Security Risks in the Senate

By: Cliff Kincaid

Ex-communist and internal security expert Herb Romerstein was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the communist conspiracy. Although Herb passed away in 2013, we have Trevor Loudon to continue his work. His KeyWiki Internet encyclopedia brings everything we know about the communist conspiracy up to date, even with “Weekly Profiles” of communists, socialists and subversives. In addition, he records films for Epoch TV and publishes books on the latest scandals, including Security Risk Senators, Parts One and Two.

With Democratic Party control of the Senate, these last two books have to be read in detail and understood. His Epoch TV video, “US Senate Has Been Deeply Infiltrated by Enemies Foreign and Domestic,” summarizes his new books.

It’s impossible in this one column to summarize the evidence of treason and betrayal Trevor documents in these volumes. He analyzes the backgrounds and records of dozens of Senators.

It’s the epilogue that offers solutions, including a new security agency for the United States and establishing a public register of subversive organizations.

Practically speaking, before these proposals are implemented, we need a House of Representatives in the firm hands of a conservative majority dedicated to restoring a committee to monitor internal security. However, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is running for speaker, purged Rep. Steve King from the Congress after he spoke publicly in favor of saving Western civilization. King had also been vocal in supporting establishment of a House Committee on Un-American Activities.

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