COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science

By: Sam Jacobs | Libertas Bella

The Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit American shores — officially, anyway, there is significant evidence that it arrived earlier — in late January 2020. The American public was then told that a two-week shutdown of the economy would “flatten the curve,” relieving the pressure on hospital intensive care units and saving lives in the long run.

The average American, including conservatives, being people of good faith, complied, thinking that this was a common-sense measure that would save lives in the wake of a new and mysterious pandemic.

But two things quickly happened: First, the goalposts moved. No longer was it enough to “flatten the curve.” Now we were to be locked down until there was a cure.

No longer was it enough to “flatten the curve.” Now we were to be locked down until there was a cure.

Even the cure was not enough for some figures like the lionized-by-liberals Dr. Anthony Fauci — we would continue to be locked down even after a vaccine had been rammed through the approvals process with limited testing. When would we be allowed out by our masters? No one could answer this.

Second, there was an intensification of the authoritarian measures. Some states, aided by Big Tech, introduced “contact tracing” where people had to sign in with extensive personal information if they wanted to, for example, eat out at a restaurant. This was so that, in the event of infection with COVID-19, the state health department would be able to track and trace everyone you had contact with.

We should add that a third thing didn’t so much “happen” but was discovered: As it turns out unless you are old (over the age of 65), morbidly obese, or suffer from a complicating disorder (such as diabetes or asthma), COVID-19 was little more than a bad cold or the flu.

What’s more, there was a financial incentive from the government to mark deaths as COVID-19 deaths when they were not. George Floyd, the man who died while being arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department, sparking riots over the summer of 2020, is officially a COVID-19 death because he died with COVID-19, despite not dying of COVID-19.

By the fall of 2020, the facts became clear: While COVID-19 was dangerous for select populations, it had an extremely low death rate among the young and healthy.

The generous or naive might say that COVID-19 health measures are misguided attempts to protect the population. A more hard-nosed or cynical person likely thinks that these measures are a deliberate attempt to enact totalitarian measures leveraging public panic.

This, of course, would not be the first time the government and its toadies took advantage of such a panic, with the 9/11 attacks presenting a recent example of such.

We believe that COVID-19 measures are little more than a cynical power grab. We also believe that they have no basis in “the science” often breathlessly invoked by the toadies of this power grab.

In this article, we will make a compelling case that there is nothing scientific about this attack on the individual civil liberties of Americans. As Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a top pathologist, virologist, and CEO of a biotech company manufacturing COVID tests said, “this (COVID-19) is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Who Is Hurt By Lockdowns… And Who Isn’t?

Before launching into specifics about “the science” of lockdowns, it is worth discussing who was impacted by lockdowns and who wasn’t. Despite the rhetoric from the political and media class about how “we are all in this together,” there is clearly no “we” and there are different impacts on different people.

First, let’s discuss the American and international media elites. These jobs are largely done remotely and, where they are not customarily performed so, can easily be transitioned to be done remotely. Then there is the small matter of the political class of bureaucrats who receive their paychecks whether they perform any ostensible “work” — to say nothing of obtaining results — or not.

Unsurprisingly, these are two groups heavily invested in both lockdowns and in policing the behavior of ordinary citizens. Compare with the working- and middle-class Americans who do not see a dime unless they actually show up to work, work which often cannot be done under the restrictive and arbitrary rules of the lockdowns.

While one can write clickbait articles about how anti-mask and anti-lockdown protesters are agents of white supremacy from the comfort of one’s own home, the same cannot be said for tasks like construction, manufacturing, many forms of retail sales, or hospitality.

This isn’t just a matter of a few people missing out on a few weeks of work. CNBC host Jim Cramer has noted that the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic led to one of the biggest wealth transfers in all of American history. Wall Street cleaned up at the expense of Main Street.

Small businesses shuttered at an astonishing rate with restaurants and retailers hardest hit. All told, 60 percent of business closures were expected to be permanent, for a total of over 100,000 businesses.

While Main Street businesses were locked down, Amazon was making a killing — all while Jeff Bezos’ vanity blog, the Washington Post was pushing lockdown policies. Walmart, Lowe’s, and Target were likewise seeing booming profits.

This is emblematic of the massive transfer of wealth from small Main Street businesses to Big Tech and the financial sector. Indeed, the tale of the Chinese coronavirus in total might well be described as a massive upward consolidation of power.

The point of all this is to point out that there is a massive social and economic cost to the lockdowns that is borne entirely by the plebeians and not at all by the political and media elites who push the lockdowns hard.

People’s lives have been ruined by the lockdown. And while the projected increase in suicide rates has thus far failed to materialize, why does someone have to kill themselves for us to be concerned about how COVID-19 has impacted their lives?

Further, we have evidence that people die of “despair” — effectively giving up on life and failing to perform adequate self-care, overdosing on drugs, or other similar types of deaths — at an alarming rate during the pandemic lockdowns.

Indeed, there is even a mathematical formula for this, whereby there is an expected 5,300 to 10,000 deaths for every 1 percent of unemployment.  Unemployment during COVID lockdowns peaked at 14.7 percent, which would be an expected excess death total of between 77,910 and 147,000.

The COVID lockdowns of Spring 2020 saw an uptick in a number of other serious conditions. Increased suicide was one, but also drug overdosesalcohol-related illnesstuberculosis infections, and on the non-lethal side of things, increased alcohol abuse generally as well as increased spousal and child abuse.

Delayed cancer screenings were another problem during the lockdowns. The United Kingdom, which has socialized medicine, believes that there are tens of thousands of deaths related to delayed treatment because of COVID alone.

Conservative news and opinion website Revolver has conducted an extensive study of just how impacted American quality of life has been by COVID lockdowns, in terms of actual months of life lost. They concluded that over 10 times as much life has been lost due to COVID lockdowns than due to the disease itself.

The Revolver study is largely based on “back of the envelope” type calculations but is still worth reading to get a sense of the scope of how COVID-19 lockdowns have negatively impacted the lives of Americans significantly more than the disease itself.

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by over 7,000 scientists, virologists, and infectious disease experts believes that lockdowns are destroying “at least seven times as much life” as the disease itself and that in the United States and the United Kingdom, there is “irreparable damage” being done.

The declaration notes clearly that “seven times as much damage” is the absolute minimum, putting a more realistic figure at 90 times.

There is another metric worth mentioning in our quest to quantify how bad the lockdown has been for non-sick people. Global debt has ballooned, growing by $20 trillion since the lockdowns began, according to the Institute of International Finance. This is thought to be the biggest increase in debt in the world’s history

Perhaps worst of all, none of this is ever explained to the public as being necessary. It is simply not acknowledged at all. It is an article of faith in the COVID cult that any measure that will prevent even a single death is worth it no matter what the social or economic consequences.

