Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – Post Surgery

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Garry was in the hospital over a span of five days. Turns out it was not a bowel obstruction, but his gallbladder. The stones had migrated to his liver duct which measured a whopping 2 cm. If they had gone further they would have entered the pancreas and that would have been even worse. The doctor said the gallbladder membrane was so thin it was getting ready to fall apart which could have caused sepsis.

Garry had two procedures over two days. The first to remove the stones from the liver duct. They implanted a stent that will be removed in 6 to 8 weeks. The next day, the gallbladder was removed. Both procedures went very well. Garry’s pain is gone and things have pretty much returned to normal. He is home and resting now.

Thank you for all of your prayers as we go forward with this.

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When the Roads Closed in Wuhan Last October

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

This is what global intelligence agencies are searching for… answers. It was determined that the roads around the Wuhan Laboratory in question were closed by the lack of cell phone activity. How is that possible? There are in fact several telecom/research firms around the globe that monitor traffic and for two weeks in October, there was almost no activity. Deeper investigations are underway.

In part from an NBC News article published May 8, 2020: WASHINGTON — A private analysis of cellphone location data purports to show that a high-security Wuhan laboratory studying coronaviruses shut down in October, three sources briefed on the matter told NBC News. U.S. spy agencies are reviewing the document, but intelligence analysts examined and couldn’t confirm a similar theory previously, two senior officials say.

The report — obtained by the London-based NBC News Verification Unit — says there was no cellphone activity in a high-security portion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Oct. 7 through Oct. 24, 2019, and that there may have been a “hazardous event” sometime between Oct. 6 and Oct. 11. Because the Wuhan lab is a high-security facility in an adversary nation studying dangerous pathogens, it is a collection target for several U.S. intelligence agencies, multiple officials told NBC News. Data gathered would include mobile phone signals, communications intercepts, and overhead satellite imagery, the officials said.

Analysts are now examining what was collected in October and November for clues suggesting any anomalies at the lab, officials said. Congressional intelligence committees have also been given the document, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-FL) appeared to be alluding to it or a similar report in a tweet on Wednesday.

“Would be interesting if someone analyzed commercial telemetry data at & near Wuhan lab from Oct-Dec 2019,” Rubio tweeted. “If it shows dramatic drop off in activity compared to previous 18 months it would be a strong indication of an incident at lab & of when it happened.”

As noted also within the article, nothing yet is conclusive.


Interesting to note, however, it seems that another shutdown in Wuhan happened in January if those reports are found accurate regarding the empty roads and void of cell phone traffic.

From MIT Technology in part: On January 22, China took the extraordinary step of shutting down all transportation in the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first began. The measure effectively put 11 million people under quarantine, which is still ongoing as public health officials work to treat individuals who have fallen ill and stop the spread of the virus. As satellite images shared with MIT Technology Review by Planet Labs and Maxar Technologies show, the metropolis has ground to a halt. Bridges and roads are empty. The city’s train stations are deserted. Wuhan’s normally busy airport has completely ceased operations.

Photo Credits: Top photo Before The Wuhan Train Station surrounded by an enormous amount of traffic on the roads. Bottom photo After Traffic around the station evaporated following the quarantine. Trains have not been running since its implementation on January 22. PLANET LABS

Also in January of 2020:

The World Health Organization has denied a media report that claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping personally asked WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom to ‘delay a global warning’ regarding the coronavirus outbreak during a phone call in January.

The German news outlet, Der Spiegel, published a report citing intelligence from the country’s Federal Intelligence Service, known as the ‘Bundesnachrichtendienst’ (BND), that China “urged” the WHO to “delay a global warning” about the coronavirus outbreak. As per the report, the intelligence found that Xi and Tedros spoke by phone on January 21 during which the Chinese President “urged” the WHO chief to “hold back information about a human-to-human transmission and to delay a pandemic warning.” “The BND estimates that China’s information policy lost four to six weeks to fight the virus worldwide,” the report further added.

The WHO noted on Saturday that “China confirmed human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus on Jan. 20.” The WHO publicly declared on Jan. 22 that “data collected … suggests that human-to-human transmission is taking place in Wuhan.” The organization declared coronavirus a pandemic in March. 

