Joe Will Force the U.S. into The Great Reset, Beware

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

We will be forced to change our behavior and everyday common things around us that we rely on will fade away. Biden will put the United States back into the Paris Accord… but read on…

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For decades, progressives have attempted to use climate change to justify liberal policy changes. But their latest attempt – a new proposal called the “Great Reset” – is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation.

At a virtual meeting earlier in June hosted by the World Economic Forum, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials, and activists announced a proposal to “reset” the global economy. Instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialistic policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations, and massive Green New Deal-like government programs.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” wrote Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in an article published on WEF’s website. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

Schwab also said that “all aspects of our societies and economies” must be “revamped,” “from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

Joining Schwab at the WEF event was Prince Charles, one of the primary proponents of the Great Reset; Gina Gopinath, the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund; António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations; and CEOs and presidents of major international corporations, such as Microsoft and BP.

Activists from groups such as Greenpeace International and a variety of academics also attended the event or have expressed their support for the Great Reset.

Although many details about the Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets in Davos in January 2021, the general principles of the plan are clear: The world needs massive new government programs and far-reaching policies comparable to those offered by American socialists such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in their Green New Deal plan.

Or, put another way, we need a form of socialism — a word the World Economic Forum has deliberately avoided using, all while calling for countless socialist and progressive plans.

“We need to design policies to align with investment in people and the environment,” said the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharan Burrow. “But above all, the longer-term perspective is about rebalancing economies.”

One of the main themes of the June meeting was that the coronavirus pandemic has created an important “opportunity” for many of the World Economic Forum’s members to enact their radical transformation of capitalism, which they acknowledged would likely not have been made possible without the pandemic.

“We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis — its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” said Prince Charles at the meeting, adding later, “It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again.”

You might be wondering how these leaders plan to convince the world to completely alter its economy over the long run since the COVID-19 pandemic most assuredly won’t remain a crisis forever. The answer is that they’ve already identified another “crisis” that will require expansive government intervention: Climate change.

“The threat of climate change has been more gradual [than COVID-19]—but its devastating reality for many people and their livelihoods around the world, and its ever-greater potential to disrupt, surpasses even that of Covid-19,” Prince Charles said.

Of course, these government officials, activists, and influencers can’t impose a systemic change of this size on their own. Which is why they have already started to activate vast networks of left-wing activists from around the world, who will throughout 2021 demand changes in line with the Great Reset.

According to the World Economic Forum, its 2021 Davos summit will include thousands of members of the Global Shapers Community, youth activists located in 400 cities across the planet.

The Global Shapers program was involved in the widespread “climate strikes” of 2019, and more than 1,300 have already been trained by the Climate Reality Project, the highly influential, well-funded climate activist organization run by former Vice President Al Gore, who serves on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees.

For those of us who support free markets, the Great Reset is nothing short of terrifying. Our current crony capitalist system has many flaws, to be sure, but granting more power to the government agents who created that crony system and eroding property rights is not the best way forward. America is the world’s most powerful, prosperous nation precisely because of the very market principles the Great Reset supporters loathe, not in spite of them.

Making matters worse, the left has already proven throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that it can radically transform political realities in the midst of a crisis, so it’s not hard to see how the Great Reset could eventually come to fruition.


When Institutions Fail, Consequences are Deadly

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

We know this to be the case in the United States as a result of sanctuary city policy. Politicians have sovereign immunity, meaning they are not accountable for their policy or legislative action when there are victims including death.

Intelligence agencies in the United States cooperate with each other with intelligence and detentions except when they don’t in hundreds of cities across America. U.S. intelligence agencies also collaborate with foreign services on warnings and cases of criminals and the associated backgrounds including judicial decisions.

While the United States was in the whirlwind of the election, very little was reporting was done on the terror attacks in Europe. Terror and militants are still out there, the war is not over. But for some additional details, read on.

AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS SIGNALED on Thursday the beginning of a major overhaul of the country’s intelligence community, in response to this week’s terrorist attack in Vienna, which killed four people. Another 20 people were wounded by a lone gunman, who used an automatic weapon to spread panic in the Austrian capital before he was shot dead by Austrian police.

