George Floyd, Riots, Soros, Ferguson 2.0, Here We Go Again

By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound

I have been taking in all of the news the last few days and I have been able to come up with some points that I find interesting or questionable. First of all, the media is not telling us the whole story and they even have me wondering if the whole story has eluded them up to this point.  Mainstream investigative journalism is dead.  You have a few like James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), and John Solomon, both have done amazing work in recent years, but they are the exception, not the rule when it comes to modern media.

If you believe that our major cities are being burned to the ground because a police officer killed a black man, then you are not paying attention.  That is what the thugs are using as an excuse, but I believe this widespread chaos and violence is occurring as criminals take advantage of the situation, knowing that with the number of people in the streets, they can wreak havoc on society without threat of arrest.  The Minnesota governor said this morning that they could not arrest anyone because the number of rioters made it difficult to do so safely.  The National Guard was called in recently, but last night they were MIA along with the police after the crowds ignored the 8:00 PM curfew.

Why have these riots escalated?  There has been little or no resistance up to this point and this has emboldened the anarchists that we are seeing on a nightly basis now.  Another logical question to ask here is, where are these anarchists coming from?  Is it feasible to accept the narrative that all of these people destroying these cities are local?  I don’t doubt that some of them are, but I find it hard to believe that all of these people are locals.  Would this many people help to destroy their own city?

Another point to make from a historical perspective is the willingness of George Soros to pay people to go and riot in cities that have lax law enforcement agencies and leftists in leadership. Soros has even been known to provide transportation to out of town players via busing and other means to take part in the optics. I am not saying that this is the case here but looking at recent riots that used the killing of a black man to incite violence, I think that this must be investigated.

We do know now, that the riots in Ferguson were funded by Soros, and involved the busing in of participants that were involved.  I also have the feeling that the timing here is too convenient for the leftist, masters of the universe that want to see Trump defeated in November.  I’m on the fence about whether it is legitimate to refer to this as a false flag.  Time will tell.

This case is brand new and there are a lot of details to hash out and an investigation that has to take place.  The man that killed George Floyd has been arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter.  3rd degree murder is a gross miscalculation by prosecutors in my opinion. The desire to protect the accused from conviction with an inflated charge would not be a surprise given the fact that this officer had 12 instances where he was accused of using excessive force.

3rd degree murder according to Minnesota State Law states that the accused must have shown intent to inflict bodily harm, resulting in the victim’s death.  The intent to kill is not a factor, prosecutors must only prove that there was intent to inflict bodily harm.  The manslaughter charge here has a much better chance of scoring a conviction, but I find it odd that they would charge him with both murder and manslaughter.  Manslaughter would obviously have a less severe punishment.  That being said, nothing is going to satisfy these punks that are setting fire to our cities so we just have to allow this to play out. Manslaughter should have been the lone charge in this case, as the evidence is not there for anything over and above that.

However, intent to cause bodily harm is difficult to establish, with the lack of movement in the video and the fact that we are not looking at a brutal beating, ala Rodney King.  This is problematic for the prosecution’s charge of murder in the 3rd degree. Not that I’m trying to downplay the brutality of what was done to Mr. Floyd here, but you have to realize that a jury of peers must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the criteria for a 3rd degree murder charge has been established.

I have been a nurse for 13 years, and I understand the damage that was done to this man’s airway and the fragility of that airway, making sever injury or death likely in this scenario.  Possible trauma to the carotid arteries may have also come into play here. I think the lack of action in the video and an illusion of minimal bodily harm will present to a layman very differently and even though we know the end result of the actions here, it is hard to establish that the officer’s intent to cause the victim bodily harm.

The defense will try to blow this off as an unfortunate accident, but I don’t think that they will have to do a lot to establish a lack of intent.  I feel that the prosecution here is trying to charge the officer with something that appeases the rioters, while at the same time realizing that a guilty verdict at least for the murder charge, is unlikely.

The family of the victim, George Floyd, is requesting that they revise the murder charge to 1st degree. I understand their frustration, but it is emotion that drives their request and they do not realize that the severe charge is not what they want in the end, they want a conviction.  1st degree murder requires premeditation and that is not realistic here, given the evidence at hand.  Even handing down a charge of 3rd degree murder may result in a not-guilty verdict for that charge for the reasons I mentioned above.

Manslaughter makes more sense here and raised increases the probability of a conviction on that count in the end as it only requires negligence or a risk that is taken that ultimately results in death. I think that the relevant charge here is manslaughter.  The murder charge is red meat to temporarily satisfy those that are setting our cities ablaze.  But in the end, they will just be disappointed and the chaos will ensue, again.

