“Crazy Nancy” Promotes Dope as Treatment for China Virus

By: Cliff Kincaid

The China plague has infected the president of the United States and his wife, the First Lady, and our media focus on masks. Even worse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is claiming that smoking marijuana is a “therapy” for coronavirus.

In defending a COVID-19 relief bill with money and goodies for the dope industry, she actually said about marijuana, “This is a therapy that has proven successful…”

While not referring directly to Pelosi’s belief in marijuana as a treatment for the disease, CNBC’s Jim Cramer referred to “Crazy Nancy” during an interview with the House Speaker but quickly apologized.

It is definitely crazy to claim that marijuana is a treatment for the China virus. Both damage the lungs. Marijuana also damages the brain.

The media and political establishments have lost sight of the real enemy and the treatments. They have closed churches during this pandemic but have allowed pot shops to stay open and spread their own version of poison.

Let’s remember that, during the debate, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden didn’t hold China responsible for spreading the virus, killing Americans, and destroying the U.S. economy. President Trump did so, saying to Biden, “…if you were here, it wouldn’t be 200 [thousand dead], it would be two million people because you were very late on the draw. You didn’t want me to ban China, which was heavily infected. You didn’t want me to ban Europe.”

China produced this virus and let it spread around the world. The deaths can be blamed on China, not Trump. And the economic recession can be blamed on China as well. Yet, Biden said about Trump, “he caused the recession,” a ridiculous assertion.

Domestically, this country is divided between those who want the freedom to decide for themselves and those who trust the government to decide for them. “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi and most Democrats want a federal mandate that masks be worn by all Americans. President Trump rejects that approach.

At the same time, Pelosi is promoting, under the cover of a COVID-19 federal relief bill, the expansion of the marijuana industry, so more young people can get high, damaging their lungs and brains in the process. Shameful.

Our media focus on masks. Some say they “might” work while others note that masks were not used to contain flu-like illnesses in the past. As such, some see masks as emblematic of the government’s attempt to control our behavior for larger purposes, and that eventually, the government may seek to order a China virus vaccine of dubious value and benefit.

It’s fascinating that the “pro-choice” crowd that screams “my body my choice” on killing the unborn wants to deny freedom of choice in regard to masks and vaccines.

The controversy boils down to what is called the “argument from authority,” an approach which many students understand from their Philosophy 101 course on how to avoid substance. The “argument from authority” relies on somebody in government or someone having a fancy title. The “argument” is that someone who is smart has decided what we should do and how we should conduct ourselves.

Since some of the “experts” say one thing one day and something else the next, people have come to reject the “experts” and start thinking for themselves.

President Trump has clearly gone through various phases of thinking on whether masks work or not. He has expanded his coronavirus task force to include a skeptic, Dr. Scott Atlas.

Those of us who doubt the efficacy of masks do not have to be obnoxious about it. Instead, I think the proper course of conduct is to wear a mask when in the presence of others who have an unusual fear of the virus or when local authorities or businesses require one. It’s being polite and courteous.

But people on both sides of this dispute have lost sight of the real enemy – China, the source of the virus. We still don’t know if COVID-19 is a variation of a flu virus or something else entirely. It seems to be more contagious than the ordinary flu. Whether masks work or not, China’s direct involvement in distributing this deadly disease is the most important issue after trying to save the lives of and treat those who come down with it.

An updated version of Pelosi’s Heroes Act, the federal COVID-19 relief bill, was approved on Thursday in a vote of 214-207. It still promotes the dope industry.

The stoners and potheads are ecstatic. Our media, however, will ignore the antics of “Crazy Nancy” so they can continue to promote masks and demonize those skeptical of wearing them. They will blame Trump and refuse to confront China.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Voting is Protected Speech but so is Not Voting

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Primer: There are going to be countless legal challenges to vote results nationwide, it cannot be avoided. Just prepare for a mess larger than that of the Bush-Gore results which took 36 days.

A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury.

Discrimination occurs when the civil rights of an individual are denied or interfered with because of the individual’s membership in a particular group or class. Various jurisdictions have enacted statutes to prevent discrimination based on a person’s race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin, and in some instances sexual orientation.

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

People often confuse civil rights and civil liberties. Civil rights refer to legal provisions that stem from notions of equality. Civil rights are not in the Bill of Rights; they deal with legal protections. For example, the right to vote is a civil right. A civil liberty, on the other hand, refers to personal freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights. For example, the First Amendment’s right to free speech is a civil liberty.

Read on however and give this a bit of critical thinking.

Free speech protected by the 1st Amendment has thousands of moving parts including voting or not voting. There are many times where free speech is not only challenged but removed as a civil right as noted in the case of a criminal conviction of a felony.

Wearing a t-shirt or a hat with a logo or slogan is free speech just as much as flying a flag at your home is or even not doing so.

Mandatory Voting Will Build Resentment, Not Democracy ...

Additional reading: Mandatory Voting Will Build Resentment, Not Democracy/ Fining non-voters would show that government is all about forcing people to do things just to make politicians happy.

So, when it comes to ballot harvesting, consider that forcing votes by turning in ballots for tabulation is against free speech. This all stems from voter rolls (databases) that are not audited, purged, corrected, or amended. People move away, people die, people change names and people request ballots using phony names and addresses. Mass mailings of the entire database are not representative of quality and current data. Then there is the matter of ballot design that is challenged making it confusing for the voter or the matter of mistakes made in the comparisons of signatures on file to the actually submitted ballot. How about errors made in names and addresses in the mass mailings where it does not at all match yet the ballots are mailed? What about people tailing the Post Office and delivery personnel and grabbing ballots out of mail trays or slots or simply offering a stipend to fill out the ballot for the alleged voter on their behalf?

There is still the matter of voter ID which has yet to be resolved in many states.

But now we are hearing many other incidents of ballot malfunctions including 100,000 in New York.

Valerie Vazquez-Diaz, a spokesperson for the board, told CNN that 99,477 voters in Brooklyn were affected by an issue with the “oath” envelope for their absentee ballot.

The envelopes—which include the voter’s name, address, and voter ID—were sent with the wrong name and address, a problem that was first reported Monday by confused voters, though its scope was unknown.

Here too it is important to note that many candidate vote results come down to a mere few hundred votes where absentee ballots or provisional ballots come into question.

For the matter of not voting…this matter of ballot harvesting is forcing a name in many cases as a vote where otherwise there may not be a vote at all and that too is free speech. One has to ask is this a violation of the civil rights of an individual? Of course, it is….perhaps a person is apathetic, disgusted, or otherwise not engaged at all in any part of government affairs or policy? That is fine too under the 1st Amendment.

The media should really challenge the whole matter of civil rights violations and ballot harvesting.

More from Forbes in part:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio harshly criticized the NYC Board of Elections Tuesday morning: “This is appalling. It is so easy to avoid this mistake and it is very easy to fix this mistake.”

Key Background

This error comes amid continued attacks on mail-in voting from President Trump, who has insisted—without evidence—that the Democrats will use mail-in voting, “a whole big scam,” to steal the 2020 election. News from last week that a “small number” of ballots in Pennsylvania had been discarded further fueled the president’s accusations of widespread “voter fraud.”

Further Reading

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“FBI Warns Cyber Criminals, Foreign Actors Spreading ‘False Claims’ About U.S. Voting To Undermine 2020 Election” (Forbes)