The gunman was named as Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, an Isis sympathiser who was able to stay on in Austria after attempts to strip him of citizenship were blocked

Armed with an assault rifle, a pistol and a machete, he injured 22 people on Monday night before being shot dead by police. He was named as Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, who had previously been jailed for attempting to join Islamic State in Syria.

Before his early release in December he had taken part in a deradicalisation course but “deceived” his handlers about his true intentions, Karl Nehammer, the interior minister, said.

The gunman was later identified as Kujtim Fejzulai, an Austrian citizen of Albanian extraction, who was born in North Macedonia and held citizenship there too. The shooter was known to Austrian authorities, as he had been previously convicted of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State. He had been imprisoned as an Islamic radical, but had been released after allegedly duping Austrian judges, who believed he had reformed.

In the days following the attack, it emerged that Slovakian authorities had notified Austrian security agencies in July that Fejzulai had tried to purchase ammunition in Slovakia. On Wednesday, Austria’s Director General for Public Security, Franz Ruf, said that Austrian intelligence authorities “sent questions back to Bratislava”, but then there had been a “breakdown” in the system. Austrian Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer added that “something apparently went wrong with the communication in the next steps”.

Nehammer and others, including Austrian Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, called for the establishment of an independent commission to examine the Fejzulai case and “clarify whether the process went optimally and in line with the law”. The Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said on Thursday that the country did not have “all the legal means necessary to monitor and sanction extremists”, adding that he would initiate the creation of a panel that would supervise a “realignment” of the intelligence agencies. He was referring to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism, known by the initials BVT. He did not provide details.


Remember Churchill’s Words to “Never Surrender”

By: Cliff Kincaid

Ben Shapiro is a good talker who can win arguments with left-wingers. But his column, headlined, “No Matter the Outcome, the Woke Lost,” is self-defeating. Operating on the basis of the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” he seems to think Trump may have lost but the left lost, too. So we’re all losers? That’s not a good approach as we move forward.

The fact is that Joe Biden lost and President Trump won. That’s what Trump is saying, with evidence, and I believe him.

If Shapiro disagrees, let him prove that Biden won legitimately. Trump has cited the evidence of fraud that we saw with our own eyes, as ballot dumps turned Wisconsin and Michigan against Trump. Other states are falling to Biden under equally mysterious circumstances. What more evidence do we need?

As Biden might say, “Come on, man.”

His bio says that Ben lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. As a result, I have to question his common sense. Get out of California, Ben. You are living in occupied territory. We are fighting to keep the rest of America free.

Ben has his place, but he was never pro-Trump. By contrast, Alex Newman is a great young journalist who was sympathetic to Trump and has now published a piece, “Massive Vote Fraud Across U.S. as Trump Decries Attempted Coup.”

The evidence cited in this column is what Ben Shapiro and his sponsors at CNSNews.com should be focusing on.

Please, CNSNews.com editor Terrence Jeffrey, stop wasting our time with limp-wristed commentary from never-Trumpers during this critical period of time. This is the time to assume that the media-declared Biden “win” is a fraud and that Trump, who is claiming victory, has been re-elected.

As another Democrat, Bill Clinton might say, that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. In this case, however, our side of the story is buttressed by the evidence.  It’s important to operate on the assumption that Trump, as he claims, has been re-elected.

Anybody who depends on the “official” tally, which comes from those opposed to Trump, is a fool or agent of the opposition.

What we have to guard against is the unfortunate tendency of some “conservatives” to sell out, in order to curry favor with their would-be rulers.

Here’s how Alex Newman begins his column: “Reports, videos, and other evidence of rampant and brazen voter fraud from all across the country — especially in jurisdictions controlled by Democrats — continue pouring in faster than the Big Tech giants can censor it and the fake ‘fact-checking’ industry can dishonestly attempt to discredit it.”

Alex is exactly right, and I suggest reading the rest of his article here. Alex is also an expert on the Deep State and the New World Order. He contributed to one of my books exposing Barack Hussein Obama.

We are in a constitutional crisis and the election scandal is part of it.