How Dangerous Is COVID? Not Very.

On the flip side of this are the large number of “COVID deaths” which are actually attributable to some other cause. We’re not talking about an elderly person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder pushed over the edge by the Chinese Coronavirus. We’re talking about people who died of gunshot woundsgot into motorcycle accidentsfell off a ladder, or had a drug-related heart attack while a police officer kneeled on their neck who were counted as COVID deaths.

We’re talking about people who died of gunshot woundsgot into motorcycle accidentsfell off a ladder or had a drug-related heart attack while a police officer kneeled on their neck who were counted as COVID deaths

With fat government subsidies for COVID cases, it’s unsurprising that hospitals and other healthcare facilities would diagnose people as having COVID who actually did not.

We know very little about COVID and how it is spread, but here are a few things we do know: First, we know that there are a number of comorbidities that make it far more dangerous, one of which is obesity, which increases the risk of COVID death by a whopping 48 percent. But even that might not be as dangerous as it first sounds: In California where they have had 18,000 deaths, a scant two of these were people under the age of 18, one with underlying health conditions.

A much more important factor is age. A large study conducted on data from cases in South Korea, Italy, China, and Spain, three of the early breeding grounds for the virus, found a 0 percent death rate for those under the age of 9, The death rate didn’t climb above 1 percent until the age of 50-59 — and then only in China and Italy and then only just barely, at 1.3 and 1 percent respectively.

It climbed slightly above 1 percent for all four countries in the 60-69 age bracket, staying below 2 percent in South Korea and Spain, but below 4 percent for Italy and China. Death rates then spike dramatically over the age of 70.

This tracks with flu deaths over the 2017-18 “flu season” in the United States: Very few deaths under the age of 18 (a little over 600), slightly more for 18-49 (2803), another modest jump between 50 and 64 (6,751) and then a huge spike over the age of 65 (over 50,000). Of course, there are more cases of the flu, which has a lower death rate overall: The overall death rate for COVID-19 is 1.5 percent, regardless of age, with an average season’s flu killing about .1 percent of everyone who gets it.

Closer to home, we’re finding that there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about for most healthy people. The COVID survival rates according to the CDC are 99.997 percent for those under the age of 20, 99.98 percent for those between the ages of 20 and 49, 99.5 percent for those between the age of 50 and 69, and even 94.6 percent for those over the age of 70.

These numbers include people with comorbidities such as respiratory diseases. And even these numbers are likely off, as only 6 percent of all COVID deaths are attributed to COVID alone. The rest had, on average, at least two comorbidities.

The average death rate annually for the flu is about .1 percent.

It’s worth noting that this data all comes from the early stages of the pandemic when medical professionals had little way of treating the disease other than ventilating — and thus, probably killing — severe cases.

Now we know quite a bit more about therapeutics that aid in recovery. President Donald Trump, a clinically obese 74-year-old man, recovered from the disease in less than a week. There is ample evidence that the disease is becoming less deadly, not more. Death rates fall because of increased testing, but the median age of infection has likewise gone down.

Do Lockdowns And Masks Even Work?

All of this raises an important central question: Why do the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, and the obese simply sequester themselves or take reasonable precautions rather than shutting down the world economy?

Indeed, there is mounting evidence that government intervention has, surprise of surprises, actually made things worse. As of November 18, 2020, there have been 34,058 COVID deaths in the state of New York. Of these, over 6,500 (or approximately one in seven total deaths) were nursing home deaths that were a direct result of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policy of forcing nursing homes to accept COVID patients and lock them down with the vulnerable and uninfected.

This is a concrete example of government lockdown measures killing people. But you won’t hear about it in the controlled media.

What about the omnipresent masks that we are now seeing everywhere to the point where someone without a mask is seen as the strange one. They must work, of course!

But there is scant evidence that masks prevent the transmission of COVID or any other respiratory infection. In every randomized clinical trial ever conducted, there have been inconclusive findings that mask-wearing aided in suppressing transmission of respiratory diseases. Studies generally rely upon fitted N95 respirators that must be sterilized after every use or surgical masks that should be thrown away. We have more evidence that typical masks cause headaches than they prevent against COVID.

Compare this to what you see on your average trip to the grocery store: People wearing unfitted cloth masks that get occasionally cleaned — maybe. Many people don’t even bother to pull them up over their noses. Thus, most mask-wearing is useless and little more than a form of social control or forced act of “solidarity.”

There’s magical thinking involved in the current mask mandates: If cases go up, it’s because people weren’t good little boys and girls and didn’t wear their masks. If they go down, everyone has been well behaved and gets to pat themselves on the back for wearing their face diaper.

Some evidence suggests that masks make people feel magically protected from the virus and thus they do not take common-sense precautions against all diseases, such as handwashing, keeping fingers off the face, covering their nose when they sneeze, and the like.

What this means at its root is that people are trading effective measures for ineffective theater. Mask reuse likewise increases infection rates and who among us isn’t guilty of that?

What’s more, studies suggest that people who wear the cloth masks, that are now virtually required to do anything outside one’s home, lead to an increase of flu-like symptoms — and thus create lots of COVID paranoia where there ought not to be any.

It was only in March that many experts were urging people not to wear masks at all, with this article from April likewise urging people to not wear masks.

There are also the “soft” effects of mask-wearing. There is significant evidence to suggest that children living under COVID will have their emotional and psychological development severely stunted and warped thanks to mask orders. As if you needed another reason to pull your kids out of public school.

Indeed, we have a mountain of troubling data about the social effects of mass mask-wearing that go back decades. Put simply, masks make people stupid, pliant, and anti-social. Examples of findings from mask studies include:

  • A 1976 study where people were more likely and required less pay to carry a sign reading “masturbation is fun” if they were masked.
  • A 1979 study found children were more likely to take more than their allotted amount of Halloween candy if they were masked.
  • A 1989 study found that masking led people to abandon defense mechanisms and revert to more primitive psychological states.
  • Studies conducted in 2005 and 2017 found neurological evidence inhibits both impulse control and identity formation, decreasing prefrontal cortex activity.
  • Repeated studies have found that masking reduces blood flow to the brain.

A number of public figures have backed off of masking as a panacea, instead, they are pushing it as an act of “social solidarity.” Sure, masks might not actually do anything — but what about feelings? British politicians Michael Gove and Nicole Sturgeon are indicative of this trend.

Your Social Betters Are Not Actually Afraid of COVID

But perhaps the best evidence that this is all just a bit of political theater is seeing how our media and political class actually behave when they think no one is watching.

