Larry Klayman’s “Common Sense” Agenda

By: Cliff Kincaid

In an interview on November 11, just about a week after the election, Larry Klayman appeared on my television show to argue that Trump had a dead-end election fraud legal strategy. He didn’t have much confidence in Trump’s legal advisers.

Then, on November 24, 2020, Larry Klayman was on my show again, reiterating that Trump couldn’t and wouldn’t win.

The founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, Klayman understands that the federal courts are corrupt and were unlikely to rule in Trump’s favor. He said that Trump, despite proclamations about vote fraud and his own victory, would exit the White House because the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, wouldn’t intervene.

Of the many guests I interviewed about election integrity, Larry Klayman was the only one who predicted that Trump would ultimately be forced from the White House and that China Joe Biden would be installed.

Not learning their lesson, we find some Trump supporters today saying that the former president will be back in the oval office by August.

Meanwhile, Russia, China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States continue to wage war on America and our allies, as our southern border continues to decay and the China virus continues to kill.

It was Klayman who did what the U.S. Government should have done. Early in the pandemic, he filed a complaint in federal court seeking to hold China legally responsible for the China virus and its source, the biological weapons program based at the notorious federally-funded Wuhan lab.

Virtually everything Klayman documented in his complaint has been reluctantly and subsequently verified by other so-called “experts.”

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John Wayne: The Forgotten History of “The Duke”

By: Sam Jacobs | Ammo.com

john wayne

John Wayne is an American Hollywood icon every bit the equal of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. He is also a man from another era, a man whose conservatism came as naturally as walking down the street. Affectionately known as “The Duke,” he spent three decades as a top box office draw with 179 film and television credits to his name

Before The Duke: Marion Robert Morrison

His story is as American as his values. Born Marion Robert Morrison in Iowa at a whopping 13 pounds, his family relocated to Southern California. His family first arrived in America from Ireland in 1799 and his grandfather was a Civil War veteran. His nickname was bestowed upon him in childhood (“Little Duke” at the time) by a milkman amused by the omnipresence of Wayne’s Airdale Terrier, Duke.

Wayne attended the University of Southern California where he studied pre-law and played football for the Trojans before a broken collarbone from a bodysurfing accident ended his college athletic career. Losing his athletic scholarship forced Wayne to drop out of school.

He was first hired by the legendary Western director, John Ford, and silent Western star, Tom Mix. It was Mix who then introduced him to Wyatt Earp, who Wayne credited with his on-screen mannerisms.

Becoming the Duke: John Wayne’s Early Film Career

Wayne was hired as a favor to the equally legendary USC coach, Howard Jones, who later portrayed himself in Knute Rockne, All American, the famous Ronald Reagan film. Wayne soon graduated from an extra and prop boy to bigger parts – this began his life-long working relationship with director Ford. Director Raoul Walsh renamed Marion Robert Morrison “John Wayne,” though Wayne would keep his birth name for the rest of his life. Wayne was not present at the meeting where his stage name was crafted.

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China’s Biowarfare Program Involved in the Origin of COVID-19 Is Linked to Its Military Yet It Accesses Knowledge, Skills and Funding from the US

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) and Anna Chen | CCNS

China’s biowarfare program has three levels.

There is a core secret military level consisting of military research centers and hospitals.

The core layer is supervised by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in coordination with so-called “civilian” entities such as the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Chinese Centers for Disease Control.

Layered on top of the core level are China’s universities, civilian research institutions, and medical companies.

Everyone should understand that, in China, there is no difference between military and civilian research.

The fusion of those research and development sectors was mandated by the 2016 Chinese Communist Party’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan.

It is that middle layer, which has allowed China to access international knowledge, skills, and funding, particularly from the United States, all of which have contributed to the advancement of China’s virus research, including bioweapons development.

In an April 20, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, we highlighted the important contributions of veterinary and agricultural scientists to China’s biowarfare program.

Here we document connections within that core military level, how it links to the middle layer of Chinese universities and research institutes and how that middle layer establishes research collaboration with U.S.-based scientists to access U.S. knowledge, skills, and research funding, which has benefitted China’s biowarfare program.

As stated in our May 14, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, the Military Veterinary Research Institute and the Institute of Zoonotic Diseases in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, led by People’s Liberation Army General Ningyi Jin and retired General Xianzhu Xia, are core military elements of China’s biowarfare program.

The Military Veterinary Research Institute and the Institute of Zoonotic Diseases in Changchun directly coordinate with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing. It acts as a clearinghouse and a manager of military-related activities in China’s universities and civilian research centers. It has also led a virus-collection program as well as conducting its own research, especially in regard to mammalian and non-human primate experiments on viruses and vaccines.

As described in our May 18, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, at least four subordinates of Xianzhu Xia and Ningyi Jin have been engaged in a massive domestic and international virus collection effort for over eight years, namely, Biao He, Quanshui Fan, Changchun Tu, and Zhiqiang Wu.

Biao He, together with Changjun Wang of the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command in Nanjing, played key roles in the isolation of bat coronaviruses ZC45 and ZXC21, claimed by Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan to be the viral backbones for COVID-19.

We believe that the Military Veterinary Research Institute and the Institute of Zoonotic Diseases in Changchun were deeply involved in the research that led to the creation of the COVID-19 virus.

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Is Wuhan University’s Animal Laboratory the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) | CCNS

The COVID-19 virus was made in a laboratory in China and was part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) biological warfare program.

That much is clear. The matter yet to be resolved is the manner of its release, whether accidental or deliberate.

There is growing evidence of a laboratory accident occurring in November 2019.

