Biden is Stumbling into a World War

By: Cliff Kincaid

As a 40-year veteran of the conservative movement, as someone who met Ronald Reagan several times and promoted his “Reagan Doctrine” of anti-communist action, I am astounded at how so many modern-day “conservatives” are taking the side of a former KGB spy in the Russia vs. Ukraine confrontation. This development represents the Russian infiltration of a movement whose defining characteristic was once anti-communism.

Almost as disturbing is Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris at the Munich “security conference,” threatening former Russian President Vladimir Putin with a “swift, severe, and united” response if Russia attacks Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky  called this road “appeasement” and he knows who the real appeasers are. He also knows that “sanctions” have been too little too late, and that no sanctions will convince the Germans to terminate purchases of gas from Russia. That makes Germany into a gas station owned by Russia.

In truth, Ukraine has made its share of enemies in the West, as retired Lt. Colonel and “whistleblower,” Alexander Vindman, who was born in Ukraine, played a role in the campaign to impeach former President Trump, who did what the Obama/Biden regime never did – arm Ukraine with weapons to defeat invading Russian forces.

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