Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

With Russia threatening a nuclear war while sitting at the negotiating table on the Iranian nuclear deal, the definition of ‘totally nuts’ is changing by the hour.

One thought on “Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

  1. You’ve got this entirely wrong. No Russian leader, not one, has threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine or to use them first. The claim they have is entirely a fabrication of Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, that has been taken up by Biden and other US officials and their sycophants in the main stream media. Biden and others are preparing the public for a false flag nuclear attack by the US on Ukraine. This would be used as a pretext to start a general European war.

    What Russian leaders have done is reiterate long-standing Soviet/Russian policy that they would use nuclear weapons only in retaliation to a first strike on Russia by the West.

    As to JCPOA, which is a dead letter, killed by Trump and our European partners, everyone involved, France, UK, Germany, Russia, UNSC, IAEA all agreed that the treaty was working, and Iran was not making enriched uranium for bombs. The only person to disagree was Netanyahu and his lackey Trump. Once Trump and the Europeans killed the treaty all bets were off, and Iran proceeded to make bomb grade HEU. They are not quite there yet, but unless some version of JCPOA is reactivated, they will have a few bombs by this time next year.

    Thanks to Trump/Netayahol.

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