China's Silk Road and global health - The Lancet

If a country is not part of the China Silk Road Initiative then cooperation of any sort is limited as noted from their own website –>

China and International Community Work

Together to Build Health Silk Road

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly across the globe, China has made tremendous contributions to the international cooperation on combating the virus. China has actively conducted cooperation with the participating countries for the Belt and Road Initiative and international organizations, through mutual support and assistance as well as solidarity, to tide over the difficulties, in joint efforts to build the Health Silk Road and promote the global community of shared future for mankind.

As of March 31st, Chinese government has provided 120 countries and 4 international organizations with aid supplies including medical masks, N95 respirators, protective gowns, NAT kits and ventilators. Chinese local authorities have donated medical supplies to 50 countries through international sister-city channel. Chinese enterprises have donated medical supplies to over 100 countries and international organizations. Up to April 7th, China has sent 11 batches of medical specialist teams to 9 countries comprised of Italy, Serbia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Venezuela, and the Philippines. China has unreservedly shared the anti-contagion information with the international community, shared the pandemic prevention and control, treatment and other technology documents with over 100 countries and 10 international and regional organizations, established the online knowledge center for the pandemic and the expert tank for international cooperation, and held more than 40 conferences on technology exchanges via remote video with over 100 countries and regions. China has donated 20 million USD to WHO in support of anti-pandemic international cooperation organized by WHO.


According to China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the chance that exotic pathogens could be brought into the country has dramatically increased (7). Our new BSL-4 facility will play an integral role in preventing and controlling highly pathogenic microbes. To safely operate this facility, we designed a training program that ensures all personnel meet the institutional, national, and international standards for working in maximum-containment laboratories.

In preparation for the opening of the Wuhan BSL-4, we engaged in short- and long-term personnel exchanges focused on biosafety training through international cooperation (8). Four staff members visited the P4 Jean Mérieux-Inserm Laboratory in Lyon, France; 2 visited Galveston National Laboratory, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas, USA; and 1 visited the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Victoria, Australia for training and certification on BSL-4 laboratory operations, maintenance, and scientific or support work. These members are now the main instructors for our BSL-4 laboratory user training program.

Rather than being standardized, our training is specialized to fundamentally cover different BSL-4 users, including administrators and management, biosafety professionals, operations and maintenance staff, and researchers and technicians who currently work in the laboratory. The theoretical coursework is designed to help trainees understand the features of the BSL-4 laboratory and prepares them to enter the laboratory environment. We constructed the first BSL-4 training laboratory in China with the sole purpose of providing hands-on practicum for staff. This laboratory gives staff a safe environment in which they can learn all routine and emergency procedures of high-containment laboratories without the risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens. In addition, we developed an online training management software tool to support the training program and track participants’ progress towards certification.

We plan to incorporate additional user training, such as training for temporary or visiting workers from outside the institution who currently do not have access to our laboratory. In addition, we are planning specific training designed for emergency first responders, such as security staff at the institute and the city’s police and fire departments. Because these groups are tasked with responding to incidents, such as terrorism or fires, they need to be familiar with the complex design and mechanical and engineering features of the BSL-4 facility. Our expanded training will orient them to the laboratory and its operating systems so they can respond as safely as possible to any emergency at our facility.

Our rigorous training program will reduce the risk of harm or exposure to laboratory staff working with highly pathogenic agents. We encouraged all laboratory users to provide feedback and thoughts regarding how to improve and further advance our training program. China intends to build 5–7 high-containment laboratories by 2025 (9). Our BSL-4 laboratory worker training system is the starting point for developing national norms for high-containment laboratory training and preparing qualified, maximum biocontainment laboratory scientists and facility operations specialists. More detail here.

Before you go… here is an interesting item on China tracking cell phone users and how that data is used. Welcome to the Chinese Communist Party… check yourself at the door.

BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) – When the man from Hangzhou returned home from a business trip, the local police got in touch. They had tracked his car by his license plate in nearby Wenzhou, which has had a spate of coronavirus cases despite being far from the epicenter of the outbreak. Stay indoors for two weeks, they requested.

