Winning! Winning! Winning!

By: Linda Goudsmit | pundicity

We measure ourselves from the time we are children. “Johnny grew three inches!” “Susie got all As in school!”

We compare ourselves with others to measure our accomplishments. “Johnny is faster than Fred.” “Susie is smarter than Mary.”

We compete with each other for advancement. “Johnny won a gold medal in swimming!” “Susie got into Harvard!”

We measure, compare, and compete with others as we establish our own individual identities. We also measure, compare, and compete with ourselves as we establish our own internal sense of self. So, what is the problem?

Competence is the mother of self-esteem. It is the foundation of the meritocracy and source of the American dream. Theoretically, when we study and work hard we achieve competence, feel good about ourselves, and are rewarded with advancement. Competition is an integral and important part of establishing individual identity, a family identity, a community identity, and a national identity.

There are rules in every competition because fairness is the essential qualifying element for the meritocracy. Individuals compete. Teams compete. Families compete. Countries compete. When the rules for fair competition are broken, the entire merit system breaks down and the competition is replaced with a counterfeit performance that is presented as fair and legitimate.

The breakdown in American society is a breakdown of the merit system. The radical leftist Democrats are trying to replace the merit system with identity politics. Here is the problem. Identity politics are inherently racist and prejudicial because they do not measure competence or performance, they are quota systems based on discriminatory elements like skin color, gender, religion, etc. Identity politics are diametrically opposed to individualism and the American dream.

Tuesday’s 2020 presidential election is a referendum on fairness and the American dream.

Biden/Harris represent collectivism. Biden’s globalism and Harris’ radical leftism are based on the collectivist model of top-down control that denies the merit system. Technocracy is moving America and its individual accomplishments to the communist Chinese model of collectivism and sameness. It is the regressive descent backward to the feudal power structure of rulers and the ruled.

Under Obama, the radical leftist Democrats have already eliminated fair competition in public school because someone’s “feelings” might get hurt. Eliminating competition eliminates striving for excellence and competence. It is a deliberate assault on a child’s developing identity and self-esteem.

In The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’ I discuss the sinister and interconnecting leftist, Islamist, globalist attacks on America that present destructive policies as altruistic. Hoax 16: The Humanitarian Hoax of Relativism (pp.56-59) and Hoax 50: The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood (pp.248-252), explain the catastrophic dangers of valuing feelings over facts.

The oppressive and contrived Covid lockdowns have exposed public education’s curricula as dumbed-down, anti-American, anti-individualism, pro-collectivist, and indoctrinating American children to be globalist citizens under one-world governance.

The 2020 election campaign has exposed the destructive Biden/Harris ticket and how it has broken every rule and eliminated any semblance of fair political competition.

Joe Biden is a pathological liar and the most corrupt politician in the Washington swamp. If the globalist media weren’t protecting Joe Biden, he and his family would all be in jail where they belong! Biden’s paid political ads are shockingly dishonest attempts to frighten Americans into voting for Biden.

Biden is a fear-mongering liar promoting political medicine NOT medical science. Consider OutKick’s September 2020 article, “Coronavirus Survival Rate Near 100% for Most Americans” that lists the stunning CDC statistics by age group.

Ages 0-19 99.99%

Ages 20-49 99.98%

Ages 50-69 99.5%

Ages 70+ 94.6%

Even the corrupt CDC has admitted that only 6% of the people the media reports as covid deaths have actually died FROM Covid. The others all died WITH Covid. The actual cause of death was anything from cancer to car accidents. The deliberately misleading statistics bombarding Americans every day are courtesy of the fake news media and Internet tech giants Why? They have massive financial investments in communist China and are determined to defeat America-first Donald Trump.

Do not believe a word Joe Biden says. Joe Biden and his family’s financial involvement in China makes him a national security threat. Beijing Joe Biden belongs in prison – NOT in the White House! And what about his running mate?

Beyond Kamala Harris’ radical leftist ideology, she is married to Douglas Emhoff whose multinational law firm, DLA Piper, employs ex-CCP officials and “boasts nearly 30 years of experience in China and over 140 lawyers dedicated to its ‘China Investment Services.'”