Chris Cuomo, brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo, often referred to as “Fredo” due to paling in comparison with his brother, was quarantined for two weeks, not for abstract reasons, but because he was actually exposed to COVID. This didn’t stop him from leaving his house unmasked after he got tired of lifting fake weights on camera.

Bill De Blasio, the Mayor of New York with questionable connections to Communist organizations and a daughter in Antifa, was caught at the gym and didn’t feel even a twinge of shame about it, explaining that he needs to go to the gym, but you do not.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, told Chicagoans to stay home for Thanksgiving. This didn’t stop her from taking to the streets following Joe Biden’s ersatz “victory” in the 2020 Presidential election to celebrate.

Gavin Newsome, Governor of California has presided over some of the harshest lockdowns in the nation, going so far as to shut off power and water to people who defy his lockdown diktats. He somehow finds time to dine out at the three Michelin star restaurant French Laundry with some of the top medical bureaucrats in the state.

He’s not the only governor who believes in “lockdowns for thee, but not for me.” Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan went as far as to threaten lockdown protesters with further lockdowns because of their protests. She is a bit of a poster child for the mediocre people who have appointed themselves COVID cops.

Whitmer put in some of the most restrictive lockdowns in the country, then attempted to use them to blackmail Michiganders into voting for Joe Biden. In November, she began threatening jail time for businesses that did not record the personal details of their customers for her personal perusal. Her husband attempted to throw his weight around to get his boat moved into place for vacation early in violation of state orders.

Nancy Pelosi’s lockdown-violating haircut is well known. Less known is that she planned to carry on with the reception dinner for new members of Congress until her plan was exposed and widely mocked at a time when she and other political elites were telling average Americans to skip Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The elephant in the room, of course, was the BLM riots of the summer of 2020. In cities such as New YorkPortland (where riots literally went on every night for months), and Seattle (where insurrectionists took over several blocks of the capitol district and demanded ethnic cleansing of whites from the area), there were leftist riots growing out of a media-manufactured panic centered around the death of George Floyd, a criminal who died of a drug overdose while resisting arrest and whose death is officially listed as COVID.

These riots were fine, indeed necessary and it wasn’t just politicians who were saying so. The medical profession also chimed in, predictably declaring that “racism” was the “real pandemic.”

Compare with the reaction to anti-lockdown protests. Those seeking consolidation of power upward in the form of breaking police unions and disbanding local police departments, who terrorized small businesses and local communities, not just in big blue cities, but also in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin and Lancaster, Pennsylvania — the latter of these sensibly held rioters on $1 million bail.

The message is simple and clear: Freedom fighters are superspreaders. The freelance goons of government repression and Big Tech labor discipline enforcement are free to do as they will. Their “protests” aren’t just safe, but vitally important.

The Coming COVID Police State

There is no other term for the COVID regime than a nascent police state. Governors and bureaucrats, without any legislative authority, have demanded that people remain in the homes at their personal whim for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate.

Australia is an example of a country that has moved very firmly and decisively into police state territory. Zoe Buhler, a 28-year-old pregnant mother was arrested, handcuffed, and had her electronic devices confiscated for the crime of posting about an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook in a town with four active cases. The name of the crime? “The planning and encouragement of protest activity.” The punishment? Mrs. Buhler is looking at 15 years in prison.

You can watch the video of Mrs. Buhler’s arrest here. It should make your stomach turn. The Premier of Victoria (equivalent to the governor of this Australian state) allowed and encouraged BLM protests of up to 10,000 that summer.

In Victoria, as elsewhere in Australia, as well as in many American states, people are not allowed to leave their houses except for reasons deemed “essential” by their government, then only for so long and between certain hours and you might need a hall pass explaining to officers where you are going and why you are going there.

People harassed for the crime of sitting down on park benches include a law professor with cerebral palsy and her 70-year-old mother and a heavily pregnant woman while a young tradesman was harassed and fined for not having his papers filled out properly.

With new lockdowns rolling out that involve requirements to wear masks in your own home and a prohibition on all visitors, it is clear that some are attempting to bring back the bad old days of Spring 2020, but with even more restriction and enforcement.

Thinking about protesting? Forget about being arrested and manhandled by police. If your protests get too large, as they have done in Germany, the police will turn fire hoses on you like you’re in Alabama in 1956.

And then there’s the prospect of the vaccine, two versions of which will soon be available, if not mandatory.

Could the coronavirus vaccine be “the Mark of the Beast?” One doesn’t have to be religious to see it as such. Public health officials are already boasting that no one will be able to work, travel, or go to school without this vaccine that was rushed through approvals for political theater.

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out making the vaccine mandatory, though the federal government will likely just punt enforcement to large corporations, similar to how they use Big Tech to manage information on the Internet and Big Finance to take banking services away from dissidents.

Bill Gates has called not only for mandatory vaccines, but also mandatory tracking of people who have received them.

It’s worth noting that “asymptomatic transmission,” the notion that people who don’t know they’re sick are passing the disease around and thus, the entire basis of mask mandates and lockdowns, is patently false.

Are our elites deliberately conspiring to instill fear or are they just idiotic dupes? Probably a little from Column A and a little from Column B. But one thing is clear — the economic, political, academic, and media elites in this country are using a disease with a 99.9% survival rate to transform the country into a police state. Patriots and freedom lovers must resist this by any means necessary.

One way to do this is by patronizing local businesses who are openly defying mask mandates. But in many cases, you can circumvent these laws — particularly at big box stores — by saying: “I have a health concern.” The law prevents them from asking anything further and risk-averse large companies generally won’t for fear of a lawsuit or an Americans with Disabilities Act or HIPAA complaint.


Eyes On Canada 1.0

By: Retired General Paul Vallely | CCNS

Most people in the USA think of Canada as “America light” – their little sibling to the North. Canadians have a reputation for being mild, courteous, and non-confrontational. Many Canadians have a sort of mid-western American accent. They dress and behave similarly to Americans, so they effortlessly blend in like Americans. Because of this, they have had a huge impact on American science, culture, and entertainment. Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone in Canada. He was also instrumental in the founding of the National Geographic magazine. Basketball was the creation of a Canadian, who wanted to be able to play sports in the frigid Canadian winter. Many of Hollywood’s brightest stars are Canadian. Our cultures are intertwined.

Canada and America are joined at the hip – two birds of a feather. This characterization is a little deceptive. Although Canada is by far America’s greatest trading partner, friend, and staunch ally; Canadians have much more in common with their British cousins than with the USA.

