Cashill’s Unmasking Obama Book is a Warning

By: Cliff Kincaid

The lack of coverage in 2008 of the embarrassing facts in Barack Obama’s background, especially his deeply personal relationship with a Communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, stands as a sensational example of how dishonest the national media can be when they are determined to elect somebody. Jack Cashill’s book, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, accurately describes Davis as “a bisexual Stalinist pornographer with a taste for underage sex partners.” If this is news to you, consider yourself a victim of the major media organizations that worked diligently to cover-up the truth about our 44th president.

How could the facts about such a notorious presidential mentor be concealed from the American people? Cashill has the story, and I am right in the middle of it. But this scandal is only one of many that Cashill documents and dissects. It is a timely reminder of how scandalous Obama’s eight years in office actually were, raising the question of why he thought he could safely surface again in public, at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, to promote the Joe Biden candidacy.

Indeed, we are going through something similar this presidential year, as the major media work to elect Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, and sink Donald J. Trump’s bid for a second presidential term. Obama’s August 19, 2020, address, at the Democratic National Convention, on behalf of Biden, was the clearest indication yet that Obama is working for a third presidential term. He wants vindication for his failed presidency and wants to use Biden as a front for the ultimate capture of state power for revolutionary purposes.

In addition to saving political face, Obama represents those here and abroad determined to reduce America to the status of a third-rate power, unable or unwilling to stop Red China’s advance.

President Trump has said that he wouldn’t have won in 2016 had it not been for Obama’s failed presidency. Cashill’s book is important in understanding why the American people were so desperate for an alternative such as Trump. People were fooled by Obama, his lies, agents, and apologists, but they eventually came to understand there was something sinister, even un-American, in the Obama presidency. This was the result not only of Obama’s failed policies but the facts about his real agenda that slowly but surely came to the public’s attention through alternative media, described as “samizdat” by Cashill. This is a reference to the unofficial and frowned-upon journalism that served as a channel for freedom fighters in the old Soviet Union. Indeed, he dedicates the book to his fellow “Lilliputians,” who dared to take on the Gulliver-type powers that be.

It gets to the point, and we have arrived at this point today in the United States, where the “official” outlets for the establishment are not believed anymore, and people are desperate and hungry for “alternative” voices. Hence, the major media and the Big Tech censors will want to destroy the Cashill book and, if that is not successful, censor any mention of it.

This book is an important lesson in the history of journalism and a case study of how the media lie to advance a political agenda. In effect, Cashill has analyzed in detail the nature of “fake news” that targeted the Trump presidency for destruction after failing to elect Hillary Clinton.

While much of the book is a straightforward historical account of the effort to tell the truth about Obama, Cashill emphasizes the ongoing nature of the American samizdat, the forces which fought bravely to expose the Marxist revolutionary forces behind Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. Cashill was very much part of this, as he relates in the beginning how a Trump adviser had called him about the role of former communist terrorist and professor Bill Ayers in writing Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father. It was a claim picked up by Trump himself. Trump understood there was something fishy about Obama, Hillary, and the entire crew.

While Trump was attacked for bringing out surprising facts about Obama’s personal background, Cashill explains in detail how Obama’s political enemies — truth-tellers in the conservative media and public interest groups — were arrested, harassed, threatened, or subpoenaed by various federal agencies “and unknown others.” This reflects support for the Obama presidency in what has become known as the Deep State or permanent bureaucracy. Others, such as myself, were labeled as “extremists” by private organizations with ties to federal agencies. The aim in my case was to isolate me from other “responsible” conservative organizations and dry up my sources of funding.

Of course, this paralleled the effort by U.S. intelligence agencies and globalist organizations to destroy Trump himself once he became president.

The phrase “others unknown” is relevant today, as we continue to see the same forces behind Obama reemerge to put Biden in the Oval Office and take out Trump, once and for all. New names and organizations, many traced back to billionaire George Soros, seem to surface on a regular basis.

