The Squad Brings Islam To America

By: Tabitha Korol

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and other Squad members have been voted into representational positions. But they are not who they profess to be. Ungrateful for the opportunities, they are not here to Americanize, but to Islamize America, beginning with sowing the seeds of hate and discord. Such is the purpose of the jihada.

On September 11, anti-liberty villains come to the fore

Saturday, September 11, 2021, was a time to reflect on the terrible tragedy that befell our country twenty years before. As the never-ending grief resurfaces, we see that the qualities of sanctuary and personal freedoms that made America great have also attracted those who come with malice and villainy. I am deeply troubled for those who fled from around the world with hopes for a better life, for they are finding here precisely what they escaped.

Our homegrown communists and the new ingrates openly express their hostility. Why stay, if this doesn’t suit you? The ungracious people in the US Congress, particularly, have risen to positions that should be occupied by others more deserving.

The Squad strikes: Ilhan Omar

One such is Ilhan Omar, who callously said of 9/11, “some people did something,” making light of the more than 3,000 Americans who died that day and later – the first responders, the cleaning crews, and the everyday Americans who ran through the streets, the debris underfoot and inhaling the ashes, hoping they might be of some help to another soul.

Omar trivialized the attacks to erase the murderers’ Muslim identity, for they are her brethren. She offered not a word of compassion and sorrow from the Muslim community to America. She also wasted no time expressing her support of the anti-Semitic boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS) movement and continues her numerous empty accusations against Israel, despite being called out for it on the Senate floor.

Her disinformation campaign is given voice and validation; true or not, the damage is done. Our school systems weaponize our own children; the textbooks elevate Islam over Judaism and Christianity, a Seattle high school canceled the 9/11 tribute so as not to offend – whom? The indoctrination is pervasive. Despite the Muslim terrorists’ martyrdom letters, our country aids in veiling their guilt. Projection will eventually lay blame elsewhere. The violence will continue on our streets, here and abroad, and they will topple the event as they did the buildings and much of our historic statuary.

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Defense Bill Includes ‘Draft Our Daughters’ Mandate

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Several lawsuits have challenged the current draft law, alleging it’s discriminatory and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court declined to hear a suit brought by the National Coalition for Men challenging the male-only draft in June.

Last year, a committee created by Congress recommended that women be included in the draft and in 2019 a federal Texas judge ruled that the all-male draft is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court passed on a case questioning whether the draft is constitutional last month on the grounds that the issue would soon be addressed by Congress.

“I actually think if we want equality in this country, if we want women to be treated precisely like men are treated and that they should not be discriminated against, we should be willing to support a universal conscription,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee. Speier tried to persuade the House to include the provision in 2017.

Analysis published by the Pew Research Center in 2019 shows that fewer than one-third of the world’s countries draft people into militaries. Of 60 countries found with active conscription programs, only 11 were confirmed to draft men and women. source

Women in the Armed Forces: A Century of Service | Defense ...

Source: The congressional debate about “Draft Our Daughters” legislation—whether Selective Service should include young women in registration for a possible future draft—has taken a new and disturbing turn.

For clarity, consider President Joe Biden’s unilateral imposition of unprecedented COVID shot mandates on millions of Americans. Signing executive orders affecting private employers and individuals without congressional authorization, Biden announced with a grimace, “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

Even for vaccination advocates, Biden’s use of a public health emergency to expand big government power smacks of tyranny. Now consider this: What if Congress authorized even more executive power for use during another type of emergency—one involving national defense?

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Why Is Gen. Mark Milley A Patriot But Gen. Michael Flynn A Traitor?

By: Daniel John Sobieski

The liberals who pilloried Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn when he was nominated as President-elect Donald J. Trump’s National Security Adviser for talking with his Russian counterpart, something an incoming National Security Adviser would be expected to do, are defending Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley for calling his Chinese counterpart and promising a heads-up if a rogue Trump decided to attack China as he was leaving office, something a Joint Chiefs Chairman is not constitutionally or legally authorized to do. Gen. Flynn, who was prosecuted and persecuted to death and eventually pardoned for his crimes against Trump, was entrapped in a false statement charge after an ambush interview by James Comey and his minions regarding his conversation with his Russian counterpart, was overcome by the stench of hypocrisy and corruption and genuine and arguably treasonous law-breaking by Gen. Milley and called for Milley to resign. In an interview today with Newsmax, Gen. Michael Flynn called for Mark Milley to resign “in disgrace” over phone calls with Chinese general Li Zuocheng.