After around 12 days, he was bored and went out early. This time, not only did the police contact him, so did his boss. He had been spotted near Hangzhou’s West Lake by a camera with facial recognition technology, and the authorities had alerted his company as a warning.

“I was a bit shocked by the ability and efficiency of the mass surveillance network. They can basically trace our movements with the AI technology and big data at any time and any place,” said the man, who asked not to be identified for fear of repercussions.

Chinese have long been aware that they are tracked by the world’s most sophisticated system of electronic surveillance. The coronavirus emergency has brought some of that technology out of the shadows, providing the authorities with a justification for sweeping methods of high tech social control.

Artificial intelligence and security camera companies boast that their systems can scan the streets for people with even low-grade fevers, recognize their faces even if they are wearing masks and report them to the authorities.

If a coronavirus patient boards a train, the railway’s “real name” system can provide a list of people sitting nearby.

Mobile phone apps can tell users if they have been on a flight or a train with a known coronavirus carrier, and maps can show them locations of buildings where infected patients live.

Although there has been some anonymous grumbling on social media, for now Chinese citizens seem to be accepting the extra intrusion, or even embracing it, as a means to combat the health emergency.

“In the circumstances, individuals are likely to consider this to be reasonable even if they are not specifically informed about it,” said Carolyn Bigg, partner at law firm DLA Piper in Hong Kong.


Telecoms companies have long quietly tracked the movements of their users. China Mobile promoted this as a service this week, sending text messages to Beijing residents telling them they can check where they have been over the past 30 days. It did not explain why users might need this, but it could be useful if they are questioned by the authorities or their employers about their travel.

“In the era of big data and internet, the flow of each person can be clearly seen. So we are different from the SARS time now,” epidemiologist Li Lanjuan said in an interview with China’s state broadcaster CCTV last week, comparing the outbreak to a virus that killed 800 people in 2003.

“With such new technologies, we should make full use of them to find the source of infection and contain the source of infection.”

The industry ministry sent a notice to China’s AI companies and research institutes this week calling on them to help fight the outbreak. Companies have responded with a flurry of announcements touting the capabilities of their technology.

Facial recognition firm Megvii said on Tuesday it had developed a new way to spot and identify people with fevers, with support from the industry and science ministries. Its new “AI temperature measurement system”, which detects temperature with thermal cameras and uses body and facial data to identify individuals, is already being tested in a Beijing district.

SenseTime, another leading AI firm, said it has built a similar system to be used at building entrances, which can identify people wearing masks, overcoming a weakness of earlier technology. Surveillance camera firm Zhejiang Dahua says it can detect fevers with infrared cameras to an accuracy within 0.3ºC.

In an interview with state news agency Xinhua, Zhu Jiansheng of the China Academy of Railway Sciences explained how technology can help the authorities find people who might be exposed to a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case on a train.

“We will retrieve relevant information about the passenger, including the train number, carriage number and information on passengers who were close to the person, such as people sitting three rows of seats before and after the person,” he said.

“We will extract the information and then provide it to relevant epidemic prevention departments.”


Italy: Is Coronavirus paving the way for dictatorial powers?

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

For years I have focused on the cruel and needless suffering of the Christian Copts of Egypt. Religiously inspired laws and the dictates of a regime governing the Islamic State has always been the enemy of the Egyptian Copts. Long ago a barbaric Islamic army invaded and occupied the Pharaoh’s land, for centuries ruling with severity the native Christians. Islam ruled with barbarity and deception.

Is the rest of the world seeing a modern-day version of this right now? There seems to be a rule by deception and the top-down dictates that stem from it — the same formula. The World Health Organization (WHO) along with its agents who head nation-states and acting as official authority over a “new disease”, force us into charts and graphs and experts to lock us down under house arrest, distance us from each other and muzzle our mouths with masks. Like the fierce Islamic warriors who cut out the tongues of the native Copts of the mid-7th century, dissent is silenced. Our current warlords are world-wide authorities riding a pandemic high, most likely one they created.

