have been taking in all of the news the last few days and I have been able to come up with some points that I find interesting or questionable. First of all, the media is not telling us the whole story and they even have me wondering if the whole story has eluded them up to this point.  Mainstream investigative journalism is dead.  You have a few like James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), and John Solomon, both have done amazing work in recent years, but they are the exception, not the rule when it comes to modern media.

If you believe that our major cities are being burned to the ground because a police officer killed a black man, then you are not paying attention.  That is what the thugs are using as an excuse, but I believe this widespread chaos and violence is occurring as criminals take advantage of the situation, knowing that with the number of people in the streets, they can wreak havoc on society without threat of arrest.  The Minnesota governor said this morning that they could not arrest anyone because the number of rioters made it difficult to do so safely.  The National Guard was called in recently, but last night they were MIA along with the police after the crowds ignored the 8:00 PM curfew.

Why have these riots escalated?  There has been little or no resistance up to this point and this has emboldened the anarchists that we are seeing on a nightly basis now.  Another logical question to ask here is, where are these anarchists coming from?  Is it feasible to accept the narrative that all of these people destroying these cities are local?  I don’t doubt that some of them are, but I find it hard to believe that all of these people are locals.  Would this many people help to destroy their own city?

Another point to make from a historical perspective is the willingness of George Soros to pay people to go and riot in cities that have lax law enforcement agencies and leftists in leadership. Soros has even been known to provide transportation to out of town players via busing and other means to take part in the optics. I am not saying that this is the case here but looking at recent riots that used the killing of a black man to incite violence, I think that this must be investigated.

We do know now, that the riots in Ferguson were funded by Soros, and involved the busing in of participants that were involved.  I also have the feeling that the timing here is too convenient for the leftist, masters of the universe that want to see Trump defeated in November.  I’m on the fence about whether it is legitimate to refer to this as a false flag.  Time will tell.

This case is brand new and there are a lot of details to hash out and an investigation that has to take place.  The man that killed George Floyd has been arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter.  3rd degree murder is a gross miscalculation by prosecutors in my opinion. The desire to protect the accused from conviction with an inflated charge would not be a surprise given the fact that this officer had 12 instances where he was accused of using excessive force.

3rd degree murder according to Minnesota State Law states that the accused must have shown intent to inflict bodily harm, resulting in the victim’s death.  The intent to kill is not a factor, prosecutors must only prove that there was intent to inflict bodily harm.  The manslaughter charge here has a much better chance of scoring a conviction, but I find it odd that they would charge him with both murder and manslaughter.  Manslaughter would obviously have a less severe punishment.  That being said, nothing is going to satisfy these punks that are setting fire to our cities so we just have to allow this to play out. Manslaughter should have been the lone charge in this case, as the evidence is not there for anything over and above that.

However, intent to cause bodily harm is difficult to establish, with the lack of movement in the video and the fact that we are not looking at a brutal beating, ala Rodney King.  This is problematic for the prosecution’s charge of murder in the 3rd degree. Not that I’m trying to downplay the brutality of what was done to Mr. Floyd here, but you have to realize that a jury of peers must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the criteria for a 3rd degree murder charge has been established.

I have been a nurse for 13 years, and I understand the damage that was done to this man’s airway and the fragility of that airway, making sever injury or death likely in this scenario.  Possible trauma to the carotid arteries may have also come into play here. I think the lack of action in the video and an illusion of minimal bodily harm will present to a layman very differently and even though we know the end result of the actions here, it is hard to establish that the officer’s intent to cause the victim bodily harm.

The defense will try to blow this off as an unfortunate accident, but I don’t think that they will have to do a lot to establish a lack of intent.  I feel that the prosecution here is trying to charge the officer with something that appeases the rioters, while at the same time realizing that a guilty verdict at least for the murder charge, is unlikely.

The family of the victim, George Floyd, is requesting that they revise the murder charge to 1st degree. I understand their frustration, but it is emotion that drives their request and they do not realize that the severe charge is not what they want in the end, they want a conviction.  1st degree murder requires premeditation and that is not realistic here, given the evidence at hand.  Even handing down a charge of 3rd degree murder may result in a not-guilty verdict for that charge for the reasons I mentioned above.

Manslaughter makes more sense here and raised increases the probability of a conviction on that count in the end as it only requires negligence or a risk that is taken that ultimately results in death. I think that the relevant charge here is manslaughter.  The murder charge is red meat to temporarily satisfy those that are setting our cities ablaze.  But in the end, they will just be disappointed and the chaos will ensue, again.