Here are a few commonly overlooked facts about Canada:

  • Most of Canada is unlawfully occupied, unceded, tribal land. The First Nations, or Tribal People, as they prefer to be known, were largely powerless in the European settlement of Canada.
  • Canada’s Parliament, in Ottawa Ontario, sits unlawfully on Algonquin tribal land.
  • In the Eighteenth Century, the British American colonies had a revolution and broke free of the mother country and its monarchy – Canada did not. Many Canadians assisted in the American Revolution but did not reap the benefits of freedom and independence.
  • Canada is ruled by the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Canada’s top governmental official is the Governor-General, who is appointed by the Queen of the United Kingdom.
  • Every incoming Prime Minister of Canada must swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen – the monarch. He or she then becomes “the Hand of the Queen”. Every act of Canada’s parliament must get Royal Approval from the Queen before it comes into effect.
  • Canada’s elected parliament can be recalled at any time by the Queen.
  • Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is an Army division. They wear the red serge of the British Army and all its members swear an oath to the Queen. Its officers are commissioned by the Queen.
  • In 1812, Canada, as part of the British Empire, was at war with America. Troops from Canada invaded and set fire to the White House and the Capitol building. Canada successfully repelled a counter-invasion from the Americans.
  • Upper and Lower Canada had their own revolt against the monarch in 1837 – hoping to institute an American form of government. This failed – largely because the help requested from America was not forthcoming.
  • Upper and Lower Canada are now the provinces of Ontario and Quebec – Canada’s two most populous provinces.
  • French-speaking Quebec is, in fact, an independent state. It receives huge subsidies from the rest of Canada to present itself as a nominal Canadian province – which it is not.
  • Canada has been ruled by the “Laurentian Elite” for centuries. These are wealthy people from the narrow strip of land along the St. Lawrence river from Toronto to Quebec City. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, is part of this hereditary elite.
  • The “Laurentian Elite” has left much of the rest of Canada feeling disenfranchised. There is serious talk in the western provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and northern British Columbia of seceding and joining the US. Alberta was originally settled by Americans and has a strong affinity for the United States.
  • There is no article of Confederation for Canada. Canada is a corporation registered at Dun and Bradstreet in New York City.
  • Canada does not have a constitution. What Canada calls a “constitution” is a series of disjointed documents – no one even knows how long the “constitution” is. In America you can carry a copy of the constitution in your shirt pocket; in Canada, you would need a suitcase.
  • Canada’s Charter of Rights only applies to employees of the Canadian government, not to ordinary citizens.
  • Justin Trudeau recently made an Order in Council – like an Executive Order, banning almost all firearms in Canada. This order does not, however, apply to Native Canadians, making this an overtly racist law.

Despite the differences, Canada has always stood shoulder to shoulder with America in times of war and peace. They stormed the beaches of Normandy together with the Allies on D-Day. It was the Canadian embassy in Tehran that, despite significant danger to themselves, hid and protected American diplomats during the Iranian revolution of the late Seventies. Canada has the longest unprotected border in the world, and Canada is partnered with the United States in the air defence of North America through the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD). Canadians and Americans should both be grateful for each other – as a family.

This is the first in a series of articles that will be published under the title, “Eyes on Canada”. Our team will introduce to our readers a look inside Canada — its political situation, citizen’s and Province concerns, industry, and finance. Next release — “Canada Today”.

With special thanks to The Canadian Investigative Team

Published and Distributed through the Stand Up America US Foundation

This column was originally published at StandUpAmericaUS.org


Tucker Carlson Embraces Liberal Groupthink, Lies About Trump Atty Sidney Powell And Ignores “Hammer And Scorecard,” Dominion Hacking Evidence

By: Daniel John Sobieski


Noted Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson has often been one of the few bright spots on a network whose continued leftward tilt is no longer possible not to notice. For example, his commentaries on the true pandemic facts and how manufactured COVID hysteria has been used to carve out huge exceptions to our constitutional liberties have been on point. But on Thursday, Tucker Carlson tested positive for bloviating stupidity in surrendering to the conventional wisdom that charges of systemic computer hacking of our elections by pro-Biden foreign actors.

At issue is the Thursday press conference held by Team Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney and New York Mayor, and Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and most recently Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney as he fights the Deep State’s entrapment of President Trump’s former designated national. Giuliani has an unrestrained personality that can grate on you while Powell has a rather dry manner. Both are damn good lawyers with an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of evidence and what constitutes a provable and winnable case. They have stellar legal records. Tucker Carlson has none, yet on Thursday he claimed neither had presented any convincing evidence, particularly to him… he with no legal or courtroom experience. Tucker went further, saying that Sidney  Powell had repeatedly rebuffed his requests for evidence, essentially telling him to stop bothering her and get lost. That, as Tucker Carlson repeatedly says on his show is a lie. According to Tucker on Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Giuliani, along with former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and a number of others, alleged that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. To demonstrate that, they exhibited some of what they found after two weeks of investigating….

But back to Thursday’s press conference, which Giuliani kicked off by saying the Democrats stole the election by means of coordinated fraud in a number of states. Giuliani did not conclusively prove that, but he did raise legitimate questions and in some cases, he pointed to what appeared to be real wrongdoing….

All of which brings us to the bombshell at the center of today’s press conference that was delivered by Powell, who also serves as Gen. Mike Flynn’s lawyer. For more than a week, Powell has been all over conservative media with the following story: This election was stolen by a collection of international leftists who manipulated vote tabulating software in order to flip millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. The other day on television, Powell said of Trump that when the fraud is finally uncovered, “I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes.” In other words, rigged software stole about seven million votes in this election.

On Sunday night, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” texted her after watching one of her segments. What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history. Millions of votes stolen in a day, democracy destroyed the end of our centuries-old system of self-government. Not a small thing….

we simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention.

But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they also told us Powell had never given them any evidence to prove anything she claimed at the press conference.

Powell did say that electronic voting is dangerous, and she’s right, but she never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another. Not one.

If Tucker had been paying attention to the press conference, both Giuliani and Powell were not presenting their case. They were, for the benefit of those who, like Tucker Carlson, apparently get their legal knowledge from watching Judge Judy, establishing probable cause and making the equivalent of their opening statements. The actual evidence will be presented in an actual court before an actual judge and through a process called discovery where there is even more evidence not in their hands. Sidney Powell does not have any of the servers used by Dominion, some located in foreign countries. Nor does she have copies of the software in her office. Forensic analysis of the servers and software has yet to be done. As someone who has spent four decades in information systems, I can attest that this is not an easy process that can be explained or done on the set of Fox News. Tucker Carlson is not a forensic computer expert, nor is he a judge or jury. I would trust their legal expertise over his.

Sidney Powell remembers her exchanges with Carlson somewhat differently with Tucker being anything but polite. As the Washington Examiner reported on her response to Tucker’s rant:

Sidney Powell, an attorney on President Trump’s election legal team, shot back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson the morning after he said she “got angry” and refused to provide evidence on his show for her claims of voting software flipping votes.