But even this fraud cannot be viewed in isolation, as it comes after various attempts to take down this president. Vote fraud follows the fake news Russia dossier and the impeachment drive.

We know the FBI and FBI used Russian disinformation against Trump. What’s more, impeachment was designed to accuse Trump of the corruption that Biden and his son were engaged in. We know all of this. So why do we think that the Democrats would conduct an election fairly and honestly?

So please, Ben, don’t question the “outcome.” We already know who won. Don’t be a doubting Ben.

Ben is a young man, and my three sons are young, too. That’s why they have to understand what is really happening here. It is unprecedented. The corruption is more deadly than the China virus.

One of my readers said to me, “I am 72 years of age. Until the last few years, I would never have believed what I’m seeing take place in the country could take place/happen. The road we are on is a bad one indeed, and I’m glad I don’t have many years left to see what appears to be an eventual fall of the nation.”

This is really sad. I don’t agree that the nation is destined to fall.

“People are never going to give up on this country,” Rush Limbaugh just said on his radio show today. Here’s a man facing death’s door. But he has faith in God and America. We pray for his health and the health of our country.

He’s exposing the vote fraud apparatus. He’s not giving up. He’s trying to inspire conservatives to take the fight to the opposition.

Trump has a very good lawyer in his corner, the former U.S. Attorney and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He brought down New York’s Mafia families. He exposed the Hunter Biden laptop and is now out front on the fraud issue.

By contrast, Biden is a weak man, apparently controlled by Obama’s handlers hoping to replace him with Kamala Harris – if they get into the White House.

Standing in their way is President Trump.

As Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Archbishop says, Americans should not lose heart. He tells us, “Do not allow yourselves to be discouraged by the deceptions of the Enemy, even more so in this terrible hour in which the impudence of lying and fraud dares to challenge Heaven.” His messages are read and sometimes Tweeted by Trump.

But perhaps these spiritual messages will now be censored by Twitter as well.

Facing the Nazis,  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said “we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

Trump is Churchill in the current struggle. God is on our side. But beyond faith, we have to fight for national and personal survival. Our lives are in danger. It’s that serious.

In order to prepare for the worst, I suggest reading the booklet, “Insurrection and Violence: A Citizen’s Guide,” published by the firm Unconstrained Analytics before the election fraud became so obvious in the last several days.

As Trump moves ahead to save his presidency, we have to understand how the street protests will probably accelerate. The authors warn, “The consequence of citizen inaction, at this perilous moment, is to put at risk the Constitution, our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The bio for one of the firm’s top officers, Rich Higgins, notes that he “served on the National Security Council in the Trump Administration as the Director for Strategic Planning. He was removed in 2017 after warning of a deep state coup to remove the President.”

You can now be sure that Trump is taking these warnings seriously and understands the nature of the crisis.

*For updates, please use the contact form at www.usasurvival.org


China’s Interference in U.S. is Rampant, and Extraordinarily Dangerous

A virtual special event hosted by the Citizens Commission on National Security

With new evidence pouring out by the day that presidential candidate Joe Biden was deeply involved in pay-to-play schemes with China, among other malign actors, with his son Hunter as the alleged bag man, it should come as no surprise that China has penetrated other Americans institutions and movements, including the Black Lives Matter movement and organization.

With China’s emergence as a major story affecting the election and the current unrest in this country, the newest Virtual Special Event

by the Citizens Commission on National Security, titled “Civil Unrest in America: Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Beyond,” has brought together two leading experts on communism, terrorism, and the Left, and what role they have played regarding in the civil unrest we have witnessed this year.

Clare Lopez is a 20-year veteran of the CIA, and a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security. In this video, she talks about the Red/Green/Black axis:

“We thought that using the colors would be an easy way to remember what we’re faced with. So the red stands for communist Marxist Leninist and yes, pro Maoist as well. And the green is Islam and the Islamic Movement writ large. That’s what they call themselves. That’s their term for the movement that is global. The Islamic Movement in the United States, the vanguard of that is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is closely affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement…And the green has openly joined forces with these Communist revolutionary forces on our street. And then finally, of course, the Black Lives Matter movement and that is a whole umbrella group, a conglomeration of affiliated associated groups. They are absolutely communist. They were founded by three African American self-avowed communists, Marxist Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors, all of whom come out of, as Trevor has taught all of us, predecessor organizations like Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road, which themselves are self-avowedly communist and Marxist.

