The good, the bad and the ugly Democrats: Race in America

By: Allen West | CCNS

We need to have a serious analysis of this issue of race in America. This is because the progressive socialist left is using the tactics of Marxism to divide us not by economic class, but, rather, racial composition. Is it any wonder that this faux organization with the trendy title “Black Lives Matter” was founded by two avowed Marxist Black women?

This is where we start our commentary on race in America. The progressive socialist left has done a fabulous job of redefining who is a “good” Black person in America. This is not debatable and follows a line of history.

We all think that W.E.B. Du Bois founded the NAACP. He did not. The founding members of the NAACP were White progressives such as Mary White Ovington and Henry Moskowitz.

Du Bois became the face and figurehead of the organization. And, if you didn’t know, Du Bois was a socialist who became an avowed communist. In the end, he renounced his American citizenship. In essence, history is repeating itself with BLM, founded and financed by White leftists, globalist corporations, with two Black Marxists as its leaders.

For the progressive socialist left, these are the “good” Blacks, those who embrace their ideological agenda, to the detriment of their own people. We now have these new overseers on the left’s 21st-century economic plantation who are responsible to keep Blacks as victims, for the purpose of harvesting votes. These so-called accepted “intellectual” Blacks curry favor with their leftist masters — aka the Congressional Black Caucus — in order to maintain their position as the “good” Black people, selling out their own for their version of 30 pieces of silver.

Then there are the “bad” Blacks. As articulated by President Joe Biden, “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black.” Yes, consider that in opposition to his description of a “good Black,” former President Barack Obama as “good looking, clean, and articulate.”

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The FBI is the KGB

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Pro-family activist Arthur Schaper discusses his encounter with FBI agents who showed up at his door to grill him about the events of January 6. He wasn’t there when military veteran Ashli Babbitt was murdered by the Capitol Police, but they wanted to question him anyway. It’s another indication that the FBI has become an enforcement arm of the Biden regime’s imposition of Cultural Marxism on the nation. Schaper was apparently monitored by the FBI because his group rescues young people from the clutches of sexual militants and seeks to restore Christian traditions of morality to America. Both Schaper and ASI TV host Cliff Kincaid discuss the abolition of the FBI.