“No, I didn’t get angry with the request to provide evidence,” the former federal prosecutor said Friday morning during an interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo.

“In fact, I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation, and I offered him another witness who could explain the mathematics and the statistical evidence far better than I can. I’m not really a numbers person,” she added.

“But he was very insulting, demanding, and rude, and I told him not to contact me again, in those terms,” Powell concluded….

Carlson’s show followed a wild press conference featuring Powell and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in which they laid out their claim of a “massive” vote-rigging scheme, laying much of the blame on Dominion Voting Systems.

“We have one very strong witness who has explained how it all works,” Powell said. “His affidavit is attached to the pleadings of Lin Wood and the lawsuit he filed in Georgia. … As soon as he saw multiple states shut down the voting on the night of the election, he knew the same thing was happening here.”

Powell alleged that various “spikes” in the vote count following election night were evidence that someone was using the software in order to steal votes from Trump and propel President-elect Joe Biden to victory.

Tucker notes that Powell has been all over conservative media presenting her case, for example, on Lou Dobbs Tonight and with Rush Limbaugh, but apparently, Carlson has not been paying attention to any of it. So for his edification, here are a few more choice examples:

Speaking on Lou Dobbs last night, Sidney Powell began explaining just part of the evidence she has of massive,  widespread election fraud that occurred to steal the race from President Trump.

Earlier in the day, Powell spoke on the Rush Limbaugh show, outing the process of stopping the counts, and the fact that Brian Kemp (Georgia Governor) collected kickbacks from the Dominion company and widespread election fraud that occurred to steal the race from President Trump….

“I’ve got a firsthand witness. In fact, I’ve just emailed you an affidavit from a witness who can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places but he was present for the creation of the system for this specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. They exported this all over Latin America. It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion systems that were built to do this very thing, for changing the results of elections… And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly with the states the suddenly went down, they stopped counting the votes. It was because the need was so great to [beat] President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate reset on the machines to have them come out for Biden.”

Sidney Powell has presented clear evidence that this has been done before here and overseas using computer and software manipulation tools loosely referred to as “Hammer and Scorecard,” developed and used by our intelligence agencies including the CIA:

Sidney Powell is not some click-baiting queen… she announced that there is evidence that the CIA tools were used to alter election counts on software systems in the swing states.

Last week, CDP posted a story about how democrats were conspiring with rouge agents in the Central Intelligence Agency in order to utilize a tool called SCORECARD, which has the power to alter voting machine numbers.

And now, Sidney Powell (attorney for Michael Flynn and part of the president’s legal team) has announced that they have evidence that this tool was used, in conjunction with THE HAMMER to rig the election for Joe Biden…..

In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden….

The Democrats tested their technology during the Democrat party primaries. Otherwise, Bernie Sanders would have won the 2020 nomination. SCORECARD was utilized on behalf of Joe Biden during the 2020 primary against Bernie Sanders. The Democrat primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders.

CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery turned over a massive cache of illegally harvested surveillance and election data in August 2015 and December 2015 to the FBI and CIA under two immunity agreements that were granted to Montgomery by Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI General Counsel James Baker.

If Tucker Carlson wants evidence of anti-Trump foreign actors being able to meddle in our elections, he should get in touch with Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughes of Texas and read her report, “REPORT OF REVIEW OF DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS,” detailing why Texas rejected the use of their voting machines and software:

The nation’s three largest voting machine manufacturing vendors — Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Dominion Voting Systems, and Hart InterCivic — have all publicly acknowledged that they place modems in some of their vote tabulators and scanners.

While the vendors claim that their “firewalls” protect computers from outside interference, many of the nation’s leading technical experts say this claim is bogus

“Once a hacker starts talking to a voting machine through the modem,” says Princeton University Computer Science professor Andrew Appel, “they can hack the software and make it cheat in future elections.” It’s as straightforward as that.

So, what can we do?

“We should be unplugging all of these machines from the internet,” says Kevin Skoglund, the computer scientist who led the 10-expert investigatory team. This means keeping elections technologies disconnected all the time, including on election night.

“We cannot make our computers perfectly secure,” says Andrew Appel. “What we should do is remove all of the unnecessary, hackable pathways, such as modems. We should not connect our voting machines directly to computer networks. That is just inviting trouble.”

States like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin invited such trouble and got it. Software developed in Venezuela under the auspices of Maduro and votes stored on foreign servers connected via the Internet is an invitation to foreign hackers with malign interests.

An investigation into the connection of Dominion Voting Systems with Georgia politicians, ironically Republican ones,  as the Democrats are preparing to march through Georgia on January 5 and steal two Senate seats from the GOP, enabling them to destroy our democracy and end our constitutional liberties, is being conducted by the  good folks at American Oversight:

In July 2019, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that the state had awarded a $107 million contract to manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems to replace existing voting machines with a new “verified paper ballot system.” As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, both Dominion and the state’s former elections company, Election Systems & Software, had connections with Gov. Brian Kemp’s administration. Dominion lobbyist Jared Thomas had been a longtime political and campaign aide to Kemp, who previously served as secretary of state, and another lobbyist, Barry Herron, had worked for Diebold Election Systems, which had originally sold Georgia its electronic voting machines.

Georgia voters had complained about malfunctioning voting machines after the November 2018 midterm elections, even filing a lawsuit aimed at overhauling the state’s election system, including the electronic machines. But critics worry that the new electronic ballot-printing devices from Dominion won’t be much better, contending that hand-marked paper ballots remain the most secure voting method. In fact, the new devices were given a test run in six Georgia counties during the November 2019 election and ran into a number of issues. And records we’ve already obtained showed that voter check-in devices used “1234” as their default password — an “exceptionally weak security measure.” (State officials have said the passwords have been changed.)

Elsewhere in the state, voters reported long lines and ballot issues, and concerns remain about the hidden costs of the new voting system, the state’s planned purge of 300,000 names from its voter rolls, and security weaknesses in voting equipment. With the 2020 elections looming and the security of U.S. voting systems less than certain, American Oversight is investigating state officials’ communications with Dominion Voting Systems and its subcontractor KnowInk and is requesting records that could shed light on how the state is working to ensure secure and accurate elections.

A presidential election is stolen and our democracy has been “hacked “ to pieces by foreign actors. This is the crime of the century, perhaps of all human history, and Tucker Carlson is splitting hairs about evidence that is right in front of him. Sidney Powell is on the hunt while Tucker Carlson is getting quite comfortable with the pomposity, smugness and groupthink he allegedly opposes.

*Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.