“But the additional connection for the Black Lives Matter movement today, which I think is very important to note, is that while the ideological roots, as with Antifa, are with Moscow and communism coming out of the Soviet Union, today, the leading communist entity, the most important, I think, entity, backer or supporter of this revolution in America right now is the Communist Party of China.”

The other guest expert is Trevor Loudon, a filmmaker, author and researcher who has made these topics his life’s work. According to Trevor:

“We are just on the verge of another 1968. It’s going to be way, way bigger. And that’s where we are now, because we have allowed the kids to be indoctrinated into Marxist ideas, not explicitly thinking of themselves as Marxists. But kids who believe Black Lives Matter is a good organization, people who believe that America is a rapacious country that got rich by ripping off the Third World. The founding fathers were horrible exploitative slave owners and nothing else. All of these are Marxist ideas.”

The event is hosted by CCNS executive director Roger Aronoff and the host of “The 13-Minute NewsHour on YouTube, Bobby Eberle. It is a fascinating, and frightening discussion, full of critical information that will help explain the current civil unrest in America, and where it might be headed.


The Fake Conservatives Are Selling Out Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid

As a veteran media critic with many books on media bias, I understand the techniques of mind manipulation and mind control. I learned media criticism from Reed Irvine, founder of the original media watchdog, Accuracy in Media, back in 1969. I worked for him for decades. What continues to surprise me is how some so-called “conservative” publications devise new ways to sell out.

Consider the headline from Thursday’s on-line edition of National Review: “Biden Takes Lead in Georgia, Closes Gap in Pennsylvania as Election Results Trickle In.” All of this parrots the liberal line. (Since then, Pennsylvania is now being counted for Biden). The “results” are treated as legitimate, even though President Trump the night before laid out the evidence of voter fraud. He described what many of us witnessed – how states won by Trump on election night were flipped to Biden in the early morning of Wednesday, November 5. This is fraud.

National Review and Fox (with the notable exceptions of Lou Dobs and Tucker Carlson) are selling out and can be expected to urge Trump to “concede” this fraudulent election to the frail Joe Biden, who is unable to physically function as president. Biden has obvious brain damage.

But conservatives have brain problems of their own if they somehow convince themselves that the “results” being presented in such states as Georgia and Pennsylvania are based on the reality of legal votes.

What’s amazing is that the “conservative” news organs and personalities repeating the “official” results should completely understand that those same results are fraudulent. Even Newsmax, a channel offered as an “alternative” to Fox, runs the “acceptable” results that have been offered up by the other liberal networks. On Fox, Bill Hemmer repeats the liberal line about what results they deem acceptable and gets on shows like Tucker Carlson to be a mouthpiece for what viewers can get elsewhere on CNN and MSNBC.

I saw an anchor on Newsmax declare on Friday morning that Biden will be an illegitimate president if he wins. But he can’t win legitimately and should not be treated as president under any circumstances. Such a fate means America will have descended into the pit of being a banana republic. We will never recover.

Against this onslaught stands President Trump, who went before the nation on Thursday night to describe how the election is being stolen from him.

We know at this point that he can’t depend on his Attorney General Bill Barr, a former CIA analyst who is telling people to go to the FBI with evidence of election fraud. And Trump’s FBI Director Christopher Wray is an absolute embarrassment who should be fired today – immediately – and replaced.  The replacement, though in the capacity of acting director, should announce that whistleblowers from within the Bureau are encouraged to come forward with evidence of corruption by the Deep State. The same applies to CIA Director Gina Haspel. She must go, too.

We desperately need whistleblowers from within the CIA to come forward.

Amazingly, the Lyndon LaRouche organization, once decidedly pro-Marxist in orientation, is producing good television on the election fraud story featuring such people as J. Kirk Wiebe, a former Senior NSA Analyst, discussing how software programs may be involved in stealing votes. The LaRouche organization has a questionable history but Wiebe and other guests have some important insights into what is happening.

