How Communists Are Programmed to Kill

By: Cliff Kincaid

Former President Trump says, “They will continue to viciously attack me, smear me, and even ARREST me despite not having committed a single crime.” He left out one thing – they tried to kill him.

A ricin-laced letter was sent to Trump by an anti-Trump activist from Canada by the name of Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier. This foreign national was apprehended and pleaded guilty.

Ricin is a toxic poison used by the Soviet KGB against its political enemies.

The report in her case stated, “In or around September 2020, the defendant made homemade ricin toxin at her residence in Quebec, Canada, using ingredients including castor beans. Ricin toxin is a deadly poison made from the waste material left over from processing castor beans. Ricin can be made in powder form. Ricin causes toxicity by preventing cells in an exposed individual from making Page 3 of 5 proteins, without which the cells die.”

In another high-profile assassination attempt, Nicholas John Roske arrived from California and was charged with attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He was incited by the leak of a Supreme Court ruling overturning abortion on demand.

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