Trevor Loudon: China Tied to Election Push; the Global Socialist Agenda

By: Joshua Philipp | Crossroads

As the United States and the world wait for the final results of the 2020 elections, the evidence is demonstrating numerous cases of fraud and irregularities that are calling into question the integrity of the U.S. Electoral System. Yet beyond this, many of the radical groups that have been involved with activities around the election have deep ties to the Chinese government. To learn more about this, and the broader agenda behind these groups, we spoke with author, filmmaker, and Epoch Times contributor Trevor Loudon.

These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads.

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Muslim Brotherhood Would Use a Biden Presidency to Advance “Congressional Jihad”

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

The 2020 American presidential election will be historically remembered as a unique election. A contested, undecided race is not new, but the media’s hype, backing, and declaration for one candidate are unprecedented.  Ultimately, the delay caused by the election investigation will be to expose the use of comprehensive fraud within the voting procedures of American elections, past and present. Statements by individuals witnessing voting poll crimes in the form of affidavits are appearing every day.

Once the final verdict is reached and Americans and the world are informed of who will lead the country for the next four years Americans can do nothing less than demand a permanent fix of the election process. This seems to be a goal of the current administration. This truly is unique.

If anyone thinks a presidential outcome for Biden could occur without the empowerment of Islamic radicals then think again. Take a look at the current fervor in the Middle East over Biden’s premature presidential declaration. The Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) overwhelming enthusiasm for the media’s Democrat “President-elect” is revealed all across the Arabic-speaking media.  Certainly, they stand to gain by a Biden win and also the reverse, much to lose with a Trump win.

Muslim Americans and the Muslim Brotherhood will thrive under Biden

Some world leaders, including the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Morshed, have already congratulated Joe Biden, the media’s unverified choice for president. The Arabic media reported that the MB issued a “victory” statement while Deputy Morshed gave the following official statement, “Biden victory proves that the American people can still impose their will.”

The Deputy Morshed no doubt refers to media reports of more than one million Muslim-Americans (the highest number ever) voting for the Democrat presidential candidate and gives credit to them for Biden’s success. According to the Al Jazeera and Anadolu Agency, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) promised to deliver Joe Biden these votes. Since the Sharia sheep always follow the wolf these votes could actually prove to be legal.  Brotherhood members form the majority of CAIR’s board of directors. The pro-MB Arabic media are now highlighting how gratified Muslim-Americans are for the Biden “win.”

The Arabic media goes on to express satisfaction felt by Muslim-Americans with Biden’s pre-election promise to lift the ban imposed by Trump on citizens of seven Muslim countries, which now prevents them from entering the United States.  According to further reports, Muslim-Americans expect Biden to denounce Islamophobia and racism against Muslims in America and around the world.

Meanwhile, Arabic reports show that enthusiasm by the Muslim Brotherhood, a designated terrorist organization in Egypt, is at an all-time high with Biden — perhaps hopeful for another Obama/Biden experience like the one that elevated the MB to power not so long ago with the striking role played by the former American President and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during the wave of the infamous Arab Spring.

Besides Egypt, media from other Arab countries, sympathetic to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its activists, reported the MB openly prayed for Biden to win and watched election results closely as it reported on Biden’s progress. Meanwhile, Trump is mocked for his speech about fraud on behalf of Biden and for using the courts to resolve the issue as the MB observes the crime of voter fraud with the familiarity and regularity of one of its own candidates in Egypt.

The MB is not without a direct stake in the Biden “win” game with certain down-ticket candidates. Five Muslim Democrat congressional candidates will be newly elected if the race holds up before the courts while two incumbents could be re-elected, all from the following states: Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Indiana – making a potential total of seven Muslim-Americans elected to congress. One hundred and ten Muslim candidates ran across 24 states plus the Capitol and over fifty percent, as it stands now, have won across local, state, and federal offices. The question is where do their loyalties lie.

According to Egypt’s Albawaba news, a research media institution specializing in the movements of political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood’s right-hand organization outside of Egypt is the Council on American Islamic Relations. CAIR members who are also MB members donated to American candidates this cycle including Joe Biden. Brotherhood member and public relations officer of CAIR, Al-Sharqawi, played a major role in raising money for the Biden campaign, the MB reported. CAIR heavily backs US Rep. Ilhan Omar and equates her political grooming and the Biden “victory” to its pursuit of “Congressional Jihad.”

Biden or Morsi – an MB style election

The engineers behind the American presidential election seem to have taken a lesson from Egypt’s presidential election after the removal of Mubarak in 2011. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, ran against Ahmed Shafek, a former military officer and twice Egyptian Prime Minister from the Mubarak era – an accomplished and formidable opponent.

Rigging ballots, exchanging votes for cash or food, and other illegal tricks brought about a winning result for Mohammed Morsi. The final outcome was calculated after several days, and the announcement was postponed several times. The dreadfully unpopular Morsi had become president. When President Obama heard the good news of a Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, the USA offered congratulations to Morsi as the first foreign country to respond. Now the MB Deputy Morshed is among the first to congratulate Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden.


Tucker Goes Megyn

By: Joan Swirsky | The Canada Free Press

What is it about good-looking, brainy, articulate, even charismatic people––particularly if they’re in the public eye––that makes them so vulnerable to the self-destroying over-confidence and arrogance known as hubris?

Who can forget when the beauteous, brash and brilliant Megyn Kelly blazed like a shooting star on Fox News, used her background as a former practicing attorney to conduct piercing and revelatory interviews; showcased enough magnetism to, as my mother used to say, charm a bird off a tree; and entranced the show-business and tabloid worlds with her romance and marriage to a rich and handsome businessman-cum-author and then give birth to three adorable children?

In the feminist-invented world of “having it all,” Kelly certainly fits the profile.


And so did Kelly! As soon as the business mogul and TV star Donald Trump descended on the escalator in the eponymously-named Trump Tower with his gorgeous wife Melania in June of 2015 and announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America, every media person in every outlet in the world salivated at the chance of interviewing the billionaire builder.

But nothing would reveal the Real Donald Trump as much as the TV debates in which no less than 16 Republican candidates participated––all of them with the formidable political credentials that the businessman-candidate lacked.

They included Governors Scott Walker (WI), John Kasich (OH); former Governors Rick Perry (TX), Bobby Jindal (LA), George Pataki (NY), Mike Huckabee (AK), Jim Gilmore (VA), Jeb Bush (FL), Chris Christie (NJ); Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Ted Cruz (TX); as well as former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

And who got the plum assignment to host the first Republican debate? None other than Fox’s “it girl” Megyn Kelly. I remember vividly how Kelly tantalized her audience with explosive things to come––rolling her hands, her eyes glistening––as she invited people to see what they had never ever seen before.


And she delivered! Right out of the gate, she accused candidate Trump of being abusive to women.