I don’t think that these riots are widespread as a result of Mr. Floyd’s death. This is an opportunity that the leftists saw to do some damage to society. Not that they haven’t done enough in that department. In the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, God is in control.


Exploiting George Floyd’s Death

By: Lloyd Marcus

99.9% of our American family is saddened and outraged over the wrongful death of George Floyd. We want the responsible police officer prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And yet, rather than bringing our nation together, fake news media and the Democrats are excitedly throwing gasoline on the flames of racial hate and division. Their message is that America is still a hellhole of racism in which blacks are routinely murdered by whites and police. Blacks must continue voting for Democrats to keep racist white America at bay.

As expected, Democrats and fake news media are absurdly blaming Trump for Floyd’s death. These vile human beings in the media will say anyone wearing a MAGA hat is a racist complicit in Floyd’s death. Minneapolis rioters chanted, “Kill the white folks.”

The mayor of Minneapolis absurdly said the riots and looting in response to Floyd’s death are justifiable because they represent 400 years of pent-up black rage. That is such a crock of pandering leftist nonsense. The rioters are nothing more than paid domestic terrorists and ghetto trash exploiting the incident to go on an illegal shopping spree.

The vast majority of the rioters wreaking havoc have never experienced an ounce of racism in their entire lives. Americans have been trained to know they had better kiss blacks’ derrieres at every opportunity or suffer crucifixion by Democrats and fake news media. For crying out loud, beginning in kindergarten, leftist-controlled public schools teach white students that they were born racist scum.  Therefore, all whites must feel forever guilty, apologetic, and accommodating to blacks.

The dirty little secret is Democrats love creating race-based crises because it allows them opportunities to demand more sure-to-fail gazillion-dollar government-fix-it-programs which end up fattening Democrat pockets. Along with selling their lie that America sucks, Democrats believe spreading racial hate and division wins them votes.

When I speak of ghetto trash, I am not referring to poor people. I was raised in an all-black eleven-story high-rise government project in Baltimore, Maryland. Grateful residents kept their apartments immaculate. Other residents were trifling ghetto trash with zero respect for the brand-new building, taking every opportunity to destroy it. I was around nine years old. Everyone told me everything wrong was always the white man’s fault. I said, “How can we stop mean white people from sneaking into our building at night; breaking the elevators, smashing liquor bottles, breaking light bulbs, and urinating in the stairwells?”

Democrats are all over TV exploiting Floyd’s death to falsely claim that blacks are routinely persecuted today the way they were in the 1950s. Democrats and fake news media are behaving as if eight years of America’s first black president never happened.

Sadly, the behavior of one bad cop helps Democrats and fake news media demonize all cops. Data confirms that cops are the greatest defenders of black lives.

In truth, the greatest threat to black lives is other blacks. Democrats and fake news media remain dead silent about 30 to 40 blacks murdering each other every weekend in urban Democrat hellholes like Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Shouldn’t those black lives matter? Where are the outrage and anger?

Democrats and fake news media only care about black lives when it furthers their socialist/communist political agenda.

Democrats and fake news media literally worship Planned Parenthood which targets blacks for abortion. Black women make up only 14% of the country’s childbearing population. And yet, 36% of all aborted babies are black. Democrats and fake news media actually celebrate the death of aborted black babies. Clearly, they are saying black baby lives do not matter.

As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, I am appalled to witness Democrats and fake news media exploiting the tragic death of George Floyd. They are stirring the pot of racial hate to instigate violence while disrespecting blacks as useful idiots.

Blacks have experienced unprecedented prosperity and historic low unemployment under Trump.  To separate black voters from Trump, insidiously evil Democrats will use Floyd’s death to outrageously assert that reelecting Trump will mean open season for police to murder blacks. As baseless and stupid as that sounds, it reflects Democrats’ low opinion of blacks. It is the sort of emotional brain-dead lie Democrats believe will win over easily deceived black voters.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Maoist “Rebellions” in America Inspired by China?

By: Cliff Kincaid

As patriotic Americans salute our astronauts, in space through a public-private partnership of NASA and SpaceX, we are dismayed by the seeming inability of the government at all levels to keep our citizens safe on the ground. It’s time for Congress to reestablish committees designed to expose internal security problems and examine whether some of these agitators are communist terrorists who find their inspiration in history’s greatest mass murderer, Chairman Mao.

