Flynn’s Lawyer Files Motion to Demand Judge Sullivan Disqualification

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Sidney Powell, the defense lawyer for Michael Flynn, on Wednesday formally demanded the disqualification of U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan. Her position is that Judge Sullivan is “irreparably biased.” One would have to agree if they listened to the hearing last week, as she went on in her filing to include: Sullivan’s “contempt and disdain for the defense was palpable” at a hearing last week.

1776 Coalition : Lawyer appointed by Judge Sullivan to ...

During the hearing, Judge Sullivan even referenced President Trump’s tweets regarding the case and asked the defense team if he is supposed to consider those tweets in his decisions. This man is a judge… and he can’t figure that out?

Then there is the matter of Judge Sullivan’s surrogate. At one point he said: “If the executive wants to take Michael Flynn off the hook, he can pardon him.” It should be noted too that Judge Sullivan demanded to know if Sidney Powell has had conversations with President Trump. None of his business, right? When she responded with ‘yes’, Judge Sullivan demanded to know about the details of those conversations to which Ms. Powell replied that those conversations are privileged. He told her they are not privileged as she is not a government employee… well, she had to correct the judge once again that many interactions with the president are privileged regardless of the employer. Powell did tell the court that she told President Trump to NOT issue a pardon to General Flynn, at Flynn’s request.

Crazy, eh?

Sidney Powell’s Motion to Disqualify Judge Emmet Sullivan and Other Relief is found here.

It is 82 pages. Just for reference, here is part of the Index of the Motion:


1. Judge Sullivan’s Immediate Disqualification is Mandatory………………………….

2. Judge Sullivan’s Prejudicial Statements and Conduct Have Become Increasingly Shrill,   Unprecedented, and Prejudicial—and Apparently Influenced by Extra-Judicial Sources……………………………………………………………………………….4

a.His false and defamatory comments at the December 18, 2018 hearing echoed those of Rachel Maddow……………………….4

b.Judge Sullivan issued an order inviting anyone to participate as amicus after receiving an email from Robbins Russell firm on behalf of Former Watergate Prosecutors……………….5

c.Judge Sullivan read John Gleeson’s WaPo op-ed and adopted the procedure recommended therein to delay and derail the government’s motion to dismiss………………………………………………………………..6

Powell has also included in the motion tweets, citations, and evidence including that from DNI John Ratcliffe.

It is suggested to the reader to review her motion page by page. It is fascinating reading including her last sentence of the motion:

The appearance of bias here is terrifying and mandates disqualification.


Election Chaos: Can it be Avoided?

CCNS | A virtual special event hosted by the Citizens Commission on National Security, with guest commentators Allen West and J. Christian Adams.

The Citizens Commission on National Security (CCNS) is pleased to announce the release of the first in a series of new Virtual Special Events. It features two guests very much involved in the highly challenging effort to keep this upcoming presidential election both free and fair. One is Allen West, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, former Congressman and current chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. The other is J. Christian Adams, the President & General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) and a recently appointed member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Hosts for the show are Roger Aronoff, the executive director and editor of the CCNS, a non-profit national security watchdog organization, and Bobby Eberle, the host of “The 13-Minute News Hour” on YouTube and the owner of GOPUSA.com.

One thing is sure. The trust between the Democrats and Republicans is non-existent. 2000 and 2016 now seem quaint in terms of election controversies. At least in 2000, it was limited to four counties in Florida, and we had never been through anything like that. It is quite clear that in that case, either side would have accepted the ruling of the Supreme Court. In 2016, it was clear that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to concede, not just because it crushed her soul and ego and dreams of being the first woman president. But there was nowhere to turn. The three closest defeats for Hillary came in Michigan (approx. 11,000 votes), Wisconsin (23,000), and Pennsylvania (44,000). Even if she could have reversed Wisconsin and Michigan, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. So she conceded. It doesn’t look like she would this year, urging Joe Biden not to concede “under any circumstances!”