I don’t think that these riots are widespread as a result of Mr. Floyd’s death. This is an opportunity that the leftists saw to do some damage to society. Not that they haven’t done enough in that department. In the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, God is in control.


Exploiting George Floyd’s Death

By: Lloyd Marcus

99.9% of our American family is saddened and outraged over the wrongful death of George Floyd. We want the responsible police officer prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And yet, rather than bringing our nation together, fake news media and the Democrats are excitedly throwing gasoline on the flames of racial hate and division. Their message is that America is still a hellhole of racism in which blacks are routinely murdered by whites and police. Blacks must continue voting for Democrats to keep racist white America at bay.

As expected, Democrats and fake news media are absurdly blaming Trump for Floyd’s death. These vile human beings in the media will say anyone wearing a MAGA hat is a racist complicit in Floyd’s death. Minneapolis rioters chanted, “Kill the white folks.”

The mayor of Minneapolis absurdly said the riots and looting in response to Floyd’s death are justifiable because they represent 400 years of pent-up black rage. That is such a crock of pandering leftist nonsense. The rioters are nothing more than paid domestic terrorists and ghetto trash exploiting the incident to go on an illegal shopping spree.

The vast majority of the rioters wreaking havoc have never experienced an ounce of racism in their entire lives. Americans have been trained to know they had better kiss blacks’ derrieres at every opportunity or suffer crucifixion by Democrats and fake news media. For crying out loud, beginning in kindergarten, leftist-controlled public schools teach white students that they were born racist scum.  Therefore, all whites must feel forever guilty, apologetic, and accommodating to blacks.

The dirty little secret is Democrats love creating race-based crises because it allows them opportunities to demand more sure-to-fail gazillion-dollar government-fix-it-programs which end up fattening Democrat pockets. Along with selling their lie that America sucks, Democrats believe spreading racial hate and division wins them votes.

When I speak of ghetto trash, I am not referring to poor people. I was raised in an all-black eleven-story high-rise government project in Baltimore, Maryland. Grateful residents kept their apartments immaculate. Other residents were trifling ghetto trash with zero respect for the brand-new building, taking every opportunity to destroy it. I was around nine years old. Everyone told me everything wrong was always the white man’s fault. I said, “How can we stop mean white people from sneaking into our building at night; breaking the elevators, smashing liquor bottles, breaking light bulbs, and urinating in the stairwells?”

Democrats are all over TV exploiting Floyd’s death to falsely claim that blacks are routinely persecuted today the way they were in the 1950s. Democrats and fake news media are behaving as if eight years of America’s first black president never happened.

Sadly, the behavior of one bad cop helps Democrats and fake news media demonize all cops. Data confirms that cops are the greatest defenders of black lives.

In truth, the greatest threat to black lives is other blacks. Democrats and fake news media remain dead silent about 30 to 40 blacks murdering each other every weekend in urban Democrat hellholes like Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Shouldn’t those black lives matter? Where are the outrage and anger?

Democrats and fake news media only care about black lives when it furthers their socialist/communist political agenda.

Democrats and fake news media literally worship Planned Parenthood which targets blacks for abortion. Black women make up only 14% of the country’s childbearing population. And yet, 36% of all aborted babies are black. Democrats and fake news media actually celebrate the death of aborted black babies. Clearly, they are saying black baby lives do not matter.

As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, I am appalled to witness Democrats and fake news media exploiting the tragic death of George Floyd. They are stirring the pot of racial hate to instigate violence while disrespecting blacks as useful idiots.

Blacks have experienced unprecedented prosperity and historic low unemployment under Trump.  To separate black voters from Trump, insidiously evil Democrats will use Floyd’s death to outrageously assert that reelecting Trump will mean open season for police to murder blacks. As baseless and stupid as that sounds, it reflects Democrats’ low opinion of blacks. It is the sort of emotional brain-dead lie Democrats believe will win over easily deceived black voters.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Maoist “Rebellions” in America Inspired by China?

By: Cliff Kincaid

As patriotic Americans salute our astronauts, in space through a public-private partnership of NASA and SpaceX, we are dismayed by the seeming inability of the government at all levels to keep our citizens safe on the ground. It’s time for Congress to reestablish committees designed to expose internal security problems and examine whether some of these agitators are communist terrorists who find their inspiration in history’s greatest mass murderer, Chairman Mao.

Attorney General William P. Barr warned on Saturday that groups of “outside radicals and agitators” are exploiting the George Floyd situation “to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.” Barr added, “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.” What he didn’t say is that the FBI, under his jurisdiction, is clueless about who is planning and organizing the chaos.