Attorney General William P. Barr warned on Saturday that groups of “outside radicals and agitators” are exploiting the George Floyd situation “to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.” Barr added, “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.” What he didn’t say is that the FBI, under his jurisdiction, is clueless about who is planning and organizing the chaos.

President Trump said on Sunday that Antifa, a term referring to the latest incarnation of communists active on American soil, will be designated as a terrorist organization. But there are literally dozens of Marxist or radical organizations that are not covered by the “Antifa” designation.

While Barr noted it is a federal crime to cross state lines to incite or participate in violent rioting and said “We will enforce these laws,” the question remains: who or what is he talking about?

Sadly, the FBI doesn’t investigate communist groups on American soil anymore because some of them are integrated into the Democratic Party, whose congressional members do not go through background checks and yet conduct House oversight of America’s intelligence agencies. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA), once aligned with and funded by Moscow, openly supported Barack Hussein Obama for president in 2008 and 2012. Obama’s CIA director John Brennan voted for the CPUSA in college.

The CPUSA says, “We call on our members and friends to join the protests for justice in every way possible and to make justice for George Floyd part of every demonstration going forward.” The Movement for Black Lives calls the riots “rebellions” and is active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  “We are rising up by every means,” they say.

Some communist groups are still loyal to the memory of Chairman Mao, who said in his Little Red Book, “Every Communist must grasp the truth: ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’”

Mao’s 1968 statement in “Support of the Afro-American Struggle Against Violent Repression” in the United States is significant in this regard. Mao used the occasion of the Martin Luther King assassination riots in more than 100 American cities to declare that “The struggle of the Black people in the United States for emancipation is a component part of the general struggle of all the people of the world against U.S. imperialism, a component part of the contemporary world revolution.”

For those unfamiliar with Marxist jargon, this means that communists have been exploiting blacks to make America into a communist state. This is still the communist mission.

During a time when conservatives find themselves increasingly censored by social media, the communists are able to organize without any hindrance whatsoever. Dan Scavino Jr., who handles social media for President Trump, wrote, “Twitter is targeting the President of the United States 24/7, while turning their heads to protest organizers who are planning, plotting, and communicating their next moves daily on this very platform…” Those protests, of course, quickly turned violent, to the point where the Minnesota governor finally called out the National Guard to restore order after the Democratic Party mayor of Minneapolis refused to act.

The existence of a major communist threat, China, makes some of these organizations devoted to agitation worthy of close scrutiny.

One Maoist group, the Progressive Labor Party, is “a communist organization that fights to smash capitalism and class society in order to establish a communist world!” and operates a newspaper called Challenge, with headlines about “police terror” and the “kkkiller cops.” It has a web site and is also present on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Its “Capitalism is the Virus. Communism is the Cure” video is available on YouTube.

These American Maoists use American freedoms to organize against our institutions and our system of government.

American Maoist Bob Avakian started out with the SDS and the Revolutionary Union before running the Revolutionary Communist Party and setting up his own institute. He has broken ranks with another SDS leader, Mark Rudd, who was a member of the terrorist Weather Underground and has recently signed a letter endorsing “capitalist Democrat” Joe Biden for president. Avakian accuses Rudd of a “reformist accommodation” to the “monstrous system” of American capitalism.

Rudd’s fingerprints were once found in a  Weather Underground bomb factory, a location that included Chinese and Russian pamphlets and books on communist revolution.

It has been dawning on many that China has been interfering in our internal and sovereign affairs. “Today,” President Trump said on Friday, “I will issue a proclamation to better secure our nation’s vital university research and to suspend the entry of certain foreign nationals from China who we have identified as potential security risks.”

Trump should ask his FBI director Christopher Wray to take a hard look at the “potential security risks” in various communist groups on the streets of America and ascertain whether they are operating at the direction of Beijing.

Congress, or at least the Senate, has a role to play, too. Senators can review the work of the old congressional committees on un-American activities and internal security problems, such as the 1971 hearings on the Progressive Labor Party, the 1973 report on “America’s Maoists” in the Revolutionary Union and the Venceremos Organization, and reports on the Weather Underground and Workers World Party. All of these groups are still around in one form or another.

FBI informant Herbert Philbrick’s 1965 book, Communism and Race in America, is another good place to look. He discusses communist use of front groups and its “dialectical approach” to subversion that emphasizes how anything which creates tension in society “is a part of the path of progress,” from the communist point of view.