Several reports indicate that former NSA/CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery has relevant information about secret intelligence programs, including illegal wiretapping, that are capable of altering or manipulating election information and even vote totals.

In a case brought by attorney Larry Klayman, conservative Judge Richard Leon had ruled that the government had engaged in “almost Orwellian” Big Brother behavior and that mass surveillance carried out by federal agencies had to stop. The term was a reference to the George Orwell novel about a police state, 1984.

It never did stop. And working with Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos and his Amazon Cloud services, the CIA and other federal agencies are expanding their reach.

The Trump campaign is asking for donations to fund a legal defense fund for Trump’s November 3 victory. Legal actions are necessary in some cases. But Biden will be “declared” the winner today, November 6, and the reaction has to be briefings by the president and other top aides laying out the evidence of fraud.

Since most of the media won’t cover them, the White House must record and release these briefings in the form of videos for public consumption.

These should be comparable to the once-daily China virus briefings, this time with real experts on election fraud. Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon has been featuring some of them on his “War Room” program. Unfortunately, he has been focusing on whether somehow Trump is going to win Arizona. Meanwhile, Trump is “losing” Georgia and the rest of his discussion is already moot. Events are moving too fast to sit and wait for legal votes to come in for Trump from some state somewhere.

In the meantime, go to sources like Renew America, NewsWithViews, and Liberty Sentinel for your reliable information. My own site, America’s Survival, Inc., is running regular updates.

Before the U.S. officially becomes a banana republic, the truth about domestic CIA operations must be told as well. Former CIA officials were against Trump from the start and have been behind Biden.

There used to be a time when the CIA was deployed to safeguard liberty. I once co-hosted the “Crossfire” show on CNN with former CIA official Tom Braden, a liberal who believed in freedom and worked to prevent a complete Soviet takeover of Europe after World War II. You might say he was a member of the Deep State when it was anti-communist.

Liberals like Braden don’t exist anymore. CIA officials, current and former, are now concentrating their strategies of subversion inside the United States itself. One of their most recent efforts is seen in the case of former CIA officer Abigail Spanberger, a member of Congress losing her re-election bid until somehow thousands of votes were “found” to declare her a winner. The CIA’s fingerprints are all over this reversal.

Spanberger’s opponent, Nick Freitas, is an Army veteran opposed to her role in the CIA in using intelligence information to justify Barack Hussein Obama’s Iran deal. Trump withdrew the U.S. from that disastrous “bargain” with a terrorist state.

PJ Media, a generally good source, says U.S. elections have become an embarrassment. It’s much worse than that. They are designed to be an embarrassment. They are designed to demoralize the American people and convince us there is no alternative to the Deep State.

At his Thursday press conference, Trump identified the enemy forces as the Democratic Party, Big Media, Big Tech, and other “powerful special interests.” The latter refers to CIA and FBI operatives in the Deep State, as well as the globalists.

If you are depending on media outlets that will not name the enemy in these terms, you are wasting your time.

*For updates please go to www.usasurvival.org

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


Stop CIA Interference in Our Elections

By: Cliff Kincaid

A few so-called “conservatives” are in the process of surrendering to a Joe Biden “victory.” GOP consultant Karl Rove is touting his own Journal column, “Biden Had No Election Coattails,” which accepts liberal claims that Biden actually won. He’s willing to throw President Trump overboard because he thinks the Democrats will let the Republicans control the Senate.

But common sense tells you that these Senators owe their victories to Trump’s coattails and that the “voter fraud organization” that Biden talked about openly is sabotaging Trump’s re-election victory. Of course, that was supposed to be another Biden gaffe and what he was supposed to say was that the Democrats had a plan to prevent fraud and “count every vote,” no matter how fraudulent. It was gobbledygook. The slip revealed the real agenda of the Deep State. The same forces dedicated to the destruction of Trump want to install Biden in the White House.

It just doesn’t make sense to believe that Republicans won Senate and congressional races thanks to Trump but that Trump himself lost. What it suggests is a willingness by the Deep State to let Republicans have some election crumbs while the King of the Republicans, Trump, is dethroned. Intelligence agencies such as the CIA, which specialize in manipulating foreign elections, have to be assumed to be interfering in the 2020 presidential election. They have always had it in for Trump, the Washington outsider.