The Democrats and their allies in the media continue to assure us that there is little or no evidence of voter fraud as a result of mail-in voting. They attempt to blur the line by conflating absentee voting, which requires requesting a ballot and having a matching signature, with widespread and in some cases unsolicited mail-in voting.

Democrats accuse Republicans of attempting to suppress the vote. This year there will be tens of millions of ballots circulating, and extended deadlines for mail-in votes. And daily we are subjected to stories in the news about ballots being found in ditches, incorrect ballots being mailed out to people, in some cases without a place to vote for president, and much more.

Christian Adams’ PILF recently released a very extensive report on these very issues. Among its findings, “It appears there are hundreds of thousands of undetected dead registrants, dead registrants casting ballots, registrants with multiple registrations within the same state and different states, people voting twice across state lines, and many registered at improper commercial addresses like casinos, gas stations, and restaurants.”

The discussion in “Election Chaos: Can it be Avoided?” covers these and other issues that paint a bleak, and at times hopeful picture of what to expect starting on Election Day 2020. There is a lot of great information in this program. Don’t miss it and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and months.


Are the Global Scientific Elite Trying to Bury the Truth About the Origin of COVID-19?

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) | CCNS

There may be some culpability involved, but the huge resistance being mounted by the international scientific elite, the media, and vested financial interests against conducting an objective analysis of the origin of the COVID-19 virus is primarily about money.

If it would be determined that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from a laboratory leak of a genetically engineered virus, it would not only disrupt the flow of huge sums of research funding, but adversely affect the investments of those vehemently opposed to President Donald Trump’s efforts to make the U.S. economy less dependent on China and, therefore, make the U.S. less vulnerable to Chinese geopolitical blackmail.

There is growing scientific evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic may have resulted from a vaccine development project gone wrong.

Live-attenuated vaccines are a type of vaccine used for smallpox and childhood diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox, in which a weakened or “attenuated” form of the virus that causes the disease is manufactured.

Because such vaccines are so similar to the natural infection that they help prevent, they create a strong and long-lasting, even lifetime immune response.

Live-attenuated virus vaccines must possess certain characteristics to be safe and effective.

They must have lower virulence and replication capability than the natural pathogenic form of the virus, but be able to induce a pronounced immune response.

Of additional importance is that the live-attenuated virus vaccines should clear quickly from the body and not revert or mutate back to the natural pathogenic form.

To fulfill those characteristics, certain modifications providing protection strategies, or “circuit breakers,” must be engineered into the viral genome, which are also potential markers of artificial manipulation.

An ad hoc group of scientific investigators known as DRASTIC have compiled a 36-point list to buttress their claim that the COVID-19 virus could have originated in a vaccine development program.

For example, a central mechanism for controlling immune responses is mediated by interferons. The COVID-19 virus seems to have some signatures in its genome which indicate interferon hypersensitivity compared to the coronavirus responsible for the 2002-2003 pandemic.

Another indication that the COVID-19 virus may have been the product of an attempt to produce a live-attenuated virus vaccine is the accumulation of “synonymous mutations” in the spike protein compared to RaTG13, which the global scientific elite claim is the nearest bat coronavirus relative.

The artificial accumulation of synonymous mutations has been described as one method of producing live-attenuated virus vaccines by “deoptimizing” the genetic code and inhibiting replication.

The most striking indication of genetic manipulation of the COVID-19 virus is the presence of the furin polybasic cleavage site, which does not exist in any closely-related bat coronavirus yet identified.

Given its role in the virus-cell or cell-cell membrane fusion process, the DRASTIC team suggests that the insertion of the furin polybasic cleavage site may have been related to a high-risk attempt to produce an intranasal “self-spreading” vaccine spray.

“Self-spreading vaccines are essentially genetically engineered viruses designed to move through populations in the same way as infectious diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection.”