Although lacking confirmation, there remain persistent rumors of a deliberate release of the COVID-19 virus by the PLA, one scenario being at the 7th CISM Military World Games held in Wuhan from October 18–27, 2019.

In my May 20, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, I cited a source inside China claiming:

  1. A fully-formed or nearly fully-formed COVID-19 virus arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command in the early months of 2019.
  2. Contrary to the popular narrative, the COVID-19 virus was sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology primarily for testing.
  3. The testing was assigned to a group of young virologists. The name of the leader of that group is known and the leader’s scientific background is consistent with that role.
  4. Testing was done on non-human primates.

There are two important points to remember regarding that information.

First, the PLA Eastern Theater Command, whose headquarters is in Nanjing, is the same entity, which isolated ZC45 and ZXC21, the bat coronaviruses Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yang says provided the backbone for the laboratory manufacture of the COVID-19 virus.

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EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Administration Invited the Chinese Army into Sensitive U.S. Military Biodefense Centers

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) and Anna Chen| CCNS

The deeper we dig, the worse it gets.

The infiltration of critical Department of Defense and related civilian research programs by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientists began in the 1990s.

The infestation is now extensive.

Some returned to China with the most advanced knowledge and techniques, but many are still in the United States funded by U.S. taxpayers.

This column was originally published at The Gateway Pundit

The following is only the tip of the iceberg.

Some of those invited into U.S. military facilities, like Liang-Ming Liu and Dai-Zhi Peng were clearly identified as PLA officers, other CCP scientists and PLA officers hid their backgrounds.

But no one in the Clinton Administration bothered to check.

Jing-Ning Huan, aka Jing-Ning Xun, lists his educational institution as the Shanghai Second Medical University. It is actually the Second Military Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army.

Jing-Ning Huan eventually landed in the laboratory of Dr. Allan Z. Zhou at the University of Pittsburgh. We do not know the full background of Dr. Zhou, but he has since returned to China at the School of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guangdong University of Technology.

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Critical Race Theory vs the Golden Rule

By: T.F. STERN | Self-Educated American

There have been many discussions of late regarding the teaching of Critical Race Theory in classrooms across the country.  There are varied opinions regarding the topic’s legitimate purpose, much less whether it should be used as an indoctrination tool in public schools where students are manipulated by social group think methods.

(Image, One Fish Two Fish, courtesy of Dr. Seuss clip art)

There used to be a simple thought process taught in schools, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  This strange concept is often called the Golden Rule.  Jesus Christ shared this idea during His ministry and public-school administrators are reluctant to include it as part of basic social interaction, they have deemed it inappropriate based on its being religious indoctrination.  Social media ‘Fact Checkers’ might say the Golden Rule doesn’t meet with current Community Standards.

The definition of Critical Race Theory makes it a bit more interesting since those who are pushing this concept appear to have created their own religion, one which rivals Christianity; but I’m getting ahead of myself…

Wikipedia’s definition indicates that “Critical race theory is an academic movement of civil-rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race and to challenge mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues as they relate to race and racism.”

While similar to Wikipedia, Britannica’s definition holds that “Critical race theory (CRT), intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of color.”

It would appear that the intellectual community, academic activists who have taken over the public schools, have incorporated Social Justice as a means of correcting mankind’s propensity to judge people by the color of his/her skin.  Not only to reprimand all lighter-skinned individuals for having judged a person by the color of their skin; but to recompense those with darker skin for hundreds of years, even thousands of years of presumed oppression.

The Judeo-Christian justice system, which the civilized world has used throughout recorded history, teaches an eternal principle, that individuals are responsible for their actions; responsible to their fellow citizens, and, more importantly, responsible to God.  Through the efforts of those wishing to replace that justice system with Social Justice, individual responsibility would be altered into a collective responsibility.  This corruption of reality is at the heart of the intellectual argument.

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The Fake China Defector Story

By: Cliff Kincaid

Just Like liberals, conservatives are suckers for a big story that sounds good and confirms their preconceived prejudices. Consider this from Mike Huckabee: “Information from Chinese Defector Might Change the Course of History.” It’s the conservative equivalent of the fake news Russian disinformation dossier.

Does anyone seriously believe that a legitimate top Chinese intelligence official would defect to the United States under the China Joe Administration? As researcher Jim Simpson says, “Why would the guy take his life in his hands for the Biden crowd? Insane?”

The “defector” is either insane or the story is a Chinese plant. My suspicion is the latter.

The story comes from a sex-scandal columnist for the conservative website Red State who lives in a blue state and whose bio identifies her as a “sports fanatic.” Jennifer Van Laar broke the story of former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill’s sex scandal and now wants us to believe her deep sources in the intelligence community confirm there is an alleged defector from the Chinese Ministry of State Security, Dong Jingwei, in the hands of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), spilling the beans on China.

China claims the spymaster is still in China doing his job.

Even if the official has come to the U.S. for whatever reason, the story is reminiscent of the notorious Russian “defector” Yuri Nosenko, who conveniently showed up in America after the JFK assassination to tell U.S. intelligence agencies that Lee Harvey Oswald was not under Soviet KGB control. Oswald, a Marxist member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, had defected to Russia and then returned to the U.S.

The motive was clear: the Russians wanted to avoid another confrontation with the United States and escape responsibility for murdering an American president.

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The Fake China Defector Story

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist and Cliff Kincaid debunk the importance and validity of the “high-ranking Chinese defector” story that originated with a sex scandal reporter for the conservative website Red State. The Russians used a similar ploy when “defector” Yuri Nosenko was provided to the U.S. to knock down intelligence information that JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a Russian KGB operative.