The Russians in Russia-gate

By: Cliff Kincaid

The observations made by Durham and his staff indicate the FBI’s corruption goes far beyond political bias against former President Trump.  But Durham didn’t draw the conclusion that the FBI has been infiltrated by Russian agents and that the agency cannot be reformed until they are exposed and rooted out.

The cover-up continues.

In the most explosive revelation about the Get Trump investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane, Durham raises the idea that the anti-Trump Steele report was Russian disinformation.

Steele was the last name of former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, a “confirmed socialist” in college at Oxford when he was hired by MI6, another point of suspicion for someone who would be dispatched to Moscow as a spy and later serve as head of the Russian desk at MI6.

The Durham report adds to the obvious conclusion that the Russians originated the idea that Trump was a Russian agent and provided the “disinformation” in the Steele dossier which drove the FBI investigation of former President Trump and his associates.

Regarding the so-called Russia-gate scandal, the late anti-communist freedom fighter Vladimir Bukovsky said, “For the first time, the left-wing establishment discovered the Russian threat. Previously, they didn’t see any threat. When it was real and we tried to attract the attention of the world to the Russian threat, we were accused of being paranoid and unrealistic and things like that. Now we have proven we were not paranoid. It did exist. Suddenly, the world discovers the Russian threat. That, of course, is a political game.”

But these “political games” are more ominous than they seem. Remember that FBI counterintelligence special agent Robert P. Hanssen was a Soviet/Russian mole inside the bureau. His record of treason spanned 22 years, from 1979 to 2001. Robert S. Mueller, the Russia-gate special counsel, became FBI director after Hanssen was caught. Mueller then failed to reform the bureau to catch future spies.

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