Context and Receipts for the First Release of the Biden Crime Family

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

If you missed the press conference held by the House Oversight Committee on the investigation into the Biden crime family, no worries, below is a summary.

Enjoy the preliminary primer for context…

Several months ago, I did a little research and found the following:

  • Hudson West LLC is a Delaware company created in 2016 and the registered agent is Corporation Service Company, a common template service for establishing obscure corporations. Hudson West was/is a joint venture operation between Hunter Biden and an unnamed Chinese company to sell natural gas to China. Other Chinese officials included in the Hudson West operation include Gong Wendong and Ye Jiamming.
  • Speaking of the China spy chief, there is an interesting audio with admissions from the Hunter laptop scandal. The founder of CEFC is Ye Jiamming and in 2018, he was named in a corruption case and disappeared. Another head of CEFC was Chi Ping Patrick Ho. In March 2017, CEFC announced a very large partnership through the Securities and Exchange Commission with the Cowan Group. There was a filing with the Committee for Foreign Investments in the United States. However, it was withdrawn later in the year possibly due to Patrick Ho, as in 2019 he was sentenced to 3 years in prison for bribery in two countries, Chad and Uganda.
  • The FBI issued subpoenas for the Hunter laptop in connection with a money-laundering scheme where the investigative FBI agent Joshua Wilson signed the subpoenas. Case ID is 272D-BA-3065729. (Note 272 is the Bureau’s classification for money laundering on a transnational basis. BA indicates the case was opened in the Baltimore FBI office.)
  • Owasco OC and Owasco LLC was yet another company that had associated bank accounts established by Hunter. The name Owasco is for a home in New York where the Biden family spent their summers. No paycheck for the intern working at Owasco, unless she had sex with Hunter.

Okay… read on… get comfortable, this is long and excellent investigative work so far.

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