Chances are, however, that none of these volumes is in the FBI library.

Before more lives are lost, Senator Marco Rubio, the new acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, can order immediate hearings into what, if anything, FBI director Wray has done about investigating terrorist networks.

If the answer, as expected, is that he considers them legitimate political organizations, he should be fired immediately.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


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“Conservative” GOP Senator Labeled as “Pot Whore” by Critics

By: Cliff Kincaid

The Soros-funded American Bridge organization notes that Democrats only need to win four seats to take back the majority in the Senate and claims that, right now, Democrats are tied or leading in eight. It says, “Mitch McConnell is in danger of losing his seat, and Democrats are surging in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.” Colorado is perhaps the most interesting race, as the incumbent Republican Senator, Cory Gardner of Colorado, is running for re-election as a “common-sense conservative” who serves the needs of the marijuana industry and the potheads who depend on it.

Attorney David Evans, Senior Counsel to Cannabis Industry Victims Educating Litigators (CIVEL), stated that “Many of us, including physicians, have communicated with Gardner or his staff over the years to inform them about the damage that marijuana is causing to our public health and safety and our kids. Mothers who have lost children to marijuana addiction or marijuana-related suicide or mental illness have joined us in this effort. Despite knowing the damage that he is causing, Gardner has time and again chosen the pot industry over our health and our kids. I am a conservative and I am ashamed of him. He is a pot whore.”

Those unfamiliar with Gardner’s dependence on the dope industry should take a few moments to review the Politico story, “Cory Gardner’s marijuana problem,” about how the Senator is trying to persuade his Senate Republican colleagues to back his quest for passage of federal marijuana banking legislation. The piece reveals how Gardner is a marijuana zealot, something you would expect from someone with a financial interest in the industry.

The prospect of big money changing hands is what the FBI is now openly warning about in a podcast on corruption in the marijuana industry. The FBI podcast discusses bribes for politicians stemming from expensive licenses to operate pot shops where they grow and sell drugs.

The Politico story, which fails to emphasize in any way the dangers of marijuana, wonders if Gardner can somehow get marijuana banking legislation passed so that the industry can expand its profits and the number of pothead users. That’s how more money is made – addiction. It a product that brings the customers coming back for more.

Gardner’s “Marijuana Moment” is all about passing this legislation so that the Big Marijuana movement, initially backed by Democratic Party donor George Soros, can expand into the Republican Party and back Gardner for re-election this fall. It’s all a pipe dream. Conservatives are deserting Gardner in droves.

Gardner seems unconcerned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives was ridiculed for loading up a stimulus bill with 68 pro-cannabis references. The bill, called the Heroes Act, was dead on arrival in the Senate, and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell wondered why the legislation emphasized the “health” of the marijuana industry over the health of American workers thrown out of their jobs by the China virus.

Gardner’s aides are quoted as saying he’s doing his best for the dopers but keeps running into roadblocks.

However, there is a ray of light. “Last week,” the article said, “he [Gardner] met with top White House adviser Jared Kushner to tout cannabis banking as a tool for economic recovery, said a friend of Gardner’s and two lobbyists.” Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law and regarded as liberal on marijuana issues.

While cable channels like CNBC hype “pot stocks” as money makers, treating dope as helpful to “economic recovery” sounds like something out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, where the drug Soma was prescribed for the obedient population. it’s how “progressives” recruit hopeless and homeless people into an army of addicts ready to vote for the likes of AOC and Bernie (and even Joe Biden, who is now pro-marijuana).

Is this a viable path forward for Republicans?

Judging by the Politico story, most Republican Senators reject that approach and recognize Gardner as a loser who is desperate to please the marijuana industry so that he can reap the “benefits” in the form of campaign contributions.

The state of Colorado, the base of the Big Marijuana industry, is trending blue, the author tells us, but “blue” is really green, meaning marijuana money and plants to harvest and smoke. This is a case study of how an industry that depends on addicting people to a mind-altering substance can take over a state and make its Democratic Party and even some Republican politicians into mindless slaves.

Gardner campaign spokesman Meghan Graf is quoted in the piece as assuring the dope lobby that Gardner will continue to work to make it easier for marijuana businesses to get easy access to tons of money through the national banking system. In effect, he wants to make it easier to launder drug money, since the drug is still illegal on the federal level.