Do not let lying Beijing Joe Biden and communist-linked radical leftist Kamala Harris kill the American dream! Embrace American authenticity and reject Chinese counterfeits!

WE THE PEOPLE are the American dreamers who can still make our American dreams come true. President Donald Trump’s America is built on the meritocracy. His economic policies are color-blind and put America first – all Americans. Yes, ALL Americans because ALL lives matter in Trump’s America.

Do not be ashamed to say it. ALL LIVES MATTER! Shout it from the rooftops!

Do not be ashamed to compete fairly. The meritocracy is the foundation of individualism and success.

Do not be ashamed to want to win. Never apologize for America or for wanting to be a winner.

Winning is important! Winning establishes our national American identity and national American culture of success. When Donald Trump wins America wins! Vote for Team Trump’s America-first policies and its stunning America-first record of success. Success is the winning, unifying principle that makes our American dreams come true.


Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

All patriotic Americans were pissed when Hillary used the word ‘deplorable’ in 2016. However, if the left gains control in 2020, don’t be shocked to hear the word ‘expendable.’ Tuesday’s vote will define America’s destiny.


Joe Biden’s Hand in Corruption, Subversion and Crime in Guatemala

By: James Simpson | American Thinker

In 2014 and 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Guatemala three times to pressure the government to maintain a United Nations body known as the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). CICIG was established in Guatemala in 2006 under the pretext of prosecuting “crimes committed by members of illegal security forces and clandestine security structures,” during Guatemala’s long civil war. Instead, CICIG — an international body unaccountable to Guatemalan law, worked with Guatemala’s Justice Ministry to arrest and jail the left’s opponents. Many remain illegally detained to this day without trial. Two prominent doctors and a Guatemalan congressman died in jail. All suffered ill health, did not receive proper treatment, and were detained much longer than legally allowed. None got a trial. All were absolved following their deaths.

Biden met with then-Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, who did not want to renew CICIG’s charter. The Obama administration had promised a $1 billion aid package to Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador), but Biden made the aid and upcoming trade agreements contingent upon renewing CICIG’s contract. First cajoling then threatening, Biden finally announced, “The CICIG is staying, period.” Biden used this same tactic in Ukraine, where he bragged about threatening to withhold loan guarantees until the Ukrainian government fired the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden. Biden also sought Pérez’s help in extending CICIG’s rule to El Salvador and Honduras.

Pérez reluctantly agreed to renew CICIG’s charter. He was then pressured to resign under accusations of corruption and stripped by the Guatemalan Congress of legal immunity. The day after he resigned he was arrested and thrown in jail. He has remained there ever since, without trial. In a Daily Caller interview from jail, Pérez called these efforts, “a coup without bullets.”

Pérez said that, “CICIG amounts to a new form of U.S. interference in Guatemala’s affairs and that his country has surrendered its sovereignty over its justice system by allowing the unit to operate.”

CICIG’s litany of abuses includes arbitrary arrest, detention, and interrogation without charges or trial, fabricated evidence, illegal break-ins and denial of due process, pretrial detention for years longer than allowed by Guatemalan law, and many other cases of abuse. Some of the charges it has brought are valid, given endemic corruption in Guatemala. But CICIG’s goal was not to stem corruption, rather use it as a pretext to dispatch the left’s enemies and install vastly more corrupt individuals who will advance the Communist cause in Guatemala.

CICIG’s leader from 2013 forward was Ivan Velásquez Gómez, a former judge from Colombia with close ties to the Colombian narco-terrorist group, FARC. Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has said that as a judge, Velásquez battled to absolve the Colombian narcoterrorists of their decades of crime and terrorist atrocities.

In addition to Velásquez, another key player has been Claudia Paz y Paz, chosen to be Guatemala’s Attorney General in 2010 under pressure from CICIG and Obama’s Ambassador to Guatemala, Stephen McFarland. Paz y Paz is a communist guerrilla sympathizer. Her father was a member of the Castro-supported Rebel Armed Forces (FAR) that assassinated U.S. Ambassador John Gordon Mein in 1968 and Germany’s ambassador to Guatemala, Karl von Spreti, two years later.

