Enemies of the State

By: Pete Hoekstra | CCNS

  • Taken together, the administration’s efforts paint a picture of an emerging, out-of-control police state. Those of us who disagree with the administration are no longer citizens, we have become “enemies of the state.”
  • Just in the last few days, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the administration was coordinating with Big Tech on correcting “misinformation.” This is censorship. They are doing this with increasing frequency….
  • When individuals engage with social media, the federal government, in coordination with Big Tech, will, at best, have planned responses that will move them to sites designed to give them the “right” answer. Sound far-fetched? On its webpage, Moonshot CVE, a company already doing work for the Pentagon, says it uses “targeted advertising to connect people searching the internet for violent extremist content with constructive alternative messages.”
  • Rather than the federal government using its massive power to facilitate our access to knowledge and information, thus enhancing our individual freedom and decision making, the Biden administration appears to be seeking to become a behemoth propaganda machine targeting its perceived enemies.

The Biden Administration, Big Tech, and other organizations will go to almost any extreme, including propaganda, to promote their priorities. Their efforts on COVID vaccines may be a trial run for what we may see for the next three years on a range of issues. With vaccines, we have already seen social media censor those who have raised legitimate concerns or objections to various COVID vaccines.

“Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes, door to door — literally knocking on doors — to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” President Biden said.

“Trusted” local leaders could be going door-to-door to discuss getting vaccinated. The administration also may enlist Big Tech companies to manage our views countless issues, by controlling our access to information.

Make no mistake about it, this is a huge propaganda effort, and it is troubling. A campaign that “suppresses the conversation; the man opposite is no longer an interlocutor but an enemy,” French philosopher Jacques Ellul wrote in his book Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. Taken together, the administration’s efforts paint a picture of an emerging, out-of-control police state. Those of us who disagree with the administration are no longer citizens, it seems we have become enemies of the state.

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Bioaerosol Research Performed by China’s Military May Have Started the COVID-19 Pandemic in October 2019

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) and Anna Chen | CCNS

China’s military bioaerosol research and a test that may have begun the COVID-19 pandemic

In an article recently published on The Gateway Pundit, a source inside China during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and familiar with the operations of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) claimed that a test release of the virus was conducted during the 2019 Military World Games, which was held in Wuhan from October 18–27, 2019.

According to that source, the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was entirely unexpected. That is, there was no accidental laboratory leak, but the unintended COVID-19 spread among the Chinese population of Wuhan for which the PLA had vastly underestimated its transmissibility.

If there was an environmental test of COVID-19 by the PLA, whether at the 2019 Military World Games or elsewhere, expertise in the areas of environmental microorganism surveillance and the analysis of the spread of viral disease in human populations would be essential.

In recent years, the PLA has made extraordinary efforts to fulfill those requirements, starting with the fusion of military and civilian bioaerosol research, which was initiated at a joint symposium between the PLA and Peking University held on January 8-9, 2017.

Everyone should accept the fact that in China there is no difference between military and civilian research. The fusion of those research and development sectors was mandated by the 2016 Chinese Communist Party’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan.

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Chinese Communist Party Cadre May Already be in Place in the U.S. for a Planned Takeover

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) | CCNS

There are U.S.-based Chinese scientists collaborating with China’s military and, based on direct evidence, arguably coordinating propaganda efforts with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to absolve itself of responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is described in this article is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

It does not include Chinese Communist Party operatives in the federal government, state legislatures, universities, and in so-called Chinese-American social or cultural organizations.

Since the 1990s, U.S. universities and research institutions have been colonized by CCP and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientists.

Those scientists, some becoming U.S. citizens, have maintained working relationships with scientists in China, including those in the PLA.

The research they are conducting with the PLA is supported by U.S. funding, much of which is derived from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The activities of Chinese scientists based in the U.S. have gone beyond research collaboration with counterparts in China and now appear to include active collaboration with CCP propaganda efforts.

These are at least partially coordinated from the Chinese-American professional organization, the Virology Division of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) of which Shan-Lu Liu of Ohio State University is president.

Not only does Shan-Lu Liu collaborate with PLA scientists like Cheng-Feng Qin, believed to be a key figure in China’s biowarfare program, but there is evidence pointing to his role as an organizer of CCP propaganda in the U.S.

That propaganda coordination is done via private chat rooms online that include CCP scientists and members of the SCBA.

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China’s Next More Dangerous Bioweapon and How the U.S. is Helping Them Build It

By: Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) and Anna Chen | CCNS

U.S. virus research laboratories have become functioning subsidiaries of China’s biowarfare program.

Since the 1990s, U.S. universities and research institutions have been colonized by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientists.

Through a process we call “scientific chain migration,” the first wave of CCP and PLA scientists, once established in laboratories in the U.S., invite their colleagues, who now have created a critical mass of CCP and PLA scientists in the U.S. collaborating with scientists in China linked to its biowarfare program, all supplemented with U.S. funding, skills, and knowledge.

Leveraging its extensive, integrated military-civilian biowarfare program, Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientists supervised the creation of the genetically engineered COVID-19 coronavirus capable of multiple pathological effects beyond that of naturally-occurring respiratory viruses, one also pre-adapted for human infection.

According to Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s second report, the COVID-19 virus succeeded in fulfilling the criteria of an effective bioweapon as described in 2005 by PLA General Rui-fu Yang:

  1. It is significantly virulent and can cause large-scale casualties.
  2. It is highly contagious and transmits easily, often through respiratory routes in the form of aerosols. The most dangerous scenario would be that it allows for human-to-human transmission.
  3. It is relatively resistant to environmental changes, can sustain transportation, and is capable of supporting the targeted [military] release.

In 2010, General Rui-fu Yang together with three of his senior PLA colleagues Zhi-Kai Xu, Zhong-Tian Qi, and Fu-Quan Hu wrote that the new era required a military microbiology strategy that “should strive to cultivate and bring up a team of scientific and technological talents with strong innovation ability” regarding “pathogenic substances, pathogenic mechanisms and immune mechanisms of important pathogenic microorganisms” “including the construction and management of high-level biosafety laboratories” for research related to “biological warfare.”

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

Having déjà vu over the Saigon and Kabul evacuation attempts is unsettling. But living through Kabul’s manufactured nightmare with the sole purpose of replacing a sitting president for his incompetency is the definition of pure evil. “They” aren’t that stupid.