In terms of unraveling the major cover-ups of the Obama presidency, while identifying those who worked against great odds to expose Obama’s lies, Cashill’s monumental work is heavily documented and should be required reading in journalism classes. Of course, that won’t happen as long as our major colleges and universities remain as Marxist Madrassas providing cannon fodder for Obama’s Marxist revolution.

Whatever the future holds, the forces of samizdat in America will soldier on, determined to expose and hold responsible those who are working to create a Marxist America.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Windows 10 Reboot August 19, 2020

By: T.F. Stern | Self-Educated American

The past couple of weeks I noticed some of my Apps weren’t functioning properly; but the one that stuck out as most annoying was having to restart the computer each time rather than simply touch the screen and it comes back on from sleep mode. All this happened right after one of those auto-updates that come during the night to ‘fix’ some issue you didn’t know you had.

(The image was from our trip to New York City where we rode in the front car of a subway train, standing with the camera pressed against the glass while zipping past a lighted station.)

I wanted to repair the issues by going into the control panel back to a date when I knew the computer was working properly. If you haven’t guessed by now; I’m not a computer geek. I know about some things; just don’t know what they’re called or where to find them when I need them.

Anyway…I looked for that important location only to be informed that since the computer was recently updated that function was no longer available. There was a suggestion that I reload Windows 10, that along with a cautionary statement that some of my Apps might be lost during the process; but that my data files would remain intact.

So, yesterday evening I committed to jumping off that cliff; I instructed the computer to shoot itself in the head, using only a small-caliber pistol that would knock itself out but not permanently damage or kill. A screen flashed letting me know the process would take about twenty minutes.

Three hours later…another screen popped up letting me know there had been some issues; but that it would only take a little longer.

It was about 11:30 when the computer actually appeared to be in working order. Several Apps had vanished leaving only ghost icons to let me know there was plenty of work to do if they were to function again.

Having been through this with other computers over the years I had one thing on my side; I’m old fashioned and had the original CDs containing the Apps along with the activation codes taped to their sleeves. The first to be inserted was the one that protects from Internet viruses and things like that.

Some technician probably saw a light come on at the office alerting them that a dinosaur version of their program had just been activated, again.

“Hey John, look at this. Someone has a version created before either of us were even born.” They can laugh all they want, but it’s paid for and I don’t like paying for the same stuff twice.

Next was loading the CD containing Microsoft Office, the one I bought back in 1998. I only use the part containing Word so it’s not all that much different than the newer versions…and as you can see, it still performs nicely.

I did have an issue with Dropbox when it showed my old email address, the one that got hacked. He did a good job of trying to establish his newly cloned identity so that account has been closed for years. Thankfully, I still had an index card showing the old password as I typed in the information.

“Our records indicate your Password has expired. We are emailing you a temporary password at this time”. Wonderful, some hacker is getting a temporary password so he can download the updated version of Dropbox; but I don’t have access to that information. Breathing out slowly I decided it might be wise to put this off until I’d gotten some sleep and start off with a clear head.

This morning I found there’s a cubbyhole with the ‘bodies’ of all the Apps that vanished. Some of them included links where the only action needed on my part was to click and reestablish the App as if it hadn’t died and been swept away. Acrobat Reader was one of those along with…no, that was the only one that was easy to fix.

I tried several ways of getting my LDS Library and LDS Tools to come back, but that hasn’t worked out so far. Both of those Apps are on my cell phone and each time I tried to download them onto my laptop the App store reminded me that the program had already been downloaded. Breathing out slowly again…

I suppose I can always have my cell phone next to me while on the laptop, at least until one of my computer geek friends stops laughing long enough to show me how to get these apps back up and running on my laptop.

Lastly, and this is important; the simple version of Solitaire has to be downloaded. An easy task or it should have been. Before letting go of state secrets like Solitaire Microsoft needed to know the serial number of my laptop?

I just downloaded the President’s Atomic Football access codes and all they wanted to know, “Do I want to Make America Great Again?”; but for Solitaire they needed my laptop’s serial number.