Paz y Paz oversaw numerous extra-judicial arrests and confinement of political opponents. She was accused of giving illegal orders to judges and her own prosecutors and shielding from legal action bands of armed leftist militias who roam rural areas terrorizing the indigenous peoples. The militias are remnants from Guatemala’s civil war, in truth a Castro-supported communist insurgency (1960-1996).

She particularly targeted the military, which defeated the communist insurgency with help from the rural population. Military men have received multiple life sentences for “crimes against humanity” while judges disbar evidence proving their innocence and guilt of the guerrillas.

In 2012, a young prosecutor named Gilda Aguilar attempted to arrest members of one of these militias. Paz y Paz dropped the charges, calling the militia a “human-rights group.” She threw Aguilar off the case and launched an investigation of her. Three weeks later Aguilar narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the same group. Instead of investigating, the prosecutor asked the court to dismiss the case — as though it had never happened. Aguilar quit and brought dereliction of duty charges against Paz y Paz.

The Obama administration pressured President Pérez to assure Paz y Paz’s reappointment when her term was up in 2014, knowing full well the allegations against her. They similarly supported the appointment and advancement of many other radicals, and the State Department continues to do so.

The indigenous populations of Guatemala have faced the brunt of the communist offensive in Guatemala since the beginning of the civil war. With the Obama administration’s full knowledge, armed leftist militias, Paz y Paz’s “human rights groups” control rural areas, sabotage or block desperately needed economic development, and engage in terrorism and crime. The 20-minute video embedded below shares moving testimony from people terrorized by these groups:

The militias’ spread was enthusiastically supported by the Obama administration. Their activities dramatically increased with the administration’s promotion of leftists like Judge Gloria Porras and Attorney General Paz y Paz to influential positions in Guatemala’s legal system. The increase in crime over this period is shown in the colored areas of the map below. They are referred to charitably as “Social Conflict Zones.”

The Obama administration responded with the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program in 2012. This caused a massive exodus of minors from Northern Triangle nations illegally entering the U.S.  In 2011, the Border Patrol apprehended only 4,321 minors. That number increased to 68,541 in 2014. Most came from Guatemala. The migrant caravans that have since swamped our borders were instigated by Central American leftists with assistance from tax-exempt and taxpayer-funded, open-borders groups in America. This entire effort was a premeditated campaign by the Obama administration.

More Biden pay to play?

Former President Pérez claimed in a Mexican Newsweek article that Biden pressured him to support a Guatemalan contract with the pharmaceutical firm Baxter International. He said, “We had pressure from Vice President Biden, not only when he came to Guatemala, but when I visited Washington, to grant a contract to Baxter…” Pérez asserted that:

Biden is a partner of Baxter Pharmaceuticals and [he] mentioned that even the U.S. Embassy in the country requested the meeting with his private secretary and his general secretary so they could influence Baxter to win the bid. “They were accompanied by embassy staff, Baxter representatives, to ask us and tell us that Baxter had that contract and that Baxter should win it back,” he said.

Pérez’s claims were repeated by Julia Amparo Lotán Garzona, the former labor sector representative of the Executive Board of the Guatemalan Institute for Social Security. In testimony before the Guatemalan Truth Commission investigating CICIG, she said:

What we can confirm is that not only this closeness between Baxter and Biden, but we can also confirm that the embassy asked for the meeting with the secretary, but that Otto Pérez Molina, my private secretary, and the secretary-general were able to influence Baxter to win the bid. “Isn’t that influence peddling? – Otto Pérez Molina pointed out, it is influence peddling….  (Translated with DeepL Translator)

According to Truth Commission testimony, CICIG jailed employees of Guatemala’s social security system, including Garzona, a nurse and union representative, without trial, on the pretext that all took bribes to replace a contract for Baxter medical equipment with equipment made in Mexico. This action was widely viewed as yet another abuse of power by CICIG and included some people close to President  Pérez. Was it coincidental that this occurred at the same time Biden was lobbying  Pérez to extend CICIG’s contract, while also lobbying him on behalf of Baxter?  Pérez ultimately agreed to both.