Just like our unfortunate friends across the world in Egypt our sacrifice seems not as much for the health and welfare of mankind as it is to succumb to the control of a certain ruling class. Bio-weapon or not, manmade or natural, the Covid-19 and its vultures have swept down and made the best of the very controversial data for a power grab. Like the useful Shariah, the “facts” are given and the solution is provided. Let us be grateful.

By imposing harsh measures that contradict science experts and lead to deterioration of health and limit our God-given rights and freedoms, the Western warlords have gotten us to beg for our punishment so the “curve can be flattened.” We enter their program and wait, watch and listen for the next dreaded word spoken from a podium.

But their death charts are already debunked. Who cares? Just go along. Get through it. But alas, we won’t ever get done with it. The joke is on us. The good people of the United States know this already from the 911 event and its aftermath, receiving the Patriot Act and universal surveillance. Now we are all Copts of Egypt.

Fear and political gain

Only one official source of information exists, which is scripted and distributed over the airwaves via mainstream media just like Egypt’s age-old state-owned broadcasts. It is alarmist and creates fear and panic. This leads to a loss of common sense in the citizenry and contributes to irrational beliefs. At the same time, there are many highly educated scientists and doctors disagreeing with the official assessment and solutions. We listen but are not able to adopt their sensible course of action – it’s too late. The forces of the one worldwide alliance own all the science worthy of conveying, and humanity has already paid dearly for it. We now have all we need to know. We are guilty. We are killing our neighbors and even our families.

The only thing to truly fear, and only if this fear leads to a call to action for all, is the concept of the “new normal.” Run far from this concept and reject it. It is a ruse, and we must raise our voices up against it. The Shariah is mere milquetoast in relation to mobile tracking. It is the disintegration of freedom offering up control over our lives to the world dictators (WHO, CDC, World Bank, Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson) who arguably put us and keep us in this difficult status. Let me speak as a Copt. It never ends when left up to them.

Italy’s uphill battle

The world can use this opportunity now to launch in-depth conversations (already begun) between people around the world in favor of medical freedom and opposed to the imposition of “one size fits all medicine,” which leads to mandated vaccines. (See Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s work). If we are allowed the time to do so, this is the rational path forward.

But what honest voices will be heard in Italy where first political wrongs must be righted in order for that to happen? Much before the Covid-19 crisis, Mr. Conte, without a political party, shoehorned in as prime minister. Has the Covid-19 aided his dictatorial stance over Italy? Yes, for sure. For one, the Conte government is allowing illegal Islamic immigrants to roam freely across Italy while natives remain shut-in and follow state orders.

Three weeks into President Trump’s travel ban between the US and Italy while the frenzy was still building including top-down mandates for the new health dilemma, Italy’s Dr. Prof. Stefano Montanari, scientific director of the Nano diagnostic laboratory in Modena, announced a huge discrepancy between his findings on causes of deaths labeled Covid-19 (just 2 were legitimate) and the findings of WHO issued through its mainstream media mouthpieces. This news item on April 5 would become important for the cause of truth for those interested in learning it.

This first dose of truth came from an Italy where soon the constitution would be waived in favor of arbitrary executive orders without approval. Forget the parliament, not important during these trying times. As average Italians raged and mocked the powers-that-be for stealing their freedoms in the name of dubious science fast forward to April 25 when beneath their balconies a celebration took place in the streets, streets that had been either stark empty only moments before or full with immigrant gangs. During Italy’s dire state of emergency, the Leftists were in full swing. It was Liberation Day!

Not only were conservatives made to hear the noises of a false historical narrative where the American and British liberators play no part, but seared on their minds had been the indelible image of one lone man, an unmasked Italian, pray tell, who had fallen prey to the new rules. Apparently, the newly imposed regulations involved police drones and one that could swoop down on an unsuspecting non-conformist walking along a beach with his dog. No telling what might have happened to the current disease rate had this Italian gotten away and roamed the streets.