(Image of MAGA ball cap courtesy of eBay)

I looked for the 12-digit serial number that was supposed to be on the bottom of the unit or in the recess for the battery. I found lots of numbers, some with Chinese letters next to them; but none of them had 12-digits. Looks like I’m not playing Solitaire for a while either.

It’s time to take a break, and for the record; Yes, I do want to Make America Great Again.

t-f-stern-1Self-Educated American, Senior Edi­tor, T.F. Stern is both a retired City of Hous­ton police offi­cer and, most recently, a retired self-employed lock­smith (after serving that industry for 40 plus years). He is also a gifted polit­i­cal and social com­men­ta­tor. His pop­u­lar and insight­ful blog, T.F. Sterns Rant­i­ngs, has been up and at it since January of 2005.


AG Barr on Operation LeGend Successes

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Attorney General William Barr announced Wednesday that there have been nearly 1,500 arrests across eight U.S. cities thus far under the “Operation LeGend” law enforcement initiative launched roughly six weeks ago. These are federal charges only. Investigations and cases dealing with state charges or violations of law are turned over to the local District Attorneys for prosecution(s).

Mayors Worry Operation Legend Is About Politics, Not the ...

Federal officers involved in Operation LeGend, a Justice Department initiative to assist cities plagued by violent crime, have made more than 1,000 arrests across the country, Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday.

Of those arrests, more than 200 defendants have been charged with federal crimes, including 90 murder suspects, and nearly 400 guns have been taken off the streets, Mr. Barr said, speaking with reporters in Kansas City, Missouri.

“Operation Legend is the heart of the federal government’s response to this uptick in violent crime,” he said. “Its mission is to save lives, solve crimes, and take violent offenders off our streets before they can claim more victims.

“Rather than demonizing or defunding police, we are supporting and strengthening our law enforcement partners at the state and local level.”

Operation Legend is named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed in Kansas City while he was sleeping. The operation started in that city earlier this month.

Cities that are part of Operation Legend will receive increased resources from the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to reduce violent crime, with a focus on gun violence. More than 1,000 additional agents have been sent to the nine cities. The program also has allocated $78.5 million in grants to fund additional police positions, more prosecutors, and improve technology to solve gun crimes.

A total of 61 defendants in Chicago have been charged with federal crimes. In Albuquerque, 16 individuals face federal charges, 32 in Cleveland, 22 in Detroit, 11 in Milwaukee, 15 in St. Louis, and seven in Memphis, Tennessee.

Indianapolis was not included in the totals because that program began only last week.

Federal charges include illegal possession of a firearm, distribution of narcotics, carjacking, and bank robbery.


Barr has noted that Operation Legend, however, is separate from those deployments in response to unrest and that the dozens of investigators being dispatched to the cities are instead more focused on assisting federal and state authorities with probing violent crimes.

“There has been a lot of confusion in the media, some of it not unintentional, conflating two different aspects of law enforcement,” Barr said. “One is dealing with civil unrest, rioting, and the other is the classical traditional work that law enforcement does.”

During the news conference, Barr addressed the recent uptick of violent crime across several parts of the country, at one point saying, without providing evidence, that he believed it might be a result of a combination between “pent up aggression” to state and local quarantine orders, the “premature release of dangerous criminals by the courts” during the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Defund the Police” movement.

Barr added that he expected there will be an increase in the national violent crime rate this year after it saw decreases for the last two years.


File Under Factitious

By: Tabitha Korol

I found The Book of Trees, by Leanne Lieberman, to be an unusual reading experience. I was struck by its inauthenticity, as the author clearly had a list of grievances and concocted a storyline to convey them. Her intent was to disparage and delegitimize Israel as a nation and the Jews as a people – indeed to challenge their very existence – revealing her opinion through Mia.

