Avoid the Appearance of Evil

By: T.F. Stern | Self-Educated American

Call me ‘Old School’ if you wish, but certain principles of conduct from another era seem to have been lost along the way.  Let me explain…

Several years ago I was given the assignment to check up on a woman from church whose husband had recently died.  She moved into our area and was still in the middle of grieving for her loss while at the same time she had nobody locally to lean on when her emotions got the better of her.

I made it a point to drop by regularly during the month, no scheduled appointment; just a neighborly check by to let her know someone was thinking about her.  She would invite me into the house, but this is where avoiding the appearance of evil comes in.  Instead, I’d suggest we sit on the front porch where her neighbors could see that nothing inappropriate was going on.

That brings me to the handling of votes and the appearance of impropriety, whether it exists or not, can be proven in court or not; red flags of danger have caught the public’s attention.  Perhaps that should be re-worded, red flags of danger have been ignored by those whose motto is, “Win by any means and to hell with anyone who says otherwise”.

I realize that being a supporter for your political party means hoping your candidate wins; but does that mean ‘at any cost’, to include destroying the fabric which holds your nation together as a constitutional republic?

When I watched a news clip showing poll workers covering up the windows so nobody could see them counting the votes, ignoring the protocols which call for members of the opposing party to be in attendance while the votes are counted, refusing to allow poll watchers during the election and other actions which would lead a critically thinking person to wonder if possible voting irregularities were being carried out.

When I was in college taking a course in Insurance which involved actuarial statistics to determine risk factors along with other issues that comprised that industry, it became fairly clear that some statistics form the limitations of reasonability and allow for the determination of what is unreasonable.  That’s why people over eighty years of age don’t purchase life insurance; the cost would be prohibitive, that assumes you could find a company dumb enough to sell the policy.

The use of statistics is important when looking at votes.  Certain polling places shut down in the wee hours of the morning following the election and then opened up a couple of hours later proclaiming they’d found thousands of votes…all for one candidate; the laws of statistics chimed in and proclaimed in unison, “Male Bovine Excrement!”.  There’s no way, statistically speaking, that all the votes which mysteriously appeared during the night were all cast for the same candidate, at least not legally.

That said, there are folks jumping up and down cheering for their candidate’s presumptive win, closing their eyes, ears, and minds to the likelihood of massive voter fraud; instead, euphorically caught up with, “He did it! We’ve won the White House!”

I’m having a difficult time congratulating the presumptive winners and those who’ve sold out this nation’s constitutional republican form of government for a cheap copy of a banana republic complete with bought and paid for election results.

Some might claim ‘sour grapes’ because my candidate hasn’t been re-elected.  My gut reaction tells me I’m watching an election process that steals a victory at any price and a public that will not only tolerate evil; but blindly congratulate those involved.

Putting it all in perspective with lessons learned from the Come Follow Me home study course, which only this past week covered Mormon’s witnessing the destruction of his people, a people ripe with iniquity who delighted in flaunting their evil ways rather than repent.  I had to wonder, did the Lord know this week’s lesson would be a duplicate of what is going on in America nearly two thousand years later?

The idea occurred to me that regardless of the outcome of this election, the steady downward spiral our nation has taken towards socialism along with accepting, tolerating, or even so many of our fellow citizens boasting of their evil ways; in spite of all these warning signs, we must place our faith in Jesus Christ and find joy in our knowledge of the gospel.  We have enjoyed the easy life; but the refiner’s fire proves us in our trials, whether we endure to the end is us to us.

t-f-stern-1Self-Educated American, Senior Edi­tor, T.F. Stern is both a retired City of Hous­ton police offi­cer and, most recently, a retired self-employed lock­smith (after serving that industry for 40 plus years). He is also a gifted polit­i­cal and social com­men­ta­tor. His pop­u­lar and insight­ful blog, T.F. Sterns Rant­i­ngs, has been up and at it since January of 2005.


America’s Venezuela-Style Election Farce

By: Cliff Kincaid

America sanctions communists in foreign countries who steal elections. Here, communists commit fraud and expect to occupy the White House.

The Biden-Harris movement should be considered an army of occupation. President Trump, with more legal votes on election day, should remain in office. Trump has said that he won, and he’s right. We have to protect the president from this coup.

Today’s situation is comparable to the war of 1812 when British forces burned the White House. Later, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in a speech to the U.S. Congress about how the British embassy celebrated that event, would say, “Sorry about that.” People laughed.

We should not be laughing now. They are threatening to burn down our country by taking the White House on the basis of fraudulent votes.

Biden said Saturday night he wanted to bring Americans together, and then proceeded to divide us up, saying, “I’m proud of the coalition we put together, the broadest and most diverse coalition in history. Democrats, Republicans, independents, progressives, moderates, conservatives, young, old, urban, suburban, rural, gay, straight, transgender, white, Latino, Asian, Native American.”