Whereas the Copts of Egypt stay uniform in their beliefs and customs and general outlook on life mostly through the church in order to combat legalized vice, Italians, as with most Western nation citizens confronting the enemy strain and its directors of safety, are divided. Levels of education and information are separating the programmed minds from the less programmed minds and the totally un-programmed minds. The latter being the most helpful for the future of humanity everywhere.


The Dirty Wars Behind Obamagate

By: Cliff Kincaid

“Obamagate” is the name being given to Barack Hussein Obama’s role in the Michael Flynn case, in which Flynn was framed for wrongdoing then cleared by Trump’s Attorney General William Barr.  But why was Flynn targeted?

Flynn, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a retired Lieutenant General, opposed the Obama policy, carried out by John Brennan’s CIA, of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. He understood that the proxy war the Obama administration had waged in the Middle East had produced debacles that in Syria alone cost 560,000 lives and created millions of refugees.

Unfortunately, Flynn had made himself a target. On December 10, 2015, almost a year before President-elect Donald Trump named him as White House national security adviser, he had appeared in Moscow as the premier Russian propaganda channel, RT (Russia Today), held a conference marking its 10th anniversary as an outlet for Kremlin propaganda. Flynn’s appearance at the RT event, where he sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a special gala celebration dinner, was alarming to those concerned about how the propaganda channel, known as KGB-TV, uses Americans and other foreigners to spread Kremlin propaganda.

Flynn’s attendance at the RT dinner suggested to some observers that this retired officer, who attained a three-star rank during a 33-year Army career, viewed Russia as a potential U.S. ally in the war on terror. Ironically, he had written in his book, The Field of Fight, about how the Russian intelligence services had been involved in supporting radical Islam.

I was alarmed by Flynn’s participation at that RT event and first broke the story in 2015.

By going to such an event, Flynn had made himself a convenient target. It’s understandable, therefore, why Flynn’s conversations with the Russians, including Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, would draw attention. But Washington Post columnist David Ignatius crossed a dangerous line when he used top-secret surveillance intercepts of communications between Flynn and Kislyak to generate the controversy that Obama and his aides wanted. Ignatius quoted “a senior U.S. government official” as the source of the information about Flynn.

Flynn was forced out of his new position on the grounds that he forgot to tell Vice President Mike Pence about elements of the conversations he had with Kislyak. All of this was transformed into a “scandal,” resulting in Flynn being framed by the FBI on charges of lying. He pleaded guilty under pressure

Obamagate is more than Obama’s knowledge of what his people were doing to Flynn. The conversations with Kislyak were viewed by Obama and his people as a smokescreen designed to change the subject from the disasters in the Middle East that Flynn was exposing. The real issue, as Flynn had talked about publicly since he left the DIA in 2014, was the evidence of a U.S. role under Barack Obama and his CIA director John Brennan in facilitating an increase of radical Islam in the Middle East. He has cited the evidence contained in a DIA document, declassified and publicly released by Judicial Watch. Trump ended the disastrous Obama policy in mid-2017.

What happened to Flynn was truly an amazing diversion since Obama’s CIA director Brennan should never have received a security clearance. As CIA director, Brennan told a congressional forum that even voting communist, as he once did, was not a bar to employment at the agency. Brennan had voted for a Moscow-line Communist Party.

The media knew that the Obama administration helped to produce humanitarian disasters in the Middle East. They ran a few stories about CIA arms shipments to terrorists in the region through countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar but did not highlight the criminal nature of the policy. And when Flynn got into a position of power and was able to do something about exposing these dirty wars, he became the target. They used Russia as the pretext to go after him.

The purpose of the leak was to stop Flynn before he could take action to reform the U.S. intelligence community. That’s obvious when you consider that Ignatius is considered a mouthpiece for the CIA. In a major new development, Judicial Watch just recently released documents showing extensive communications between Ignatius and an Obama holdover official in the Department of Defense. The owner of the Post, Jeff Bezos, does business with the intelligence community through Amazon Web Services.

Looking back, we can safely conclude that Russia-gate was designed to divert the public’s attention away from Obama’s involvement — and the involvement of the CIA — in supporting terrorism in the Middle East. That policy had been approved by Obama and carried out by Brennan.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.