Obama/Biden Purged Pre-”WOKE” Military Of Those Who Sought Victory

By: Daniel John Sobieski

Before the military was “woke,” it was softened by Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden, purging it of career officers who believed it was their job to win wars and not scour the ranks of “white rage” and white supremacists. What was left were the likes of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who fears Indiana grandmothers roaming the Capitol on Jan. 6 more than he does the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Milley followed the Congressional testimony of the equally “woke” Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Michael Gilday. Instead of preparing our fleets for battle. Admiral Gilday is damning the torpedoes and going full speed ahead on pushing Critical Race Theory on the Navy by putting a book espousing the subject on the Navy’s reading list for sailors.

It is the Trump-hating Milley and Gilday and others like them who are being political and disgracing their uniform and their country in doing so. Their job is not to be “woke” but to make sure our enemies on the battlefield never wake up again.

It was not hyperbole when GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said in 2016 that under President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden the U.S. military had been “reduced to rubble” and left floundering without a coherent strategy or meaningful capability to win wars. It was engineered by Barack Hussein Obama to reduce America’s global footprint, an America he profusely apologized for, and one he blamed for all the world’s ills.

Almost as soon as he took office, President Obama began a military purge not dissimilar to those routinely conducted by Third World despots, with the goal of eliminating voices that might oppose his withdrawal of America from the world stage. In an October 29, 2013 editorial I wrote for Investor’s Business Daily, “Obama’s Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In Five Years,” I noted:

We recognize President Obama is the commander-in-chief and that throughout history presidents from Lincoln to Truman have seen fit to remove military commanders they view as inadequate or insubordinate. Turnover in the military ranks is normal, and in these times of sequestration and budget cuts the numbers are expected to tick up as force levels shrink and missions change.

Yet what has happened to our officer corps since President Obama took office is viewed in many quarters as unprecedented, baffling, and even harmful to our national security posture. We have commented on some of the higher-profile cases, such as Gen. Carter Ham. He was relieved as head of U.S. Africa Command after only a year and a half because he disagreed with orders not to mount a rescue mission in response to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi.

Rear Adm. Chuck Gaouette, commander of the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group, was relieved in October 2012 for disobeying orders when he sent his group on Sept. 11 to “assist and provide intelligence for” military forces ordered into action by Gen. Ham.

Other removals include the sacking of two nuclear commanders in a single week — Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, head of the 20th Air Force, responsible for the three wings that maintain control of the 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, the No. 2 officer at U.S. Strategic Command.

From Breitbart.com’s Facebook page comes a list of at least 197 officers that have been relieved of duty by President Obama for a laundry list of reasons and sometimes with no reason given.

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