Transgender? Remember it was Biden who promised that 8-year-olds could pick their gender identities with “zero discrimination.” This is demonic. It’s more Cultural Marxism, of the kind that has already devastated our families.

Regarding the election, we already have enough evidence demonstrating that massive fraud took place. People saw it for themselves. The mysterious votes out of nowhere which arrived the early morning after the election and turned several states against Trump constitute the proof we need. This is the kind of thing that happens in Venezuela.

One analyst noted that the U.S. has now become the joke of the world due to the depraved, ignominious, and low-class cheaters carrying out this fraud in front of us. “It was similar to Venezuela,” he noted, “when the governing party halted the vote count when trailing in the night.” At daybreak, he said, “everybody knew that they had come from behind in every state and never looked back!  It is typical to cheat at night.”

Back in 2017 the U.S. Treasury actually sanctioned several communist officials in Venezuela for being “associated with undermining electoral processes, media censorship, or corruption…” The U.S. said that state elections in Venezuela “were marked by numerous irregularities that strongly suggest fraud helped the ruling party unexpectedly win a majority of governorships.”

Are you kidding? That is what is happening here. Censorship? Look at Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Corruption? Look at Hunter Biden’s laptop. Irregularities? Start with Philadelphia and Detroit.

We have photos of “vote-counting” facilities in Detroit being boarded up and concealed, in violation of the law. That allowed thousands of votes to be secretly brought on to change election outcomes.

The fraudsters have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, by virtue of the crumbs on their smiling faces. They are laughing at us, the American people, thinking they have pulled off a heist and there’s nothing we can do about it.

In addition to what attorney David Evans has documented in Detroit, anybody with even basic curiosity can find stories like this, many the result of the fraudulent mail-in voting schemes:

  • Butler County Pennsylvania loses an untold number of mail-in ballots.
  • Ballots were stolen from mailboxes and discarded on roadsides in Washington town.
  • A group claims 400,000 ballots sent to residents who moved out of state or died.
  • Mecklenburg residents receiving double ballots due to labeling glitch.

Regarding those computer “glitches,” the forensic files, in this case, lead to Langley, Virginia, headquarters of the CIA, whose current and former officials constituted the Deep State base of support for the Biden/Harris ticket. The agency has been implicated by such figures as retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney in a vote fraud scheme using surveillance and hacking technology developed by the NSA.

Those doubting what happened should think back to when Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller filed suit against Russians in the “Internet Research Agency” and other groups alleging interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. It sounded serious and important. The Russians had been caught red-handed!

Then, all of a sudden, the case was dropped against the one Russian company fighting the charges in a U.S. court. The case was dropped because the Russians were seeking documents about what U.S. intelligence agencies know or did about these “crimes.”  A news outlet sympathetic to Mueller said his group of lawyers argued that the company’s request to have sensitive new evidence sent to Russia “unreasonably risks the national security interests of the United States.”

The lawsuit, in other words, was just a show. And when the Russians defended themselves and demanded the evidence, Mueller’s boys tucked-tail and ran. Perhaps the Russians were seeking to expose the fact that real election interference comes from U.S. intelligence agencies. Perhaps the same technology that was used to “monitor” what the Russians were doing can be used against the American people.

Is this the “state secret” the U.S. intelligence establishment doesn’t want revealed?

One disturbing report from attorney David Evans concerned the “rather unusual looking” so-called “police officers” that were used to keep observers and Republican challengers from looking inside the vote-counting places. He explained, “I say unusual because their uniforms were not consistent. Some did not have badges and some were not well-groomed.”

Who were these people? It’s the same question I asked when I covered the mysterious death of former Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster and a witness in the case was followed and harassed. The witness, Patrick Knowlton, had evidence Foster did not kill himself, as the media and a special prosecutor claimed. Foster had secretive NSA binders before he was found dead.

In the middle of all this stands President Trump, fighting against the Deep State, Big Tech, Big Media, and other forces.

While Trump has an impressive legal team, and they are pursuing actions regarding hundreds of thousands of illegal votes that must be thrown out, one of my readers suggests a legal case to correct the fraud in all states by highlighting the “glitch” that switched thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.  The voting systems need to be scrutinized immediately. The role of intelligence agencies in the fraud must be exposed.

Two months ago Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared, in regard to Venezuela, that “conditions for free and fair elections do not exist” and the U.S. would not recognize a scheduled “electoral farce” there.

America’s November 3 election was a farce, and everybody knows it.

One of my readers responds to the effect, “Are you saying that when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, it was an honest election, but now it’s a rigged election?”

The answer is “Darn tootin’.” They didn’t expect Trump to win in 2016 and didn’t prepare. They did prepare this time.  You’re a sucker if you haven’t figured it out.