The Senator seems to have a single-minded focus, even fixation, on pleasing the dope masters in Colorado and nationwide. The National Cannabis Industry Association is based in Colorado, with a government and media relations staff working out of its Capitol Hill office in Washington, D.C.

The false advertising by Gardner, whose Senate re-election website touts him as a “Common Sense Conservative,” is evident. He says he must win this November in order to protect the Republicans’ Senate Majority but the polls show him down by as many as 18 points to his likely Democratic Party opponent, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Gardner is drawing only 36 percent, a reflection of the fact that many conservative Republicans won’t even support him.

Politico reported that Gardner’s campaign declined to make him available for an interview “but encouraged a number of emissaries from the cannabis industry to reach out” to the publication “and make the case for his value as an industry ally.”

In effect, Gardner is pleading with people to support the dope who protects the dope. No wonder Republican Senators are balking at such a pitch.

Gardner must know in his heart and “soul” that he is destined to lose the seat and that he will bounce back next year as a lobbyist for Big Marijuana. That is the only explanation that makes any sense. Like former Republican House Speaker John Boehner, who became a pot lobbyist, Gardner can provide an additional Republican veneer to a movement started by Soros. So Gardner will go through the motions of running for re-election, knowing that his goose is cooked.

The problem for President Trump is that this may guarantee that Trump will lose the state as well, as conservative turn-out is depressed and many decide to eventually escape the cannabis hell-hole of Colorado after not voting for Gardner. It’s just common sense.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Sanction China by Stopping World Bank Loans to CCP

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Decoupling the United States from China is a convoluted and complicated process. Some lawmakers make it sound easy and say we should just terminate manufacturing agreements by U.S. companies and bring it stateside. Ah, but hold on… it is important to know some other details that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are not telling you.

Consider the items below:

1.  A Commerce Department official warned Congress recently that China is raising billions of dollars in U.S. capital markets and the activity could undermine American security.

Nazak Nikakhtar, assistant secretary for international trade at the Commerce Department, testified last month that Chinese companies raised $48 billion from American capital markets from 2013 through the end of last year.

Ms. Nikakhtar told the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission that 172 Chinese companies in September were listed on the three largest U.S. exchanges — Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange, and the NYSE American — with a total market capitalization of more than $1 trillion. More here.

Confucius Institutes and U.S. Exchange Programs: Public ...

2. Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and two Chinese nationals who were researchers at Boston University and a Boston hospital were charged by the U.S. Justice Department with lying about their purported links to the Chinese government. But hold on, it is much worse. China has a real impact on all levels of the U.S. education system. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued a 96-page report describing the Confucius Institute and how those agreements work with domestic universities. Further, major universities failed to report the other monies they receive from China among other countries. It is shocking how foreign money has infiltrated the U.S. education system and to learn which country does what and how much, click here.

China moon landing: Spacecraft makes first landing on moon ...

3. China launched its Long March 5B rocket into space. This is an effort by China to build a modular space station. It did, however, fall out of orbit falling for the most part into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa near the Ivory Coast. Additionally, as China continues to launch at least 12 more space operations it already has landed on the dark side of the moon. China and Russia are in fact collaborating on lunar operations including shared bases. Russia’s operations coordinating with China are centered and funded by Roscosmos for Space Activities and the Skolkovo Foundation. This is the foundation where Hillary Clinton created U.S. technology (Silicon Valley) and Skolkovo via the Clinton Foundation via a major donor known as Viktor Vekselberg. This is the other scandal of technology transfer(s) to rogue nations.

4. We are already somewhat versed in Chinese complicity in the pandemic and the World Health Organization but let’s go to the World Bank, shall we? As of early 2019, China was sitting on cash reserves of some $3 trillion. It is the world’s second-largest economy, behind the U.S. It directly lends more money to other nations each year than the $2 billion or so it borrows from the World Bank annually. The World Bank, based in Washington, D.C., was established after World War II to help European countries rebuild. Its mission has evolved over the years and is now to finance development in low- and middle-income countries with the goal of eliminating extreme poverty.

From NPR, “Flush With Cash, China Continues to Borrow Billions From The World Bank“:

“From a pure economic vantage point, there is no good reason for the World Bank to continue making loans to China,” says Eswar Prasad, a professor of economics at Cornell University.

“The Chinese don’t need the money,” Prasad says. “There is a glaring optics problem.” He adds that the argument could be made that the money lent to China could be put to better use elsewhere.

