UGETube and GunStreamer have merged! Please check them out!

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hey, please watch tonight’s episode of Who Moved My Freedom podcast on Lifestyles of The Locked and Loaded. Sam from Utah Gun Exchange and Austin from GunStreamer were on announcing they have merged and are working together!!! Please, any and ALL content creators… if your tired of YouTube’s random rulings or want a backup platform, UGETube.com GunStreamer.com have apps where they can transfer all of your videos painlessly and all voices are welcomed including ones I would disagree with. #Constitution #Liberty #MoreVoices


Home Schooling Recommended Reading and Lesson Materials

By: Gerald Loeffers

Are you a first time home schooling teacher who needs ideas? Are you experienced and need a few new ideas? Are you starting a home schooling co-op and need resources?

Library of America – www.loa.org
The National Center for Constitutional Studies – www.nccs.net
David Barton’s WallBuilders – www.Wallbuilders.com

Need cheap books for lessons?

Amazon.com used books
Book Jungle – www.bookjungle.com – 20% discount if you order two or more
To order the Greek classics – COSIMO BOOKS – www.CosimoBooks.com


A Review Of STICKY HOLSTERS For Conceal Carry

By: Gerald Loeffers

Just an average guy’s product review of a new holster system I am trying out. I love it… it’s carry all day comfortable and user-friendly. You can go to a restroom and not worry about dropping it on the floor or in the toilet. I use mine for pocket carry, but this holster can be used as an IWB holster system due to its material.