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

Numbers never lie unless a Democrat is involved, particularly when they have upped their game. Remember the words ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard,’ as these two computer programs just altered the course of American history, and if left unchallenged… forever.


Lies, Fraud, and Computer Glitches

By: Cliff Kincaid

Despite the fake news reports, Joe Biden has not yet been certified as president. The official certification of results has to take place in every state. Legislatures can reject the Biden “victory” on the basis of fraud.

It’s “President-elect Joe Biden,” says NBC’s Lester Holt, even though he has not been certified under the Constitution as the winner. All of this is based on a questionable “projection.” It’s non-stop propaganda that somehow doesn’t get flagged by Twitter or YouTube as dubious.

The fraud is evident to anyone following the election returns. As Catholic writer Vic Biorseth notes, “We saw Trump winning handily in all of the swing states, until he hit 95 percent or so at about 1:00 PM EST, when, as if on a signal, every one of the swing states stopped counting for three hours with no explanation of why they stopped.”

Was that signal related to “glitches” in computer voting that gave thousands of Trump votes to Biden? On the Lou Dobbs Fox show on Friday, constitutional attorney Sidney Powell described how special computer programs developed by U.S. intelligence agencies can be used to hack into voting machines and steal or alter votes.

Powell, attorney for Russia-gate victim Michael T. Flynn, said, “They need to investigate the likelihood that 3 percent of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country and explains a lot of what we’re seeing.”

She added, “In addition, they ran an algorithm to calculate votes that they might need to come up with Mr. Biden in specific areas. It happened in Michigan where the computer glitch resulted in a change in votes of about 5,500 in favor of President Trump just in one of 47 districts. All of those districts need to be checked for that same QUOTE software glitch END QUOTE that would change the vote for Michigan dramatically. The same thing is happening in other states. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of ballots mysteriously appear solely for Mr. Biden which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics. It can all be documented.”

Originally developed by the NSA as the “Hammer” project to monitor terrorist communications, it was acquired by the CIA under the Obama Administration and spawned an application called “Scorecard” to hack into and alter voting systems. Much of the research into this has been provided by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones at the American Report website.

On the Stephen K. Bannon show, before the election, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney predicted it would be used to take votes away from Trump. He also discussed it on the Brannon Howse radio show.

All of this helps us understand why more than 200 former military leaders put their names on an open letter to President Trump before the election, endorsing him and warning that the Democratic Party was becoming a home “to socialists and Marxists” and threatening “our historic way of life.” McInerney was a signer.

It appears that, in addition to using Big Tech to censor opposition to this emerging Marxist state, the intelligence agencies are using their own version of Big Tech to make sure Biden “won.”

Here are just a few of the false claims sent out on Saturday, November 7, by the media and left-wing special interest groups. None were censored by Twitter, even though Ben is not “officially” the president:

  • President-elect Joe Biden!
  • Joe Biden Declared Winner of 2020 Presidential Election
  • Black People Defeated Trump
  • BREAKING: AP, Fox News Declare Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump Even as Lawsuits Ramp Up
  • Biden WINS!
  • Joe Biden will be our next President
  • Joe Biden will be our next Commander-in-Chief
  • It’s Official: Joe Biden has won the election.

Of course, there is nothing “official” about it.

Why do these people send out these lies? They do so for the same reason suppression polls showing huge Biden margins prior to the election were released – to demoralize Trump supporters.

But Trump’s people are not giving up. This is “high noon,” says one Trump supporter. He encourages people to write Trump a direct note of strong encouragement to fight until the last legitimate vote is counted. Write to him using this contact form.

A movement called #StopTheSteal is taking off. Janet Levy reports a “Stop the Steal” crowd in Beverly Hills “was pumped up to defend the Constitution and fight for a Trump victory.”

Others are joining one of Trump’s Coalitions here. You can volunteer here. A pro-Trump march on the White House is being talked about.

President Trump notes, “Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.”

Indeed, pending legal actions involve challenging mail-in ballots that were counted without Republican poll watchers onsite. That makes those ballots illegal. Attorney David Evans has documented how this happened in Detroit, Michigan.

Evans reports, in part: “We made repeated requests to have the waiting challengers be allowed in the room to do their jobs and we were ignored. The one time they came to the door they were arrogant and dismissive. They placed cardboard on the windows so we could not see into the room.”

What’s more, he says, “The Democrats placed rather unusual looking ‘police officers’ to bar the door. I say unusual because their uniforms were not consistent. Some did not have badges and some were not well-groomed.”

For his part, Trump is brimming with confidence, noting that Biden is “rushing to falsely pose as the winner…” While Biden has the media, Big Tech, and the CIA in his corner, Trump has the Constitution, the law, and the people.

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