Uh oh. Wrong question to the wrong target. Did fledgling TV starlet Kelly really think she was more seasoned in media savvy than the guy who hosted two TV shows––The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice––that ran at the top of the ratings for over 14 years?

At the first debate, Trump destroyed two entities––all of his opponents and Megyn Kelly!

The American public––in poll after poll after poll after poll––believed that Trump was more credible, appealing, and honest than Ms. Smarty Pants. And it was not long before Kelly was gone from Fox, hired by NBC-News, then gone from NBC and now into, um, podcasts.

Yes, this clever species likes to be paid the Big Bucks, but yoo hoo Missy….where do you think that money comes from? It comes from We the People tuning into this or that TV or radio station or Internet site, and if the numbers are good, the advertising increases and it is that advertising money that pays your overpaid salaries!

Which brings me to an egghead like Tucker Carlson who may understand capitalism but clearly does not understand the power of We the People.


Since November 2016, Carlson has hosted an 8 p.m. show on Fox. In fact, in July 2020, he broke the record for the highest-rated program in U.S. cable news history, garnering an average nightly audience of 4.33 million viewers.

Typically, his show features a monologue of provocative political commentary which cites numerous examples of leftist hypocrisy and challenges––with a high degree of empiricism––such sacred cows of leftism as global warming, open borders, and mail-in voting. He also interviews numerous “experts” to either affirm or argue with his own political opinions.

So how did this media star––just like Megyn Kelly––crash and burn?


When Tucker Carlson recently attacked attorney Sidney Powell, who was initially on the Trump legal team but is now independently pursuing justice for the president for the massive voter fraud that has put his reelection in question, We the People immediately suspected that Fox management had ordered Carlson to sing their leftist song.

If so, Tucker obediently complied, evincing the colossal conceit that Atty. Powell should tell him––a Fox News employee, a dispensable employee––the proof of voter fraud that she planned to take before a judge (or several judges) in perhaps the most consequential legal case in American history.

And when she didn’t respond to his preposterous and presumptuous interview request,   he had a verbal, on-air temper tantrum, acting indefensibly rude and obnoxiously antagonistic about one of the most seasoned and respected lawyers in our country.

While most Republicans and Conservatives were so disgusted with Fox’s dishonest coverage of the election––calling Arizona with hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted, failing to ask even one question about the unprecedented shut down for three hours of voting tallies in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, et al––they quit Fox and went to Newsmax TV and One American News Network (OANN).

But people like me and many others stayed with Fox solely because of commentators like Tucker Carlson and Mr. Rock-Ribbed Conservative himself, Sean Hannity.

However, when we witnessed Tucker’s shameful behavior toward Sidney Powell, the rest of We the People immediately and instantly and with no regrets whatsoever left Fox FOREVER! With, by the way, a Good Riddance to Mr. Smarty Pants!

And we were not alone. According to Jim Hoft’s unerring reportage, after Fox’s election-night coverage, Fox News crashed to such a degree that their viewership was cut by 50 percent in three weeks!

“Fox News spit on their audience, and their audience walked,” Hoft wrote, also displaying this dramatic graph:

Fox News Favorability


As writer Andrea Widburg writes: “Fox News continues to insult its audience.

In 1983 there were 50 media companies, but today only six organizations are responsible for over 90 percent of all the “news” we read, watch and listen to! Five of the CEOs of these multibillion-dollar businesses are longtime leftist globalists, and the sixth, the only conservative, was Rupert Murdoch (Fox, Wall St. Journal, NY Post, et al) who a few years ago gave control of his empire to his leftist sons Lachlan and James.

For decades, these business titans have made massive financial investments in the global economy, thanks largely to the leftist con men and women—the Clintons and Obama & Co.; the Chinese Communist Party, the tin-pot dictators, and America-haters of the United Nations; the leftist billionaires who thrive on and denounce capitalism at the same time—who convinced them that America was on the decline and that the open-borders, one-world-government crowd was in imminent ascendance.

Then Donald Trump happened and all that one-world baloney vanished overnight.


Since then, the globalists have done two things:

  1. They have continued to invest heavily in our economy, hence the rocket-like ascendance of the Stock Market,
  2. They have told their media whores to keep up the drumbeat of negativity about President Trump.

Why? Because the ratings for their devolving shows spiked with his election, as did the money that lined their pockets!

The always astute Daniel Greenfield elaborated on this phenomenon:

“The media spent eight years declining into irrelevance under Obama. Even before Trump, Obama had bypassed the media for social media. The big stories were fed to the press by Obama Inc. cronies like Ben Rhodes or hidden hand political smear shops like Fusion GPS.

“Trump revived the media… [his] end-year remarks to the NY York Times acerbically summed up his relationship with the media. `I’m going to win another four years… because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there.’ The answering outburst of rage and contempt from the media burned all the hotter because the statement was not only intentionally provocative; it was also true.

“Trump’s greatest trick was forcing [the media] to get in the ring with him. That’s always been his trick for defeating his opponents.

“The media’s Trump rage ended Hillary’s career, put a Republican in the White House, pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords, brought in the Muslim travel ban, recognized Jerusalem, and did all the other things the media wails about every second of the day. And the media helped make them happen.”


If the globally-coordinated, massively-funded, treasonously-conceived coup that leftists have been working on for the past five years succeeds, conservative patriots can be assured that President Trump will create a media company that overnight will have 80-million paid subscribers who will, finally, break––actually destroy––the malevolent, dishonest, and immorally anti-American media that has contaminated our airways for the past 100 years.

Can I hear an Amen?!

But my money is on––and has always been on––the Smartest Guy in the Room, President Donald J. Trump.

Starting today or tomorrow––Happy Thanksgiving everyone!––you can watch the reincarnation of the Greatest Show on Earth, ending, I trust, with the hand on the Bible on January 20th, 2021, being the hand of the reelected President Trump!


Trump Must Release the Kraken

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump ordered the GSA to start a “transition” to a Biden Administration after GSA administrator Emily Murphy said she received “threats online, by phone, and by mail directed at my safety, my family, my staff, and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely.” So why didn’t Trump order Attorney General Barr or FBI Director Wray to investigate these threats and bring the perpetrators to justice?

Has Trump been president? Or hasn’t he? Isn’t he still in power?

I asked super-lawyer Larry Klayman these questions. He founded Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch and said about Trump: “He’s been taking bad advice for four years. He’s been told that he is the chief executive in one area but not in the other area. Trump is the head of the Justice Department.”

Klayman offered to do the job for Trump. All Trump has to do is appoint Klayman as an interim special counsel (who doesn’t need Senate confirmation) and he can investigate and uncover wrongdoing. He’s probably the most aggressive lawyer ever seen on the conservative side.