We have been unable to confirm a Biden financial interest in Baxter, but in his book, Promise Me, Dad, Biden stated: “The President asked me to take over the job of repairing our wobbly relations across the entirety of the Americas — the Northern Triangle, Brazil, the Caribbean, everything.”[1]

According to Peter Schweizer’s new book Profiles in Corruption, Joe Biden met with the President of Costa Rica in 2009 and a few months later news broke of a “new multilateral partnership, ‘to reform real estate in Latin America.'” Biden’s brother, Frank, envisioned a huge development project with “thousands of homes, a world-class golf course, casinos, and an anti-aging center,” in the Costa Rican jungle.[2]

To support the project’s energy needs, the Costa Rica National Power and Light Company would build the Guanacaste Solar Park, the largest solar farm in the nation — with Frank’s company Sun Fund Americas as a partner, even though Frank had no experience in the energy field.[3] The U.S. government provided a $6.5 million loan for the project and $47.5 for another Sun Fund solar project in Jamaica.[4]

Given the Biden family’s other pay-to-play schemes in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and who knows where else, it would seem reasonable that Biden might expect something in return for pushing Baxter. In fact, with Biden, it would be surprising if there were not some quid pro quo.

Guatemala is now on the cusp of becoming a communist state thanks to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and their minions. This has also been in the works for decades in America but has come out of the closet since President Trump’s election.

If Joe Biden is elected president, this agenda will be turbocharged. Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan comes directly from the U.N. — which not coincidentally calls for socialist redistribution in Latin America — and the World Economic Forum, which envisions using the Chinese communist COVID-19 “pandemic” to “reinvent capitalism.” Biden will impose smothering taxes and regulations, fling open the doors to Red China and other enemy nations, and open the border to an unprecedented flow of migrants from Central America and nations from across the globe. Amnesty for illegals will create the “permanent Progressive majority” Democrats seek. Joe Biden will line his pockets without restraint and we will lose our country. Forever. This is the most important election in our nation’s history.


James Simpson is an economist, businessman, and investigative journalist. His latest book is The Red Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World. Follow Jim on Twitter & Facebook.

[1] As quoted in Peter Schweizer, Profiles in CorruptionAbuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, New York: Harper Collins, 2020, p. 81.

[2] Ibid, p. 80.

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Porking the Supreme Court

By: Linda Goudsmit | pundicity

According to Wikipedia, the familiar term pork‐barrel politics “refers to instances in which ruling parties channel public money to particular constituencies based on political considerations, at the expense of broader public interests… Typically, ‘pork’ involves funding for government programs whose economic or service benefits are concentrated in a particular area but whose costs are spread among all taxpayers.”

The less familiar term porking is defined as “government funds, appointments, or benefits dispensed or legislated by politicians to gain favor with their constituents.” So, porking the court would mean nominating justices who would rule in favor of a particular constituency rather than dispensing the blind justice that judges are constitutionally and honor-bound to adhere to.

Anyone who has served on a jury knows that jurors are required to put their personal beliefs and preferences aside. Jury duty is an essential part of the American judicial system that entrusts citizens with the responsibility of impartiality. Blind justice requires impartial judges and impartial juries to provide equal justice under the law.

Part of Barack Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America involved politicizing the courts. Community organizing was Obama’s specialty, his instruction manual written by socialist mentor, Saul Alinsky, is Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s manifesto is based on incremental change because community organizing is a long-term tactical political strategy. Alinsky advised, “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within.” That is precisely what Barack Obama did.

“Leftist radical socialist Barack Obama, the quintessential humanitarian huckster, politicized every American government institution during his two lawless terms. Activist judges, activist lawyers, activist politicians, activist teachers, activist curriculum developers, activist administrators, activist IRS, CIA, FBI, CDC. Activists are not just a bunch of out-of-control college students; they are also men and women in positions of power intent on destroying American democracy and replacing it with socialism.”—The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes, p.45

Barack Obama spent eight years politicizing the courts, and encouraging activist judges to exceed their lawful power and legislate from the bench. Obama presided over the systematic appointment of partisan judges in local trial courts, state appeals courts, district courts, the federal court of appeals, and the Supreme Court. The rulings of these partisan judges were so egregious they became known as “Obama” judges. For eight years, congressional Democrats under Obama used lawfare to promote their radical agenda. Instead of legislating, they abused the judicial branch with activist judges who abandoned impartiality to promote the radical leftist goal of a socialist America.

When Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to President Donald J. Trump, lawfare became the principal Democrat operating strategy to obstruct and defeat Trump’s America-first agenda. For four years, Obama judges, RINOS, and the lawless Democrats in Congress attempted to remove the duly elected sitting president of the United States. It was an unparalleled period of political malfeasance and treachery that continues and includes the ongoing directive to refuse acceptance of a Trump victory in the 2020 election.

And then came Amy Coney Barrett.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s October 26, 2020 acceptance speech was a brilliant nonpartisan statement of purpose and a stark contrast to Obama’s end-run strategy of Democrat judicial activism:

“I have spent a good amount of time over the last month at the Senate; both in meetings with individual senators and in days of hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The confirmation process has made ever-clearer to me one of the fundamental differences between the federal judiciary and the United States Senate, and perhaps the most acute is the role of policy preferences. It is the job of a senator to pursue her policy preferences; in fact, it would be a dereliction of duty to put policy goals aside.

By contrast, it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences. It would be a dereliction of duty for her to give in to them. Federal judges don’t stand for election, thus they have no basis for claiming that their preferences reflect those of the people. This separation of duty from political preference is what makes the judiciary distinct among the three branches of government. A judge declares independence not only from Congress and the president but also from the private beliefs that might otherwise move her. The judicial oath captures the essence of the judicial duty; the rule of law must always control.

My fellow Americans, even though we judges don’t face elections, we still work for you. It is your Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the judicial independence that is so central to it., The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that I will do my job without any fear or favor and that I will do so independent of both the political branches and my own preferences. I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it. Thank you.”

Amy Coney Barrett’s acceptance speech is a commitment to the rule of law and the United States Constitution as written. Why is this so important and timely? Because America is at the tipping point. Let me explain.

In the year 2000, Malcolm Gladwell published his extraordinary book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Gladwell describes the tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

The 2020 American presidential election is the tipping point in America. Will Americans support America-first President Donald J. Trump and recommit themselves to blind justice and the nonpartisan rule of law as Amy Coney Barrett did?? Or will Americans choose to descend further into the financially corrupt world of globalism’s Joe Biden, and the lawlessness of radical leftist Democrat Kamala Harris?

The American tipping point is here. Your vote will tip the country scale toward the Americanism of President Trump, or tip the country scale toward socialism. But this is what you need to know. Chaos is the prerequisite for seismic social change. Biden and Harris are the globalists’ useful idiots. Biden’s greed and Harris’ radical leftist ideology are being exploited to bring socialism to America. If the anarchists and radical leftists financed by the globalists, manage to create enough chaos to impose socialism in the United States, the socialist victory will be very short-lived.

Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president of the United States. It is equally clear that radical leftist Kamala Harris is an anti-American radical leftist whose policies will bankrupt the United States. So, what is the globalist end game?

The current anti-American revolution convulsing the United States today is a war on America designed to collapse our constitutional republic in preparation for a globalist one-world government. Socialism is the stepping stone. The transitional Biden/Harris socialist government would pack the Supreme Court.

Let’s be clear. Packing the Supreme Court means expanding the number of justices to as many as the Democrats feel is necessary to achieve everlasting one-party Democrat control. Packing the Supreme Court is the objective of lawfare. It is the purpose of Barack Obama’s incremental porking the courts with activist judges.

Make no mistake, porking the Supreme Court is the end of a constitutional America and the beginning of tyranny. There is no freedom in a one-world government. There are only masters and slaves, a permanent ruling class of rulers and the ruled.

After 244 years of freedom, America is at the tipping point. We simply must reject radical leftist tyranny and reelect America-first President Donald J. Trump.