“It’s illegal, it’s immoral, and it’s unethical, and Mark Milley should be immediately, immediately told to drop his stars and he should be resigning in disgrace if not fired publicly,” Flynn told Newsmax host Eric Bolling.

Flynn continued, “Mark Milley is doing such incredible… grave damage to the institute of the military by continuing to stay in the office of chairman of the joint chiefs.”

In regards to Afghanistan, Flynn added, “For him to stand up there and say that they didn’t know, that’s an excuse. You don’t make excuses at this level of our armed forces.”

Prior to the interview, news broke that a spokesman for Milley defended the calls in a statement, essentially confirming that they took place as they were originally alleged in books scheduled to be released soon.

Allowing Milley to simply resign and be free to write his memoirs and become a CNN analyst is too good a fate for a man who has been rightly dubbed “Benedict Milley” for calling someone who would be his adversary and ours in the event of war, Chinese general Li Zuocheng, and promising a heads-up if we attacked. That is called collaborating with the enemy. That is called treason and is certainly worthy of a court-martial.

Defenders of the “woke” and thoroughly modern Milley, who was so busy looking for white supremacists in the military and learning about “white rage” that he slept through the fall of Afghanistan due to President Biden’s surrender to the Taliban, called Milley the “adult in the room” who was there to safeguard democracy, preserve the peace, and keep a rogue Trump in check.

The man who Milley thought a rogue warmonger was in fact the only President in recent memory who did not initiate a new conflict, was the recipient of multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominations for engineering the Abraham Accords bringing peace between Israel and formerly hostile Arab states, among other efforts. Instead of a nuclear war. Trump stopped the North Korean nuclear and missile programs in their tracks, actually meeting with their Dear Leader, little fat boy Kim Jong-Un.

What Milley did was insert himself into the civilian chain of command which runs from the President through the Secretary of Defense and to the various theater commanders. By telling staff to ignore Trump and follow Milley’s lead in a conflict is rank insubordination bordering on sedition. Milley is the insurrectionist and rather than preventing misunderstandings, which military-to-military hotline contacts are designed to do, Milley’s rogue actions could actually have triggered a nuclear war if the Chinese misunderstood what he might tell them about Trump’s alleged intentions and decided to launch a preemptive strike.

Certainly, 33-year military veteran Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was not treated with the same deference when he became the focus of the deep state coup attempting to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. He served his country with genuine honor and distinction, unlike Bowe Bergdahl, traded by Biden/Obama for the current Taliban leadership.   He served in Afghanistan in Iraq as the director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command which included units like Seal Team 6. President Obama appointed him director of the Defense Intelligence Agency where he served until he fell out of favor  for his criticism of President Obama precipitously withdrawing from Iraq, which created a vacuum the Islamic State rose to fill, with Obama doing nothing as he watched it grow except dismiss it as the “JV team.”

Because Flynn knew the secrets and machinations of the deep state and would advise Trump about them, he had to be stopped. He did not collude with the Russians as Milley colluded with the Chinese. After the ambush interview to set him up, the FBI altered his 302s, essentially written reports based on witness interviews, to make him look guilty, and leaked information on Flynn’s calls to the Washington Post.

Even the likes of former National Security Council staffer Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman thinks Milley should resign, though one suspects Vindman is trying to refurbish his image which was tarnished when he similarly stabbed President Trump in the back by being the “whistleblower” that painted the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky as treasonous, leading to a bogus impeachment of Trump. Even so, Vindman said of Milley:

A key witness in the first impeachment of then-President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “must resign” if he is confirmed to have made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart in order to reassure Beijing that Trump would not order military action against the Communist superpower.

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