“Barr is scared of his own shadow,” Klayman observed, “and Barr has done nothing.” He noted that Barr’s special prosecutor in Obama-gate, John Durham, has produced nothing, except for a guilty plea from a low-level FBI official. “Nobody is going to be held accountable.” All of the big crooks are still free.

Meanwhile, another false friend of Trump’s, Fox News, is gloating over Trump’s surrender, reporting Biden as saying that the Trump administration’s outreach on the  transition is “sincere.”

“Immediately, we’ve gotten outreach from the national security shop to just across the board,” Biden told Deep State mouthpiece Lester Holt of NBC News. “They’re already working out my ability to get presidential daily briefs, we’re already working out meeting with the COVID team in the White House and how to not only distribute but get from a vaccine being distributed to a person able to get vaccinated, so I think we’re going to not be so far behind the curve as we thought might be in the past,” Biden said. “And I must say the outreach has been sincere — it has not been begrudging so far and I don’t expect it to be.”

Even so, Trump and his sons and other members of the Trump 2020 team are desperately trying to raise money for a legal defense of Trump. But where was the president when his own GSA administrator was being threatened? Where was Barr? Where was Wray? Many Trump supporters are demoralized and think they’re being played for fools.

I wrote the column, “The big steal is underway, but Trump won’t surrender,” and now I’m not so sure.

Trump ally and Bay of Pigs veteran Fran De Varona said, “If the President does not act quickly, Biden will be in the White House in 2021 and our Republic will be destroyed!” That was two weeks ago. All Trump has done is go golfing, pardon a turkey, give a one-minute speech about the stock market, and authorize the transition to Biden.

Now we hear he has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, whose case was still tied up in the courts. His lawyer is Sidney Powell, the same lawyer helping Trump’s legal team. She’s an expert on Justice Department corruption.

A Flynn pardon may be another sign that Trump realizes he’s on the way out and has to act fast.

I hope I’m wrong.

The same forces who targeted Flynn four years ago also targeted Trump, and they are still in charge of the justice system. What a sad state of affairs.

There’s still time, Mr. President. Order Barr and Wray to investigate the threats against your own GSA administrator. Order them to protect Joe Oltmann, the activist who documented a link between Antifa and Dominion Voting Systems. He told me in an interview he had to hire security guards.

Rush Limbaugh says he was disappointed in Sidney Powell’s evidence at the national news conference. Did he not listen to Powell discuss Eric Coomer of Dominion, the guy heard on an Antifa conference call referring to how he rigged the election against Trump? Oltmann revealed all of that. There’s enough evidence here to blow the case wide open.

In the same way the election was stolen in plain sight, the evidence of wrongdoing is out there, in the form of interviews with people like Joe Oltmann. Why do some conservatives persist in saying there’s no evidence of fraud?

Bring Joe Oltmann forward, into the White House if necessary, and let him tell his story. It is harrowing. Let GSA administrator Emily Murphy come forward and tell her story about being threatened. Then let Barr and Wray explain why they are doing nothing.

*For updates, please use the contact form at www.usasurvival.org


Trump Surrenders to the Deep State

By: Cliff Kincaid

With his presidency on the line, President Trump has folded like a cheap suit. And he doesn’t wear cheap suits. His decision to begin the “transition” to a Biden “presidency” means the Deep State has won. All of his appeals for money for his “Official Election Defense Fund” were part of what attorney Larry Klayman calls the “scandal industry.” Trump supporters should demand their money back.

In an interview on ASI TV, Klayman had predicted ultimate failure on the part of the Trump lawyers, arguing that the courts are as corrupt as the Deep State. Does Trump realize the fix is in and his days are numbered? Does the president himself fear an assassination attempt? Perhaps he’s just tired of fighting.

The president says he is only authorizing this move because the head of the GSA has received threats. The GSA makes money available for an incoming administration. An alternative would have been to allow GSA head, Emily Murphy, to resign and be replaced by someone else, with the fortitude to withstand the assault.  Trump says he will continue his legal fights and has not conceded the election.

But Trump’s GSA decision deflates and demoralizes Trump supporters across the country, and it now looks almost certain they will not turn out next January 5 to vote in the Georgia Senate run-off elections. Hence, the Democrats will win both seats and take the Senate, giving what Vic Biorseth calls the “Marxocrat Party” total control of government. The irony is that most Democrats don’t consider Marxism a dirty word.

After declaring victory several times, Trump has failed to explain directly to the American people what the heck is going on. Why, his supporters are asking, is Trump not going to the people in the same way President Eisenhower gave a national address on the military-industrial complex? Bay of Pigs veteran Frank De Varona was on my ASI TV show pleading with the president to go public with details about a CIA operation to destabilize and steal the election.

What probably happened behind the scenes is that the CIA went to Trump, arguing that his efforts were threatening to reveal a “State Secret” – that the Deep State manipulates elections at home just as they have been doing abroad for decades. They likely told Trump to back off, otherwise, he and his family would be pursued during a second term and would ultimately be ruined financially

Not only does this mean that Biden will assume the presidency, it means that the oligarchs running Big Tech, with their extensive ties to the CIA, have won. What a tragedy. I had just finished an interview with Joe Oltmann, the Colorado activist who discovered a key officer in Dominion Voting Systems was involved with the anarchist street fighting group Antifa and had boasted about rigging the election against Trump. He had just signed an affidavit in the case. The CEO of a tech company, he is able to demonstrate the fraud. What does he do now? He told me he is already in hiding and has hired security guards to protect him and his family.

With Trump authorizing GSA help to Biden, it’s a signal to the street communists, working in an alliance with the billionaire oligarchs, that Trump supporters are fair game. Expect major persecution.

Asked if he thought Dominion was involved with the CIA or some other intelligence agency out to get Trump, Oltmann told me he didn’t want to speculate. But we can speculate. Perhaps Sidney Powell will get to the bottom of all of this. But the results of her investigation may occur sometime in the next year when the findings will make a good book but have no impact on the presidential race.

Twitter took down Oltmann’s account once he began to expose the names of those behind the fraud. Big Tech declared Biden the winner, even while legal actions were underway. They are destroying our First Amendment rights. Next to go are our Second Amendment rights.

Another ominous sign was attorney Sidney Powell leaving the Trump legal team, after appearing with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani at a national news conference. Pro-Trump people tried to “spin” the news in a flattering light. I was not convinced.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch never held out any hope that the “conservative” Supreme Court would ultimately declare Trump the winner. Trump’s legal efforts now seem confused and hopeless.

Klayman’s new book, It Takes a Revolution, outlines alternative strategies for the American people to take their country back.

Since we are witnessing a complete collapse of the American system, with Trump’s acquiescence, we have to consider how to cushion the impact of the disaster and safeguard our families. Happy Thanksgiving.