And it’s not as if the World Bank has an infinite amount of money to parcel out. Its lending budget, drawn from reserves, donations and the interest it earns on capital, is limited. So a dollar lent to China is a dollar that is not available for a project somewhere else in the world. The Trump administration, which regularly beats up on China, accusing it of manipulating global trade rules for its own benefit, has blasted the World Bank for lending too much to China.

Prasad says the World Bank’s lending to China is becoming “untenable” and will have to stop fairly soon.

Bert Hofman, the World Bank’s country director for China, says the amount of money China is borrowing each year from the global bank is just a small fraction of what the country is investing each year in domestic programs. And he believes that motivation for China’s borrowing goes beyond money.

“The reason they still borrow is because they feel that the expertise of the World Bank is valuable to them,” Hofman says.

World Bank loans come with advisers and auditors who help implement (and monitor) bank-funded projects.

China gets access to international experts. The World Bank remains engaged with China and is able to see how new projects play out in this booming middle-income country. Hofman sees it as a win-win.

Prasad agrees that there are still some good reasons for the World Bank to remain engaged with China. Many of the bank’s loans to China are for projects addressing climate change and mitigating pollution from the country’s booming factories.

“The risk the World Bank faces is that if it only lends to very poor countries, it might end up not having much of a role to play in the large, fast-growing emerging-market economies,” Prasad says. “So the World Bank, in a bid to remain relevant and push its agenda on issues such as climate change and social development, has continued to lend to China.” More here.

*** The World Bank said its board adopted a new plan to aid China with $1 billion to $1.5 billion in low-interest loans annually through June 2025, despite the objections of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and several U.S. lawmakers.

World Bank approves $300mn for agriculture reforms in ...

Mnuchin told a House Financial Services Committee hearing that the Treasury’s representative on the board had objected to the plan on Wednesday, adding he wants the World Bank to “graduate” China from its concessional loan programs for low- and middle-income countries.

The five-year lending strategy plan was published on Thursday afternoon after the World Bank’s board “expressed broad support” for the multilateral development lender’s engagement in China’s structural and environmental reforms.

The World Bank said its lending would decline over the “country partnership framework” plan, in line with reforms agreed under a $13 billion capital increase agreed in 2018.

The World Bank loaned China $1.3 billion in the fiscal 2019 year ended June 30, down from about $2.4 billion during fiscal 2017. The new plan calls for lending to “gradually decline” from the previous five-year average of $1.8 billion.

“Lending levels may fluctuate up and down from year to year due to normal pipeline management based on project readiness,” the World Bank said in its plan.

*** So we have a collection of reparation options due to the pandemic when it comes to China, we have them building a space battlefield, we have corruption within China and now we have the U.S. at major odds with the Chinese Communist Party who is in violation of the One Country, Two Systems Act of 1997 with regard to Hong Kong. Secretary of State Pompeo declared to Congress that Hong Kong was no longer autonomous with The CCP in control which is correct but this will spark continued hostilities between the two nations even as naval conflicts continue in the South China Sea.

None of this will be easy but the reader should know more details to assess what may be ahead in global relations.


Meet Doug Letter, Pelosi’s Go-To Lawyer

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

In litigation against President Trump, look no further than Douglas Letter hired almost two years ago by Speaker Pelosi. Whether it is the House seeking access to Donald Trump’s private tax records, coordinating impeachment operations, filing amicus briefs, border wall litigation, benefits to illegal aliens and getting legal citizenship or most of all gaining the redacted Mueller investigation documents, Letter has been involved in an estimated 31 case actions at the behest and approval of Nancy Pelosi.

Doug Letter was hired in December of 2018 and came with a resume that included serving as the Director of the Civil Division Appellate Staff at the Department of Justice where he spent 40 years. He is a senior litigator at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University Law Center. After graduating from Berkeley Law School, he joined the DoJ and argued more than 200 cases before the Supreme Court. Additionally, he was the White House Associate Counsel to President Clinton, the Deputy Associate Attorney under Janet Reno and Senior Counsel to Eric Holder.

Meanwhile, the House Republicans have hired Charles (Chuck) Cooper. At least 20 House Republicans are suing Nancy Pelosi on the matter of proxy voting. It should be noted that the proxy vote on the issue of re-upping the FISA legislation was pulled late in the day allegedly because President Trump said he would veto the bill. Gotta wonder if it was really due to the lawsuit.

