We Need Another Lincoln

By: Cliff Kincaid

Since I moved near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I have developed a deep interest in the Civil War, labeled “America’s Greatest Tragedy” by historian Diana Loski. But as I read her column in an issue of a local magazine, The Gettysburg Experience, it was confirmed to me in dramatic terms that present-day Americans are living through America’s greatest tragedy, and the ultimate outcome may be in doubt.

But in contrast to understanding the nature and source of the conflict called the American Civil War, our current predicament is still a mystery to many Americans.

In this battle, we need another Lincoln.

Writing about the impact of such bloody and pivotal battles as Gettysburg, Loski writes about how the nation experienced war within its borders and then suffered through Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks. She concludes, “Even though these assaults constituted acts of war and the human losses were staggering, it cannot compare to experiencing invasion and enduring war within the land, where destruction and misery would be compounded to an exponential level.”

In fact, we have had a war within our borders for decades, as reflected in the communist-inspired Vietnam “anti-war” movement, led by domestic communists such as the Weather Underground, which resulted in the communist conquest of Vietnam. What Red China called the “black rebellion” riots of the 1960s erupted again in May 2020, when historic St. John’s church near the White House was almost burned down by Marxist BLM and Antifa activists. Today, eco-terrorism is on the rise.

Equally important, there is a civil war in America over abortion, a procedure that has already taken 60 million lives. Women are right in the middle of this civil war, a choice between motherhood or Bella Abzug-style Marxist feminism.

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