Best 40 S&W Ammo For Self Defense & Target Practice

By: Wes Littlefield | Ammo.com

Best 40 S&W Ammo For Self Defense & Target Practice

If you carry a Glock 23 or any other .40 caliber pistol, you should only trust your life with the best 40 S&W ammo for self-defense.

When it matters most, you must be able to depend on the accuracy and dependability of the round you have chambered.

Regarding target practice, accuracy, and dependability are nice. Still, often it comes down to price because the average person who carries can’t afford to practice with their carry ammo all the time.

So we usually compromise a little and meet in the middle with a similar round but less expensive than the ammo we carry.

So which ammo is best for each situation? I trust Hornady Critical Defense in my carry weapon because it’s reliable and powerful enough to take out a threat. However, it is expensive.

For plinking at the shooting range, I would use PMC 165gr FMJ-FN because it’s inexpensive, so I won’t be spending a fortune every time I visit the range.

Best 40 Cal Ammo

What are some of the best rounds you can purchase? Below you’ll find some of the best 40 self-defense ammo on the market and 40 S&W target ammo for training.

  1. Underwood 150gr JHP – Most Powerful .40 S&W Ammo
  2. Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense – Best 40 SCHP
  3. Hornady Critical Defense 165gr – Best .40 JHP
  4. Underwood 150gr JHP – Most Deadly 40 S&W Ammo
  5. Winchester Ready Defense 170gr – Hardest Hitting 40 Ammo
  6. Federal LE BallistiClean – Best Close Quarters Target .40 Ammo
  7. Speer Lawman 180gr – Best .40 S&W Indoor Target Ammo
  8. PMC 165gr FMJ-FN – Best 40 S&W Outdoor Target Ammo

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