A Short History of Medicine and Megalomania

By: Linda Goudsmit | Pundicity

To understand political medicine and the COVID19 debacle it is helpful to know the history of medicine, and how it shifted in the early 1900s from the miasma theory of disease to the germ theory of disease. The miasma theory held that sickness was caused by infectious mists or noxious vapors emanating from dirty air and water. You could smell the problem. In many cases this was true, but when it was discovered that many pathogens were invisible and without odor, medicine shifted to the germ theory.

All this would not have been a problem without John D. Rockefeller, who in the early 1900s was forced to break up his monopoly of Standard oil and reinvest his money. He went into the pharmaceutical business and began funding medical schools across the country. Even this would not have been a problem if Rockefeller had actually been an honest man and a humanitarian. Instead, he was a globalist and a eugenicist without a moral compass who had no problem wiping out populations in Africa where his foundations supplied the money for scientific experiments on unsuspecting black populations.

The irony for me is that holistic medicine was actually the original western medicine with the objective of strengthening the immune system to fight off pathogens in the environment. It is traditional western medicine that is the “alternative” medicine because its fundamental premise is that medications are required to be healthy. I don’t think so. Everything is connected. Consider the chemical glyphosate (Roundup) which was introduced into the environment in the 1970s. Since that time the hormone-disrupting chemical has become ubiquitous. There are more than 750 products with glyphosate in them. Glyphosate is now found in drinking water. The effeminizing effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals can be seen while shopping at Publix! Just look around you – man boobs are not funny. They are symptomatic of hormone dysregulation. 40% of breast reductions are done on men!

My point is that the chemical/pharmaceutical companies are pouring toxic chemicals into the environment that destroy public health -> then the chemical/pharmaceutical companies offer more chemicals and pharmaceuticals to “cure” what they caused in the first place. It is a never-ending cycle of destruction of public health. The United States is at the bottom of the totem pole in world health because the medical community is driven by unscrupulous globalists and the corrupt politicians who serve them.

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Russian Infiltration of the Conservative Movement

By: Cliff Kincaid

Special report


ASI TV video:


Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid discuss Russian assets in the conservative movement, with a focus on Tucker Carlson of Fox News, the pro-Russian commentator who has admitted he is under surveillance by the NSA for his foreign contacts. Trevor and Cliff also examine the “risk” of World War III sparked by a new German-Russian alliance in Europe.

By: Cliff Kincaid

Before Tucker Carlson became known as an advocate for Moscow’s interests in Europe, there was Alex Jones, the loudmouth who appeared on Russia Today (RT), the Moscow-funded English-language channel, to defend the Russian invasion of the independent country of Georgia, a former Soviet republic, back in 2008.

Tucker is the new Alex Jones.

Jones, who pretended no children died at Sandy Hook and that it was a “hoax,” a position that earned him several lawsuits over the pain and suffering he has caused the families of the victims, is widely known as a buffoon. Carlson figures to follow in Jones’ footsteps.

Many forget Jones also advertised himself as a foreign policy and terrorism expert.

The Boston Bombings

America’s Survival distributed a case study, with screenshots and images, of how Jones linked to several Russian propaganda and disinformation outlets in connection with various international incidents. For example, Jones distributed a Voice of Russia story about the Boston bombings on April 15, 2013, being a “false flag” attack with pictures and footage of fake blood, make-up artists, and smiling “victims.”

The bombers turned out to be Islamic terrorists with Russian ties. But Russian media, including RT, had insisted that the U.S. is to blame for the Boston bombings because vague “warnings” from Moscow were ignored about bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s radical Islamic connections. If the Russian intelligence agencies were suspicious of the brother’s terror ties, stemming from a Muslim region of Russia, why did they not arrest and imprison him?

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