CLEVELAND, OH – Mia is the 17-year-old daughter of unwed parents in Canada. Her mother is an irreligious, Jewish, Bohemian-type remnant of the 1960s; her father, an atheist, lapsed Catholic, and a traveling musician who was often absent. She is lonely, in need of spiritual grounding. Alluding to her Jewish grandmother, she responded to a Jewish outreach poster and accepted a scholarship to study in Israel with a friend, Aviva Blume, for the summer between high school and university.

From the first day that she can run off on her own, Mia finds beauty in the endless desert and in the mosque on the Temple Mount and the Armenian church within the Old City. She disparages all else – Mrs. Blume, who hosted Mia’s first Shabbat dinner in Canada, as “frumpy”; Mr. Blume, as “fat and middle-aged,” although Mia was touched by the evening and the traditional love song. In Israel, she finds the tourists “dorky,” the Kotel “just a stone wall,” and the wigs worn by orthodox women for modesty “weirded me out.” The young man in the class is cute but “geeky.” The teacher’s kerchief is “ugly” and classes about the laws of kashruth (Jewish religious laws of the suitability of food) are “ridiculous” and “disappointing.” She is often dizzy, her headaches from clenching her teeth, and she was “nauseated” during prayers. However, she finds the non-Jewish American guitarist, Andrew, attractive, and she makes a feeble attempt at limiting her association. The author’s opinions about Judaism and Jews have become obvious.

She takes her first bus trip with Aviva into the Judean Desert, its name derived from Judah, one of the sons of the Jewish Patriarch, Jacob, also known as Israel, but the author has obvious reasons for overlooking the connection. Also ignored are the 3,000 years of recorded Jewish history on this land, including verified accounts of kings, prophets, characters that define the people, their artifacts, and values, preferring to imagine credibility for Arabs who have no historical ties whatsoever.

Mia criticizes a grove of neatly spaced trees that had been planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), saying they looked unnatural, lacking the undergrowth of a northern forest. “It felt dead, like a tree graveyard.” She belittles the monument that commemorates the soldiers who took the hill in the 1948 War of Independence, battling five Arab armies that attacked the new sovereign state. Aviva suggests that the trees were probably planted over what had been an Arab village, to which Mia responds, “I guess they were determined to keep their homeland,” again endorsing the Muslim storyline.

Rather than fact-check prior to writing, Lieberman recently reviewed her own book for credibility; book sales are weak, perhaps due to her tenacious bias. Mia cries for trees she imagines have been planted over Arab villages, but not for the Israelis murdered by those Arab villagers, or for diners killed, crippled or blinded by a jihadi’s explosive belt; or for the homes and playgrounds and thousands of agricultural acreage and wildlife, preserves burned to cinders by their youths’ incendiary balloons. She repeats the Palestinian lie of Israeli oppression, and accuses Israel of apartheid, the charges never substantiated. During the pandemic, the Palestinian Authority continues to prioritize payments to convicted terrorists and their families over their people’s well-being. Even though Israel’s economy has suffered and people have died, the Jewish state continues to send aid to the PA and Gaza.

Muslim citizens enjoy more rights in Israel than they do under Islamic rule.  The 20th century is packed with Arab raids, terrorism, massacres, revolts, numerous wars, intifadas, and suicide bombings worldwide. Azzam Pasha, secretary-general of the Arab League, declared of Israel on May 15, 1948, “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.” Islam has been the cause of mass slaughter, devastation and annihilation since its inception and responsible for the more than 37,483 deadly attacks, worldwide (to 8/18/20), since 9/11. They have never declared a desire for peace as Lieberman suggests. and have never enacted laws to abolish slavery or grant individual freedoms. The Book of Trees is a mission in deception for the Palestinian narrative, and it is time to drop the legend of indigenous Palestinians.