Chuck Cooper, the Other Lawyer in Gay-Marriage Case - WSJ

Charles Cooper and Doug Letter for sure know each other from their time at the Department of Justice. Cooper represented big names such as Jeff Sessions during the recusal on Russian interference. Then there was John Ashcroft and John Bolton where it was slated that he was possibly scheduled to testify during the impeachment inquiry.

Cooper began working too in the Civil Rights Division at the DoJ in 1981 and was appointed Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel during the Reagan administration. Cooper’s law firm, Cooper and Carvin, in private practice, had legal alumni such as Senator(s) Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz along with Victor Wolski a federal judge and Solicitor General Noel Francisco. Cooper has argued 7 cases before the Supreme Court and previously clerked for Justice William Renquist.

The House Republicans lawsuit is found here.

House Democrats installed the new rules on proxy voting on a largely party line vote of 217 to 189. Republicans argued that the move bucks the chamber’s institutional history and sets a dangerous precedent.

On Wednesday, the House Rules Committee is slated to hold the chamber’s first remote hearing under the new rules. Each panel must hold a practice hearing, followed by two virtual sessions. Once those steps are completed, a panel can hold a markup by video conference as well.

The House Ways and Means Committee is also slated to hold its first remote hearing later Wednesday.

At this time, the panels will use Cisco Webex to hold the virtual hearings.

For much of the past two months, the chamber’s regular business largely came to a halt and has since only held a handful of votes related to coronavirus legislation. The chamber’s meeting of what is now 431 members and additional support staff have proved particularly problematic amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Reopen America Now!

By: Lloyd Marcus

Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, was a beautiful sunny day. Mary and I left our West Virginia home to make the 40-mile trek to Walmart and Home Depot in Virginia. We drove past a Virginia megachurch which usually has state cops directing traffic for the congregation. The parking lot was empty with a large “closed” sign. Meanwhile, Walmart and Home Depot parking lots were packed.

Around 50% of shoppers wore masks. Absurdly, I saw toddlers wearing masks which were particularly annoying. Professor Dolores J. Cahill, PhD is a highly credentialed and respected Immunologist and Molecular Biologist. Prof. Cahill, world-renowned Dr. Russel Blaylock, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and countless other scientists around the world say wearing masks is dangerous.

Prof. Cahill explains that coronavirus is not transmitted through the air. It is transmitted through droplets on surfaces. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to wear a mask and no need for social distancing. Prof. Cahill says when you are covered with a mask, you have less oxygen which puts your immune system under stress. Because you are under immune stress, latent viruses in your body will reappear. You will have more coronavirus and other latent viruses will reemerge. The bottom line, fake news media insidiously hyping fear is harming children. Which is not new. Everything leftists cram down the throats of the public always harms people.

At Home Depot, not only did the young woman who mixed my paint wear a mask, she spoke to me from behind a Plexiglas window. Stopping for gas at a tiny West Virginia convenience store, a masked staffer stood guard at the door restricting the number of customers allowed inside. The two checkout clerks worked from behind newly installed glass walls; both wore masks. Dollar General had strips of Duct tape 6 feet apart on the sidewalk to ensure that patrons are socially distanced outside.

Health experts’ predictions of catastrophic deaths were wrong. Over 98% of people who get coronavirus recover. And yet, in just a few months, fear and political exploitation have taken us from a booming economy to living in a nightmare apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Americans are suffering Great Depression levels of unemployment, over-stressed food banks, skyrocketing suicides, and Democrats urinating on the Constitution, declaring themselves our supreme dictators. Observing all the extreme restrictions and precautions, I thought, “Dear Lord, we are experiencing nationwide hysteria.”

My skin crawls whenever I hear fake news media and Democrats on TV scolding and branding Americans selfish for desiring to reopen their businesses to serve the public and feed their families.

Always believing themselves smarter than God, wicked Democrats are actually advocating that we social distance from now on. God built us to withstand viruses. And yet, these arrogant knuckleheads say humans must never again interact the way they have since the beginning of time. Every day, I ask myself, “What on earth is wrong with these people?”

Back in April when Trump announced plans to reopen America, I noticed that Democrat and a few RINO governors immediately tripled down on their crazy edicts such as all shoppers must wear masks. Their wicked game plan is to stop America from reopening and convince voters that Trump is deadly.

Despite Trump proven innocent, Democrats continue promoting the lie that Trump stole the presidency via collusion with Russia. They impeached him, falsely accusing him of making illegal demands on a phone call with the president of Ukraine. These illegal schemes along with others have failed to end Trump’s presidency. Using the coronavirus lock-down to destroy the American economy is Democrats’ and fake news medias’ last hope of removing this pro-Christian, America-first Neanderthal from the Oval Office.