Obviously, much could go wrong using such an approach.

To avoid the scientific equivalent of the Russian collusion hoax, the Trump Administration should not rely on the international scientific elite, the media, and vested financial interests to shape the debate, but should appoint an independent and objective task force to determine the true origin of the COVID-19 virus.

Given the power of genetic engineering and the enormous danger when it is recklessly applied, the stakes are just too high not to address this issue honestly and directly.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired from an international career in business and medical research with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security. His email address is [email protected].


Don’t Tell Me the COVID-19 Virus Could Not Have Been Manufactured by China

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) | CCNS

Already by 2008, scientists were synthesizing in the laboratory viable and infectious artificial COVID-19-like viruses.

So far, the global scientific community has been unable to identify a natural origin of, or a logical evolutionary pathway for, the COVID-19 virus.

In contrast, the entire history of coronavirus research is punctuated by the ubiquitous use of genetic engineering to produce new viral combinations, which makes a laboratory origin a far more likely scenario.

In 2008, just five years after the first 2002-2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) pandemic, Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina published an article entitled “Synthetic recombinant bat SARS-like coronavirus is infectious in cultured cells and in mice,” in which he described the creation in the laboratory of an entirely new virus capable of producing a human SARS-like infection:

“Here, we report the design, synthesis, and recovery of the largest synthetic replicating life form, a 29.7-kb bat severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like coronavirus (Bat-SCoV), a likely progenitor to the SARS-CoV epidemic.”

In that study, Baric demonstrated that his new synthetic virus was capable of infecting human lung cells to a similar extent as the first human SARS pandemic virus because he had genetically spliced the receptor-binding domain (RBD) from the SARS virus onto his new artificial virus.

It is important to note that Dr. Baric has been a long-time research collaborator with Zheng-Li Shi, the “bat woman” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Similar to the 2008 study described above, Baric and Zheng-Li Shi jointly published a 2015 scientific article describing the insertion of the RBD from a newly isolated coronavirus (SHC014) into SARS-CoV-1, the coronavirus responsible for the 2002-2003 pandemic.

Baric and Zheng-Li Shi combined the components of two coronaviruses and produced another novel virus, SHC014-MA15, which showed “robust viral replication both in vitro [cell cultures] and in vivo [animals],” using models adapted to test for human infectivity.

Other genetic engineering techniques, such as the insertion of a furin polybasic basic cleavage site, which is found in the COVID-19 virus and in no other close natural relative, as well as individual artificial “point” mutations, have been widely used in coronavirus research.

Since the initial 2002-2003 SARS pandemic, which also originated in China, there have been attempts to create a broad-spectrum vaccine that would provide long-lasting protection against a variety of coronaviruses that might emerge from nature and infect humans.

One such approach has been the development of live-attenuated vaccines like those used for the childhood diseases measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox, in which a weakened or “attenuated” form of the virus that causes the disease is manufactured.

Because live-attenuated vaccines are so similar to the natural infection that they help prevent, a strong and long-lasting, even life-time immune response can be produced.

In a 2018 scientific article, Dr. Baric offered a strategy for the development of a broad-spectrum, live-attenuated vaccine for coronaviruses.

Baric also identified the inherent danger of live-attenuated virus vaccines that they have been shown to revert back to their original pathogenic structure after administration to a recipient.

That risk is exponentially increased for “self-spreading” vaccines, which are essentially genetically engineered live-attenuated vaccines designed to move through populations in the same way as viruses, but rather than causing disease, conferring protection.

In my two previous articles, here and here, I cited evidence supporting the argument that the COVID-19 virus originated in connection with China’s vaccine development program, in which a live-attenuated virus may have reverted to its deadly form after a human infection and then leaked from laboratory containment.

Given the mounting evidence, a non-natural origin for the COVID-19 pandemic demands investigation.

This column was originally published at WION.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired from an international career in business and medical research with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security. His email address is [email protected].