President Trump said on Sunday that Antifa, a term referring to the latest incarnation of communists active on American soil, will be designated as a terrorist organization. But there are literally dozens of Marxist or radical organizations that are not covered by the “Antifa” designation.

While Barr noted it is a federal crime to cross state lines to incite or participate in violent rioting and said “We will enforce these laws,” the question remains: who or what is he talking about?

Sadly, the FBI doesn’t investigate communist groups on American soil anymore because some of them are integrated into the Democratic Party, whose congressional members do not go through background checks and yet conduct House oversight of America’s intelligence agencies. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA), once aligned with and funded by Moscow, openly supported Barack Hussein Obama for president in 2008 and 2012. Obama’s CIA director John Brennan voted for the CPUSA in college.

The CPUSA says, “We call on our members and friends to join the protests for justice in every way possible and to make justice for George Floyd part of every demonstration going forward.” The Movement for Black Lives calls the riots “rebellions” and is active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  “We are rising up by every means,” they say.

Some communist groups are still loyal to the memory of Chairman Mao, who said in his Little Red Book, “Every Communist must grasp the truth: ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’”

Mao’s 1968 statement in “Support of the Afro-American Struggle Against Violent Repression” in the United States is significant in this regard. Mao used the occasion of the Martin Luther King assassination riots in more than 100 American cities to declare that “The struggle of the Black people in the United States for emancipation is a component part of the general struggle of all the people of the world against U.S. imperialism, a component part of the contemporary world revolution.”

For those unfamiliar with Marxist jargon, this means that communists have been exploiting blacks to make America into a communist state. This is still the communist mission.

During a time when conservatives find themselves increasingly censored by social media, the communists are able to organize without any hindrance whatsoever. Dan Scavino Jr., who handles social media for President Trump, wrote, “Twitter is targeting the President of the United States 24/7, while turning their heads to protest organizers who are planning, plotting, and communicating their next moves daily on this very platform…” Those protests, of course, quickly turned violent, to the point where the Minnesota governor finally called out the National Guard to restore order after the Democratic Party mayor of Minneapolis refused to act.

The existence of a major communist threat, China, makes some of these organizations devoted to agitation worthy of close scrutiny.

One Maoist group, the Progressive Labor Party, is “a communist organization that fights to smash capitalism and class society in order to establish a communist world!” and operates a newspaper called Challenge, with headlines about “police terror” and the “kkkiller cops.” It has a web site and is also present on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Its “Capitalism is the Virus. Communism is the Cure” video is available on YouTube.

These American Maoists use American freedoms to organize against our institutions and our system of government.

American Maoist Bob Avakian started out with the SDS and the Revolutionary Union before running the Revolutionary Communist Party and setting up his own institute. He has broken ranks with another SDS leader, Mark Rudd, who was a member of the terrorist Weather Underground and has recently signed a letter endorsing “capitalist Democrat” Joe Biden for president. Avakian accuses Rudd of a “reformist accommodation” to the “monstrous system” of American capitalism.

Rudd’s fingerprints were once found in a  Weather Underground bomb factory, a location that included Chinese and Russian pamphlets and books on communist revolution.

It has been dawning on many that China has been interfering in our internal and sovereign affairs. “Today,” President Trump said on Friday, “I will issue a proclamation to better secure our nation’s vital university research and to suspend the entry of certain foreign nationals from China who we have identified as potential security risks.”

Trump should ask his FBI director Christopher Wray to take a hard look at the “potential security risks” in various communist groups on the streets of America and ascertain whether they are operating at the direction of Beijing.

Congress, or at least the Senate, has a role to play, too. Senators can review the work of the old congressional committees on un-American activities and internal security problems, such as the 1971 hearings on the Progressive Labor Party, the 1973 report on “America’s Maoists” in the Revolutionary Union and the Venceremos Organization, and reports on the Weather Underground and Workers World Party. All of these groups are still around in one form or another.

FBI informant Herbert Philbrick’s 1965 book, Communism and Race in America, is another good place to look. He discusses communist use of front groups and its “dialectical approach” to subversion that emphasizes how anything which creates tension in society “is a part of the path of progress,” from the communist point of view.

Chances are, however, that none of these volumes is in the FBI library.

Before more lives are lost, Senator Marco Rubio, the new acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, can order immediate hearings into what, if anything, FBI director Wray has done about investigating terrorist networks.

If the answer, as expected, is that he considers them legitimate political organizations, he should be fired immediately.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.