Texas Allowed to Use Abandoned Border Wall Material to Build the Border Wall

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Some of it actually…

After the Biden administration halted the construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall, hundreds of unused wall panels were left at construction sites.

Now 1,700 unused panels — declared surplus property by the federal government — have been shipped from California to help build Gov. Greg Abbott’s state-funded wall, according to spokespeople for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Texas Facilities Commission.

The Biden administration halted virtually all work on the federal wall in January 2021. Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense, which had been in charge of awarding some of the federal wall contracts under Trump, said the 32-foot-tall steel bollard panels were at a storage site in San Diego.

The Texas Facilities Commission, the state office in charge of Texas border wall construction, applied in November to receive the surplus panels through the federal government’s General Service Administration, a program that allows nonprofit organizations and state and local governments to receive property the federal government no longer needs.

A welder straightens out a post in a new section of border wall that is being constructed near Eagle Pass on Nov. 20, 2021.

A welder worked last November on a new section of border wall near Eagle Pass. Credit: Nick Wagner for The Texas Tribune

Francoise Luca, a spokesperson for the Facilities Commission, said the state didn’t have to disclose to the federal government that it planned to use the panels for Texas’ border wall project, adding that the state followed the surplus program’s rules.

In December, the Facilities Commission hired New York-based Posillico Civil Inc. to haul the panels from San Diego to Eagle Pass at a cost of $2 million, according to the contract awarded to the engineering firm. The company finished the job earlier this month.

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Time for the FBI to Investigate Carvana

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It came to my attention a few months ago when a local news report described how a nurse bought a vehicle from Carvana and now had to rent a vehicle in order to get to work every day. Why? Well, it seems Carvana could never seem to get her the title to the car and the already two-times temporary tags had expired.

Poking around some more seems there is a building epidemic of fraud with Carvana. Beyond the FBI that should be investigating… seems Wall Street experts should look a little deeper as well when rating investments with Carvana, the balance sheets, and well… police reports.

But read on…

Park it: Carvana prohibited from selling cars in Raleigh, DMV says


Carvana has an 8-story vehicle vending machine is at 4830 Koger Blvd. in Greensboro.

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. (WFLA ) – The State of Florida filed a complaint against Carvana on Wednesday, 8 On Your Side has learned.

The complaint comes as Better Call Behnken continues to hear from Carvana customers who aren’t receiving titles after purchasing cars.

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

If you think the lies and atrocities with COVID-19 are horrendous, wait until they ramp up Climate Change again. And when they do, the infractions and guilt associated with the old/new power grab will know no bounds. How many breaths can we take today?