Therefore, these months leading to the November election are going to be a battle like you have never seen before. If you think Democrats and fake news media have behaved badly thus far, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In June, Mary and I will leave our almost-Heaven West Virginia home, flying to the West Coast to tour with the Conservative Campaign Committee on their “Operation Restore America” initiative.

A guy sent me an email saying both political parties are corrupt. While that may be true, we cannot stop fighting to turn our country around. God miraculously gave us President Trump. Realizing that the Israelites prevailed in battle when Moses’ hands were in the air, Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms. We must hold up Trump’s arms to make America great again, again.

America recently celebrated Memorial Day. It would be a devastating slap in the face to the brave men and women who died for our freedom to allow Democrats and fake news media to transform us into a socialist/communist nation.

Unfortunately, fake news media has so successfully filled some conservatives with fear of coronavirus that they accept Democrats repealing our constitutional liberties. Incredibly, they want this unnecessary lock-down which is literally destroying our country to continue.

Folks, those of us who love freedom and America must be the adults in the room, firmly demanding that this insane lock-down end immediately. God is on our side.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Coronavirus Produces All-Time Record Gun Sales – and New Gun Control

By: Travis Olander | 80-Lower.com

Travis Olander manages 80-Lower.com, offering 80% lowers, AR-15 kits, and gunsmithing parts for shooters and Second Amendment enthusiasts.

Through March and April, Americans flocked to gun stores, emptied the digital shelves of online gun dealers, and collectively set monthly sales records. Yet as Coronavirus spread across the country and states were left to decide how to handle lockdowns and quarantines, many Democrat governors and officials used the opportunity to close gun stores. While groups lobbied the White House to deem gun stores essential businesses, Americans turned to a niche part of the firearm market often overlooked: At-home gun build kits.

Coined “ghost guns” by those on the left, these kits allow enthusiasts to machine their own firearms from parts at home. The Gun Control Act of 1968 allows any individual who can otherwise legally own a gun to build one from scratch, no license or paperwork required. The process requires some relatively advanced tooling and machinist’s know-how. Yet while these gun-making kits have been available years, they’re experiencing new scrutiny – and a new wave of popularity among Second Amendment advocates – in the age of Coronavirus.

Legally, these kits are not considered firearms so they can be ordered and shipped directly to any humble abode. While many gun stores struggle to meet demand and others battle their state legislators to even stay open, veteran and first-time buyers are turning to these DIY kits. This drew ire from Senate Democrats who, led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), introduced a bill to ban such kits altogether. The bill also requires all firearms to be serialized by January 1, 2022.

Elsewhere, Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) introduced H.R. 5717, a bill that would impose a 30% ammo tax and 50% tax on all firearm sales at the federal level. In Arizona, Michael Bloomberg dumped dollars into anti-gun propaganda while state Senator Rebecca Rios (D) co-sponsored S.B. 1625, yet another state-level assault weapon ban.

The legislative halls of Congress are not the only places lawmakers are attempting to derail the Second Amendment. As the FBI and ATF struggle to keep up with record demand for gun sale background checks, Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Blumenthal sent a letter to the agencies asking them to halt pending gun sales. Currently, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has three days to complete a background check for a pending sale. If it cannot complete the check, gun dealers can process the transaction for the buyer.

Legislation has been introduced to overturn this rule which guarantees Americans’ Second Amendment rights cannot be delayed by proxy indefinitely. H.R. 1112, sponsored by Democrat Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, would allow the ATF and FBI to stop any gun sales in perpetuity by negating the time requirements for completing background checks.

While gun-related crimes and homicides have been on a steady and significant decline over the last two decades, it’s common knowledge that gun sales and gun rights cause violent reactions, even physical attacks, from anti-gun advocates. Coronavirus has only exacerbated this phenomenon: According to the Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting organization, handgun sales have increased by 91% since last year. Long guns, by 73.6%. The FBI reported over 3.7 million background checks in March, followed by 2.9 million more in April. If true, that means over 6.6 million firearms were added to Americans’ homes in just 60 days, excluding gun kit sales.

With the presidential election fast approaching and Coronavirus amplifying the line of scrimmage between conservative constitutionalists and liberal authoritarians, gun control is sure to be an issue that comes to a head in 2020.