The 600,000 – 750,000 Arabs who left Israel according to their own armies’ commands were part of the displaced masses from the Arab-initiated war and should have been welcomed back to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Egypt is 36:1 the size of Israel, Iraq 15.7:1, Syria 6.6:1, and Jordan 3.2:1, and the Naqba is the betrayal by their own. Lieberman’s hope that Israel will welcome their avowed enemy and descendants is a wish for Israel’s annihilation. She does not advocate that the 850,000 displaced Jews be permitted to return to the Islamic countries from which they fled at the same time. Yasser Arafat declared that a Palestinian state would be Jew-free, yet the author and others expect Israel to be overwhelmed by their enemy.

From her new lover, Andrew, Mia learns that the Palestinians are “a poor native people who have been uprooted,” and that they want clean water and good schools – basic human rights. She does not know that Israel supplies large amounts of water from its own provisions to Palestinians and Jordan because this desert country has become a world leader of water conservation and desalination, overcoming almost insurmountable obstacles, while Hamas-controlled Gazans refuse to cooperate to improve their lot and use the water as a political issue. Similarly, Mia seems not to know that Palestinians refused every opportunity to create their own country on land offered by the UN and Israel, and unaware that their children are raised to be murderous jihadis. And how is “good schools” defined when they teach hate against Israel and all Jews, and how to behead their perceived enemy. After the Arabs lost their War of 1967, they still declared, NO peace with Israel, NO recognition of Israel, and NO negotiation with Israel.

Mia learns about the checkpoints, but not of their effectiveness at apprehending terrorists before they can gain entry into Israel and discharge their explosive devices among the citizens. Lieberman describes the West Bank as a third-world country, with no infrastructure, their economy in ruins, but appears to be unaware that their more-than-generous funding (among the world’s largest per-capita aid recipients) gets funneled to Palestinian officials, for armaments against Israel and for mothers of jihadi martyrs. Funds earmarked for cement for housing are instead used to construct miles of terror tunnels, and the elite reside in grandeur. 

Andrew tells Mia that he volunteers to teach music and tutor English at a Palestinian school, and he rebuilds Arab homes razed by the Israeli military. Once again, Lieberman withholds why these homes have been destroyed.  Some were built as illegal acts of defiance by the United Nations against Israeli law; others were erected by nomadic tribes on land that lacked infrastructure and  deemed unsuitable for housing (Israel offers to move Bedouins!); and still, others were intentionally demolished as a reprisal for the families of murderous martyrs.

Upon seeing the Kotel, the remaining Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple and Jewry’s holiest shrine (built in 2nd century BCE, destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE), Mia criticizes their prayer customs of thousands of years.  (Doubtful that she would be this respectful with other religions.) Lieberman uses Andrew to remind the reader once again, that the Palestinians were “violently” expelled in 1948, their trees and groves destroyed, the innocents killed or imprisoned by the Israeli army. (Read Arab accounts here) Lieberman’s choices of informational sources are no different than if she had contacted Josef Goebbels for data about the Holocaust.

Despite the attempts to discredit and delegitimize Israel, the truth is known. Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, an Arab Muslim leader, told the Peel Commission in 1937: “There is no such country as Palestine! Palestine is a term the Zionists invented. (TK – The Romans invented the term as an affront to the Jews.) There is no Palestine in the Bible.  Our country was for centuries part of Syria.”  In 1946, Arab-American historian Philip Hitti testified before the 1946 Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry: “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not,” – meaning that there had never been a nation bearing this name.

Syrian President Hafez Assad told Yasser Arafat, “Palestine is an integral part of Syria,” and Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly said, on February 2, 1970, “Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine.”

PLO executive committee member, Zahir Muhsein, said, “The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel.” in short, its only purpose is to oppose Zionism and this is one of many war tactics.

Of the numerous Muslim-majority states worldwide, they may all have begun as small parcels of land, no-go zones within cities that expand by force under Islamic rule, but an independent Arab Palestine has never existed – not under Ottoman rule or British rule, not under the United Nations Partition Plan, and not under Jordanian or Egyptian rule. For now, it remains a myth based on deception, and Lieberman’s book for vulnerable children and young adults a sad symptom of our times.

Tabitha Korol