None of this will, of course, will be a topic of concern for CIA-manipulated newspapers such as The Washington Post, whose owner, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, does business with the CIA. Left-wingers know this but have remained mostly quiet as the billionaire’s links to the CIA grow and their joint intelligence-gathering activities have become more and more concentrated on Americans’ daily lives.

The problem all along for Trump wasn’t Russian interference but CIA interference.  And it turns out that the CIA used Russian disinformation to try to get Trump, in the form of the Russian dossier supplied by the late Senator John McCain to the FBI, the CIA’s accomplice in crime. Rove comes from the John McCain/Mitt Romney wing of the GOP. These are the Republican losers who couldn’t defeat or even call Barack Hussein Obama a Marxist. No wonder Karl Rove is prepared to roll over.

Before Karl Rove accepts the CIA candidate, Joe Biden, as president, he should take a hard and honest look at what we already know about the plot to topple Trump. Rove knows the truth. He can read. He has been a Fox News paid contributor for years and must have been paying attention as news anchors such as Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson have been documenting subversion by the Deep State. He knows the Robert Mueller probe into Russia-gate was a bust and that the real scandal is Obamagate.

Everybody also knows, including Rove, that the voter fraud machine depends on mail-in ballots which can’t be traced. They are being manufactured out of thin air and hauled into states like Michigan and Wisconsin to steal the election away from Trump. Rove simply says, “mail-ins have tended to boost the Democrats.”

Rove adds, “Some hanky-panky always goes on, and there are already reports of poll watchers in Philadelphia not being allowed to do their jobs. But stealing hundreds of thousands of votes would require a conspiracy on the scale of a James Bond movie. That isn’t going to happen.”

How does he know? And speaking of James Bond, other maneuvers include manipulation by U.S. intelligence agencies to siphon votes away from Trump. Broadcaster Brannon Howse had done several interviews about this topic.

I used to think when I arrived in Washington, D.C. 40 years ago, that the CIA was on “our side” and only meddled in foreign countries on behalf of the American people and American interests. I quickly learned that federal agencies, including those involved in intelligence and law enforcement activities, were corrupt, and that their corruption was evident in the domestic affairs of the United States. Names and terms like Ruby Ridge and Waco are examples of what can be done on American soil. The CIA was even brought into the crash of TWA 800 to discredit eyewitnesses to a missile attack.

The growing number of reports of CIA interference in the 2020 elections have to be thoroughly investigated immediately.

We know that a number of former CIA officials put their names on a letter claiming that somehow the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” was linked to Russia. “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant,” Biden said at the presidential debate about what Trump said was on the laptop. Biden went on to say, “…five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage. Nobody believes it except him and his good friend, Rudy Giuliani.”

Biden lied, of course, because the former officials had no such evidence, and they admitted it. But the fact that they would nevertheless sign such a letter represents unwarranted interference by the intelligence establishment in America’s domestic affairs.

Trump’s “good friend” Giuliani, who destroyed the Mafia families, is also on the matter of election fraud, which may lead to CIA headquarters in Langley. At the very least, we know Langley is involved in facilitating the Russia-gate attack on Trump. It’s logical to assume they don’t want their fingerprints revealed. Hence, they have to get rid of Trump and install Biden. It’s that simple.

For his part, assuming he seizes power from Trump, Biden’s handlers have declared they intend to rely on such figures as former CIA director Michael Morell, former Obama national security adviser Tom Donilon, former Obama deputy national security adviser Avril Haines, former Deputy NSA Director Chris Inglis, and former deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Robert Cardillo.

Remember that former CIA officials Michael Morell, Michael Hayden, and Philip Mudd all denounced Trump before he took office. Former CIA operations officer Evan McMullin even ran against him as an independent presidential candidate.

Why are we the American people tolerating open CIA interference in our national elections?

It should not be a partisan issue. Trump is fighting to restore government by, of, and for the American people. The lines are drawn. It’s a fight to the finish to determine if America’s constitutional system can survive.

*For updates, go to www.usasurvival.org Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org